Author Topic: Polish Attorney General: This (Smolensk) Could Have Been an Attack  (Read 4937 times)

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SEREMET: THIS COULD have been an Attack

Attorney General Andrew Seremet confirmed that the Polish prosecutor's office does not preclude the attack using unconventional weapons as one of the reasons for the Presidential aircraft Tu-154 near Smolensk. Part of the application of the prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice includes questions on this thread.

Attorney General, "Kropka over and" said that the Russian side so far implemented only a portion of one of five proposals aimed at Moscow. So far, no such minutes of the autopsy - the only one which went to the Polish, the protocol section of President Lech Kaczynski. The Russians did not give us the weapons BOR officers who died in the crash, and satellite telephone. Polish prosecutors did not inspect the air traffic control tower in Smolensk, as it has to agree to the Russian side, and if not in this case no findings.

"We want to hear in Poland controllers who were on site during the disaster, but they must agree to the arrival of the Polish", said Andrzej Seremet.

The prosecutor also said that Poland wants the crew of the Il-76 aircraft, which landed at the airport near Smolensk before the crash, heard in the presence of Polish envoys. Testimony is to make the Belarusian, who shortly after the tragedy made a film in which gunshots can be heard. Seremet concluded that the proposal in this regard has already been submitted to the authorities of Belarus.

"In the course of the investigation investigators Polish repeat virtually all the operations previously performed by Russian prosecutors" - stwerdzil Attorney General.

He announced that the Polish prosecutor's office will send to Russia following conclusions.

Meanwhile, yesterday the Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov told Russia that the Russians sent a message to the Polish prosecutor's office stating that, "everything had to move forward."

"We announced the materials that are on the road. So far we have not received key documents", the Attorney General said on TVN24.
"When we receive them - do not know, because it depends on the Russian side".


Kropka Nad I: Andrzej Seremet [cz.1/3] (08.07.2010)
8 lipca 2010 r. gosciem Moniki Olejnik w programie "Kropka Nad I" byl Andrzej Seremet - Prokurator Generalny.

Kropka Nad I: Andrzej Seremet [cz.2/3] (08.07.2010)

Kropka Nad I: Andrzej Seremet [cz.3/3] (08.07.2010)

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