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New Ebola Strain Blamed for Killing 16 in Uganda
By Alisha Ryu
30 November 2007
Ryu report - Download MP3 (226k) audio clip
Listen to Ryu report audio clip

Health officials in Uganda say they have identified a strain of the deadly Ebola virus as the likely killer of at least 16 people in the west of the country since late August. But as VOA Correspondent Alisha Ryu reports from our East Africa Bureau in Nairobi, officials are baffled and worried by what they believe is a new strain of the hemorrhagic fever.

The director general of Uganda's health services, Dr. Sam Zaramba, tells VOA that scientists in South Africa and the United States conducted numerous laboratory tests to determine the cause of the deaths across 14 villages in the western district of Bundibugyo.

Dr. Zaramba says he was dismayed to learn this week that some of the blood samples sent to the laboratories had tested positive for the virus that causes Ebola.

"The first three samples of blood that we sent proved negative of hemorrhagic [fever] disease," he said. "But early this week, we sent another 20 samples and out of the 20 samples, eight of them were positive for Ebola."

The disease was first identified more than 30 years ago in Sudan and in Congo Kinshasa. It spreads rapidly and kills between 50 to 90 percent of infected people. There is also no known cure.

Dr. Zaramba says the current outbreak in western Uganda is particularly worrisome because it is a strain of the Ebola virus that scientists have never seen before.

"It is definitely different. Even the symptoms are different," said Dr. Zaramba. "Whereas the other ones are characterized by bleeding from orifices, this particular one, instead of the bleeding, we have a rash, measles-type of rash."

Since 1976, four sub-types of the hemorrhagic fever have been identified, all but one being lethal to humans. Common symptoms include extremely high fever and bleeding from openings in the body.

Dr. Zaramba says he believes the new virus spreads much like the other strains - through close contact with the body fluids of an infected person or someone who has died of the disease.

He says a new team of experts has traveled to Bundibugyo to help isolate existing cases.

Bundibugyo District is 350 kilometers west of the Ugandan capital Kampala and is not linked to another Ebola outbreak in neighboring Congo Kinshasa. The World Health Organization says it believes Ebola has killed 160 people and has infected 352 others for the past four months in the southern Congolese province of Kasai Occidental.

The last Ebola outbreak in Uganda occurred seven years ago in the northern district of Gulu. Of 426 people diagnosed with the disease, more than 170 died.

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Panic spreads as Uganda reports 101 Ebola cases
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Panic spreads as Uganda reports 101 Ebola cases
07 Dec 2007 16:05:47 GMT Source: Reuters By Tim Cocks

KAMPALA, Dec 7 (Reuters) - Uganda has 101 suspected cases of Ebola fever and hundreds more people being closely monitored, officials said on Friday, as fear grew in Uganda and neighbouring countries that the deadly virus might spread. Twenty two people have so far died of the fever and Minister of State for primary health-care Dr. Emmanuel Otaala told journalists 11 health workers have fallen sick. "Cumulatively, we have 101 cases," he said. Another 338 people are being monitored because they came into contact with those infected by the virulent haemorrhagic fever, which often causes victims to bleed to death through the ears, eyes and other orifices. All were in western Uganda's Bundibugyo district, except for two in Kampala, including a doctor who died. Otaala said the cabinet had approved a pay increase to compensate health workers taking on the risk of dealing with Ebola.

The outbreak, which started in August, has sparked panic amongst officials, health workers and the public, with the medical union calling on staff to refuse looking after patients unless they are issued proper protective gear. The affected region borders Democratic Republic of the Congo, whose Ebola river gave the virus its name after some of the first cases were recorded in its valley in 1976. The independent Daily Monitor said Congo had sealed its border with the district. Congolese officials denied this. "We have just informed people in the region they need to be vigilant," Congolese Health Ministry official Dr Benoit Kabela told Reuters by telephone from Kinshasa. Kabela said medical staff had been deployed and given protective gear. Meanwhile, southwestern neighbour Rwanda said it had set up mobile clinics and isolation wards at border posts with Uganda. "The Ministry of Health has deployed trained medical personnel at the borders," spokeswomen Ines Mpambara said. Kenya is also screening Ugandans at its western border.

The four-month delay between the start of the outbreak and confirmation last week that it was Ebola has raised suspicions the government covered it up so as not to scare delegates - Britain's Queen Elizabeth and 53 heads of government -- who met in Kampala two weeks ago for a Commonwealth summit.

The government denies it hid information. "Confirmation of this epidemic took a long time because we had to go to (the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in) Atlanta," Otaala said. The last Ebola outbreak in Uganda was in 2000, when 425 people caught it and more than half died. Meanwhile, north of the Ebola-hit district, a separate epidemic of bubonic plague has infected 160 people and killed 19 since July, Health Ministry spokesman Paul Kabwa said. Two outbreaks in separate places struck northwest Uganda's West Nile region. Kabwa told Reuters by telephone a cultural practice of making women sleep on the floor where they are bitten by fleas whilst men take the bed was to blame. "Women are more affected because they sleep on the floor. The fleas cannot jump onto the bed, so the men survive. We have a programme of public education to tackle this," he said.
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Culling The Herd !!
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Culling The Herd !!

By Sheila Samples

"Everything you can imagine is real"~~ Pablo Picasso

12/17/07 "ICH" -- - In 1974, a year after orchestrating a mass terror bombing of Cambodia -- after being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize -- Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his National Security Council completed “National Security Study Memo 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” This document, whose sharp edges are dulled by page after leaden page of how to reduce over-population in the Third World through birth control and "other" population-reduction programs, was classified until 1989, but was almost immediately accepted as US policy, and remains the US blueprint for ethnic cleansing today.

It is difficult to imagine the staggering number of innocent humans who have perished through war or famine as a direct result of Kissinger's half-century obsession with, and lust for, genocide. It's even more difficult to imagine the cruel indifference with which Kissinger, and those like him in positions of political and corporate power -- the elite -- continue to plan the elimination of millions, even billions. All under the guise of national security, or to spread freedom...democracy...

Kissinger targeted a number of "key countries" whose populations, he said, must be curtailed and controlled lest they gain economic, political and military strength, and thus threaten US strategic interests. "Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world," Kissinger said, "because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”

Then, as now, any nation refusing to surrender its natural resources was an ominous threat to our national security and was dealt with initially through birth control and other population-reduction programs such as food rationing. But that was too slow for Kissinger, for Brent Scowcroft who replaced Kissinger as national security adviser and was put in charge of thinning out the Third World population, and for his eager enabler, CIA Director George Bush who trotted like a love-starved puppy Kissinger's heels for decades.

At first, they used food as "an instrument of national power" to coerce the dumb masses to stop copulating and populating, and then as a deadly weapon because widespread famine not only dealt death quicker, but it was cost-effective. And it made more sense. Like Kissinger said, "To give food aid to a country just because they (sic) are starving is a pretty weak reason."

If we could imagine the suffering endured by victims of such perverse inhumanity, we might feel a twinge of outrage or, as George Washington so succinctly put it -- a "little spark of celestial fire called conscience." Or not. Perhaps we are so far removed from reality because our minds cannot grasp the horror of that reality. Those who seek to destroy the denizens of this planet are totally without compassion or remorse. They are grotesque mutants who kill indiscriminately in their relentless drive for world conquest and domination.

It's naive to think the carnage will stop once predators such as Kissinger, Alexander Haig, Robert McNamara, George H.W. Bush, and other One World advocates, many of whom are in their 80s or 90s, are no longer in our midst. With the release of thousands of tons of Depleted Uranium both Bush Gulf Wars and Afghanistan, they have poisoned food, water and air, and turned the entire region into massive radioactive death camps. Without fear of accountability, they have ensured the slow, agonizing extermination of entire populations, to include the American military, whom Kissinger views as "dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy" -- and their families -- that will continue for many generations.

We're like herds of cattle, grazing placidly, unable or unwilling to imagine that we might share the same fate as the millions throughout the Third World targeted by the elite as "bottom feeders," contributing nothing -- eating into their profit -- gluttons who must be dispensed with. Any rancher or farmer will tell you that it's good business to cull the herd for a variety of reasons, such as market outlook, cash flow, or just to maintain a healthier, more easily controlled mass of cattle. It makes no sense to keep problem cows, the elderly, the ill or non-productive around. There comes a time when you must cut your losses -- and cull the herd.

There are those who, unlike Kissinger and his co-conspirators, are not interested in profit or power, but believe fervently that human population is destroying the planet. Perhaps the most outspoken is University of Texas evolutionary scientist Dr. Eric R. Pianka, who gave a speech in March 2006 advocating the elimination of 90 percent of Earth's population.

According to Forrest M. Mims III, Chairman of the Environmental Science Section of the Texas Academy of Science, and the editor of The Citizen Scientist, Pianka shrugged aside war and famine -- too slow -- and said "the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die" is disease. Pianka advocates airborne Ebola because, he explained, "it is highly lethal, and it kills in days, instead of years."

Pianka drew rounds of enthusiastic applause throughout his speech, and a standing ovation when he threw in the Bird Flu for good measure, and quipped gleefully, "We need to sterilize everybody on the Earth." Five hours later, the University presented Pianka with a plaque, not for winning hands down as "Mad Scientist of the Year," but in recognition of his being named 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist.

It doesn't take a wild imagination to know that genocide is real, and it's underway in America. The most blatant example is the barbaric response to Hurricane Katrina victims -- withholding food, blocking aid, ignoring those clinging to rooftops while crying out in vain for help, leaving corpses to float in the flooded streets or to rot in the Superdome.

If you start with the poor, minorities, elderly, the ill or non-productive, the culling becomes much easier the next time around. Those who wait become inured to the inhumanity and, rather than rise up against it, breathe sighs of relief that it's others and not them who are rounded up and herded to the slaughterhouse.

Imagine what life would be like if the Food and Drug Administration did not ensure the safety of our food chain...if our creeks and rivers were polluted by sewage and industrial waste...if vaccines forced on our children caused mental deficiencies, even death...if mothers were afraid to breast-feed their babies because the environmental toxin perchlorate present in our food and water supply accumulates in mother's milk...if our air was contaminated...if we had a government cold-hearted enough to withhold food and aid from the needy and health care from poor children...if we were spied upon and incarcerated, tortured, disappeared without charges...

Oh yeah. I forgot. That is what our life is like. All that, and more, is grinding relentlessly away at our safety, our health and our lives.

We have the power to remove these madmen. They are criminals under Articles II and III of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, and they must pay for their crimes. One more year wherein millions more throughout the world are slaughtered is, as they say, not an option.

The culling must stop, even if we are forced to stampede. They must be impeached. Go here, here, and here and take action.
Sheila Samples is an Oklahoma writer and a former civilian US Army Public Information Officer. She is a regular contributor for a variety of Internet sites. Contact her at [email protected]

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Insane NY Bill Makes All Federal Vaccines Mandatory
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Bird flu anyone? How about ebola?
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Re: Insane NY Bill Makes All Federal Vaccines Mandatory
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And it's over.

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Epidemics: Google Backing The Hunt For New Pathogens
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More like looking for the next big bioweapon! :o

Epidemics: Scientists to hunt down new viruses before they strike
Google backs 'predict and prevent' plans to track animal pathogens that could spread to humans
Robin McKie, science editor The Observer, Sunday June 15 2008 Article history

Scientists are preparing to hunt down the planet's last remaining viruses capable of triggering new diseases in humans. Several hundred new varieties may still be lurking in the wild or in remote populations, it is believed.

In recent years, deadly outbreaks of diseases such as Sars and Ebola have caused major health scares and officials are anxious to use modern gene-hunting technology to pinpoint pathogens before they can get a chance to spread through populations.

Among those backing the project is the company behind web search engine Google, which has launched a 'predict and prevent' programme aimed at setting up a network for forecasting emerging threats 'before they become local, regional, or global crises'.

'Some of these viruses have very limited impact but others can trigger pandemics,' said Dr Mark Woolhouse, of Edinburgh University's centre for infectious diseases. 'The purpose of this initiative is to identify viruses before they get a chance to spread among humans.' Woolhouse has been invited to work with the US National Academy of Sciences, which will hold a meeting next week aimed at drawing up plans to tackle the problem of emerging diseases.

'We are in the middle of a revolution in gene technology,' said Woolhouse. 'For the first time, we have the means to trace any pathogen that has infected a human or is capable of infecting a person.'

In recent years, biologists have developed chips that can identify every known human virus from blood or tissue samples and have designed machines that can unravel the genetic make-up of new organisms in minutes. As part of the virus-hunting programme, scientists would study remote populations and test individuals to detect previously unknown viruses in their blood. Other researchers would study animals in order to test if any carry viruses capable of infecting humans.

'Viruses infect men and women if they carry pieces of protein capable of unlocking receptors on the surfaces of human cells,' added Woolhouse. 'Testing animal viruses to see if they have protein sections that could easily mutate and open up our receptors would be one priority for the project.'

In a recent Royal Society paper, a team led by Woolhouse calculated that since 1960 an average of two to three new viruses affecting humans have been discovered every year. Most are transmitted to humans from other mammals. A smaller but significant number come from birds and wildfowl.

Recent examples include the 2002 outbreak of Sars virus, which killed hundreds of people, the Ebola virus - linked to fruit bats - which has caused several disease outbreaks since 1976, and the Sin Nombre virus, linked to the deer mouse, which caused deaths in the US in 1993.

As roads are built across Africa and South America, more people are encountering animals with which mankind has had little previous contact. In addition, pets have been linked to disease outbreaks, such as the Gambian pouched rat that was blamed for an outbreak of monkeypox in the US in 2003.

In other cases, changes in farming practices have triggered unexpected outbreaks. In Malaysia in 1999, more than 100 people died of a form of encephalitis that was traced to the Nipah virus. This outbreak was attributed to a decision by pig farmers to plant fruit trees on their land to boost income. Fruit bats, which were subsequently found to carry Nipah, came to the trees for food, dropped excrement on pigs below and the disease was then transmitted to humans.

However, the worst known outbreak caused by such viruses - known as zoonotic organisms - is the HIV/Aids epidemic. Tens of millions of people could die of the illness, which scientists believe was caused by a disease in chimps that was passed to humans in Cameroon in the Thirties. Pinpointing another HIV-like disease before it reaches humans is the key motivation for the new project.
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Re: Epidemics: Google Backing The Hunt For New Pathogens
« Reply #6 on: June 15, 2008, 05:26:26 pm »
wtf? all the viruses where created by the government..... :o

Rockefellars goons will sure get a raise for creating a new pandemic...

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The Bush Administration's Secret Biowarfare Agenda
« Reply #7 on: July 28, 2008, 10:39:16 am »
The Bush Administration's Secret Biowarfare Agenda
Stephen Lendman

When it comes to observing US and international laws, treaties and norms, the Bush administration is a serial offender. Since 2001, it's:

-- spurned efforts for nuclear disarmament to advance its weapons program and retain current stockpiles;

-- renounced the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and asserted the right to develop and test new weapons;

-- abandoned the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) because it expressly forbids the development, testing and deployment of missile defenses like its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) and other programs;

-- refuses to adopt a proposed Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty (FMCT) that would prohibit further weapons-grade uranium and plutonium production and prevent new nuclear weapons to be added to present stockpiles - already dangerously too high;

-- spends more on the military than the rest of the world combined plus multi-billions off-the-books, for secret programs, and for agencies like the CIA;

-- advocates preventive, preemptive and "proactive" wars globally with first-strike nuclear and other weapons under the nihilistic doctrines of "anticipatory self-defense" and remaking the world to be like America;

-- rescinded and subverted the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) to illegally develop new biowarfare weapons; in November 1969 and February 1970, Richard Nixon issued National Security Decision Memoranda (NSDM) 35 and 44; they renounced the use of lethal and other types of biological warfare and ordered existing weapons stockpiles destroyed, save for small amounts for research - a huge exploitable loophole; the Reagan and Clinton administrations took advantage; GHW Bush to a lesser degree;

-- GW Bush went further by renouncing the US Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 that prohibits "the Development, Production, and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons....;" on May 22, 1990, GHW Bush signed it into law to complete the 1972 Convention's implementation; what the father and Nixon established, GW Bush rendered null and void; "Rebuilding America's Defenses" is his central policy document for unchallengeable US hegemony; among other provisions, it illegally advocates advanced forms of biowarfare that can target specific genotypes - the genetic constitution of individual organisms.

A Brief Modern History of Biowarfare

-- the Hague Convention of 1907 bans chemical weapons;

-- WW I use of poison gas causes 100,000 deaths and 900,000 injuries;

-- Britain uses poison gas against Iraqis in the 1920s; as Secretary of State for War in 1919, Winston Churchill advocates it in a secret memo stating: "I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes;"

-- the 1928 Geneva Protocol prohibits gas and bacteriological warfare;

-- in 1931, Dr. Cornelius Rhoads infects human subjects with cancer cells - under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations; Rhoads later conducts radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers and civilian hospital patients;

-- in 1932, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study begins on 200 black men; they're not told of their illness, are denied treatment, and are used as human guinea pigs to follow their disease symptoms and progression; they all subsequently die;

-- in 1935, the Pellagra Incident occurs; after millions die over two decades, the US Public Health Service finally acts to stem the disease;

-- In 1935 - 1936, Italy uses mustard gas in conquering Ethiopia;

-- In its 1936 invasion, Japan uses chemical weapons against China; in the same year, a German chemical lab produces the first nerve agent, Tabun;

-- in 1940, 400 Chicago prisoners are infected with malaria to study the effects of new and experimental drugs;

-- the US has had an active biological warfare program since at least the 1940s; in 1941, it implements a secret program to develop offensive and allegedly defensive bioweapons using controversial testing methods; most research and development is at Fort Detrick, MD; beginning in 2008, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore labs will also conduct it; production and testing are at Pine Bluff, AR and Dugway Proving Ground, UT;

-- from 1942 - 1945, (US) Chemical Warfare Services begins mustard gas experiments on about 4000 servicemen;

-- in 1943, the US begins biological weapons research at Fort Detrick, MD;

-- in 1944, the US Navy uses human subjects (locked in chambers) to test gas masks and clothing;

-- during WW II, Germany uses lethal Zyklon-B gas in concentration camp exterminations; the Japanese (in Unit 731) conduct biowarfare experiments on civilians;

-- in 1945, German offenders get immunity under Project Paperclip; Japanese ones as well - in exchange for their data and (for Germans at least) to work on top secret government projects in the US;

-- in 1945, the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) implements "Program F;" it's the most extensive US study of the health effects of fluoride - a key chemical component in atomic bomb production; it's one of the most toxic chemicals known and causes marked adverse central nervous system effects; in the interest of national security and not undermining full-scale nuclear weapons production, the information is suppressed; fluoride is found naturally in low concentration in drinking water and foods; compounds of the substance are also commonly used for cavity-prevention, but few people understand its toxicity;

-- in 1946, VA hospital patients become guinea pigs for medical experiments;

-- in 1947, the US has germ warfare weapons; Truman withdraws the 1928 Geneva Protocol from Senate consideration; it's not ratified until 1974 and is now null and void under George Bush;

-- in 1947, the AEC's Colonel EE Kirkpatrick issues secret document #07075001; it states that the agency will begin administering intravenous doses of radioactive substances to human subjects;

-- in July 1947, the CIA is established; it begins LSD experiments on civilian and military subjects with and without their knowledge - to learn its use as an intelligence weapon;

-- in 1949, the US Army releases biological agents in US cities to learn the effects of a real germ warfare attack; tests continue secretly through at least the 1960s in San Francisco, New York, Washington, DC, Panama City and Key West, Florida, Minnesota, other midwest locations, along the Pennsylvania turnpike and elsewhere; more on outdoor testing below;

-- after the (official) 1950 Korean War outbreak, North Korea and China accuse the US of waging germ warfare; an outbreak of disease the same year in San Francisco apparently is from Army bacteria released in the city; residents become ill with pneumonia-like symptoms;

-- in 1950, the DOD begins open-air nuclear weapons detonations in desert areas, then monitors downwind residents for medical problems and mortality rates;

-- in 1951, African-Americans are exposed to potentially fatal stimulants as part of a race-specific fungal weapons test in Virginia;

-- in 1953, the US military releases clouds of zinc cadium sulfide gas over Winnipeg, Canada, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Fort Wayne, the Monocacy River Valley in Maryland, and Leesburg, VA - to determine how efficiently chemical agents can be dispersed;

-- in 1953, joint Army-Navy-CIA experiments are conducted in New York and San Francisco - exposing tens of thousands of people to the airborne germs Serratia marcescens and Bacillus glogigii;

-- in 1953, the CIA initiates Project MKULTRA - an 11 year research program to produce and test drugs and biological agents that can be used for mind control and behavior modification; unwitting human subjects are used;

-- in 1955, the CIA releases bacteria from the Army's Tampa, FL biological warfare arsenal - to test its ability to infect human populations;

-- from 1955 - 1958, the Army Chemical Corps continues LSD research (on over 1000 subjects) - to study its effect as an incapacitating agent;

-- in 1956, the US military releases mosquitoes infected with Yellow Fever over Savannah, GA and Avon Park, FL - to test the health effects on victims;

-- in 1956, Army Field Manual 27-10, The Law of Land Warfare, specifically states bio-chemical warfare isn't banned;

-- in 1960, the Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence authorizes LSD field tested in Europe and the Far East;

-- in 1961, the Kennedy administration increases chemical spending from $75 - $330 million; it authorizes Project 112 - a secret program (from 1962 - 1973) to test the effects of biological and chemical weapons on thousands of unwitting US servicemen; Project SHAD was a related project; subjects were exposed to VX, tabun, sarin and soman nerve gases plus other toxic agents;

-- in 1962, chemical weapons are loaded on planes for possible use during the Cuban missile crisis;

-- in 1966, the New York subway system is used for a germ warfare experiment;

-- in 1968, the Pentagon considers using some of its chemical weapons (including nerve gas) against civil rights and anti-war protesters;

-- in 1969, an apparent nerve agent kills thousands of sheep in Utah; Nixon issues two National Security Memoranda in 1969 and 1970; the first (in November 1969) ends production and offensive use of lethal and other type biological and chemical weapons; it confines "bacteriological/biological research for defensive purposes" and has other loopholes as well; the second (in February 1970) orders existing stockpiles destroyed, confines "toxins....research and development (to) defensive purposes only," and declares only small quantities will be maintained to develop vaccines, drugs and diagnostics - a huge exploitable loophole;

-- in 1969, the General Assembly bans herbicide plant killers and tear gases in warfare; the US is one of three opposing votes; despite being banned, open-air testing intermittently continues to the present, and the Pentagon apparently authorized it in its most recent annual report; it calls for developmental and operational "field testing of (CBW) full systems," not just simulations, and followed it up in a recent March 2008 test; in Crystal City, VA, it released perflourocarbon tracers and sulfur hexaflouride assuring residents it's safe; it's not and may harm persons with asthma, emphysema and other respiratory ailments;

-- in 1969, DOD's Dr. Robert MacMahan requests $10 million to develop a synthetic biological agent for which no natural immunity exists;

-- from the 1960s through at least the 1980s, the US assaults Cuba with biological agent attacks;

-- in 1970, US Southeast Asian forces conduct Operation Tailwind using sarin nerve gas in Laos; many die, including civilians; Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Joint Chiefs Chairman, confirmes the raid on CNN in 1998; under Pentagon pressure, CNN retracts the report and fires award-winning journalist Peter Arnett and co-producers April Oliver and Jack Smith because they refuse to disavow their report;

-- in 1971, US forces end direct use of Agent Orange in Southeast Asia; also in 1971 with CIA help, an anti-Castro paramilitary group introduces African swine fever into Cuba; it infects a half a million pigs and results in their destruction; a few months later a similar attack fails against Cuban poultry; in 1981, a covert US operation unleashes a type 2 dengue fever outbreak - the first in the Caribbean since the turn of the century involving hemorrhagic shock on a massive scale; over 300,000 cases are reported, including 158 fatalities;

-- in 1975, the Senate Church Committee confirms from a CIA memorandum that US "defensive" bioweapons are stockpiled at Fort Detrick, MD - including anthrax, encephalitis, tuberculosis, shellfish toxin, and food poisons;

-- in 1980, Congress approves a nerve gas facility in Pine Bluff, Arkansas;

-- during the 1980s Iran-Iraq war, the US supplies Iraq with toxic biological and chemical agents; Ronald Reagan signs a secret order to do "whatever (is) necessary and 'legal' " to prevent Iraq from losing the war;" a 1994 congressional inquiry later finds that dozens of biological agents were shipped, including various strains of anthrax and precursors of nerve gas (like sarin), gangrene, and West Nile virus;

-- in 1984, Reagan orders M55 rockets retooled to contain high-yield explosives and VX gas; his administration begins researching and developing biological agents allegedly for "defensive purposes;"

-- in 1985 and 1986, the US resumes open-air biological agents testing; it likely never stopped;

-- in 1987, Congress votes to resume chemical weapons production;

-- in 1989, 149 nations at the Paris Chemical Weapons Conference condemn these weapons; after signing the treaty, it's revealed that the US plans to produce poison gas; at the UN, GHW Bush reaffirms the US commitment to eliminate chemical weapons in 10 years; the US implements the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 - "to implement....the Prohibition of the Development, Production, and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and Their Destruction....;"

-- in 1990, GHW Bush signs the 1989 act making it illegal for the US to develop, possess or use biological weapons; Bush also signs Executive Order 12735 stating: the spread of chemical and biological weapons constitutes an "unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States;"

-- following the Gulf War, reports surface about US forces' health problems - later called Gulf War Syndrome; the likely cause - widespread use of depleted uranium, other toxic substances, and the illegal use (on nearly 700,000 theater forces) of experimental vaccines in violation of the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation; over 12,000 have since died and over 30% are now ill from non-combat-related factors; they've since filed claims with the VA for medical care, compensation, and pension benefits;

-- in 1997, Cuba accuses the US of spraying crops with biological agents;

-- in 1997, the US ratifies the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) banning the production, stockpile and use of these substances;

-- in 2001, the Bush administration rejects the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) citing 38 problems with it, some called serious; claiming a need to counter chemical and biological weapons threats, it's spending multi-billions illegally to develop, test and stockpile "first-strike" chemical and biological weapons that endanger homeland security and threaten good relations with other countries;

-- all along, a BWC loophole allows appropriate types and amounts of biological agents to be used for "prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes" - construed to be defensive; it also permits "research," not "development;" the CIA took full advantage to conduct programs for offense, not defense or to further peace; further, the BWC includes nothing about genetic engineering because it didn't exist at the time.

The US Secret Bioweapons Program

In November 2001, Michel Chossudovsky used this title for his Global article. It was when "an impressive military arsenal of aircraft carriers and gun-boats" was building up in the Persian Gulf in preparation for "a major bombing operation....against Iraq" at a future designated time.

Back home, the administration used the 2001 anthrax attacks as "justification for extending the 'campaign against international terrorism' to Iraq....Washington singled out Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Syria and Libya of violating the international treaty banning weapons of germ warfare."

At the same time, ample evidence "confirms that the US has built an extensive arsenal of biological weapons (in blatant violation) of international laws and covenants." It was enlarged in the 1980s and 1990s but significantly expanded under George Bush on the pretext of being strictly "defensive" and to "curb the use of germ warfare by 'rogue states.' "

On October 29, 2002, the London Guardian reported that "Respected scientists on both sides of the Atlantic warned that the US is (illegally) developing a new generation of weapons that undermine and possibly violate international treaties on biological and chemical warfare" - ironically at the same time it accused Iraq of these same type violations.

University of Bradford international security professor Malcolm Dando and University of California microbiology lecturer Mark Wheelis accused the Bush administration of "encouraging a breakdown in arms control" treaties by secretly conducting these programs. Dando said they include:

-- developing a cluster bomb to disperse bioweapons;

-- building a bioweapons plant from commercially available materials to prove "terrorists" can do it;

-- genetically engineering a more potent anthrax strain;

-- producing dried and weaponized anthrax spores in quantities far larger than for research;

-- researching and producing hallucinogenic weapons such as BZ gas; and

-- developing "non-lethal" weapons similar to the gas Russia used to end the 2002 Moscow theater siege that killed around 170 people and injured hundreds.

In February 2008, the Sunshine Project suspended operations, but its website is still accessible. It was an NGO dedicated to banning and "avert(ing) the dangers of" bioweapons. In 2001, it accused the Bush administration of advancing "a plan to undermine international controls on biological weapons."

On May 8, 2002, it issued a press release titled "US Armed Forces Push for Offensive Biological Weapons Development - genetically engineered microbes that attack items such as fuel, plastics and asphalt" in violation of international law. The proposals date from 1997 and involve the (Washington, DC) Naval Research Laboratory and the (Brooks Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas) Armstrong Laboratory. They come at a time when the US rejected "legally-binding" UN inspections of "suspected" facilities producing weapons "explicitly for offense."

Additional documents have been suppressed and those known "are probably only the tip of the iceberg....The National Academies are also concealing related documents. After the Sunshine Project requested copies....on March 12, 2002, (they) placed a 'security hold' on the public file" without explanation. "The research proposed by the Air Force and Navy raises serious legal questions. Under the (1989) US Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act, development of biological weapons, including those that attack materials, is subject to federal criminal and civil penalties." It also prohibits development, acquisition and stockpiling of agents intended as bioweapons.

On May 21, 2004, AP reported that arms control advocates warned the Bush administration that "proposed research for a new (Fort Detrick) Homeland Security center may violate an international ban on biological weapons and encourage other countries to follow." Experts said proposals for the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center (NBACC) flout bioweapons prohibitions by crossing the line between "defensive" research and banned weapons development.

On July 31, 2007 the London Guardian reported that the US is "Building (a) Treaty-Breaching Germ War Defence Centre" near Washington, DC" - NBACC. It's to be completed in 2008 and will be a "vast germ warfare laboratory intended to help protect the US against an attack with biological weapons, but critics say the laboratory's work will violate international law and its extreme secrecy will exacerbate a biological arms race (by) accelerat(ing) work on similar facilities around the world."

It will house "heavily guarded and hermetically sealed produce and stockpile the world's most lethal bacteria and viruses" - forbidden by the 1972 BWC and 1989 US Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act. The Fort Detrick facility will be used for the new 160,000 square foot lab, and it's authorization coincided with the 2001 anthrax attacks that killed five people, and along with 9/11, unleashed everything that followed.

DHS calls Fort Detrick the home of "The National Interagency Biodefense Campus." Besides NBACC, other agencies there include:

-- the Health and Human Services' (NIH) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID);

-- the Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service and Foreign Disease-Weed Science Research Unit (FDWSRU); and

-- the Department of Defense's US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID).

DHS says USAMRIID "conduct(s) basic and applied research on biological threats (to provide) cutting-edge medical research for the warfighter against biological threats." International law and bioweapons expert, Francis Boyle, disagrees. He says the "program constitutes clear violations of the international (1972 BWC) arms control treaty....ratified by the United States in 1975." He also cites BWC's preamble that states in part:

"....Parties to this Convention (are) Determined to act with a view to achieving effective progress towards general and complete disarmament, including the prohibition and elimination of all types of weapons of mass destruction, and convinced that the prohibition of the development, production and stockpiling of chemical and bacteriological (biological) weapons and their elimination, through effective measures, will facilitate the achievement of general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control...." The BWC goes on to say that use of these weapons are so "repugnant to the conscience of mankind....that no effort should be spared to minimize this risk."

In Boyle's view, Fort Detrick's NBACC and USAMRIID heighten risks because their work involves: "acquiring, growing, modifying, storing, packaging and dispersing classical, emerging and genetically engineered pathogens." This work is an "unmistakable hallmark of an offensive weapons program" in violation of the 1989 Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act that he authored. Even worse according to Edward Hammond, former director of the Sunshine Project: Recreating the deadly 1918 "Spanish flu" germ that killed an estimated 40 million worldwide (or other dangerous pathogens) increases "the possibility of (a) man-made disaster, either accidental or deliberate....for the entire world." If a single viral particle or cell escapes or is unleashed, an enormous outbreak may result with potentially catastrophic consequences.

The Fort Detrick plan derives from a Bush Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-10) written April 28, 2004. It states: "Among our many initiatives we are continuing to develop more forward-looking analyses, to include Red Teaming efforts, to understand new scientific trends that may be exploited by our adversaries to develop biological weapons and to help position intelligence collectors ahead of the problem." Boyle calls it "a smoking gun" aimed at the BWC.

"Red Teaming means that we actually have people out there on a Red Team plotting, planning, scheming and conspiring how to use biowarfare" and sooner or later will unleash it using living organisms for military purposes. They may be viral, bacterial, fungal, or other forms that can spread over a vast terrain by wind, water, insect, animal, or humans, according to Jeremy Rifkin, author of "The Biotech Century." Rifkin also asserts it's "impossible to distinguish between defensive and offensive research in the field," and given this administration's penchant for lying and secrecy, other nations will be justifiably suspicious.

The Bush administration proceeded anyway. Since 9/11, it spent or allocated around $50 billion on bioweapons development through 11 federal departments and agencies, including DOD and DHS. For FY 2009, it wants an additional $8.1 billion or $2.5 billion more than in FY2008. It calls its program preventive and defensive and cites Project BioShield as an example. It became law in July 2004 as a 10 year program to develop countermeasures to biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents. It was, in fact, a gift to companies like Gilead Sciences, the company Donald Rumsfeld led as chairman from 1997 to 2001 (and remains a major shareholder) until he left to become George Bush's Defense Secretary.

It would have also required every American to be vaccinated under the Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2005. It passed the Senate but not the House and would have, under a public emergency, allowed experimental or approved drugs to be used with insufficient knowledge of their safety - in violation of the Nuremburg Code on medical experimentation. It also would have immunized companies from liability and denied those harmed the right to sue.

Private Bioweapons Labs Cashing In

According to the Sunshine Project, "scores of US universities and biotechnology companies (since 2001) have benefitted handsomely from billions of dollars in 'biodefense' cash. Across the country, 'biodefense' labs are sprouting up like weeds. The unrelenting spigot of federal money (has) thousands of scientists and technicians" doing bioweapons research on some of the deadliest pathogens. But the problem is much greater than that:

-- projects underway are illegal;

-- immense secrecy enshrouds them; and

-- federal oversight is so lax that NIH safety guidelines aren't enforced and CDC poorly identifies problems it should address; as a result, "accidents are popping up everywhere" amidst a "pervasive cover-up culture" that hides them - in direct violation of federal rules and responsible practice that:

(1) require government agencies to protect the public from dangerous pathogens, and

(2) obligate research labs to disclose the nature of their work; failure to do so suggests alleged biodefense research is, in fact, cover for offensive biowarfare programs to complement Fort Detrick and other government site efforts.

The Sunshine Project believes about 400 private bioweapons labs now operate around the country with no public disclosure of their activities - and plenty of reasons to worry Francis Boyle that the Bush administration is up to mischief. It "sabotaged the Verification Protocol for the BWC (and) fully intend(s) to (engage in) research, development and testing of illegal and criminal offensive biowarfare programs." That prospect should frighten everyone.

Reporter Sherwood Ross for sure. He calls the administration's project "the costliest, most grandiose research scheme ever attempted (with) germ warfare capability....going forward under President Bush and in defiance of" US and international laws. Far worse, where once "germ warfare was an isolated happenstance, (today's efforts elevate it) to an instrument of (deadly and loathsome) policy.

Other Recent Developments

On February 21, 2008, the Sidney Morning Herald reported that the Bush administration rejected claims made by Indonesian Health Minister, Siti Fadilah Supari, in her book titled: "It Is Time for the World to Change! God's Hand Behind Bird Flu Virus." She questions whether the US is using bird flu samples collected from developing nations to develop biological weapons, not new vaccines as claimed.

On July 20, 2008, the Jakarta Post reported: "If there were a "National Darling Award" contest....Supari would probably win it. (Her) supporters praise her as a great third world heroine who dares challenge the global structure of injustice and inequality perpetrated by powerful states (like the US) and networks of international institutions. Most of the praise is based on opinions" from her new book mentioned above.

She claims the US is transferring virus samples to the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It's one of two US nuclear weapons labs that will operate new biological research facilities capable of researching and developing dangerous pathogens in violation of the BWC and US Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989. California-based Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is the other one. On January 25, it began operating a new Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) lab. In August, Los Alamos is scheduled to complete a federally mandated environmental study for a similar lab to begin operations shortly thereafter. Given the Bush administration's penchant for secrecy, Supari's accusations may be justified.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) establishes biosafety classifications. BLS-4 ones, like for Ebola, are the most dangerous, in part, because no known cures exist. Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore currently operate BLS-2 labs. They'll now have BLS-3 ones to study infectious agents able to cause serious or fatal illnesses if inhaled. But there's no way to know if both labs, Fort Detrick, others like the former Edgewood Arsenal (now the Edgewood Area at the Aberdeen Proving Ground), Oak Ridge Ridge National Laboratory, and still more we don't know about will secretly research any type pathogens, including the most dangerous ones, for any purpose - offense or defense.

What is known is that government labs will study pathogens posing serious public health and safety threats. Ones like anthrax, botulism, brucellosis, plague, Rickettsia, tularemia, Avian influenza, H5N1 (the recent strain reported and called the most dangerous), and valley fever plus whatever others are planned but kept secret.

Most important is this. These labs conduct weapons research, so they'll likely focus on bioweapons and not follow BWC "prophylactic, protective, or other peaceful purposes" guidelines. For example, vaccines and potential biological weapons defenses may, in fact, be for offense. Distinguishing between the two is impossible so other nations and figures like Supari are suspicious.

They're not comforted by Lawrence Livermore's Lynda Seaver. On February 12, she told Arms Control Today that the US is "a signatory to the Biowarfare Convention and does not conduct bioweapons research." She also said most work there will be unclassified. On February 15, however, a CDC spokesperson suggested otherwise and informed Arms Control Today that Lawrence Livermore security restrictions are tight as they are at Los Alamos, Fort Detrick and other US weapons research facilities. They bar transparency and place strict limits on sharing select agents research to prevent other nations from knowing it exists or its purpose.

Further, later this year DHS will complete construction of the new Fort Detrick lab (NBACC), and a new $500 million animal research facility is planned. Both will have BLS-3 and 4 capabilities. They'll work on the most dangerous known pathogens and conduct controversial type threat assessment research - to develop and produce new biological weapons and develop defenses against them. Once again, differentiating between offense and defense is impossible, and given their penchant for deception and secrecy, no one takes Bush administration officials at their word nor should they.

Francis Boyle's "Biowarfare and Terrorism"

Boyle drafted the 1989 Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act and covers it in his 2006 book. It's now codified in Title 18 of the US Code, sections 175 - 178 and was the implementing legislation for the landmark 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

MIT molecular biology professor Jonathan King wrote this about the book in its forward:

It "outlines how and why the United States government initiated, sustained and then dramatically expanded an illegal biological arms buildup....Boyle reveals how the new (multi-) billion-dollar US Chemical and Biological Defense Program has been reoriented (endorsing "first strike" CBW use in war) to accord with the Neo-Conservative pre-emptive strike agenda - this time by (illegal) biological and chemical warfare." This "represent(s) a significant emerging danger to our population (and) threaten(s) international relations among nations." These programs "are always called defensive (but) with biological weapons, defensive and offensive programs overlap almost completely."

"Boyle (also) sheds new light on the motives for the (2001) anthrax attacks, the media black hole of silence (about them), and why the FBI may never apprehended the perpetrators of this seminal crime of the 21st century." They killed five people, injured 17 others, and temporarily shut down Congress, the Supreme Court, and other federal operations. Army scientist Dr. Steven Hatfill was unfairly implicated as a "person of interest" but was never charged. He sued the Justice Department and in June was awarded $2.8 million and a $150,000 annuity for violating his privacy, leaking false and inflammatory information, costing him his job and reputation, and blasting his name all over the media for days. It was the beginning of the frightening events that followed.

Boyle is currently a leading proponent of an effort to impeach George Bush, Dick Cheney and other high-level administration figures for their crimes of war, against humanity and other grievous violations of domestic and international law. In his "Biowarfare and Terrorism," he sounds an alarm about the administration's bioweapons program and what it means for humanity. He fears "a catastrophic biowarfare or bioterrorist incident or accident (is) a statistical certainty." It highlights enormous new risks plus other frightening ones like the possibility of nuclear war and catastrophic fallout from it. That, permanent wars, a potential Andromeda Strain, police state justice, and destroying the republic are but five among other threats since the advent of George Bush and his roguish team.

In "Biowarfare and Terrorism," Boyle addresses the bioweapons threat as an expert on the subject and gives readers an historical perspective. He asserts that the US government dramatically expanded an illegal biological arms development, production, and buildup that endangers all humanity with its potential. It's part of an extremist agenda for unchallengeable power and right to unleash "proactive" wars with the most aggressive weapons in its arsensal - nuclear, chemical, biological, others, space-based ones, and new ones in development.

Since WW II, America has actively developed, tested, and used terror weapons, including biological ones. Even after Nixon ended the nation's biowarfare programs, they never stopped. The CIA remained active through a loophole in the law, then the Reagan administration reactivated what Nixon slowed down. It acted much like the current regime with many of the same officials espousing similar extremist views - that America must exploit its technological superiority and not let laws, norms, or the greater good deter them.

The Bush administration raised the stakes and threatens all humanity. Boyle believes it used 9/11 and the anthrax attacks to stampede Congress and the public into aggressive wars and a menu of repressive laws. He also thinks the FBI knows who's behind the anthrax attacks: criminal US government elements planning a police state and another frightening enterprise - to fight and win a future biowar. A possible nuclear one as well. Boyle sounds the alarm about what may lie ahead and its potential consequences.

In October 2003, the National Academy of Sciences did as well. It warned about the "misuse of tools, technology, or knowledge base of (bioweapons) research for offensive military or terrorist purposes." That's the present risk. It makes everyone unwitting subjects of a recklessly endangering experiment.

Posted on: July 28, 2008.
“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people,
it's an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” – Patrick Henry

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Re: The Bush Administration's Secret Biowarfare Agenda
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“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people,
it's an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” – Patrick Henry

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Huge New Biodefense Lab Is Dedicated at Fort Detrick
« Reply #9 on: October 24, 2008, 09:09:13 am »
Huge New Biodefense Lab Is Dedicated at Fort Detrick

By Nelson Hernandez
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, October 23, 2008; Page B01

The Department of Homeland Security dedicated a massive biodefense laboratory in Frederick yesterday, moving toward the facility's opening despite questions raised about the risks of deadly pathogens to be studied there.

When the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center at Fort Detrick is fully operational in March, about 150 scientists in the lab will be tasked with protecting the country from a bioterrorist attack through prevention or containment. Another goal is to allow investigators to fingerprint biological agents such as viruses and bacteria, quickly tracing their source and catching the offender.

But critics cite the case of Bruce E. Ivins, a researcher at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, also at Fort Detrick, as evidence that such installations might help bioterrorists get access to lethal agents. FBI investigators think Ivins, who committed suicide in July, was responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks.

Construction began in June 2006 on the $143 million, 160,000-square-foot facility inside the fort, the Army's sprawling medical research post in Frederick. The ship-shaped building will be divided between the lab's major divisions: a forensic testing center, which aims to identify the culprits in biological attacks; and the Biothreat Characterization Center, which seeks to predict what such attacks will look like and guide the development of countermeasures.

Scientists affiliated with the lab have been working in leased space at Fort Detrick, but officials who spoke at the dedication yesterday said they were anxious to move into the new center.

"This is a great day. Many of us have been waiting for this day for a long time," said Jamie Johnson, director of the Office of National Laboratories of the Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security. "I feel very passionately about this facility, and I feel even more passionately about its mission. This is state-of-the-art, cutting-edge bio-forensics."

Barry Kissin, a Frederick lawyer who has strongly opposed the lab's construction, said he fears the facility would be used to create biological weapons even though the government said its mission is defensive.

"It's not only a huge threat to local public health and safety, it is in the forefront of the instigation of a brand-new arms race in the realm of bioweapons," he said. "Here we are, expanding by about 20 times the size of the program that we're now being told generated the only bioattack in our history."

Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett (R-Md.), who has a PhD in human physiology, said the closure of the U.S. bioweapons program in 1969 had perhaps placed the country a step behind other nations that continued to operate secret programs.

"As a scientist, I knew how important it was to be at the cutting edge," Bartlett said. "I don't have complete confidence that our intelligence community will be able to tell us what's going on at the cutting edge." The scientists at the new Detrick lab, he said, are "going to have to divine what's happening." But he said he has "great confidence that this organization will indeed be able to protect us."

Democrat Jennifer Dougherty, a former Frederick mayor who faces Bartlett in the 6th District race, said relations between the city and Fort Detrick have gradually improved.

"I think it's essential that we make sure there's a level of transparency and a level of trust between residents, the city and the post," Dougherty said.

The directors of the campus were eager to demonstrate the facility's security, leading guests and reporters through a tour of the lab. Construction required everyone to wear hard hats and protective glasses.

The facility was clean and bright, with large windows allowing most scientists in sealed labs a view of the outdoors. About 40,000 square feet will be taken up by Biosafety Level 3 labs, which handle agents such as anthrax. In addition, 10,000 will be dedicated to the Level 4 labs, which handle agents such as the Ebola virus.

Next to the windows, digital monitors displayed air pressure, ensuring that air would flow from the outside into the lab. The air is constantly filtered, and three large pressure cookers sterilize contaminated waste. To get into the Level 4 labs, workers must pass through a chemical shower that cleanses their suits.

The thick, reinforced concrete walls were painted white. The rooms were empty of the testing equipment, animals and biological supplies that the scientists will use for their work. Exposed wires and pipes were in evidence, and sheeting was taped to parts of the floor.

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New Ebola cases in the Philippines
« Reply #10 on: February 01, 2009, 12:05:42 am »

Transmission from pigs to humans has not yet been ruled out as health officials investigate the source of the Ebola-Reston virus. The new discoveries bring the total cases to five and is the first time the Ebola-Reston virus has been discovered in pigs although it is normally found in monkeys from whom it has previously made the jump to humans.

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1st US case of Marburg fever confirmed in Colorado
« Reply #11 on: February 09, 2009, 04:01:45 pm »
1st US case of Marburg fever confirmed in Colo.

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (AP) — The first U.S. case of Marburg hemorrhagic fever has been confirmed in Colorado, and authorities say the patient — who contracted the rare illness while traveling in Uganda — has since recovered.

The disease, caused by a virus indigenous to Africa, spreads through contact with infected animals or the bodily fluids of infected humans. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesman Dave Daigle said no previous cases have been reported in the United States.

The patient had traveled to Uganda, visited a python cave in Maramagambo Forest in Queen Elizabeth Park and encountered fruit bats, which can carry the Marburg virus. The Ugandan government closed the cave after a tourist from the Netherlands died from Marburg in July.

The patient was treated at Lutheran Medical Center in January 2008 and sought follow-up care in July, after learning of the tourist's death. The patient recovered and his or her identity wasn't disclosed.

Pierre Rollin, acting chief of the Special Pathogens Branch of the CDC, said specialized tests of the initial sample taken in January 2008 confirmed the illness in the Colorado patient in December.

CDC officials said identifying the virus and how a patient contracted it can be difficult. It often depends on the quality of the sample being tested and the timing; samples taken early in the patient's illness makes identification easier, Rollin said.

Marburg hemorrhagic fever is extremely rare. The CDC's Web site counts fewer than 500 confirmed cases since the virus was first recognized in 1967. More than 80 percent of the known cases are fatal.

It has an incubation period of 5 to 10 days. The first symptoms are fever, chills and headaches, but symptoms worsen significantly after the fifth day of illness.

Lutheran hospital spokeswoman Kim Kobel said none of the staff and physicians who cared for the patient has developed symptoms.

Rollin said the CDC is testing hospital staff to see if any illnesses were undetected at the time.

Marburg is similar to Ebola

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CDC Confirms First Case Of Marburg Fever In Colorado
« Reply #12 on: February 10, 2009, 11:45:36 am »
CDC Confirms First Case Of Marburg Fever In Colorado

After repeat testing, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed at the end of last month that a man treated last year in a Colorado hospital had contracted Marburg hemorrhagic fever, the first known case in the United States.

According to a report in the online version of Colorado's daily newspaper Rocky Mountain News late on Friday, the man contracted the virus during a visit to Uganda and was treated at Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge in January 2008. The man recovered and came back for a follow up in June 2008 when he was re-tested.

The man, who has not been identified, had visited a python cave in Maramagambo Forest in Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda. The cave is populated by fruit bats, known to carry the Marburg virus.

According to the CDC, Marburg hemorrhagic fever is a rare, severe type of animal-borne hemorrhagic fever that affects both humans and non-human primates.

It is caused by a unique member of the filovirus family, of which the five species of Ebola are the only other known members.

While the virus is indigenous to Africa, it carries the name Marburg because it was first recognized in 1967 when outbreaks of the fever simultaneously broke out in laboratories in Marburg and Frankfurt in Germany and in Belgrade, in what was then Yugoslavia (now Serbia). The outbreaks killed 37 people in all, some were lab workers and some were family members who had nursed them. The lab workers had caught the virus from African green monkeys that had been imported for research on polio vaccine.

Lutheran Medical Center is working with state and local health authorities and the CDC to establish the risk doctors and staff have been exposed to as a result of coming into contact with the patient.

A spokeswoman for Exempla Healthcare, of which the Lutheran Medical Centre is a part, told Rocky Mountain News that so far investigations have concluded that none of the doctors and staff who cared for the patient have developed symptoms of the fever. However, any member of staff who is still concerned can still get a blood test, said the paper.

Exactly how the virus is transmitted is not known, says the CDC, but the incubation period is about 5 to 10 days and the onset of the disease is quite sudden, with fever, chills, headache, and myalgia (muscle pain). It is most likely passed via bodily fluids, such as blood drops, and doctors and care staff should wear protective gowns, gloves and masks around the patient.

About 5 days after the symptoms start, the patient may get a maculopapular rash of spots and bumps, most noticeable on the chest, back and stomach. This may then be followed by nausea, vomiting, chest pain, sore throat, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Symptoms then become more and more severe, and may include jaundice, inflammation of the pancreas, delirium, shock, severe weight loss, liver failure, and multiple organ dysfunction. The disease can be fatal.

Diagnosis of Marburg fever is made difficult by the fact the symptoms are similar to those of other infectious diseases, such as malaria or typhoid fever, says the CDC, which may explain why it wasn't diagnosed at the time, but there was no explanation as to why the first lab test didn't identify it.

Officials from the hospital told Rocky Mountain News that they followed the protocols for dealing with an unknown infection. This included:

"Contact isolation (gown and glove) and testing for a number of infectious [agents], with some of the tests being performed at the CDC."

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Jim Keith - AIDS as a Biowarfare Weapon
« Reply #13 on: April 26, 2009, 08:09:22 am »
Chapter 12 (of the late Jim Keith's book Biowarfare in America)
AIDS as a Biowarfare Weapon

In Los Angeles Times of May 20, 1996 appeared an article titled “Report Warns of Global Health Crisis,” subtitled “Infectious Diseases: Despite Medical Advances, Millions Are Dying.” The article reported that,

“Declaring a ‘global crisis’ and warning that ‘no country is safe from infectious diseases,’ the World Health Organization says in a new report that diseases such as AIDS, ebola, hanta, mad cow, tuberculosis, etc. killed more than 17 million people worldwide last year, including 9 million children.

“Taken together, bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases remain the world’s leading cause of premature death, accounting for one out of every three deaths, the report says.  For instance, the No. 1 infectious diseases, tuberculosis, took 3.1 million lives last year, up 400,000 from WHO figures for 1993.

“The report also suggests with uncommon starkness that in today’s global community, populations mix with unprecedented ease, and disease organisms have the potential to spread among countries at jet speed.  Among the reasons that many infectious diseases are spreading so rapidly, the WHO report says, are growing antibiotic resistance and heavy international air travel.”

The above information is true, but it is incomplete.  The whole truth is far more ugly and far more shocking, for many of the deadly plagues that are now rearing their heads are man-made.

Vying with a number of other ugly candidates for the greatest cover-up of the century is the history of AIDS.  Although estimates vary widely, according to the International AIDS Center at Harvard, as many as 110 million people will be infected with AIDS by the time of the publication of this book.  The CIA has estimated that 75% of the population of Africa living south of the Sahara Desert is infected with AIDS at this time.  The greatest horror of it is that, since the appearance of AIDS in 1977 in Africa, many competent researchers have suggested that the virus was man-made.

The closest thing to an official explanation for AIDS is the African Green Monkey theory, which concludes that the disease was first transmitted to a human in Africa through a monkey bite, through eating monkey flesh, or through sexual contact with the animals.  Many experts dispute that this could have been the origin of the virus.  Dr. Seymour Kalter, one of the world’s leading experts in monkey virology, at a Frederick Cancer Research Center symposium, has stated that the only danger to humans from simian monkey viruses is when that virus has contaminated a vaccine, and is then injected.
Another prominent dissenting voice is that of Dr. Robert Strecker.  In an interview, Dr. Strecker explains the situation:

“What convinced us was the fact that this new agent had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  That the virus had characteristics of animal viruses more so than human viruses, and that the genetic structure of the AIDS virus actually looked like the viruses that appeared in animals that would normally adapt themselves in human…

“That could have occurred spontaneously, but not by the process that scientists have normally talked about.  For instance, not by the virus running in primates because if you look at the genetic structure of the AIDS virus, what you find is that the codon choices [that designates the production of specific amino acids by the infected cell] included in the AIDS virus are not existent in primate genes.

“Therefore, to assume that they simply mutated in order to adapt themselves into primates in the case of AIDS is vanishingly small although still possible.
“What happened is that the virus either mutated in cattle and sheep, and then was artificially adapted to humans by growing in human tissue cultures, which they [virologists] do and in which they are easily manipulated in that matter – or the virus actually constructed in a laboratory by gene manipulation, which was available to scientists in the early ‘70s although many of the techniques were not talked about until the mid ‘70s, because the biowarfare laboratories throughout the world have always been about five to ten years ahead of other laboratories.

“In addition, a clearer reason is, if you look at the appearance of the ‘human retroviruses,’ the fact is that there were a host of these things that appeared all at the same time.  So, you have to explain not only the appearance of HIB-I, but also HIV-II, HTLV-I, HTLV-II, HTLV-IV, HTLV-V, HTLV-VI, ad nauseam.
“And so, to say that these things all spontaneously mutated at the same time in nature, and in the same direction, to infect human beings spontaneously and spread disease in worldwide epidemic proportions, in my opinion, is absurd compared to the known fact that scientists were working with exact progenitors of these viruses in their laboratories, which we can document.”

Speculation that AIDS had begun as a specifically targeted bio-weapon surfaced in the alternative and gay press shortly after the onset of the disease, with the gay newspaper, the New York Native printing an anonymous letter from a person who claimed to have worked at Fort Detrick.  The source maintained that AIDS had been developed and released as part of an offensive against gay men called “Operation Firm Hand.”

The first widely-disseminated claim that AIDS had been developed as a biowarfare weapon came in 1984, when the New Delhi Patriot released details about research by the U.S. Army into “natural and artificial influences on the human immune system.” The contention of the article was that scientists from the Army research laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland had travelled to Africa in search of new, virulent viruses, and that the samples and information gathered allowed the isolation of the AIDS virus.  An anonymous American anthropologist was quoted to support the scenario, as well as quotes confirming the thesis culled from the Army’s magazine Army Research Development and Acquisition.

In 1986 two French scientists working in East Germany, Jakob and Lille Segal, released a 52-page pamphlet titled “AIDS: USA Home-Made Evil,” that, like the article in the Indian newspaper, claimed that the virus had been manufactured at Fort Detrick.  The Segals claimed that AIDS was a designer virus, a hybrid of visan virus in sheep, and HTLV-I, a white blood cell cancer.

Many factors support the theory of AIDS as biowarfare.  The vectors of the disease are particularly damning to the ‘accidental’ theory, suggesting a planned biowarfare or depopulation approach:  The virus targets homosexuals, intravenous drug users, and Africans.

One particularly damning corroboration of the idea that AIDS was intentionally foisted upon the world is in the records of a meeting of the House Subcommittee on Military Appropriations for June 9, 1969.  At that meeting Dr. Donald MacArthur, Deputy Director for the Department of Defense Research and Technology, sought funding for a pet project.  MacArthur told the House subcommittee,

“Within five to ten years it would be possible to make a new infective microorganism which would differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms.  Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.”

MacArthur also reported that,
“Should an enemy develop it there is little doubt that this is an important area of potential military technological inferiority in which there is no adequate research program.”

MacArthur received the money that he wanted.  By 1971 research into “hazardous viruses” was underway at Fort Detrick.  If it is a coincidence that AIDS, a disease that matches the characteristics of the “new infective microorganism,” appeared within the “five to ten years” time frame stipulated by MacArthur, then it is a truly amazing coincidence.

In November of 1978 over a thousand male homosexuals were given experimental vaccinations for hepatitis B by the National Institute of Health and the Center for Disease Control.  Was it just a coincidence that six years later 64 percent of the subjects of the test had AIDS?

It is also important to note that the hepatitis B vaccine alleged to have infected the gay men was probably manufactured by the company owned by George Merck, the man who had headed the American agency on biowarfare during World War II.  According to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine,

“The vaccine was prepared in the laboratories of the Department of Virus and Cell Biology Research, Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research, West Point, PA…  The vaccine, made from the plasma of HBsAg [hepatitis B surface antigen] carriers… was treated…  A large number and variety of tests were carried out by the manufacturer on the initial plasma pools, the antigen concentrates, and the vaccine to insure microbial sterility and the absence of extraneous viruses.  The vaccine was also tested for live hepatitis A virus (HAV) in marmosets [a type of monkey] and live HBV [hepatitis B virus] in susceptible chimpanzees.”

The connection is never made in the media between AIDS and the fact that vaccines sometimes become contaminated with monkey viruses.  For instance, The New York Times on July 26, 1961 reported that vaccine manufacturer Parke-Davis had determined to quit distributing their Salk vaccines “until they can eliminate a monkey virus.” Still, there is no connection made to the most famous alleged monkey virus of all time.

A doctor of bacteriology, Bernice Eddy, discovered live monkey viruses in Salk polio vaccines in 1954.  She testified before a U.S. Senate Investigation in 1971 that unless problems with the contamination of vaccines was dealt with, slow monkey viruses would set off human cancer epidemics internationally.  The upshot of Eddy’s discovery was that her funding was withdrawn, and her career was destroyed.

Another fascinating thread to pull in the question of AIDS as biowarfare is the connection of Dr. Robert Gallo, the man heralded as having discovered the virus that causes AIDS.  Gallo, before his reported discovery, had in fact been involved in the creation of many AIDS-like viruses in the laboratory.  By 1972 Gallo’s research group was involved in injecting ribonucleic acid from one type of virus into another to create mutants that, according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, “functioned just like the AIDS virus.”

Among the types of research conducted by Gallo was the modification of simian monkey viruses through the infusion of cat leukaemia RNA to create cancers of the sort observed in persons with AIDS, and the cloning of monkey viruses.  In 1969 or 1970 Gallo and fellow researcher Seitoku Fujioka indicated that they need to “evaluate the functional significance of tRNA changes in tumor cells.” Viruses used were the simian monkey virus (SV40) and the mouse parotid tumor.  According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, “These experiments, I realized, could have easily established the technology for the development of HIV – allegedly of simian virus descent…”

And what was the source of Gallo’s funding during this period?  Among others, Gallo worked with Litton Bionetics, Inc., a company linked to biological warfare research, that had been inoculating simian monkeys with mutant viruses since 1962.

The parent company of Litton Bionetics is Litton Industries, whose president at the time, Roy Ash, was one of three alternate appointees for Henry Kissinger for the head of the National Security Council, six months prior to Congress being asked by the Department of Defense to fund experimentation with AIDS-like viruses.  According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Gallo received support “from at least a third of the Army’s top eighteen biological research contractors, including Bionetics, Hazelton, the University of Chicago, Stanford University, Dow Chemical, and New England Nuclear Corp…”

According to Randy Shilts in And the Band Played On, his chronicle of research into the origin of AIDS, Gallo engaged in efforts that Shilts interprets as sabotaging international efforts to isolate the AIDS retrovirus.  Among other activities, Gallo is alleged to have withheld from researchers antibodies required to identify AIDS-like viruses.  Was this simply an example of proprietary approach to the research, or was it indeed an attempt to stop the research?
Researcher Dr. Leonard Horowitz wonders, “Had Gallo been ashamed of creating the virus years earlier, so he tried to block its discovery, terrified it might be traced to BW research?”

The preponderance of evidence shows that the AIDS virus was man-made.  But was the massive worldwide plague that has resulted from its release intentional or accidental?

According to Dr. Frederick Rasmussen, Jr. of the University of California School of Medicine – incidentally a biowarfare contractor – has warned that mass vaccination programs could, in themselves, result in AIDS-like diseases, through the alteration of the host’s immune system:

“In view of the complexity and diversity of immunizing antigens and the possible host responses, an occasional adverse interaction should not surprise us.  Such proved, widely-used vaccines as pertussis and BCG are known to increase and modify immunological reactivity profoundly.  A number of viral immunogens, notably measles, consist of or are prepared for viruses…  There must also be biological interactions, genetic among sufficiently closely related viruses and through sharing of virus coded mechanisms for the synthesis of subunits [viral components and newly-produced viruses].

“The dangers confronting us in the development and use of new vaccines, together with those known to exist with the present vaccines, may have been overemphasized, but they are very real…”

Rasmussen added,

“Among the dangers… the possible potentiation or activation of certain slowly progressive viral infections is particularly difficult to combat, because untoward reactions may be so few or so distantly related to the initiating immunizing procedure as to be overlooked unless rigorous and sustained surveillance is undertaken – and, even if recognized, may not become clearly evident until large numbers of people have been placed at irreversible risk.

“If we are to anticipate unknown dangers it is imperative that all facets of the immune response and other host responses to any new product be exhaustively studied…”

If the release of AIDS was intentional, who was responsible, and what was their purpose?

The most obvious culprit would be the American military.  Supporting the idea that the AIDS virus may have been used to intentionally contaminate hepatitis B vaccine is that biowarfare research is deliberately compartmented.  According to CIA Director William Colby, testifying before a Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, on September 16, 1975,

“If the particular activity is a very sensitive matter and only a very few employees need to know it, then it will be known to only a very few employees.  We make a particular effort to keep the identities of our sources and some of our complicated technical systems restricted very sharply to the people who actually need to work on them.  And many of the rest of the people in the Agency know nothing about them.”

The CIA has a long history of working in Africa under the cover of other agencies.  These have included AFRICARE, CARE, the CDC, the Peace Corps, PUSH (People to Save Humanity), the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, USAID, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, even NASA and the National Academy of Sciences.

Another possibility, suggested by Dr. Robert Strecker, is that a hostile foreign party might be responsible.

One connection of extreme interest was revealed by Soviet press official Boris Belitsky in an interview on the Moscow World Service radio network.  Asked about new information suggesting that AIDS was a man-made virus, Belitsky replied:

BELITSKY:  Just recently a Soviet journalist in Algeria, Aleksandr Zhukov, managed to interview a European physician at the Moustapha Hospital there, who made some relevant disclosures on the subject.  In the early seventies, this physician and immunologist was working for the West German OTRAG Corporation (Orbital Transport and Missiles, Ltd.) in Zaire.  His laboratory had been given the assignment to cultivate viruses ordinarily affecting only animals but constituting a potential danger to man.  They were particularly interested in certain unknown viruses isolated from the African green monkey, and capable of such rapid replication that they could completely destabilize the immune system.  These viruses, however, were quite harmless for human beings and the lab’s assignment was to develop a mutant virus that would be a human killer.

HOST:  Did they succeed?

BELITSKY:  To a large extent, yes.  But when they inoculated the inhabitants of several jungle villages with such a mutant virus on the pretext of giving shots against cholera, this did not produce the immediate results required of the lab.  Now, it is well-known that people infected with AIDS virus can live for several years without developing the disease but at the same time the result was summed up as proving the unsuitability of the virus as a biological warfare agent.  The lab was ordered to wind up the project and turn the results over to certain U.S. researchers who had been following this work with keen interest, to such an extent that some of the researchers believed they were in reality working not for the West German OTRAG Corporation but for the Pentagon.  In fact, two U.S. assistants had been with the lab throughout the work on this project.  Several years after the lab had turned over its findings to the Americans, back came the news of the first AIDS cases in San Francisco.  The researcher believes that the Pentagon had tested the mutant virus on convicts in California.

   The OTRAG organization is like something out of a James Bond novel, although the company is perfectly real.  Ostensibly a private enterprise in the business of developing inexpensive satellite-launching missiles, an investigation by the German Information Service of South Africa has revealed that the company was subsidized by the West German government.  Researcher Tad Szulc, citing secret service sources, has said that OTRAG is an arm of West Germany’s Dornier and Messerschmidt munitions companies and has implicated the United States in engaging in a nuclear weapons development program with OTRAG.  Another report from a CIA agent to a British journalist states that Boeing Company had given OTRAG access to sophisticated Cruise missile technology.

   Key OTRAG personnel have also been traced to the Third Reich.  Examples of this include:

- The founder and manager of OTRAG WAS Lutz Thilo Kayser.  He had been a special advisor to the Minister of Research and Technology of West Germany, and on the ad hoc committee on the Apollo program transport systems.  In World War II Kayser was allegedly known as “Dadieus’s young man,” referring to his mentor Armin Dadieu, a high-ranking SS officer.

- Kurt H. Debus, Chairman of the Board of OTRAG in the 1970s, was a former director of the Cape Canaveral space research program.  During World War II, however, Debus is alleged to have worked on the German V2 missile program at Peenemunde, Germany.

- Eugen Sanger and Wolf Pilz, two rocket scientists from Peenemunde.
In the 1970s, OTRAG contracted with the government of Zaire for the “unlimited use” of nearly 100,000 square kilometres of the country until the year 2000.  Although this territory has 760,000 people inhabiting it, OTRAG has complete control over it and its air space, with complete immunity from the laws of Zaire.  It is also noteworthy that the OTRAG project is located in Shaba, which is a center of CIA black operations.

   A number of countries including the Soviet Union, East Germany, Yugoslavia and Cuba have protested the Zaire OTRAG project, stating that West Germany is using it as a pretext for offensive missile development to bypass restrictions on the country in the 1954 Brussels Treaty.  Other sources have said that the U.S. and France were also involved in the project.

   Assessing the above information, the idea that OTRAG may have been used as a cover for covert research and production of biowarfare is also quite plausible.

   I don’t subscribe to the theory of some researchers that AIDS was unleashed as a depopulation measure, to reduce the number of people in the world.  Although I am well aware that the elite of the world do believe that there are too many people – that fact has come forward in the statements of many elite planners – it seems exceedingly unlikely that they would launch a virus that could potentially take themselves and their own families.

   But, these same theorists suggest, the elite must have developed a vaccine or other curative means to proof themselves against AIDS.  Fortunately, although there are numerous experimental regimens for curing AIDS, with some of them showing promise, there is nothing to suggest such a program exists at this time.  The most probable answer is that the AIDS plague is the result of an accidental escape of the virus from an experimental lab, probably one researching biological warfare.

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This could be a possible scenario we need to think about, if this is a Bioweapons attack we need to be aware of what further possible senerios they maybe planning. If this is true it could save millions of lives by giving people the info. they need and allowing people to make decissions should they feel they need to escape to safe areas if need be.

Outbreak Part 1 Video Link :

Artical Link :

Link To Below Full Page Info.:

Anti-personnel BW
The international biological hazard symbol.Ideal characteristics of biological weapons targeting humans are high infectivity, high potency, non-availability of vaccines, and delivery as an aerosol.

Diseases most likely to be considered for use as biological weapons are contenders because of their lethality (if delivered efficiently), and robustness (making aerosol delivery feasible).

The biological agents used in biological weapons can often be manufactured quickly and easily. The primary difficulty is not the production of the biological agent but delivery in an effective form to a vulnerable target.

For example, anthrax is considered an effective agent for several reasons. First, it forms hardy spores, perfect for dispersal aerosols. Second, pneumonic (lung) infections of anthrax usually do not cause secondary infections in other people. Thus, the effect of the agent is usually confined to the target. A pneumonic anthrax infection starts with ordinary "cold" symptoms and quickly becomes lethal, with a fatality rate that is 90% or higher. Finally, friendly personnel can be protected with suitable antibiotics.

A mass attack using anthrax would require the creation of aerosol particles of 1.5 to 5 micrometres. Too large and the aerosol would be filtered out by the respiratory system. Too small and the aerosol would be inhaled and exhaled. Also, at this size, nonconductive powders tend to clump and cling because of electrostatic charges. This hinders dispersion. So the material must be treated to insulate and discharge the charges. The aerosol must be delivered so that rain and sun does not rot it, and yet the human lung can be infected. There are other technological difficulties as well.

Diseases considered for weaponization, or known to be weaponized include anthrax , ebola, Marburg virus, plague , cholera , tularemia, brucellosis, Q fever, machupo, Coccidioides mycosis , Glanders, Melioidosis, Shigella, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, typhus , Psittacosis, yellow fever , Japanese B encephalitis , Rift Valley fever, and smallpox [18]. Naturally-occurring toxins that can be used as weapons include ricin, SEB, botulism toxin, saxitoxin, and many mycotoxins. The organisms causing these diseases are known as select agents. Their possession, use, and transfer are regulated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Select Agent Program.

[edit] Anti-agriculture BW
Biological warfare can also specifically target plants to destroy crops or defoliate vegetation. The United States and Britain discovered plant growth regulators (i.e., herbicides) during the Second World War, and initiated an herbicidal warfare program that was eventually used in Malaya and Vietnam in counter insurgency. Though herbicides are chemicals, they are often grouped with biological warfare as bioregulators in a similar manner as biotoxins.[citation needed] Scorched earth tactics or destroying livestock and farmland were carried out in the Vietnam war and Eelam War in Sri Lanka.[citation needed]

The United States developed an anti-crop capability during the Cold War that used plant diseases (bioherbicides, or mycoherbicides) for destroying enemy agriculture. It was believed that destruction of enemy agriculture on a strategic scale could thwart Sino-Soviet aggression in a general war. Diseases such as wheat blast and rice blast were weaponized in aerial spray tanks and cluster bombs for delivery to enemy water sheds in agricultural regions to initiate epiphytotics (epidemics among plants). When the United States renounced its offensive biological warfare program in 1969 and 1970, the vast majority of its biological arsenal was composed of these plant diseases.[citation needed]

In 1980s Soviet Ministry of Agriculture had successfully developed variants of foot-and-mouth disease and rinderpest against cows, African swine fever for pigs, and psittacosis to kill chicken. These agents were prepared to spray them down from tanks attached to airplanes over hundreds of miles. The secret program was code-named "Ecology".[18]

Attacking animals is another area of biological warfare intended to eliminate animal resources for transportation and food. In the First World War German agents were arrested attempting to inoculate draft animals with anthrax, and they were believed to be responsible for outbreaks of glanders in horses and mules. The British tainted small feed cakes with anthrax in the Second World War as a potential means of attacking German cattle for food denial, but never employed the weapon. In the 1950s the United States had a field trial with hog cholera.[citation needed]

Unconnected with inter-human wars, humans have deliberately introduced the rabbit disease Myxomatosis, originating in South America, to Australia and Europe, with the intention of reducing the rabbit population - which had devastating but temporary results, with wild rabbit populations reduced to a fraction of their former size but survivors developing immunity and increasing again.

[edit] Biodefense
Main article: Biodefense

[edit] Role of public health departments and disease surveillance
It is important to note that all of the classical and modern biological weapons organisms are animal diseases, the only exception being smallpox. Thus, in any use of biological weapons, it is highly likely that animals will become ill either simultaneously with, or perhaps earlier than humans.

Indeed, in the largest biological weapons accident known – the anthrax outbreak in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) in the Soviet Union in 1979, sheep became ill with anthrax as far as 200 kilometers from the release point of the organism from a military facility in the southeastern portion of the city (known as Compound 19 and still off limits to visitors today, see Sverdlovsk Anthrax leak).

Thus, a robust surveillance system involving human clinicians and veterinarians may identify a bioweapons attack early in the course of an epidemic, permitting the prophylaxis of disease in the vast majority of people (and/or animals) exposed but not yet ill.

For example in the case of anthrax, it is likely that by 24 - 36 hours after an attack, some small percentage of individuals (those with compromised immune system or who had received a large dose of the organism due to proximity to the release point) will become ill with classical symptoms and signs (including a virtually unique chest X-ray finding, often recognized by public health officials if they receive timely reports). By making these data available to local public health officials in real time, most models of anthrax epidemics indicate that more than 80% of an exposed population can receive antibiotic treatment before becoming symptomatic, and thus avoid the moderately high mortality of the disease.

[edit] Identification of bioweapons
The goal of biodefense is to integrate the sustained efforts of the national and homeland security, medical, public health, intelligence, diplomatic, and law enforcement communities. Health care providers and public health officers are among the first lines of defense. In some countries private, local, and state (province) capabilities are being augmented by and coordinated with federal assets, to provide layered defenses against biological weapons attacks.

The traditional approach toward protecting agriculture, food, and water: focusing on the natural or unintentional introduction of a disease is being strengthened by focused efforts to address current and anticipated future biological weapons threats that may be deliberate, multiple, and repetitive.

The growing threat of biowarfare agents and bioterrorism has led to the development of specific field tools that perform on-the-spot analysis and identification of encountered suspect materials. One such technology, being developed by researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), employs a "sandwich immunoassay", in which fluorescent dye-labeled antibodies aimed at specific pathogens are attached to silver and gold nanowires. [32]

Researchers at Ben Gurion University in Israel are developing a different device called the BioPen, essentially a "Lab-in-a-Pen", which can detect known biological agents in under 20 minutes using an adaptation of the ELISA, a similar widely employed immunological technique, that in this case incorporates fiber optics. [33]

[edit] List of BW institutions and programs by country
According to the United States Office of Technology Assessment, since disbanded, seventeen countries were believed to possess biological weapons in 1995: Libya, North Korea, South Korea, Iraq, Taiwan, Syria, Israel, Iran, China, Egypt, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, Bulgaria, India, South Africa, and Russia.[18][34]

Graphic website link with pictures of how ugly this can get, if we don't try to stop it or try to protect ourselves.
Link :

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The Deadliest Flu Virus in the World: Made in USA
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The Deadliest Flu Virus in the World: Made in USA
by Bill Sardi

Army helicopters fly over a small American town as a voice barks harshly: "No one is allowed to leave this town!"

~ A line from the 1995 movie entitled Outbreak

In the latest version of "art precedes reality," Hollywood predicted a viral outbreak that would require quarantine of an entire town in America in the 1995 movie Outbreak starring Dustin Hoffman. In that movie the virus came from a monkey being smuggled in from Zaire. The movie was more about the possibility of a virus like Ebola than the dreaded H5N1 influenza virus that now has the world in the grip of hysteria. But Outbreak dealt with the mutation of the virus, which makes it more appropriate for today’s latest viral health threat – a mutated influenza virus, probably from bird flu.

The world is being warned a flu virus might mutate at any moment and render the planet helpless against its spread. Americans don’t need to wait for a flu virus to mutate. Infectious disease specialists, working in a semi-secure laboratory at a Midwestern university have already done it ahead of nature. These American researchers obtained the viral particles from the H5N1 Spanish flu virus that killed millions worldwide and altered one of its ten genes, making it far more dangerous and virulent than any influenza virus in nature. The idea was to figure out how to make a vaccine against it. But the very idea such a virus even exists gives most people the shivers.

If you want to know the location of this mutated virus (any potential biological terrorist can figure this out by using mapping services and searching for these experiments), we’ve intentionally downsized and obscured the map of its location. Here it is:

The super mutated influenza virus that no Americans have immunity towards is located at this Midwestern university laboratory.


New Scientist magazine notes that the lab where the super flu virus is located has a lower biosecurity level – BLS – than a few other labs that have the highest possible levels of containment. The highest level is BSL-4. The lab in question is BSL-3Ag, or 3-plus. The main difference between BSL-4 and BSL-3Ag is that precautions to ensure laboratory workers do not get infected are less stringent: While BSL-4 involves wearing fully enclosed body suits, those working at BSL-3Ag labs typically have half-suits. New Scientist magazine notes that "the recent SARS virus outbreak in Asia was from BSL-3 labs."

What if one of the lab workers inadvertently takes the virus home with him or her? The human population of the world would be wiped out. An infectious disease specialist at the lab where the super virus is located, says: "If H5N1 spreads on a massive scale, it's going to wreak havoc." It will overwhelm almost any country's health-care system. . . . It will be biblical plague." I’m holding my breath. I’m staggered by the possibility. There is obviously greater danger this super virus would escape from a laboratory than mutate and spread around the globe.

Heightening the panic

It appears as if someone is attempting to heighten the panic surrounding the predicted influenza epidemic. Researchers at Hokkaido University in Japan began to wonder how birds in nearby farms acquired the bird flu. They checked on the genetic makeup of the virus and it is "strikingly similar to that of a bird flu virus found in South America, too far for migrating birds to carry into Japan." This led investigators to surmise somebody brought a vaccine into Japan and injected it into some birds, infecting the animals around them. [Japan Times Sept. 3, 2005] The mysterious appearance of avian flu in birds around the world could be explained by contaminated avian vaccines!

There is still no explanation for the mutated human influenza virus found in a pig in South Korea. Somebody intentionally placed this human virus inside this animal. (For more about this, see previous report entitled Influenza Intrigue at LR archives.) If it infected a human, it would make it appear the virus "jumped" from animals to humans.

Wandering far from its field of expertise, Charlene Porter of the Washington File, a publication of the Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State, writes that a species of flu virus once thought to be unique to horses has now infected dogs and could jump from animals to humans. [Sept. 30, 2005] Horrors, we may be culling populations of pet dogs in America as they are birds in Asia. Better hide Fido. There are approximately 50 million pet dogs in the US. This is sheer propaganda and the news media has re-printed it widely without question. The orchestrated terror is coming from all quarters of government.

Julie Gerberding, Centers for Disease Control chief, says her agency is getting ready for a possible pandemic next year. [Associated Press, Feb. 22, 2005] Public health authorities and politicians are so committed to the inevitability of a flu pandemic, it’s as if there is no way they won’t let this event happen.

Here is another segment of script from the movie, Outbreak………

Maj. Casey Schuler: I hate this bug.
Lt. Col. Sam Daniels: Come on, Casey. You've got to love its simplicity.
It's one billionth our size, and it's beating us.
Maj. Casey Schuler: So, what do you want to do, take it to dinner?
Lt. Col. Sam Daniels: No.
Maj. Casey Schuler: What then?
Lt. Col. Sam Daniels: Kill it. –

The problem is, the virus is being harbored by the people. To kill the virus, like culling infected birds, you have to wipe them out. That is what the movie considered. The military people in the movie planned to use a fuel-air bomb to wipe out the infected city. The movie certainly sets the scenario. A frightened American public looks to federal instead of local officials to save the world. Is there a better way to usher in marshal law while gaining consent of the people?

Only ineffective therapies offered

Notice how public health authorities only offer vaccines which are in short supply, don’t often work because they don’t address the specific strain of virus in circulation, and which viruses now resist. One flu vaccine, the flu mist, actually uses live flu viruses that can shed from vaccinees to their family, friends and co-workers. Or they offer anti-flu medications which flu viruses already exhibit resistance towards and which are also in short supply. (Special note: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will likely profit handsomely from the announcement the government is purchasing $3 billion of Tamiflu, the drug developed by Gilead Sciences when Rumsfeld was president of the company. He is reported to hold major portions of stock in Gilead.)

Public given no options beyond vaccines and medicines

There is no attempt to boost innate immunity, which can be accomplished with high doses of vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and zinc. Selenium even blocks the mutations that cause the most mortal form of the flu. [J American College Nutrition 20: 384–88S, 2001; FASEB Journal 15: 1846–48, 2001; Journal Nutrition 133: 1463–67S, 2003] Sambucus simpsonii, the botanical name for elderberry capsules and syrup, is well documented in the medical literature to be an effective remedy against the flu. [J International Med Research 32:132–40, 2004; Israeli Medical Assoc Journal 4:919–22, 2002; European Cytokine Network 12:290–6, 2001; J Alternative Complement Medicine 1:361–9, 1995] In a pinch, there isn’t a virus that has been able to withstand allicin, the active ingredient produced when a fresh clove of garlic is crushed. [Planta Medica 58:417–23, 1992]


The Council on Foreign Relations, in its recent journal report says, if a global flu pandemic ensues: "In short order, the global economy would shut down. Vaccines would have no impact on the course of the virus in the first months and would likely play an extremely limited role worldwide during the following 12 to 18 months of the pandemic. With today's limited production capacity, that means that less than 500 million people – about 14 percent of the world's population – would be vaccinated within a year of the pandemic." [Foreign Affairs, July/August 2005]

Are they scripting a movie, or is this reality?

October 6, 2005
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately


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Analysis of the Anthrax Attacks - Barbara Hatch Rosenberg
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Analysis of the Anthrax Attacks

Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, Federation of American Scientists

I.   Commentary 5 February 2002:  Is the FBI Dragging Its Feet?
II.   Letter Chronology, Updated 31 January 2002
III.   Notes on the Letters, 31 January 2002
IV.   Analysis of the Attacks, 17-31 January 2002
V.   Appendix:  Laboratories That Have Worked with the Ames Strain of Anthrax
VI.   Ancillary Materials

I.   COMMENTARY:  Is the FBI Dragging Its Feet?

5 February 2002

For more than three months now the FBI has known that the perpetrator of the anthrax attacks is American.  This conclusion must have been based on the perpetrator’s evident connection to the US biodefense program.  In addition to this signpost, the perpetrator has left multiple, blatant clues, seemingly on purpose:  second letters, addressed similarly to the anthrax letters and containing powder, sent to most (and possibly all) the anthrax recipients; similar letters sent to several other media organizations; even a letter, addressed to the Military Police at the Quantico Marine Base, accusing a former USAMRIID scientist (with whom the anonymous writer says he once worked) of having bioterrorist intentions.  Almost all the letters were mailed before there were any reports of anthrax letters or of hoax letters sent to media (see “Analysis of the Anthrax Attacks” below for a chronology and discussion of the available data).  The postal addresses and dates of these letters map out an itinerary of the perpetrator(s) and indicate certain connections, which taken together must single out the perpetrator from the other likely suspects.
This evidence permits a more refined estimate of the perpetrator’s motives.  He must be angry at some biodefense agency or component, and he is driven to demonstrate, in a spectacular way, his capabilities and the government’s inability to respond.  He is cocksure that he can get away with it.  Does he know something that he believes to be sufficiently damaging to the United States to make him untouchable by the FBI?

The perpetrator is surely too smart to believe that either the FBI’s ludicrous recent actions or the White House protestations of ignorance mean that the authorities are not on to him.  Blanketing Central New Jersey with fliers showing handwriting that was obviously disguised can’t possibly evoke useful information, nor can letters to 32,000 American microbiologists, 31,800 of whom live in a different world from the perpetrator.  This is no way to instill public confidence in the competence of the FBI.  The press is increasingly questioning the situation, and other scientists have independently raised similar issues (see, for example, “In Search of the Anthrax Attacker”  Most importantly, the apparent lack of action is sending a dangerous message to potential bioterrorists.


Updated 31 Jan. 02

Four letters with anthrax have been found, and a fifth (to AMI) was apparently discarded after opening.  In addition, at least three of the five anthrax recipients also received “hoax” letters containing an innocuous powder; and several different media offices received similar hoax letters.  Some of the hoax letters were mailed BEFORE the first anthrax case (in Florida) was reported, and all but one hoax letter were mailed BEFORE there were any reports of anthrax letters or hoax letters.  Therefore the hoax letters targeting media are not simply a copycat phenomenon.  The envelopes on most or all of the hoax letters were addressed in block capitals similar to the addresses on the anthrax envielopes, even though they were mailed before the anthrax envelopes became known.  A photograph of one hoax letter (to St. Petersburg Times) has been published, and descriptions or comparisons of others have been reported.  If analysis confirms that the hoax letters were sent by the anthrax perpetrator, their postmarks will indicate his itinerary (or the assistance of an accomplice)—see chronology below.

At least three hoax letters, known to have been mailed from St. Petersburg, are similar in many ways to each other and to the anthrax letters:  addresses written in similar block capitals, tone of letters, unconvincing misspellings.  Were the enclosed letters also xeroxed?  no fingerprints?  stamps not licked?  Are the other hoax letters similar?

Furthermore, an anonymous letter accusing a former USAMRIID scientist of plotting terrorism was sent to police BEFORE any anthrax letters or disease were reported.  The letter contains evidence that the anonymous writer had probably worked at USAMRIID.  This letter may also come from the anthrax perpetrator.

18 Sept. 01      Trenton----------Mailed anthrax letters to NBC and NY Post (and probably to
National Enquirer).

20 Sept.           St. Petersburg—Mailed hoax letter to NBC and possibly to NY Post** [& Natl. Enq.?]

19-25 Sept                                                       NBC received & opened anthrax letter (brown

granular sandy); not recognized as dangerous.

25 Sept.                                                           NBC received & opened hoax letter.


late Sept.         place?------------Mailed letter to Quantico Marine Base accusing Dr. Asaad,

former USAMRIID scientist, as terrorist.

 4 Oct.                                                             First report of anthrax case (in Florida).


5 Oct.                                                              Death of first anthrax victim, Fla.


5 Oct.              St. Petersburg—Mailed  hoax letters to J. Miller at NY Times and

H. Troxler at St. Petersburg Times.

~5-9 Oct.         place?------------Mailed hoax letters to CBS (DC), Fox News
and possibly to NY Post**

9 Oct.                                                              Troxler (St. P Times)opened hoax letter.


9 Oct.              Trenton----------Mailed anthrax letters to Daschle and Leahy.


12 Oct.                                                            Miller at NYT opened hoax letter.


12-13 Oct.                                                       First reports of any letters to media.


13 Oct.                                                            NBC anthrax case and both suspicious letters first

reported.  (FBI had previously overlooked
events at NBC.)

13 Oct.                                                            CBS News (D.C.) received envelope with powder
visible on outside.

8-13 Oct.                                                         Fox News received hoax letter.


15 Oct.                                                            Daschle’s Hart office opened anthrax letter.


19 Oct.                                                            NY Post anthrax case diagnosed and letter with                                                                                             anthrax found unopened in mailroom.                                                                                                  Employee remembers opening  a

similarly-addressed (hoax) letter**, earlier.

late Nov.         UK----------------Mailed hoax letter to Dascle office in Capitol.


3 Jan. 02                                                          Daschle’s Capitol office opened hoax letter (delay

in receipt due to irradiation of Capitol mail).


31 Jan 02

1.   Florida anthrax letter:  postal traces show that a letter containing anthrax must have been sent to the National Enquirer at its previous address, then forwarded to the AMI office.

This indicates that the perpetrator was not familiar with AMI and the Natl. Enquirer.

2.   Florida hoax letter?:  Possibly a hoax letter was discarded without notice, as the anthrax letter was.  In addition, on approximately 4 Sept. AMI received a fan letter containing powder and a star of David, addressed to actress Jennifer Lopez c/o The Sun (one of the AMI tabloids).  Because the anthrax letter was evidently addressed to the National Enquirer, not The Sun, the Sun letter is probably irrelevant.

3.   Hoax letter to NY Post:  was received and thrown out sometime before 19 Oct.  It was addressed to the Editor in block capitals, similar to the anthrax letter received by the NY Post.  The NYPost hoax letter could have been mailed on 5 Oct. from St. Petersburg, along with the hoax letters to the NY Times and St. Petersburg Times, or it could have been mailed earlier (eg, on 20 Sept., when the hoax letter was mailed to NBC).  The anthrax letters to NBC and the NY Post had been mailed at the same time (18 Sept) and it is possible that the perpetrator mailed hoax letters on 20 Sept to all of those previously sent anthrax.

4.   Hoax letter to NBC:  letter contained talcum and was mailed from St. P on 20 Sept., two days after the anthrax letter was mailed to NBC from Trenton.  Both letters contained threats to Israel.

5.   Hoax letters to Judith Miller at the NY Times and Howard Troxler at the St. Petersburg Times:  these were mailed on 5 Oct. from St. Petersburg and were similar in appearance and content to the NBC hoax letter mailed from St. P on 20 Sept. but not yet reported.  The NY Times and St. P Times letters were in stamped, plain envelopes with no return address.  A photo of the St. P. envelope was published in the St. P Times, showing great similarity to the printing on the anthrax letters (which had not yet been reported—in two cases—or mailed—in the other two cases).  The NY Times letter contained talcum and threatened the Sears Tower in Chicago and President Bush.  The St P Times letter contained what looked like sugar or salt and said “Howard Toxler...1st case of disease now blow away this dust so you can see how the real thing flys.  Oklahoma-Ryder Truck!  Skyway bridge-18 wheels.”

6.   Hoax letters to CBS News in Washington, DC and to Fox News:  were received on or shortly before 13 Oct.  No further information has been reported.  They could have been mailed from St. Petersburg on 5 Oct., along with the NY Times and St. P Times letters; or from a place between St. Petersburg and Trenton between 5-9 Oct.  Oct.  On 12 Oct. an FBI official said they were investigating multiple mailed envelopes from St. Petersburg.  The St. Petersburg Police Chief would not comment on whether that included other letters in addition to those sent NBC, NY Times and St. P Times.

7.   Hoax letter to Senator Daschle:  was received and opened by Sen. Daschle’s office in the Capitol on 3 Jan. 02, after a delay for irradiation.  The letter was mailed from the UK.  The envelope contained a powder and a threatening letter unlike those that were mailed with anthrax, according to the FBI.  This letter was mailed much later than the others, sometime in late Nov., a month after the other hoax letters and the anthrax letters had been reported.  Whether the letter was addressed in block printing, like the anthrax letters, has not been revealed.
8.   Anonymous letter of accusation:  contained a long, typed letter with good command of English language, displaying considerable knowledge of Dr. Assaad, his work at USAMRIID and his personal life and accusing Assaad of planning terrorism.  The letter was shown by the FBI to Assaad and his lawyer.  The FBI subsequently exhonorated Assaad.  The letter, sent to the Marine base at Quantico, VA., asserts that the accuser formerly worked with Assaad.  It was sent before any cases of anthrax were discovered.



17-31 January 2001

1.   The Present Situation

•   The FBI has surely known for several months that the anthrax attack was an inside job.  A government estimate for the number of scientists involved in the US anthrax program over the last five years is 200 people.  According to a former defense scientist the number of defense scientists with hands-on anthrax experience and the necessary access is smaller, under 50.  The FBI has received short lists of specific suspects with credible motives from a number of knowledgeable inside sources, and has found or been given clues (beyond those presented below) that could lead to incriminating evidence.  By now the FBI must have a good idea of who the perpetrator is.  There may be two factors accounting for the lack of public acknowledgement and the paucity of information being released:  a fear that embarrassing details might become public, and a need for secrecy in order to acquire sufficient hard evidence to convict the perpetrator.

2.   Anthrax Strain

•   All letter samples contain the same strain of anthrax, corresponding to the AMES strain in the Northern Arizona University database (which has been used for identification).  The Ames strain possessed by N. Arizona University is referred to herein as the “reference strain.”  That strain was obtained by LSU from Porton Down (UK) in 1997 (the sample was marked “10-32” meaning no. 10 of 32 samples sent); Porton had gotten it from Fort Detrick.  Fort Detrick got it from Texas A&M (but mistakenly attributed it to the USDA laboratory in Ames, Iowa) in 1981.  Earlier anthrax isolates from Ames, Iowa have caused some confusion but they are no longer relevant to the situation, thanks to recent genetic analyses (see below).

•   Contrary to early speculation, there are no more than about 20 laboratories known to have the Ames strain.  The names of 15 of these have been found in the open literature (see Appendix).  Of these, probably only about four in the US might possibly have the capability for weaponizing anthrax.  Those four include both US military laboratories and a government contractor.

•   Genetic analysis performed at Northern Arizona University on Ames strain samples from Fort Detrick (USAMRIID), Dugway Proving Ground, the UK defense establishment at Porton, Louisiana State University and Northern Arizona University has shown that all of these laboratories possess identical anthrax stocks that match the letter anthrax perfectly (in the limited analyses that have been done).  All these stocks were originally derived from Fort Detrick’s 1980 Ames strain.  USAMRIID acknowledges that it also provided Ames to the Canadian defense establishment at Suffield, the University of New Mexico, and Battelle Memorial Institute (a large contracting organization with laboratories and personnel in many locations including military laboratories).

Excluding the three academic institutions, two of which are intimately involved in the investigation, and the two foreign defense laboratories, places the focus on USAMRIID, Dugway and Battelle as the source of the Ames strain for the letters.

•   The complete sequence has been determined for the genomes of both the anthrax used in the Florida attack and the Ames reference strain to which it corresponds.  This work was done under government contract by the Institute for Genetic Research, a private non-profit organization.  The results have not been made public but they are in government hands and there has been no retraction of the oft-repeated official statement that the letter anthrax matches the Ames reference strain.

•   Analysis of trace contaminants in the letter anthrax has probably been carried out but not reported.  The results could indicate whether the anthrax was grown in liquid medium (and what kind of medium), or on petri dishes; the latter would likely rule out large-scale preparation.  It has been estimated that the perpetrator used a total of about 10g in the letters.

3.   Anthrax Weaponization

•   “Weaponization” is used here to mean  preparation of the form of anthrax found in the Daschle letter:  fine particles, very narrow size range, treated to eliminate static charge so it won’t clump and will float in the air.  The weaponization process used was extraordinarily effective. The particles have a narrow size range (1.5-3 microns diameter), typical of the optimal US process.

•   The extraordinary concentration (one trillion spores per gram) and purity of the letter anthrax is believed to be characteristic of material made by the optimal US process.

•   The optimal US weaponization process is secret—Bill Patrick, its inventor, holds five secret patents on the process and says it involves a combination of  chemicals .  There is no evidence that any other country possesses the formula.

•   Under the microscope, the letter anthrax appears to be unmilled.  Milled anthrax spores are identifiable because they contain debris.  The optimal US process does not use milling.

•   The Daschle sample contains a special form of silica used in the US process.  It does not contain bentonite (used by the Iraqis).

•   A “coating” on the spores in the letter sample, indicative of the secret US process, has been observed.

•   The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, DC has studied the sample using an energy dispersive X-ray specroscope, which can detect the presence of extremely tiny quantities of chemicals; traces of several chemicals have been found (but not reported, presumably for security reasons).

•   All the letters probably contained the same material.  The clumping of the anthrax in the two letters mailed on Sept 18 (to NBC and the NY Post) probably resulted from the letters getting wet in the course of mail processing or delivery, according to Army scientists.  This conclusion is strengthened by the similarity of the Florida anthrax (the first to be observed, probably also mailed on Sept 18) to that in the Daschle letter, mailed  Oct 9.

•   The letter anthrax was made after 1980 (when the Ames strain used was obtained) using a process similar to the secret, optimal US process.  If the anthrax was weaponized by the perpetrator himself, there may be some differences from anthrax weaponized by the government, depending on the availability of materials to the perpetrator and the conditions of preparation.

4.   Other Clues

•   Scientists formerly at USAMRIID say that it would have been easy for a scientist working with anthrax to remove a sample of the Ames strain from the lab.  Only a miniscule amount would be needed, and security has been lax.

•   On the other hand, experts believe that it would be extremely difficult to steal 10g of weaponized anthrax from a government lab.  Thus, the perpetrator very likely grew and weaponized the letter anthrax himself.

•   There was only one week between Sept 11 and Sept 18, when the first two letters (and probably another letter, never found, to AMI) were postmarked.  This suggests that the anthrax was already in hand, and the attack largely planned, before Sept 11.

•   A classified report dated February, 1999 discusses responses to an anthrax attack through the mail.  The report, precipitated by a series of false anthrax mailings, was written by William Patrick, inventor of the US weaponization process, under a CIA contract to SAIC.  The report describes what the US military could do and what a terrorist might be able to achieve.  According to the NY Times (12 Dec. 01) the report predicted about 2.5g of anthrax per envelope (the Daschle letter contained 2g) and assumed a poorer quality of anthrax than that found in the Daschle letter.  If the perpetrator had access to the materials and information necessary for the attack, he must have had security clearance or other means for accessing classified information, and may therefore have seen the report and used it as a model for the attack.

•   An anonymous letter was sent to police, apparently in September, accusing an Egyptian-born American scientist who had been laid off by USAMRIID of being a terrorist.  The FBI questioned and released the accused scientist as innocent.  Details of the letter have not been released.  Could this letter have been sent by the perpetrator (who would likely have known about the USAMRIID lay-offs) to cover his traces?

•   The perpetrator did not aim to kill but to create public fear.  The letters warned of anthrax or the need to take antibiotics, making it possible for those who handled the letters to protect themselves; and it is unlikely that the perpetrator would have anticipated that the rough treatment of mail in letter sorters, etc, would force anthrax spores through the pores of the envelopes (which were taped to keep the anthrax inside) and infect postal workers and others.

•   The perpetrator was probably ready before Sept. 11 and simply took advantage of the likelihood that Sept. 11 would throw suspicion on Muslim terrorists.  Was the perpetrator trying to push the US toward some retaliatory military action?

•   The perpetrator must have realized in advance that the anthrax attack would result in the strengthening of US defense and response capabilities.  This is not likely to have been a goal of anti-American terrorists, who would also be unlikely to warn the victims in advance.  Perhaps the perpetrator stood to gain in some way from increased funding and recognition for biodefense programs.  Financial beneficiaries would include the BioPort Corp., the source of the US anthrax vaccine, and other potential vaccine contractors.

•   Expert analysts for the FBI believe that the letters were written by a Westerner, not a Middle Easterner or Muslim, although the text was clearly intended to imply the latter.

•   The choice of a variety of media as targets seems to have been cleverly designed to ensure a broad spectrum of publicity about the attacks.  The choice of Senators Daschle and Leahy suggests that the perpetrator may lean to the political right and may have some specific grudge against those Senators.

•   The perpetrator successfully covered every personal trace when he prepared and mailed the letters, which suggests that he had forensic training or experience.

•   Even if the perpetrator did not make the anthrax himself, just filling the letters with it was a dangerous operation.  The perpetrator therefore must have received the anthrax vaccine recently (it requires a yearly booster shot).  The vaccine is in short supply and is not generally accessible, and vaccination records are undoubtedly available.  The perpetrator also appears to have special expertise in evading contamination while handling weaponized anthrax.

5.   Government  Statements, Actions and Chronology

•   On 13 Jan. 02 Homeland Security Director Thomas Ridge said “the primary direction of the investigation is turned inward” toward domestic terrorists.

•   On 2 Dec. 01 a law enforcement official close to the federal investigation called the concept of a government insider, or someone in contact with an insider, “the most likely hypothesis…it’s definitely reasonable.”  Another American official was quoted in the same article saying that, in addition to military laboratories, “there are other government and contractor facilities that do classified work with access to dangerous strains, but it’s highly likely that the material in the anthrax letters came from a person or persons who really had great expertise.  We haven’t seen any other artifacts that point us elsewhere.”

•   Secret or questionable biodefense projects tend to be given to the CIA, DOE or other agencies and contractors instead of to DOD, in order to maintain deniability (for example, only DOD programs have been reported by the US in the annual information exchange about biodefense activities, under the Biological Weapons Convention).  Many contractor scientists work in government labs.  A CIA spokesman says that CIA scientists work with other government agencies and contractors on the biodefense program.

•   Chronology:  Analytical data on the anthrax in the letters became available to investigators in late October, 2001.  The FBI then began questioning former government scientists.  On 31 Oct. it was reported that the US rejected a UN resolution offered by France to condemn the anthrax attack, on the grounds that it could have been domestic terrorism.  On 9 Nov. the FBI released a profile of the perpetrator as a lone, male domestic terrorist, obviously one with a scientific background and laboratory experience who could handle hazardous materials.  In early Dec. the FBI said it was investigating government and contractor labs possessing the Ames strain, and individuals who had access to them.  On 16 Dec. the FBI said it was focusing on a contractor that worked with the CIA.  At about the same time the FBI said it was interested in non-military individuals who had received the anthrax vaccine.

•   John Bolton, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, said on 19 Nov. that “We don’t know…at the moment, in a way that we could make public, where the anthrax attacks came from.”  Senate Majority Leader Thomas Daschle,  recipient of one of the anthrax letters and in frequent contact with investigators, said on 8 Dec. that the perpetrator was probably someone with a military background.  Ari Fleischer, the White House spokesman, said on 17 Dec. that it is increasingly “looking like it was a domestic source.”

•   After a series of uncontrolled statements to the media, relevant experts have been asked to keep quiet and, in some cases, appear to have been asked to “correct” former statements.

6.   Possible Portrait of the Anthrax Perpetrator

•   Insider in US biodefense, doctoral degree in a relevant branch of biology
•   Middle-aged American
•   Experienced and skilled in working with hazardous pathogens, including anthrax, and
avoiding contamination
•   Works for a CIA contractor in Washington, DC area
•   Has up-to-date vaccination with anthrax vaccine
•   Has clearance for access to classified information
•   Worked in USAMRIID laboratory in the past, in some capacity, and has access now
•   Knows Bill Patrick and has probably learned a thing or two about weaponization from
him, informally
•   Has had training or experience in covering evidence
•   May have had an UNSCOM connection
•   Has had a dispute with a government agency
•   Has a private location where the materials for the attack were accumulated and prepared
•   Worked on the letters alone or with peripheral encouragement and assistance
•   Fits FBI profile
•   Has the necessary expertise, access and a past history indicating appropriate capabilities and temperament

•   Has been questioned by FBI


•   A recent report by the Congressional General Accounting Office, as well as many recent statements by military and non-governmental experts in the BW field, holds that terrorists are unlikely to be able to mount a major biological attack without substantial assistance from a government sponsor.  The recent anthrax attack was a minor one but nonetheless we now see that it was made possible by a sophisticated government program.  It is reassuring to know that it was probably not perpetrated by a lone terrorist without state support.

•   It is not reassuring, however, to discover that secret US programs may have been the source of that support, and that security is so dangerously lax in military or defense contractor laboratories.  US government insistence on pursuing and maintaining the secrecy of elaborate biological threat assessment activities is undermining the  prohibitions of the Biological Weapons Convention and encouraging biological weapons proliferation in other countries, which in turn may support bioterrorist attacks on the American public.  Future deterrence, and the peace of mind of the American people, require that the perpetrator must be publicly identified and brought to justice without delay.


(Information obtained from open sources)

+1.  #USAMRIID (Ft. Detrick, MD)
+2.  #*Dugway Proving Ground (Utah)
3.  #Naval Research Medical Center/Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and other associated
military labs (MD)
+4.  #*Battelle Memorial Institute (Ohio; plus laboratories in many other locations)
5.   Duke University Medical School, Clinical Microbiology Lab. (NC)
6.   VA Medical Center, Durham (NC)
7.   USDA laboratory and Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine, Ames (Iowa)

+8.  *LSU College of Veterinary Medicine
+9.  *Northern Arizona  University (Arizona)
10. Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute (IL)
+11. *University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Albuquerque (NM)
+12. *Chemical and Biological Defense Establishment, Porton Down (UK)
13. *CAMR, Porton (UK)
+14. *Defense Research Establishment, Suffield (CA)
15.  BioPort Corp. (MI)

In addition, CDC, NIH, and Los Alamos and a few others may have the Ames strain; the Institute for Genomic Research (MD) says they have Ames DNA but not the bacteria.

*Obtained through  a FOIA request by the Washington Post (article Nov 30, 01)
# indicates laboratories in the US that are estimated to be more likely than the others to have weaponization capabilities.
+Indicates recipients of the Ames strain acknowledged by USAMRIID.


Particularly relevant quotations are bold-faced.

1.   FBI Letter to Members of the American Society for Microbiology

29 Jan 02

FROM:   Van Harp, Assistant Director, Washington Field Office

Federal Bureau of Investigation

On September 18, 2001, two copies of an identical letter were mailed in separate envelopes from Trenton, NJ, one to “Editor, New York Post” and the other to “Tom Brokaw, NBC TV.” Each letter contained a significant quantity of the bacterium Bacillus anthracis.

On October 9, 2001, two additional copies of a slightly different letter were mailed from Trenton, NJ, the first to “Senator (Tom) Daschle” and the second to “Senator (Patrick) Leahy.” Each of these letters again contained Bacillus anthracis but of a better quality than
the letters mailed to New York.

As a result of these mailings and the resulting bacterial infections, there are five innocent ersons who are dead, including a ninety-four year old Connecticut Woman. Additional cases of cutaneous anthrax have infected numerous individuals including a seven month old baby in New
York City.

I would like to appeal to the talented men and women of the American Society for Microbiology to assist the FBI in identifying the person who mailed these letters. It is very likely that one or more of you know this individual. A review of the information-to-date in this matter leads investigators to believe that a single person is most likely responsible for these mailings. This person is experienced working in a laboratory. Based on his or her selection of the Ames strain of Bacillus anthracis one would expect that this individual has or had legitimate access to select biological agents at some time. This person has the technical knowledge and/or expertise to produce a highly refined and deadly product. This person has exhibited a clear, rational thought process and appears to be very organized in the production and mailing of these letters. The perpetrator might be described as “stand-offish” and likely prefers to work in isolation as opposed to a group/team setting. It is possible this person used off-hours in a laboratory or may have even established an improvised or concealed
facility comprised of sufficient equipment to produce the anthrax.
It is important to ensure that all relevant information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is brought to the attention of the investigators in this case. If you believe that you have information that might assist in the identification of this individual, please contact the FBI via telephone at 1-800-CRIME TV (1-800-274-6388) or via email at the following website: [email protected]

There is also a $2.5 million reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible in this case.
[Note:  The ASM cover letter, explaining the FBI request for the mailing, contains the following statement:  “The action was criminal and not ideological.”

2.   Salon Article, 8 Feb. 02

By Laura Rozen
Feb. 8, 2002 | WASHINGTON—When Arthur O. Anderson, chief of clinical pathology at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), saw the anthrax sent to Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D., last October, he was amazed.

“There was nothing there except spores,” he told Salon. “Normally, if you take a crude preparation of anthrax spores, you see parts of degenerated bacteria. But this stuff was highly refined.” Another former Army lab scientist characterized the sample as “very, very good.”

“Only a very small group of people could have made this,” said David Franz, a former U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq and biodefense scientist at USAMRIID, who now works for the Southern Research Institute, a defense contractor. “If you look at the sample from the standpoint of biology, it tells me this person [who made the anthrax] was very good at what they do.

And this wasn’t the first batch they’ve made. They’ve done this for years. The concentration was a trillion spores [on anthrax] per gram. That’s incredibly concentrated.” Anderson and Franz aren’t drawing conclusions about where the anthrax came from—perhaps in part because the subject is deeply sensitive at the U.S. Army’s own biodefense lab, which could find itself at the center of the investigation. But conversations with dozens of scientists and experienced biodefense hands reveal a growing belief that last fall’s anthrax letter culprit is most likely an experienced bioweapons scientist. And while Franz and others note that there are Iraqi and Russian scientists with the skills to pull off the complex anthrax-mail attack, many experts now believe the culprit worked at a U.S. bioweapons facility.

Only a few dozen individuals in the U.S. possess the expertise to produce the sophisticated anthrax specimen sent to Daschle, Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy and at least three media outlets last fall. There may be as many as 200 Russian scientists capable of such work, and perhaps 10 Iraqis. But certain clues have convinced many—though not all—bioweapons experts who’ve followed the FBI investigation closely that the anthrax in the letters most likely came from a U.S. lab. That’s chiefly because Ames strain anthrax, the type used in the letters, has been distributed by USAMRIID to about 20 U.S labs since 1981. Of those, only four facilities are believed to have the ability to produce the highly lethal, dry powder form of the Ames strain anthrax the lethal letters contained.

But despite signs that this should narrow the list of anthrax suspects to a few dozen people, the FBI appears to be casting a wider net in its investigation, which seems to have made fairly limited progress since the first victim, American Media Inc. photo editor Bob Stevens, died of anthrax inhalation four months ago.

Just two weeks ago, for instance, the FBI blanketed New Jersey, where at least four of the anthrax letters were mailed from, with fliers asking anyone who might have any knowledge of the culprit to contact the Bureau. This week, a University of Illinois law professor said that his university was one of dozens that recently received FBI subpoenas demanding that they turn over all documents relating to anthrax. And last week, the American Society for Microbiology in Washington announced that, at the request of the FBI, it had e-mailed its 40,000 members asking for possible clues.

A spokesman for the group said that while they happily complied, they found the FBI request a bit perplexing. “As we understand, it’s not just microbiology needed to create [the anthrax that was in the letters],” said the microbiology society’s spokesman, who asked not to be named. “You need the microbiology skills to grow it, but to process it, you need a totally different set of skills,” such as advanced chemical engineering training, he said.

The wide net cast by the FBI also baffles many scientists and other weapons nonproliferation experts familiar with the anthrax investigation, who think federal authorities could make more progress identifying the anthrax attacker by focusing on a much narrower group. “If you want to see the intersection of the two talents—the microbiologic ability to obtain and safely grow lots of anthrax, and the industrial ability to turn it into a dry powder—then that would suggest
to me that the person did indeed have some experience with the biological warfare program,” says C.J. Peters, who, as a doctor specializing in hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola, worked at USAMRIID from 1977 to 1990, and later at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He now heads a new center for biodefense at the University of Texas at Galveston.

“Frankly, I find it puzzling,” says Elisa D. Harris, who served as director of nonproliferation issues at the National Security Council from 1993 until 2001, and is currently a resident scholar at the University of Maryland. “Given what’s been reported about the nature and quality of the anthrax material in the Daschle and Leahy letters, that the material itself almost certainly originated in the U.S. biological weapons program, they ought to be able to narrow the investigation to a fairly limited number of facilities. That number is certainly less than 20. So I find it puzzling that the FBI has approached all 40,000 members of the American Society of Microbiologists. I don’t understand why they seem to be casting the net so widely.”

The FBI says it is pursuing all avenues. “We are continuing to investigate the source of the anthrax, and who might be responsible for sending it,” an FBI spokesman told Salon. “That investigation is very thorough and very exhaustive and we have not ruled anything out. We have pursued thousands of leads.” Perhaps responding to a growing chorus of criticism, on Thursday unnamed FBI sources were quoted telling the Wall Street Journal that they are in fact zeroing in on U.S. weapons labs in their anthrax investigation. But the article also revealed a startling fact: The FBI has not yet subpoenaed employee records of the labs where Ames strain anthrax is worked with.

Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, a biological arms control expert at the State University of New York at Purchase and chair of a bioweapons working group at the independent Federation of American Scientists, believes the FBI has intentionally dragged its heels on the weapons-lab angle, most likely for political reasons.

“For more than three months now the FBI has known that the perpetrator of the anthrax attacks is American,” Rosenberg wrote to Salon on Tuesday. “This conclusion must have been based on the perpetrator’s evident connection to the U.S. biodefense program.” Rosenberg has become convinced that the FBI knows who sent out the anthrax letters, but isn’t arresting him, because he has been involved in secret biological weapons research that the U.S. does not want revealed.

“This guy knows too much, and knows things the U.S. isn’t very anxious to publicize,” Rosenberg said in an interview. “Therefore, they don’t want to get too close.” Other experts aren’t ready to make that leap. Some suggest that the FBI may just be moving slowly and carefully to gather incriminating evidence that can stand up in court. Some blame simple incompetence.

“Barbara says the FBI’s been told to look for things, and they haven’t,” says Milton Leitenberg, a biological arms control expert at the University of Maryland. “I don’t know. I think they [the FBI] are doing a half-assed job of it myself. But maybe other people would have done as bad a job, who knows.”

But Jonathan A. King, a professor of microbiology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says he, too, is suspicious of the government’s handling of the investigation. “The first place one would have looked for the anthrax perpetrator is at the U.S. facilities where people have grants from the government to do biological defense research,” King said in an interview. “But for months, there was no statement from any federal authorities naming these laboratories as under suspicion. It’s extraordinary.”

Although Rosenberg goes further than most experts in criticizing the FBI’s anthrax investigation, her analysis of the case has become must reading for scientists and congressional staffers concerned about biodefense issues. (An FBI spokesman contacted by phone Thursday says the agency, too, is reading her work, but won’t comment on it.) A microbiologist by training, Rosenberg worked as a cancer researcher at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and as a professor of biochemistry at Cornell Medical College. A decade ago, she founded the Federation of American Scientists’ biological and chemical weapons program, which she now heads.

In her analysis of the details known about the anthrax attacks to date, she has built a persuasive and disturbing case that the anthrax culprit is a deep insider to the U.S. government’s biological weapons program. Her conclusion is based on a collection of facts that point to a smaller and smaller number of individuals who could have met all the criteria for producing, handling and sending out the anthrax letters. The perpetrator seemed to have advanced expertise and experience in biological weapons like anthrax, for instance, and access to the technology to produce and refine it. He or she (but most think it’s a he) probably would have had to have access to the anthrax vaccine, which is not widely available, in order not to succumb to the disease himself—which means records of anthrax vaccinations, which require a yearly booster shot, would be available to further help identify the person.

In addition, the perpetrator used a highly sophisticated, lethal powder form of the Ames strain of anthrax. Although the strain itself came into the possession of USAMRIID in 1981, and was distributed from there for research purposes to about 20 labs, only about four facilities in the U.S. are believed to have the capability for “weaponizing” dry anthrax—which basically means refining or cultivating a pure sample whose spores are so tiny and uniform they can easily be inhaled into the lungs.

Even the FBI seems to acknowledge the anthrax suspect has technical expertise in biology. In the letter sent to the 40,000 members of the American Society for Microbiology, Van Harp, assistant director of the FBI’s Washington field office, told recipients: “It is very likely that one
or more of you know this individual. A review of the information to date in this matter leads investigators to believe that a single person is most likely responsible for these mailings. This person is experienced working in a laboratory. Based on his or her selection of the Ames strain of Bacillus anthracis, one would expect that this individual has or had legitimate access to select biological agents at some time.

“This person has the technical knowledge and/or expertise to produce a highly refined and deadly product,” the letter continued. “This person has exhibited a clear, rational thought process and appears to be very organized in the production and mailing of these letters. The perpetrator might be described as ‘stand-offish’ and likely prefers to work in isolation as opposed to a group/team setting. It is possible this person used off-hours in a laboratory or may have even established an improvised or concealed facility comprised of sufficient equipment to produce the anthrax.”

Rosenberg says the perpetrator has dangled plenty of clues in front of investigators. One of those clues, she says, is a letter sent to the military police at the Quantico, Va., Marine base (and forwarded to the FBI) in late September—well before the public was aware that anthrax was being sent in the mail—that tried to frame a former U.S. biowarfare researcher as a bioterrorist. That anonymous letter stated that the writer had worked with the man, Dr. Ayaad Assaad, and had details about him that only an insider would know (although some details in the letter turned out to be incorrect.) The FBI has cleared Assaad of any possible connection to
the case, but Assaad himself has criticized the agency for not zeroing in on his accuser as a likely culprit, since that person seemed to have foreknowledge about the anthrax attacks.

“The perpetrator has left multiple, blatant clues, seemingly on purpose,” Rosenberg writes. “Second letters, addressed similarly to the anthrax letters and containing [talc] powder ... The postal addresses and dates of these letters map out an itinerary of the perpetrator(s) ... which single out the perpetrator from the other likely suspects.”

Rosenberg also says three senior U.S. biodefense officials have given the same name of a likely suspect to the FBI. She would not reveal that person’s name, but said he is a former USAMRIID scientist, who she understands is working for a defense or CIA contractor in the Washington
metropolitan area. Rosenberg says that the FBI has questioned the individual, along with many other former biodefense scientists.

Interestingly, William C. Patrick III, the founder of the U.S. military’s biological weapons program, and the man who taught the folks at the Army’s Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah how to make dry anthrax (using a harmless anthrax substitute, though), is no longer willing to talk to the press.

Contacted by Salon Thursday, Patrick said that he has been misquoted in the media, and doesn’t wish to comment on the investigation anymore. Rosenberg believes that the anthrax perpetrator may know Patrick, because the attack resembles a classified study that Patrick wrote for a CIA contractor a couple of years ago, which tried to predict how an anthrax attack through the mail would work.

Based on all the evidence, Rosenberg sums up her conclusions this way: The perpetrator, she believes, is “angry at some biodefense agency or component, and he is driven to demonstrate, in a spectacular way, his capabilities and the government’s inability to respond. He is cocksure that he can get away with it. Does he know something that he believes to be sufficiently damaging to the United States to make him untouchable by the FBI?”

But C.J. Peters, the former USAMRIID and CDC doctor, says the FBI’s dragnet to date is just standard operating procedure, and he doubts that it’s been a ploy to hide secret weapons research. “The FBI throws the net as wide as they possibly can,” Peters said. “They put hundreds of people on this case and turn the crank and look for little clues and putting A and B together. I could imagine that maybe, just maybe,

there might be someone in the Defense Department who says, I don’t want this to be traced back to Dugway [the Army proving grounds in Utah]. I could imagine a person thinking that. But I couldn’t imagine that the FBI would care if it were traced back to Dugway. The FBI guy’s thinking, ‘Hey, man, I got them. I am going to be famous now. We are going to be heroes, we
found it.’ I don’t believe it’s a grand government-wide conspiracy.” That said, Peters does have concerns about the FBI’s ability to use the scientific information the physical anthrax provides.

“I’m not sure the FBI understands how to use the biological information,” Peters added. “They think they are going to solve this the way they solve all other crimes. But it also seems possible to me they may be overlooking some helpful hints from the biology of the anthrax itself. I wonder if they are making full use of everything that’s known about the biology.”

And while few other scientists admit to sharing Rosenberg’s dark conclusions about why the FBI has been slow to solve the anthrax case, some believe that casting the net widely served multiple political purposes for the Bush administration.

“From the moment one saw that it was highly concentrated Ames strain anthrax, the first lead candidate should have been a U.S. laboratory with a military contract,” says MIT’s Jonathan King. “Instead, we heard no such public admission. Immediately they were talking about Iraq and al-Qaida, when the largest such facilities are in the U.S. That leads me to think two
things: the U.S. government is covering up the fact that the most likely source of the anthrax was not al-Qaida, was not foreign terrorists, but was a home-grown individual. And secondly, it was turned into part of the anti-terrorist propaganda.”

Indeed, while in the early days of the anthrax letter scare, U.S. political leaders said they were actively looking to see if there was a connection between the anthrax and Iraq and al-Qaida, those views are now in the minority. On Dec. 17, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said that it is “increasingly looking like it was a domestic source.” On Jan. 13, Homeland Defense Director Thomas Ridge told media, “the primary direction of the investigation is turned inward.” Two weeks ago, at a New Jersey press conference, an FBI official said the investigation was focusing on a U.S. government scientist.

It would be easier to dismiss Rosenberg’s fears of a high-level U.S. coverup as cloak-and-dagger paranoia if it weren’t for the fact that U.S. bioweapons programs are so secretive and mysterious. There is growing evidence that the programs, which are governed by international law and are supposed to be under congressional oversight, are more widespread and
ambitious than officials have admitted. Many experts are still angry that the U.S. walked out of the Biological Weapons Convention conference this past July in Geneva, after the Bush administration rejected language that would have subjected signatory nations, including the U.S., to inspections to make sure they’re not engaging in any prohibited offensive bioweapons development.

“They [U.S. government officials] don’t want the treaty to be tighter, and they don’t want people coming here and investigating our facilities and stockpiles,” says Meryl Nass, an MIT-trained physician who has long advocated for stricter arms control. “So it turns out that the U.S. did have this dry weaponized anthrax after all, and that was a big secret. But no one has really discussed the implications of this. They completely avoided the issue. But the rest of the biodefense establishment around the world knew exactly what it meant. They knew the U.S. had basically transgressed the weapons convention.”

And even if the FBI isn’t intentionally trying to protect bioweapons secrets from being revealed, some experts worry that the proliferation of bioweapons programs—some of them still secret—could be hampering the FBI’s anthrax investigation. “I think a number of us were surprised by some of the revelations” of secret bioweapons programs, says Elisa D. Harris, the former Clinton administration NSC official. Harris thinks it’s possible the FBI itself is not aware of all of the biodefense work being contracted out by the U.S. government, because it is such a highly secretive and compartmentalized program.

Harris says she was shocked to read in the New York Times last September about biodefense research programs that she herself had not known about, although she had served for eight years in the White House as the point person for weapons of mass destruction nonproliferation issues. On Sept. 4, 2001 -- just a week before the Sept. 11 attacks, the Times reported that from 1997-2000, the CIA conducted a program called Clear Vision, to build a model of a Soviet germ bomblet. The program was carried out at the West Jefferson, Ohio, labs of Battelle Memorial Institute, a defense and CIA contractor. In addition, the Times story reported, the
Defense Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon’s intelligence arm, hired Battelle last year to create a type of genetically enhanced version of anthrax, a “superbug,” to see if the anthrax vaccine currently in use by the Pentagon was effective against it. A second Pentagon program, called
Bacchus, involved building a germ factory in the Nevada desert from scratch, but reportedly did not use real germs, but simulants that mimic their dispersal.

“I was only aware of one of those three programs,” Harris says. “I was never told by the Defense Department about the other two. I was also not aware that since the early 1990s, the U.S. Army has apparently been producing small quantities of dry, very potent Ames strain anthrax.” hamper the bureau’s investigation. But whatever is stalling the investigation—the forensic complexity of the case, bureaucratic resistance to FBI scrutity, or a darker scenario of the sort Rosenberg describes—Harris and others say it’s now clear the U.S. biodefense program lacks proper oversight. And some experts even think it could take a congressional investigation to get to the bottom of what has stalled the anthrax investigation—especially to answer questions about why the FBI didn’t beat a quicker path to U.S. bioweapons labs.

“If it turns out that the anthrax that killed 5 people and injured a dozen and resulted in tens of thousands of people having to take antibiotics, if that anthrax came from the U.S. biodefense program, that just underscores the importance of the Congress looking into this program and getting a really comprehensive picture about what has been taking place. “There has been no real serious oversight of the U.S. biological defense program for a very long time,” Harris added. “And I think this is a good moment, given the impact of the anthrax attacks, for Congress to take responsibility.”

This story has been corrected since it was first published.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
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Re: Analysis of the Anthrax Attacks - Barbara Hatch Rosenberg
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Great interview and excellent documentary -

Bob Coen & Eric Nadler (Via-Webcam) on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:Anthrax-War
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Superviruses, Contaminated Vaccines and The Current and Coming Plagues
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(Note: take or leave the religious view Dr. Horowitz's expresses at the beginning of this article. I don't want it to distract from the rest of his article)
_              _


by: Horowitz, Leonard, DMD, MPH, Ph.D.

Dr. Horowitz received his doctorate in behavioural sciences from Tufts University and his Master of Public Health from Harvard University. He is a pioneer in self- care motivation psychology and healthy human development. He is the author of more than 80 articles and scientific reports, and the best-selling book Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola - Nature, Accident or Genocide? His latest book is Gulf War Syndrome: The Spreading Epidemic Cover-Up.

This article is based upon mostly historical or scientific facts which are all well documented. Government documents including Litton contracts for development of AIDS and Ebola-like viruses are reprinted in my book Emerging Viruses, AIDS and Ebola.

PLAGUES AND PESTILENCE The latest cancer epidemic rates predict that one out of every two people in North America will likely have cancer sometime over the next 25 years. We are in the period of the Great Tribulation as predicted in the book of Revelation, the Hopi prophecies of the American Indians, Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus. The book of Revelation says that approximately one third of the earth's population will be wiped out during the Great Tribulation by famine, beasts, pestilence and plagues. We have entered very clearly into the times of the great plagues.

VACCINES RELATED TO AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE Could vaccines be related to the current and coming plagues and epidemics, the autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, Gulf War syndrome, AIDS, Guillain-Barre, Lou Gehrig's syndrome (ALS), lupus, asthma, hay fever, allergies, meningitis, adult onset diabetes, chronic crippling rheumatoid arthritis, some of the bizarre cancers with no family history and other modern maladies? Indeed they are. Vaccine links to cancer are increasing prostate, lymphoma and breast cancer. These are the viruses they were using in their labs in the NCI.

DISCOVERING A GOVERNMENT COVERUP In 1990, I was chief professional advisor for a dental and medical supply company that was losing millions of dollars in the case of the Florida dentist who infected his patients with the AIDS virus. In the process of investigating the case, I discovered that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) had literally covered up almost all of the incriminating evidence against this dentist. It took me three years to figure out why. In my book Deadly Innocence, I concluded that this dentist had intentionally infected people with AIDS to express a vendetta he held against the government of the U.S., the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO). He believed that they had created the AIDS virus in a lab and had intentionally infected the gay population of New York City with AIDS viruses during a 1978 experimental hepatitis B vaccine program. He contracted it himself from a colleague who had participated in the vaccine program in New York. He believed that this genocide was sill happening in the WHO's ongoing vaccine programs for blacks in central Africa. It was hard for me to believe all this, but he had left behind a document, a 1970 Department of Defence appropriations request for $10 million for a five year study to develop an immune system ravaging microorganism for germ warfare. This project was authorized by the most esteemed of all scientific agencies in America, the National Academy of Sciences and the National Research Council. In essence I followed a paper trail in the scientific literature and government documents, and I followed the money; scientists publish their research, and when they publish, they acknowledge the funding sources. My three year investigation is summarized in my book Emerging Viruses, AIDS and Ebola which documents the experimental research into the viruses which led to AIDS and the contaminated vaccines, as well as the financial grants which funded the research. The money went to Litton Bionetics research labs.

CREATION OF NEW VIRUSES TO SUPPRESS THE HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM Litton Industries right outside Toronto, makers of nuclear weapons and space aerotechnology, have a medical subsidiary called Litton Bionetics. Since 1972, all biological weapons research and development in the U.S. has proceeded under the guise of cancer research. Litton Bionetics ran the entire National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Fort Detrick, Maryland, cancer research facilities which is America's premier biological weapons testing center. Litton administered all the money going through the Fort Detrick facilities, administered all the programs and supplied all the viruses and all the monkeys. In addition, they held the contract to literally create numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses in a secret virus cancer program for which they got two million dollars a year over five years from 1962-1976. The director was Dr. Robert Gallo who was credited with the discovery of the AIDS virus in 1984. They took monkey viruses which were known to cause cancer in most animals, and began to recombine these with almost every cancer virus known. They started with Simian Virus 40 (SV40) which was known in 1961 to cause cancer in virtually every animal it was injected into.

HOW THE MONKEYS BECAME CONTAMINATED WITH VIRUSES THAT COULD INFECT HUMANS Litton Bionetics supplied the monkeys to America's leading biological weapons developers as well as the world's leading vaccine developers and cancer researchers throughout the world. These chimpanzees and monkeys were previously involved in the viral research under Dr. Robert Gallo's supervision in which they took SV40, and human lymphoma viruses that they knew caused cancer of the human lymph nodes and other viruses which were known to cause cancer. These viruses were recombined and mutated and hybridized with a host of animal cancer viruses. Their favourite viruses to work with were the cat leukemia virus RNA which causes a whole list of symptoms similar to AIDS symptoms. Their second favourite virus was chicken leukemia sarcoma virus RNA which causes wasting and immunosuppression and death. These viruses were grown in monkeys which they later used to make the vaccines including the hepatitis B vaccine! At this point they still had trouble infecting humans. To get the virus to jump species into humans, another mutation was required, so they cultured it in human white blood cells in some studies and human fetal tissue cell cultures in other studies so it would adapt. It developed what is called the attachment apparatus that allowed unique GP120-like proteins to develop on the outside membrane of these unique man-constructed viruses. These GP120-like proteins allowed these new viruses to attach to the human cells, to be carried across the membranes and enter the gene of the human cells and do virtually everything the AIDS virus does today. The attachment apparatus in the AIDS virus is called GP120 protein. This is all documented in the scientific literature. 99% of the scientists who did this research are humanitarians; they were cancer researchers. It is only the very top people who knew what was going on, people like Dr. Gallo and Peter Duesberg, the chicken-leukemia sarcoma virus expert.

CONTAMINATED MONKEYS WERE USED IN VACCINE RESEARCH Going back to 1965, in New York City, Saul Krugman at New York University Medical Center was studying the hepatitis B virus, known to be a strong cofactor for cancer. He began to inoculate hundreds of mentally retarded children at Willowbrook with these cancer viruses for the purpose of testing these viruses on human beings and developing hepatitis B vaccines. Of course many of the children died, but they studied various vaccines until 1970. When they were close to developing a vaccine to prevent hepatitis, Krugman give the project over to Dr. Maurice Hilleman. Dr. Hilleman was Merck, Sharpe and Dohme's top vaccine developer at the time, and directed the principle research laboratory for vaccines in New York City. At this point, Litton sent Hilleman rhesus monkeys, chimpanzees and other monkeys contaminated with cancer viruses from Litton monkey colonies in Africa for use in making these vaccines, specifically the 1974 experimental hepatitis B vaccine. According to Hilleman, 70% of their caged laboratory animals were hideously contaminated with a whole assortment of cancer viruses and herpes-type viruses scientifically linked today to immune dysfunction, neurological problems and cancers. The caged monkeys had been infected with 40 different viruses while sitting in a confined space in group holding cells en route to the U.S. At this point the African greens were imported from Africa via another route to avoid this problem, but they were already contaminated with AIDS viruses and other viruses. Hilleman grew the hepatitis B viruses in these contaminated chimpanzees and extracted the live viruses out of these animals. They prepared the vaccine in 1972-73 and administered 200,000 doses in 1974. So along with the hepatitis B viruses came all the herpes type viruses like cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr, herpes B and all of a sudden you begin to hear about herpes in the late 1970's and chronic fatigue immune dysfunction which made its appearance in 1978.

HILLEMAN'S TAPED INTERVIEW In a 1986 interview with WGBH in Boston (*this original interview is included on Dr. Horowitz's Vaccination tape) Dr. Hilleman admitted, "I brought the AIDS virus into North America in contaminated African greens although I didn't know it at the time." He further stated that the vaccines that Merck was producing at that time were hideously contaminated and unfortunately still are today. He said the yellow fever vaccine produced in these animals was full of leukemia viruses, and the Sabin's oral polio vaccine was hideously contaminated with Simian Virus 40 (SV40) and other cancer viruses. This SV40 virus today still contaminates the oral polio vaccines that we are giving our children with as many as 100 Simian monkey cancer virus contaminants per dose. The vaccines are still being made in contaminated monkey kidney tissue as they were in the late 50's and early 60's. This is sanctioned by the FDA who must turn a blind eye because of proprietary laws and non-disclosure agreements placed upon them by the Rockefeller-led pharmaceutical industry. Hilleman said on this tape that they had just inoculated the contaminated polio vaccine containing the cancer viruses into well over 100 million people around the world, mostly in Russia. Hilleman himself admitted in this interview with WGBH that these vaccines produced in contaminated chimpanzees, rhesus monkeys and other monkeys, have brought on these current and coming plagues. And Maurice Hilleman developed the vaccines that most plausibly delivered AIDS to the world.

Hilleman (who was recently awarded the Sabin Gold Medal of Honour award for service to American medicine in military by President Clinton) created 200,000 doses of the 1974 experimental hepatitis B vaccine. First he extracted the viruses out of the live animals with all the contaminants, and injected them into the children at Willowbrook, the gay men in New York City and blacks in central Africa. Many of those people died, but the ones who lived were used to create the vaccine. They took the blood from these people, separated the whole cells from the serum, then created the vaccine from the serum, and that is what they used to make the 200,000 doses of the 1974 experimental hepatitis B vaccine that once again they inoculated into the gay men of New York and blacks in central Africa. Ten years previously, these human beings who were given the vaccine had been given the polio vaccines, the hideously contaminated Salk and Sabin polio vaccines which were cultured in monkey kidney tissues contaminated with the monkey viruses. So these human subjects from which they made the vaccine had been human incubation chambers for monkey viruses for about a decade previously. So it truly was an accident waiting to happen.

WE NEED A FORMAL INVESTIGATION Bernice Eddy, who was a wonderful human being, was in charge of testing these vaccines for contamination way back in the late 50's and early 60's. She tried the Sabin vaccine on a dozen monkeys, first the Salk and then the Sabin, and discovered that all dozen monkeys keeled over dead or were paralyzed. She took pictures of the 12 dead and paralyzed monkeys and showed them to the director of the National Institute of Health who confiscated the photos and then demoted and defunded her. It took her until 1972 to get before Congress where she stated: "If you continue to allow these contaminated vaccines to go out, I guarantee you, over the next 20 years, you will have epidemics of cancer unlike the world has ever seen", and they didn't listen to her. Today we have those epidemics. We need to bring Hilleman before Congress to be questioned about the information in this tape and have a formal investigation about these contaminated vaccines.

FOREIGN RNA AND DNA IN VACCINES How do the vaccines produce this type of injury? When you get vaccinated, you get a variety of bacterial, viral and other contaminants such as the simian monkey viruses in the polio vaccines, as well as proteins pumped into your blood stream. The foreign RNA and foreign DNA in the vaccines are not the contaminant, but the primary ingredient. When these substances enter your body, they glob on to your human tissues; for instance, some of them might attach to the myelin sheaths surrounding the nerve fibres. Now you have what is called an antigenic complex which is a complex of a foreign viral particle, a bacterial particle, or a foreign DNA in your own host cell protein which represents an entire antigenic complex which the body now recognizes as foreign, and so it now mounts an immune response against the entire complex. This is called an autoimmune response - your body starts attacking itself. Some of the antibodies that your body creates, some of your white blood cells, macrophages and lymphocytes attack your own host cell proteins. This foreign RNA and DNA are mutant recombinant fragments of RNA and DNA, and they also get into your cells, and combine with your genes and cause genetic mutations within your own cells, creating mutant hybrid cells, giving rise to precancerous cells and precancerous diseases. They don't even tell you where the foreign RNA and DNA comes from. Why? Because they may not even know. And that's modern science! In the Bible it says "Don't create hybrid seeds of any kind."

UNDISCLOSED VACCINE INGREDIENTS They tell you some of the complications associated with these vaccines, but they really don't tell you all of them, and they don't tell you many of the contaminants or the ingredients. The ingredients of the chicken pox vaccine produced by Merck are listed as "monosodium glutamate (MSG), formaldehyde (formalin), aluminum, mercury, herpes viruses (meaning it could have numerous ones like cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr, herpes B) and foreign RNA and DNA".

PERIOD OF IMMUNITY They tell us now that when we get vaccinated the immunity does not last. Every seven to ten years you have to get revaccinated with booster shots; whereas a natural exposure to the virus imparts life long immunity and 98% of people exposed in this way never develop any chronic long term illnesses. They recover.

RISKS AND LASTING EFFECTS OF HEPATITIS B Every time you get inoculated with a vaccine, the package tells you what the risks are. With hepatitis B for instance, 15% of people get a little redness and swelling at the site of the inoculation. 14% develop a little flu-like symptoms or fever. 12-13% develop worse flu-like symptoms, higher fever lasting maybe a week or two. Now we as parents start worrying, don't we? 9-10% develop even longer flu-like symptoms, higher fevers maybe 105 degrees. Now we really start to worry. 6-8% develop potentially long term chronic illness. 3 to 4% even worse illnesses, and finally the last 1% develop serious injuries. These serious injuries are death, brain damage or chronic crippling rheumatoid arthritis. You don't read a word about this in the media. My sister-in-law, a brilliant microbiologist, after getting a hepatitis B vaccine, the next day got a high high fever, became extremely ill for two weeks, and then began to develop chronic crippling rheumatoid arthritis. Today she can barely hold her infant because her hands are so swollen. This is a woman who used to climb the Rockies every weekend with her husband. That vaccines are safe and effective is the greatest lie ever told. How effective are these vaccines when a lot of people still develop the illnesses against which they were vaccinated, like pertussis, whooping cough and measles?

GULF WAR SYNDROME Gulf War syndrome is associated with an experimental AIDS vaccine administered to unsuspecting troops. Pentagon officials have contacted me and told me they totally agree with my work, and that they are concerned about the intentional contamination of the vaccines given to the 700,000 Gulf War veterans. 200,000 of these veterans are suffering with Gulf War syndrome. More than 20,000 have already died of it. And they are now injecting a new anthrax vaccine into some million additional military personnel which definitely has not been tested long term and has major risks. And it requires periodic revaccinations.

POLIO VACCINE LINKED TO MENINGITIS How effective and how safe are these vaccines? In my home state of Massachusetts, the first year that they gave inoculations, there was a 642% increase in polio cases that year. Then after 1966, the polio cases disappeared and now we have meningitis. There is a lot of growing scientific evidence that suggests that the weakened oral polio virus used in Sabin's vaccines that we are getting today are causing neurological problems.

PERTUSSIN VACCINE This is a particularly risky vaccine. When a child gets the PPT vaccine, they may begin to have respiratory arrest, and at any time within weeks of getting the vaccine, they could have Sudden Infant Death (SIDS) as part of a whole spectrum of reactions including high fever and pains, swelling, diarrhea, projectile vomiting, sleepiness, sleeplessness, high pitched screaming, uncontrollable crying, seizures, convulsions, collapse, shock, breathing problems, brain damage and Sudden Infant Death (SIDS).

My mother died in 1993 of Guillain-Barre, scientifically shown to be linked to first the swine flu vaccines of 1975 and subsequently the other flu vaccines. Guillain-Barre is a progressive autoimmune system related disorder which like all the other autoimmune related disorders are principally initiated by vaccines.

If you are ever asked if your children are vaccinated you say "Yep, she's all set, thank you". If you can't bring yourself to lie, then you say, "For spiritual and religious reasons we refuse to have our children vaccinated. If you will check with your CDC officials, they will tell you it's not mandatory." End of story. CDC has stated that vaccines are not mandatory. It is your choice. Although school administrators tell you that you can't get into school without these vaccinations, the fact is they have exemption forms for spiritual or religious reasons. Dr. Zoltan Rona explained today that you can insist on having these, have it notarized and signed. No more threats. If you are a health care professional such as a hygienist, dentist, doctor, technician, police officer or fire official and are told you must get hepatitis B and other vaccines or you can't work there, you can say: "O.K., I will do it under one condition. You provide me with a bonded notarized affidavit that swears that you will assume all medical legal and financial risks in the event that I or my child is injured from the vaccine". They will never do that.

DR. LANCTOT'S CASE Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, the author of The Medical Mafia fought the Canadian government and the Canadian Medical Association who threatened to take away her medical licence because she refused to vaccinate her patients. She called Dr. W. John Martin who wrote the forward to my book to testify at her case and it was dismissed. Dr. Martin is one of the world's leading vaccine contamination analysts. He worked as the FDA's Bureau of Biologics director between 1976 and 1980 in charge of testing human vaccines for contamination. In the forward of my book he stated: "All of today's live viral vaccines are potentially contaminated. They may be bringing diseases and this is not necessary. They could have been cleaned up but they refused to clean them up." They will never ever want this truth to come out. Dr. Lanctot now travels around the world educating people about vaccines.

* * *


HENRY KISSINGER No epidemic in earth's history has ever evolved without major social and political upheaval, so you have to examine the decade prior to 1978 when the first AIDS cases emerged. Going back to 1968, Henry Kissinger was appointed National Security Advisor, which made him the most powerful man in American intelligence, overseeing the FBI, CIA and foreign policy. Almost immediately, Kissinger selected the option to develop immune system ravaging microorganisms for germ warfare as an alternative to nuclear weapons. You must create the organisms, and then test them where the hand of America will not show. Where is that? Central Africa, Zaire and Angola, the heart of the African AIDS belt and close to ground zero for the first Ebola virus outbreak. AIDS is a lousy biological weapon, but it is a fabulous population reducing agent. Ebola is an ideal weapon. It kills nine out of ten people within three weeks. It has proteolytic enzymes that turn your internal organs and blood vessels to mush. That is why it is far better than nuclear weapons. You still have all the infrastructure. Why destroy the property when you can own it? What is Kissinger's relationship to all this? You have to go back to 1955.

THE INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS WHO RUN THE WORLD In 1955 Kissinger was made the nuclear weapons study group director for the Council of Foreign Relations by Nelson Rockefeller. This is not a government agency. It is approximately 3,000 of the wealthiest most powerful military medical industrialists who dictate policy for all of the heads of state who are all puppets. The international banksters run the world. They are the international bankers, international industrialists, and medical and military industrialists.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER That same year (1955), Kissinger finished his Ph.D. thesis at Harvard entitled The Meaning of History in which he describes the contemporary evolution of the New World Order. You can pull his thesis off the shelf in the stacks in the library at Harvard. The phrase, New World Order, was made famous by George Bush who frequently talked about it. You have to be blind if you don't see that this one world government agenda is rapidly unfolding. Also in 1955, Bertrand Russell, who is from an aristocratic English family with ties to high level British intelligence and the shadow governors (banksters), wrote in his book The Impact of Science on Society: "I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. War has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. There are three ways of securing a society whose population is stable: birth control, infanticide or really destructive wars which creates general misery except for the powerful minority. These considerations prove that a scientific world society cannot be stable unless there is a world government with a monopoly of armed force."

Just before the end of WWII, Kissinger was godfather to Project Paperclip which was the exfiltration of approximately 2,000 Nazis out of Germany before the war's end, along with all the vast fortunes. Most people think all the Nazis went to the Nuremburg trials. Not true. Most were fined about $5,000 and jailed for a few years, then released to join their colleagues in America working for the CIA and intelligence for American industry. We have declassified documents to prove that 2000 came to the U.S. and 11,000 went to France. Seven books have already been written about it. Among the Nazis who got out were some of the most hideous names in contemporary history. In 1938, the Dulles brothers, the law firm which represented John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil, engineered the partnership between John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil and I.G. Farben, Germany's leading industrial organization which held the patent on the gas that killed millions of people. I.G. Farben and the Third Reich were inseparable partners, and the Rockefellers were partners with I.G. Farben. The American Red Cross, largely controlled by Rockefeller, supplied the Nazis with false identification. Laurance Rockefeller created the New York City Blood Council which became the international "blood banksters". These are the people who allowed countless people around the world to get HIV contaminated blood. They knew for years it was contaminated with HIV but they let it be used anyway.

THE CANCER INDUSTRY AND THE SUPPRESSION OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE In the 1920's Rockefeller and Sloan created the cancer industry. Also in the 20's, they had another agenda, the monopolization of American medicine, and it was determined that holistic therapies and alternative medicine were quackery and fraud.

EUGENICS In the same decade, an interesting union was forming between the Rockefeller family, Prescott Bush (George Bush's father), William Draper III, the Royal family in England, and a few other financiers who inspired the eugenics agenda. Eugenics simply means the study of the genetic differences between the races. It led to the racial hygiene laws, and the study of the genetic predisposition for diseases among the races. The racial hygiene laws that you think Hitler came up with were in fact originated in 1928 by the Rockefellers, Prescott Bush and the Royal family and others, aiming for population reduction and supremacy of the master race.

At the end of the war Hitler ordered Martin Bormann, financial director of the Third Reich, to bury the treasure not only for Germany's economic recovery, but for the rise of the Fourth Reich. So Bormann buried it into 750 corporations as determined by their partners I.G. Farben and the Rockefellers, to establish a monopoly over the world's pharmaceutical and chemical industries because this would be essential for the "New Ordnung" or "New Order". Among the 750 corporations that received the money, one of the principle recipients was Merck and Co., the people who produced along with Dr. Hilleman the vaccine that plausibly delivered AIDS to the world. Merck has remained a major biological weapons contractor for CIA's top secret project NKNaomi, and Kissinger has remained all these years a major consultant to Merck. Two of the most important financial contributors to world population reduction have been the Merck Fund and the Rockefeller Foundation.

RECOMMENDED READING AND TAPES: The World Order: Our Secret Rulers by Eustace Mullins Vaccination and Immunization by Leon Chaitlow
Horowitz on Vaccines - 90 minute audiotape, $22.50
Emerging Viruses and Vaccinations - videotape and audiotape by Dr. Horowitz
The Nazi-American Biomedical Warfare Connection: Rockefeller, Kissinger, Bush and The Rise of The Fourth Reich - Dr. Len Horowitz - 2 audiotapes
Virus Makers of the CIA by Cantwell, Horowitz, Haslan & Nicolson - 2 audiotapes

You may contact Dr. Leonard Horowitz at Tetrahedron, Box 2033, Sandpoint, Idaho, 83864, phone: 208-265-2575. website:
To order his audio and videotapes or for general information, call 1-888-508-4787.


See also:

In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism

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Re: Superviruses, Contaminated Vaccines and The Current and Coming Plagues
« Reply #19 on: October 04, 2009, 08:57:03 am »
Great Article! Good info. There are a lot of super bugs coming! Antibiotic resistant infection that will have no medicine to treat them. The good news is there is a recently discovered broad spectrum natural mineral that is know to be the #1 killer of pathogens, (viruses,bacterias,germs,fungi,cancers etc)., in the world! Take care of you own health care!!

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Avian Flu Bird Epidemic H5N2
« Reply #20 on: January 31, 2012, 04:18:36 am »
AUSTRALIA: 25,000 ducks killed in avian flu campaign

Simon Lauder reported this story on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 12:50:00
Listen to MP3 of this story ( minutes)

Alternate WMA version | MP3 download

ELEANOR HALL: In Victoria, authorities are working to contain the first confirmed outbreak of the avian flu in Australia for 15 years.

Twenty-five-thousand ducks are being killed at a farm north of Melbourne after the virus was detected there last week.

Victoria's Department of Primary Industries says there's no risk to human health but that they need to kill the birds to stop the virus from spreading.

In Melbourne, Simon Lauder reports.

SIMON LAUDER: Half an hour north of Melbourne on a duck farm spread across two properties 25,000 ducks are being put to death.

The Federal Agriculture Department and the Victorian Department of Primary Industries both say the threat to human health is negligible.

The president of the Victorian Farmers Federation's Chicken Meat Group, Mike Shaw, says the risks for the industry are great.

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~Aldous Huxley

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Ebola kills at least 14 in Uganda: reports
« Reply #21 on: July 29, 2012, 11:48:15 pm »
Ebola kills at least 14 in Uganda: reports
29 July 2012
, by Andria Cheng - New York (MarketWatch)

An outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus has killed at least 14 people in western Uganda in July, according to media reports, citing Ugandan officials.

Residents in the Kibaale district had originally thought the unexplained deaths from the mysterious illness were related to witchcraft before Uganda heath officials and a World Health Organization representative confirmed at a news conference on Saturday that it was Ebola, U.K.’s newspaper the Guardian reported on Sunday.

The Guardian said terrified patients have fled the hospital where some of the victims had died.

The disease in 2000 killed 224 people in Uganda and left hundreds more traumatized, Associated Press reported, adding there’s no cure or vaccine for the highly infectious virus that kills quickly.

An outbreak in 2007 killed at least 37 people in Uganda, the Guardian reported, adding the government at the time discouraged public gatherings and urged people not to shake hands.

It said another outbreak in May last year killed a 12-year-old girl.

Ebola was first reported in 1976 in Congo and is named for the river where the virus was recognized, the AP reported, citing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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Re: Ebola kills at least 14 in Uganda: reports
« Reply #22 on: July 30, 2012, 12:00:05 am »

Bill says we've got to increase that number while 'helping' the Ugandan's fight Ebola.
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Re: Ebola kills at least 14 in Uganda: reports
« Reply #23 on: July 30, 2012, 02:20:40 am »
That picture is &%&^%$% awesome!

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Ebola Outbreaks in Africa
« Reply #24 on: August 01, 2012, 06:32:32 pm »
Hotlines have been created for all people to call, in case they suspect anyone to be infected with the disease.
Ebola surveillance teams can be reached on 0774 451762, 0706 506294, and 0757 174556.       

More patients Tuesday were admitted at the isolation ward in Kagadi hospital in Kibaale district, according to reports from health officers.

This means that there are more people increasingly getting infected in the district. Surveillance teams are already combing through the district to ensure that no infected person is left untreated, according to the district health officer Dr. Dan Kyamanywa.
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To understand what this is about, you need to read a truly amazing book, "Dr Mary's Monkey"  by Edward T. Haslam " :

Don't believe me. Look it up yourself!

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« Reply #27 on: August 06, 2013, 06:04:50 am »
 I remember getting this vacine in the 50's, and getting a dose of A.O. on the late 60's. Double whamy!
 Vacines, I'd truly like to know if Obmamas children had those recent vacines, and am even as curious to find out if the bigdog politicians kids had them back in the 50-60's.
 The recent vacines were a hot isssue on this site, exposed in full. I'm happy to say that every family member, freind and most aquantinces of mine, I warned and sent stats warning them. They didn't have them, my cousin a nurse in N.Y convinced her entire team to use saline, they played a game with the supervisor as it was LAW they took them or get fired.
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672 Dead And Rising! Pandemic! Pestilence! Ebola Outbreak!
« Reply #28 on: March 24, 2014, 01:25:24 pm »

“At least 59 out of 80 who contracted Ebola across the West African country have died so far. Over the past few days, the deadly hemorrhagic fever has quickly spread from the communities of Macenta, Gueckedou, and Kissidougou to the capital, Conakry,” UNICEF said in a statement emailed to AFP.

Considering Conakry has a population of around 2 million, this could mean we have a major pandemic on our hands if the virus hits the city. Some people in the city have experienced hemorrhagic fever, a side effect of Ebola, however the doctors are claiming its not due to the virus, but the cause of the fever is yet to be determined.

Click Link To Read More:

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Re: 59 Dead And Rising! Pandemic! Pestilence! Ebola Outbreak!
« Reply #29 on: March 29, 2014, 03:24:49 pm »;_ylt=AwrBEiSM3DZTd20AZWvQtDMD
Guinea battles to contain Ebola as Senegal closes its border
By Mouctar Bah 5 hours ago
Conakry (AFP) - Guinea kept up its efforts on Saturday to contain an Ebola epidemic which has killed dozens spreading from its southern forests to the capital Conakry, as neighbouring Senegal closed its border.

The order affects crossings at Kolda and Kedougou in the south of Senegal which are heavily used by traders, particularly during a weekly market attended by thousands from neighbouring countries.

Eight cases of Ebola have been confirmed in Conakry, the Guinean health ministry said late Friday, including one fatality.

"The total number of suspected cases recorded from January to 28 March 2014 is 111 cases of haemorrhagic fever including 70 deaths ... or a fatality rate of 63 percent," the ministry said in a statement.

All those infected have been put into isolation at the capital's biggest hospital to prevent the highly contagious virus from getting into the population.



Most of the cases were recorded in southern Guinea, but the disease has spread to the capital since Wednesday.
Guinea is one of the world's poorest nations despite vast untapped mineral wealth  , with a stagnating economy, youth unemployment at 60 percent and a rank of 178th out of 187 countries on the UN's Human Development Index
Guinea has banned the consumption of bat soup, a popular delicacy in the country, as the fruit bat is believed to be the host species.

Guinea Listeni/ˈɡɪni/, officially the Republic of Guinea (French: République de Guinée), is a country in West Africa. Formerly known as French Guinea (French: Guinée française), it is today sometimes called Guinea-Conakry to distinguish it from its neighbour Guinea-Bissau and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.[4] It has a population of 10,057,975 and an area of 246,000 square kilometres (94,981 sq mi).

Guinea possesses over 25 billion tonnes (metric tons) of bauxite – and perhaps up to one-half of the world's reserves.

In addition, Guinea's mineral wealth includes more than 4-billion tonnes of high-grade iron ore, significant diamond and gold deposits, and undetermined quantities of uranium.

Guinea has considerable potential for growth in agricultural and fishing sectors. Soil, water, and climatic conditions provide opportunities for large-scale irrigated farming and agro industry. Possibilities for investment and commercial activities exist in all these areas, but Guinea's poorly developed infrastructure and rampant corruption continue to present obstacles to large-scale investment projects
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Re: 59 Dead And Rising! Pandemic! Pestilence! Ebola Outbreak!
« Reply #30 on: March 29, 2014, 04:32:06 pm »

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Re: 59 Dead And Rising! Pandemic! Pestilence! Ebola Outbreak!
« Reply #31 on: March 29, 2014, 04:54:07 pm »
Scientist who discovered Ebola frustrated by deadly Guinea outbreak
March 25, 2014

Bat soup
The flying mammals are reservoirs for more than 60 viruses that can infect humans, and host more viruses per species than even rodents.

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Re: 59 Dead And Rising! Pandemic! Pestilence! Ebola Outbreak!
« Reply #32 on: March 29, 2014, 06:59:24 pm »
 Fruit bats are eaten in several countrys and have been for generations., not just Guinea.
 OK, who knows, I don't.
 What bothers me is they single out what has been a standard dish for so long.. Another factor that may not have a damn thing to do with this, Guinea is mineral rich and was once a French colony.

 I'm probably off the map here, but I have become accustomed to sniffing out the money trail..Probably the bats did it?
 BBC News - Guinea profile - Overview‎Em cacheSimilares
13 Mar 2014 ... Although Guinea's mineral wealth makes it potentially one of Africa's richest
, its people are among the poorest in West Africa.

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Re: 59 Dead And Rising! Pandemic! Pestilence! Ebola Outbreak!
« Reply #33 on: March 29, 2014, 07:50:43 pm »
Fruit bats are eaten in several countrys and have been for generations., not just Guinea.
 OK, who knows, I don't.
 What bothers me is they single out what has been a standard dish for so long.. Another factor that may not have a damn thing to do with this, Guinea is mineral rich and was once a French colony.

 I'm probably off the map here, but I have become accustomed to sniffing out the money trail..Probably the bats did it?
 BBC News - Guinea profile - Overview‎Em cacheSimilares
13 Mar 2014 ... Although Guinea's mineral wealth makes it potentially one of Africa's richest
, its people are among the poorest in West Africa.

Africa as you note is very under developed and lack of sanitation would be my guess to play a part but bats and other wildlife are likely tainted by sanitation problems too. Bats may carry but no proof of origination that is the big question.

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Re: 59 Dead And Rising! Pandemic! Pestilence! Ebola Outbreak!
« Reply #34 on: March 30, 2014, 07:59:42 am »
Africa as you note is very under developed and lack of sanitation would be my guess to play a part but bats and other wildlife are likely tainted by sanitation problems too. Bats may carry but no proof of origination that is the big question.

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Re: 59 Dead And Rising! Pandemic! Pestilence! Ebola Outbreak!
« Reply #35 on: March 30, 2014, 09:43:11 am »
Who else has talked about Ebola as a means to depopulate the earth? Well, lets say some very sick minds!

Don't believe me. Look it up yourself!

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Re: 59 Dead And Rising! Pandemic! Pestilence! Ebola Outbreak!
« Reply #36 on: March 30, 2014, 09:48:19 am »
Get your ebola vaccine!  ;)
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Re: 59 Dead And Rising! Pandemic! Pestilence! Ebola Outbreak!
« Reply #37 on: March 30, 2014, 11:13:33 am »

Note that the 2005 epidemic in Angola which was first referred to as an Ebola like virus has now been called the Marburg Virus.  It does not make a difference from the point of view of treatment with massive doses of intravenous sodium ascorbate.  Both diseases kill by way of free radicals which can be neutralized by massive doses of sodium ascorbate intravenously.

Note on another hemorrhagic fever ( acute induced scurvy):  Nurse Pineo, the first white that survived the Lassa fever (another hemorrhagic fever) outbreak in Lassa, was, on her own,  taking vitamins (Fuller, JG. Fever. Reader's Digest Press. 1974.)  Of course that was ignored and they used her convalescent serum for subsequent cases of Lassa fever in medical personnel.  Why not give subsequent cases vitamins also?  Maybe especially massive doses of vitamin C - to prevent the acute induced scurvy.

It does not take a genius to figure out that with the increased bowel tolerance to oral ascorbic acid somewhat proportional to the toxicity of the disease that the most serious infectious diseases would rapidly exhaust all the bodies vitamin C, acute induced scurvy, and cause bleeding all over the body and finally free radical deaths.

Doses of Intravenous Sodium Ascorbate Indicated

My experience with giving massive doses of ascorbic acid orally to over 30,000 patients  and with giving intravenous sodium ascorbate to over 2,000 patients would indicate that with Ebola and other viral hemorrhagic fever diseases that intravenous sodium ascorbate should be used in doses beginning with at least 180 grams per 24 hours.  If the fever is not controlled or the symptoms are not reduced, the dosage and the rate of administration should be increased until they are controlled.  The doses of 180 grams per 24 hours would be administered in 3 bottles of lactated Ringer's, D5W. or 1/2NS with 60 grams of sodium ascorbate added per 8 hours.  Do not be afraid of increasing the rate of administration.  When I give one to two of these bottles in the office I have them run in 2 to 3 hours each.  However, when administered in a hospital, the administration should be constant, around the clock at the rate and amount to eliminate the symptoms.  When I mention a rate that is administered in 24 hours, I mean just that, the rate.  If the fever does not abate in the first 3 or 4 hours, the rate should be increased to whatever necessary to break the fever.  However, when the fever and other symptoms abate then the rate of administration can be reduced.


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Re: 59 Dead And Rising! Pandemic! Pestilence! Ebola Outbreak!
« Reply #38 on: March 30, 2014, 11:53:55 am »

Remember that post I made about a guard unit going to Africa? (Target Mali)

Hillary Clinton shows the world were ready for WWIII Bio/Chem Warfare DePop
Concerns Continue to Mount on U.S. Biological Weapons Violations - 23 June 2011
Written by Janet Phelan

The Center for Disease Control has declined to confirm or deny allegations that the United States government is stockpiling biological and/or chemical weapons at Sierra Army Depot, a military base in Northern California.

According to Ron Davenport, who was a biomedical engineer who worked at the medical clinic at Sierra Army depot in the seventies, the base at one time contained a stockpile of nuclear weapons. Davenport states that much of the base is actually underground. This reporter has obtained the testimony of a civilian contractor with a security clearance who has stated that the nukes have been replaced by large vats of liquid.

In an interview this week with Lori Bane, Associate Director for Police with the CDC Division of Select Agents and Toxins and Von Roebuck, CDC Public Affairs officer, the two also declined to confirm or deny the existence of a number of biological safety labs level 4. The level 4 labs, called BSL-4's, handle the most dangerous germs known to man, including Ebola, Marburg and Argentine hemorrhagic virus.
Recently, the National Academies released their long awaited report concerning the FBI investigation which nailed Ivins as the anthrax mailer. The National Academies did not endorse the methodology used by the FBI to determine that Ivins was culpable and was unable to support and endorse the Department of Justice’s conclusions concerning Ivins’ guilt.

The affixing of responsibility to Dr. Ivins, who was  a researcher at  Ft. Detrick, does have its political perks.  The identification of a suspect (conveniently now dead)   removes suspicion from anyone else lurking in these labs.   It certainly derails any concerns of a larger, government conspiracy concerning the anthrax letters, which were received by liberal Congressmen and members of the media right before the vote on the U.S Patriot Act. Viewed through this lens, nagging doubts may surface, in which a biological warfare agenda emerges into the foreground as a dark and ominous possibility.

“Dual-use” is a term often used to refer to technology which can be used for both peaceful and military aims. Obviously, weapons grade anthrax from a government lab was used against U.S. citizens in the anthrax attacks. Is other research going on now which might result in later attacks?  And are these toxins being stockpiled on military bases and if so, why?

And if the U.S. is indeed manufacturing these weapons in “biosafety labs” under the guise of defensive research and stockpiling them at army bases, and if the purpose of the “blank check” being written for Biological and Chemical weapons via Section 817 of the U.S. Patriot Act and buttressed by the impotent BWC is to nullify the possibility of redress for deployment, then the next question becomes: How do we begin to address this spectre?

US Secretary of State during the BWC 7th review conference

Hillary Rodham Clinton, US Secretary of State during the Biological Weapons Convention, Seventh review conference.
Palais des Nations, Geneva, Swizerland. 7 December 2011. Photo by Pierre Albouy
(UN Photo/Pierre Albouy)

SEE also:

Bioweapons Research: "YARU" The Rockefeller- funded Yale Facility

The United States maintained close relations with Guinea prior to the country's 2008 military coup d’etat, which the U.S. condemned. Following Guinea's presidential elections in 2010, the United States reestablished strong diplomatic relations with the government. U.S. policy seeks to encourage Guinea's democratic reforms, its positive contribution to regional stability, and sustainable economic and social development.

The United States has called on the Government of Guinea to establish an electoral timeline for free, fair, and timely legislative elections, which have been repeatedly delayed. Dialogue between Guinea's Government and political party leadership is essential, and the U.S. has strongly encouraged all political players to reconcile their differences.

The United States is engaged in Guinea’s Security Sector Reform and seeks to focus on professionalizing Guinea’s military and security forces in an effort to promote democracy, rule of law, and respect for human rights.
Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty: For he maketh sore, and bindeth up: he woundeth, and his hands make whole ; He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee. - Job 5

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Re: 59 Dead And Rising! Pandemic! Pestilence! Ebola Outbreak!
« Reply #39 on: March 30, 2014, 12:28:37 pm »
Red Cross mobilizes teams to respond to Ebola outbreak in Guinea

CONAKRY, Guinea, March 25, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ – With a confirmed outbreak of the highly contagious Ebola virus in Guinea, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has today deployed a Field Assessment Coordination Team (FACT) to the west African country to assist in the response.

“This team includes an infectious disease specialist from the French Red Cross Society, as well as a psychosocial support delegate. Together they will assess the situation on the ground and help inform a comprehensive response plan,” said Dr Adinoyi Ben Adeiza, IFRC health coordinator in Africa. “It is imperative that we work quickly with our partners to ensure this virus does not spread any further.”

Volunteers with the Red Cross Society of Guinea are already involved in the collection and removal of dead bodies. A further 100 volunteers are being mobilized to work in the affected regions to step up emergency communication, contain rumours and raise awareness among communities on how to prevent the spread of the virus.

We are dealing with a particularly virulent strain of the Ebola virus, where the fatality rate is upwards of 80 per cent,” said Dr Facely Diawara, who oversees health operations at the Red Cross Society of Guinea. “We are training additional staff and volunteers and will deploy them once they are fully aware of how to protect themselves from contracting the disease. We will also ensure they have access to adequate protective equipment, such as gloves, masks and goggles.”

On 21 March, the Government of Guinea declared an outbreak of Ebola in the areas of Guéckédou, Kissidougou and Macenta – the first documented outbreak in the country. To date there are six lab confirmed cases, 86 suspected cases and 60 fatalities, for a 69 per cent fatality rate. There are potential cases in neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia. Symptoms are very similar to measles and cholera, which are both currently problematic in Guinea, making it challenging to identify and confirm Ebola cases.

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