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Boxcutters Revisited
« on: April 27, 2010, 08:09:24 am »
On 9/12, the world was told that 19 Saudis committed these atrocities while wielding boxcutters. To that I say- How do we know for sure?

Did they sift through the rubble and find the Arab ACME brand boxcutters? Did they go off of sketchy information provided by "passenger cell phones" or "stewardess inflight calls"?

How can anyone say with 100% clarity exactly what the hijackers had in their bag of tricks?

Well, they had boxcutters and that is the end of it. Back to the Cubs game. Nothing else to discuss or see here....

If you are going to hijack a plane and you are doing an Allah suicide pact, are you just going to take a boxcutter or are you going to have a few more toys at your disposal?

There are psychological attachments. It is almost as if they are buzz words. "BoxCutters". "Let's Roll Story" (I am not disrespecting the deceased) but how do we know for sure?

Added bonus for the hijackers these planes were not at capacity.

I cannot say for sure how I would react, but if this idiot only had a boxcutter, how many people can he slice before he is overpowered? 6 if he is Bruce Lee? so he slices 6 people, I am being generous.... and the rest of the people aren't gonna do anything? just a boxcutter. nothing else. no more discussions. do as you are told.

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Re: Boxcutters Revisited
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2010, 08:48:35 am »
Here's a "little goodie" that you may or may not have seen.

It deals with the box cutter story.