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Johnelle Bryant Paid the Patsies I Believe
« on: March 27, 2010, 10:55:57 pm »

                          The 911 Highjackers Were Indeed Patsies
                 Here is an Eye Witness Account That Too Me Proves the Governments Involvement
                         This story has been itching me to come and after I was able to put
                      a name on the face,perhaps the nagging feeling will leave me alone.Now I wonder what
                    I would have found in that briefcase she was carrying if I had ran up and
                         snagged it out of her hands

My story begins on a hot summer night in August 2001 while sitting in front of the "Pier Restaurant" in Flagler Beach Florida where a friend was working to make some travelling cash as we were bumming around the state that summer.It must have been near 11 o'clock in the evening as he was getting ready to finish up for the night.I am sitting there on the planters in front of the restaurant as a dark SUV parks directly in front of me but I did not pay particular attention but took notice of the New Jersey license plates immediately,little far from home I was thinking.I seen there were two women in the vehicle as it was lit up from the lights of the restaurant.After a minute or two one of the women emerges from the SUV and goes to the rear to withdraw a briefcase and with the aid of a crutch she turns and walks north up the boardwalk to the stairs leading to the beach.

This whole sequence of events did not seem to out of the ordinary beyond the fact that the woman was a long way from home and was taking a briefcase down to a very dark beach.She was gone for some time I estimate an hour or more and then appears coming back up the steps but instead of using the crutch as a walking aid as she did going down to the beach she was now some how miraculously healed because she was now carrying the crutch.Now alarm bells were going off and something told me this is more than it appears and was of some kind of importance.A little voice in my head was telling me this is big but did not have a clue as to why other than being very strange behavior.So I began trying to remember the license plate number and made a little rhyme to make it easier because I did not have any writing material handy.I figured if I find out what this is about somehow in the future I can provide some information,but I was thinking bank robbery or something do not know why.

The woman went back to the rear of the vehicle and placed the briefcase and crutch in the hatch and headed back north from the direction she came up A1-A.I filed this away and eventually just let it slip from my memory.I eventually left Florida a short time later and flirted with the idea of going north A1-A to visit New York City a place I have never been up till that time but decided to head back home near Cincinnati Ohio.It seems I was being led around with my light feet because that same summer I did another first I checked out a Daytona strip club(the Pink Pony) and I do not even know why as I have never been into to those kinds of things might have been the flashy neon lights and it being a weekend but it just turns out that it was the same place the terrorist of 911 were reported to have been at about the exact same time.Anyhow,I let this memory slip from my mind until sometime after the events of 911 of the same year.I did not think of at first the whole atmosphere was just very hectic and my mind would have never have conceived I could have witnessed anything concerning such a world changing event.

I did spend sometime trying to recall the license plate number but could never quite recall the whole thing so I kept this to myself thinking nobody could gleam anything useful out of it.Until the other night when I was watching the movie "Loose Change(An American Coup)"a documentary about 911 and I seen a familiar face.The woman who claimed to be a USDA agent out of Homestead Florida."Johnelle Bryant"was the spitting image of the woman I seen with the briefcase and crutch who apparently had a miraculous healing after visiting the beach in Flagler Beach Florida.Not only did her face look familiar but in the video they showed a segment with her walking and she did not have at all a typical walk,she has little bit of a swagger when she walks and I noticed that about the womans demeanor in Flagler too.Her physical stature was exactly as that of the woman in the Flagler Beach incident as well.Now I did not know until today that there is quite a bit of mystery surrounding this womans role in service to the government and her apparent employment with the USDA in Homestead.I also did not know she had any contact with the terrorists until I played the video past the part where they introduced her,but i did start putting some pieces together.I will not say more about what my suspicions are but with this info I have given and some simple searches on the internet you will come to the same conclusions. /color]