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Purify water
« on: May 13, 2010, 11:13:52 am »
  I am making charcoal.  It isn't activated charcoal.  That is a lot more difficult to make.  But ordinary charcoal does purify water.  Using two steel drums, one inside the other, and the retort method, I can make enough charcoal to fill two 5 gallon buckets with one burn.  The temperature reached is higher using the retort method because the pyrolysis gasses are what is burned to heat the charge.  There are a number of youtube videos out there that explain how to do this.  Search for "biochar" and "retort". 

I live in a rural area and have about 10 acres of woods so the wood is free.  Other than my time, it costs me nothing.  The barrels were salvaged.  The wood is free.  I haven't checked the purity of the water compared to using activated charcoal.  I haven't established a minimum flow rate or amount of normal charcoal to use.  I just use an excess of charcoal, since my production cost is basically zero (my free time).  An additional benefit is the fact you end up consuming some charcoal, which has been shown to help detox your gut.

The solutions are not hard.  But the economics of scale always favor the corporate world and big government.  What I am doing is obviously way too labor intensive to be applied to the whole nation.  But, it works.  And I am drinking pure, clean water.  How important is the water you drink to you?