Author Topic: we need a fluoride facts thread.  (Read 1299 times)

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we need a fluoride facts thread.
« on: April 22, 2010, 08:18:18 pm »
there seems to be some misconceptions about it and also, we need to have a place where we post the studies done on fluoride's effects.

1) it does occur naturally in high concentrations. i've read up to 4ppm which is very high

2) it (supposedly) can be removed through reverse osmosis (i've heard that it can't though), distillation (this would make since as it is concentrated when you boil water. this means that even though the amount of water has been reduced, the amount of fluoride remains constant. ergo, the steam collected from the distillation process should be clean), and an activated alumina filter (which you are supposed to follow with a good coconut shell carbon filter as this particular type doesn't have as much aluminum in it as others)

3) we need to list the countries that ban it and those that don't.

4) we need to list the studies from the countries that banned it.

5) it is absorbed through the skin. so keep you contact time with water short.

6) the natural stuff isn't healthy. it's just much less toxic. look up hereford tx to find out some interesting stuff about it.

7) everything i've read says that nutrition plays a bigger role in dental health than anything else. in india they found that low levels of fluoride with high levels of calcium intake (for many it probably comes from unpasteurized milk) was beneficial for dental health.