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Raoul Moat was police informer - exclusive

Exclusive by Jeremy Armstrong and Jon Clements 12/07/2010

Gun madman Raoul Moat was a secret police informant for years, it emerged last night.

During his week-long manhunt the crazed killer, 37, blasted innocent PC David Rathband and vowed to murder other officers after boasting he had “declared war” on police.

But in truth he had spent years grassing up underworld figures to cops – which let him avoid jail despite a 10-YEAR association with violence that saw him arrested up to 12 times, including for conspiracy to murder.

He eventually received an 18-week prison term this year for assaulting a minor – a sentence that sparked his hatred of the force.

An officer admitted at the weekend: “Sometimes we’re able to make things go away if they don’t involve violence but there are no guarantees. Sometimes we have to say, ‘Sorry, tough luck’.”

One of Moat’s old pals, Brian Moulding, learnt the ex-bouncer was feeding information to the law when he gave evidence to help police prosecute him.

Mr Moulding, 29, of Newcastle, said: “I have evidence that proves he was a police informer. I learnt he was an informant because it was referred to in the legal papers in my case.

“I often wondered why he constantly seemed to escape justice whenever he ended up before the courts and that’s when I realised. Given his history and his constantly saying he hated police, you would not believe his past. But it was a front to cover what he was in front of his criminal associates.”

A source who knew of Moat’s history added: “You would expect a man capable of shooting and killing to have a series of convictions. Moat was detained on many occasions yet was barely touched by the courts. He had a charmed life.”

Another source close to the case said: “He was arrogant whenever court officials dealt with him. He thought he was above the law.”

Mr Moulding said that in his case Moat had shown officers where some stolen number plates were hidden.

He added: “He gave them information and had done for years on a regular basis. That was in the papers. Look at his record. See how many times he was arrested on serious charges and escaped with a slap on the wrist. He was getting preferential treatment from courts because he was useful to the police.”

Mr Moulding even claimed Moat once used his connections to get him off the hook. He said: “He had an officer whom he dealt with all the time.

“He was based in Cowgate, Newcastle, and he would go to see him when he needed a favour.

“An officer put cuffs on me once for a suspected hit-and-run and Moat went over. They were arresting me but Moat said, ‘I’ll bring him to the station and sort it out’. He took me to the station and I got off with another slap on the wrist.” Moat’s brushes with the law go back as far as 2000, when he was held for conspiracy to murder. He was freed without charge.

In 2005 he was charged over poss­ess­ing a knuckle-duster and a samurai sword. He told the court: “The point of a knuckle-duster is as much to protect your knuckles as it is to damage the other kid.” He also claimed the weapon would not “fit on to his hand” and was merely an ornament.

Despite admitting having an offensive weapon he walked away with the lightest sentence possible, an absolute dis­­charge – usually reserved for defendants who get a tougher sentence at the same time for another crime. Moat was also involved in minor scams such as driving away from petrol stations without paying for fuel.

The gun maniac exploded in violence nine days ago when he shot and wounded his ex-Samantha Stobbart, 22, and murdered her new love. He evaded police until they cornered him in a field in Rothbury, Northumberland. After a six-hour stand-off he killed himself.

Police have faced questions over the length of time it took to find him. They faced fresh embarrassment yesterday after a newspaper photographer found two T-shirts thought to have been his near his Rothbury camp hideout.

One was the orange top the mohican-haired gunman was spotted wearing on CCTV in B&Q just before his rampage.

The shirt was just 300yds from where the police set up their temporary HQ.

However, Mr Moulding said Moat had already been capable of violence.

He said after they fell out the killer took revenge by smashing windows at his home and firebombing his relatives’ property. Mr Moulding said: “I knew him for seven years but when things started to go wrong, it was really, really bad.

“My girlfriend had just had a baby. I did not want anything more to do with him. He ruined my life. I want to put the record straight about Moat. He’s not some sort of hard-man hero.”

Northumbria Police paid informants nearly £192,000 in 2008-09, the seventh highest in the country. A source said: “We know Moat had a grudge against us. The assumption was that he hated us because he was locked up. We could not comment on our use of informers."
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Re: Gun madman Raoul Moat was a secret police informant for years
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this shit is so sick.

Memories of Hal Turner.

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Re: Gun madman Raoul Moat was a secret police informant for years
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lots more to come out on this. If the journals investigate it