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I don't know how I missed this one.  I don't think that it's a stretch that this was another motive for the global crime syndicate to arrange for anti-terror investigator John O'Neill's murder.

Summary of Michael Riconosciuto's Information
Presented in Terrorism Cover Up in America

    By Ted Gunderson
    Sept. 30, 2003

    Michael Riconosciuto, an inmate at the FCI in Allenwood, Pennsylvania, who has contacts in the Middle East, informed this reporter that in March 2001 (well prior to September 11), he informed the FBI of the identity of the organizer of certain terrorist activities in the United States, the identities of those who furnished false identification to the terrorists, an aviation company with which the terrorists were dealing, information concerning the smuggling of shoulder-fired missiles into the United States, and other sensitive matters. The FBI agent who interviewed Riconosciuto later admitted that he did not follow up on any of this information. According to Riconosciuto, if properLy investigated, the events of 911 may not have occurred. Riconosciuto also made a confidential source inside the terrorist group available to the FBI. When interviewed by the FBI, this person reportedly was threatened with prosecution and deported. Riconosciuto claimed that the same FBI agent later told him that he (Riconosciuto) was wasting his time, that he was a conspiracy theorist seeking publicity, that he did not investigate Riconosciuto's information, and threatened him with prosecution


    Michael J. Riconosciuto, who has been in federal custody since 1991, furnished the following information to Ted Gunderson on January 3,4, and 5, 2003:

    1. He has been active in the intelligence community for years, and has a number of contacts in the Middle East, including individuals who have been, or are now actively involved, with AI Qaeda, the Islamic Jihad (Committee), and the International Islamic Front

    2. In February 2000, he learned that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were interested in interviewing him by telephone. At the time, Riconosciuto was at the FCI in Coleman, Florida. As soon as he agreed to the interview, he was told by a Bureau of Prisons (BOP) staff member that he should not have agreed to the interview, was threatened by staff and other inmates, and told not to cooperate with the RCMP and a homicide detective from Hercules, California, who was working with the RCMP. The subject of the interview related to the murder of one of Riconosciuto's friends, and national security issues in the U.S and Canada. The BOP staff threatened him with administrative reprimands.

    3. In spite of the threats, Riconosciuto agreed to the interview on February 7,2000. Within one hour following the interview, he was charged with a disciplinary infraction.

    4. This infraction was expunged at a BOP hearing on February 11,2000.

    5. Within an hour of this hearing, the FBI charged Riconosciuto with solicitation of murder; the charge relating to the expunged incident.

    6. Because of this allegation, Riconosciuto was placed in solitary confinement for several months.

    7. Upon his return to the general prison population, Riconosciuto was transferred to the FCI Allenwood, Pennsylvania, with the reputation of being a "threat" to BOP staff members.

    8. On February 5, 2001, Riconosciuto wrote a certified letter (Exhibit A) to his attorney, Don Bailey, that he had contact with someone in an Islamic group called the "Base" (AI Qaeda), and that said group was currently in preparation for an attack in the United States, but would not divulge specific details unless the U.S. Government granted immunity from prosecution to his sources. In this letter, Riconosciuto also stated that he had an inside source who could furnish information concerning the handling of false IDs and passports for the group.

    9. On February 13, 2001, Riconosciuto sent a certified letter (Exhibit B) to Congressman Bryan Baird (D- W A), in an effort to expedite the reporting of his information to the appropriate authorities. Note in the referenced exhibit the urgency of the matter according to Riconosciuto, and his identification of sources (one of which has been intentionally blanked by this reportei}

    10. On February 19,2001, Louis Buffardi, a second attorney of Riconosciuto's, wrote to Secretary of State Colin Powell, with a cc to Attorney General John Ashcroft (Exhibit C), to the effect that he had a client with information concerning an imminent terrorist attack in the United States, and Buffardi asked that someone other than the FBI obtain the details from his client.

    11. I. On February 20, 200 I, Riconosciuto filed BOP Form 148 (Exhibit D), for use of a private telephone to handle sensitive conversations relating to matters mentioned in 8, 9, and 10, above. Riconosciuto informed this reporter that among his. reasons for this request was also the fact that he had a 30-hour "window" relati_g to the shipment of 37 Soviet-made missiles (StreIa-3 and Igla-9) that had been shipped from Bulgaria to Colombia, and thence, to Canada, destined for Thabet Aviation in Quebec City. He further informed this reporter that attorney Buffardi passed this information to the FBI and U.S. Attorney in Chicago, Illinois.

    12. Once he received his private telephone, Riconosciuto told this reporter that he had conversations concerning the afore-mentioned topics with, among others, John O'Neill, former FBI terrorist expert in charge of security for the World Trade Center. Others with whom Riconosciuto talked included:

    13. On an unrecalled day in March 2001, Riconosciuto was visited by Special Agent (SA) Keith Cutri of the Williamsport, Pennsylvania, FBI resident agency.

    14. Riconosciuto furnished SA Cutri with the identification of an individual in New Jersey (unidentified herein to eliminate damage or complications to future official investigations) who:

        a. Was coordinating forthcoming terrorist attacks on the United States.
        b. Had information on the movement of Soviet-made shoulder-fired missiles into the United States.
        c. Was coordinating forthcoming skyjackings.
        d. Was coordinating bombings and espionage.
        e. Knew the identities of "sleepers" in the United States and overseas.

    15. Riconosciuto also furnished SA Cutri with information on a false IDl ring in Montreal, Canada, and in New Jersey, and could furnish the exact false ID of 30 terrorists who had been chosen for actions inside the United States.

    16. Riconosciuto further told SA Cutri that the 37 Soviet-made missiles were being handled through Thabet Aviation in Quebec City, Canada, which also brokered old but serviceable aircraft (Swearingtons, DC-9s, 747s, and high-performance military) to be used in drug-running and future terrorist attacks in a so-called "40 minute" war scenario by using aircraft as flying "missiles".

    17. Riconosciuto further informed SA Cutri that terrorists were taking flight-training in various types of aircraft brokered by Thabet, and if given immunity for himself and his contacts, he would provide specific information where said training was taking place and the identities of the students involved.

    18. [blacked out area for the sanitized public report]

    19. In his discussion with SA Cutri, other than the immunity request, RicQnosciuto attached no other conditions to his possible future cooperation with the FBI.

    20. [blacked out ]

    21. In the period between his March 2001 interview by SA Cutri and September 13, 2001, Riconosciuto heard nothing from the FBI or any other federal agency.

    22. Riconosciuto was shocked by what happened on September 11, 2001, especially in view of the information he furnished to SA Cutri in March. In his opinion, if properly handled, 911 would not have happened.

    23. On September 13, 2001, SA Cutri and a second, unidentified FBI agent inter viewed Riconosciuto in the Legal Room of FCI Allenwood. In spite of what had just taken place in New York and Washington on September 11, and the information Riconosciuto had already volunteered in March,
    SA Cutri: posed the following questions and accusations to Michael Riconosciuto:

        a. Wanted to know why Riconosciuto was bothering the FBI and wasting its time.
        b. Accused Riconosciuto of seeking publicity.
        c. Accused Riconosciuto of being "anti-FBI' and "anti-government".
        d. Called Riconosciuto a "conspiracy theorist".
        e. Called Riconosciuto a "know-it-all",
        f. Called Riconosciuto a "hoaxer" and threatened him with prosecution.
        g. Stated that he discontinued inquiry into the information Riconosciuto gave him in March, 2001 because information Riconosciuto gave him about a staff member at FCI Coleman was untrue.
        h. Stated that Riconosciuto was still under investigation because of threats he made against a staff member at Coleman. Riconosciuto took this as a threat.

    24. In view of 23, above, Riconosciuto stated that he did not wish to continue this interview without the presence of his counsel, to which SA Cutri replied that as a prisoner, he did not have an absolute right to counsel, which Riconosciuto interpreted as another threat.

    26. [blacked out ]

    27. [blacked out]

    28. In the summer of 2002, Riconosciuto secured the assistance of Senator George Allen (R- VA) in an attempt to nail down the date in March 2001 on which he was interviewed for the first time by SA Cutri. Attached as Exhibit F is a copy of the FBI's official response. Note that while it confirms the September 13, 2001 interview, it "dances" around specific dates of any other interviews.

    29. In view of the above, on September 23, 2002, this reporter wrote a letter (Exhibit G) to Senator Allen, asking him to contact the FBI to determine the exact date that Riconosciuto was interviewed in March 2001, and whether or not this interview took place as a result of attorney Buffardi's letter to Secretary of State Powell.

    30. According to Riconosciuto as well as an independent source, following the letter referenced above, and without warrants, the FBI seized the computers and other items from persons who were in contact with Riconosciuto, but who are not professionally knowledgeable about "terrorism". The FBI also demanded all letters, documents, correspondence, books, etc., and also inquired about any "Arab" contacts of Riconosciuto's about whom they might be knowledgeable. They were also told that Riconosciuto and Ted Gunderson were making irresponsible statements about the terrorism "issue" and that any help given to Riconosciuto or Gunderson might have criminal consequences.

    31. It is this reporter's professional opinion that the possible purpose of such raids and seizures are part of a campaign to eliminate any trace or proof of official knowledge of the type claimed by Riconosciuto, with specific reference to his interview by SA Cutri in March 2001. This view is reinforced by President Bush's recent "go-ahead" to the formation of an official board of inquiry into the failings of U.S. intelligence that allowed 911 to happen.

Riconosciuto's Letter, The Smoking 'Howitzer' of 9-11?

Michael Riconosciuto's 2/5/2001 Letter Warning of Planned
Hijack Plane Attacks in the U.S. by Al Qaeda Terrorists

    [Editor's Note: This letter was sent U.S. certified mail (#7000 0600 0027 1175 1175) by Michael Riconosciuto, who is incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Allenwood, PA, .to his attorney, Don Bailey, on February 6, 2001, seven months before planes struck the twin towers of World Trade Center in New York City. The original four page letter was hand written by Riconosciuto and can be viewed at these links: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 and certified proof of post mark. I typed the letter shown below without changing abbreviations, contractions, or misspelled words in order to match the original handwritten copy as accurately as possible. .Square bracketed items, "[ ]", are informational clarifications by me, Ken Adachi (or indicate blacked out words). Ted Gunderson included a copy of this handwritten letter as "Exhibit A" in a large multi page report ( Ted Gunderson 9-11 Terrorists' Report) presented to 155 U.S. Senators and members of Congress, to every congressional committee, to the Department of Justice, and to numerous members of the Executive Branch in Washington D.C. on January 7, 2003; two days after interviewing Michael Riconosciuto at FCI in Allenwood.

    On Feb.. 13, 2001, Riconosciuto sent a certified letter ("Exhibit B" in Gunderson's Report) to his congressman, Bryan Baird (D-WA), to expedite contact with appropriate authorities to report his intelligence information. Louis Buffardi, a second attorney working with Riconosciuto, sent a letter on February 19, 2001 to Secretary of State Colin Powell and Attorney General John Ashcroft ("Exhibit C" in Gunderson's Report) reporting that he had a client who possessed highly detailed information about an imminent terrorist attack to take place on the United States, but requested that some agency other than the FBI should debrief his client. On February 20, 2001, Riconosciuto requested from the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) ("Exhibit D") a private, unmonitored telephone line to convey sensitive information about 37 Soviet-made missiles being shipped from Bulgaria to Colombia and finally to Quebec City within a 30 hour 'window' of opportunity of interdiction. Attorney Louis Buffardi passed this same information along to the FBI and the US Attorney's Office in Chicago, Illinois, while Riconosciuto spoke directly over the phone with John O'Neill, former FBI terrorist expert in charge of security for the World Trade Center ( killed in the WTC attacks).

    On an unspecified date in March, 2001, Riconosciuto was paid a visit by FBI Special Agent Keith Cutri from the Williamsport, PA FBI office. Riconosciuto identified for Cutri an individual in New Jersey who: (1) was coordinating forthcoming terrorist attacks on the U.S.; (2) had information on the movement of Soviet-made shoulder-fired missiles coming into the U.S.; (3) was coordinating skyjacking operations, bombings, and espionage in the U.S.; and (4) knew the identity of "sleepers" in the U.S. and overseas. Riconosciuto also gave Cutri information about a false ID ring operating in Montreal and New Jersey and gave him the exact fake ID's of 30 terrorists who had been chosen for carrying out operations inside the United States. Riconosciuto told Special Agent Cutri that Thabet Aviation of Quebec City, Canada was brokering older D.C.-9's, 747's, and other high performance military aircraft that could be used for terrorist attacks and he knew the names of terrorists who were taking flight training in the US for those very types of aircraft. Riconosciuto indicated that Thabet Aviation was the company scheduled to receive the 37 Soviet-made, shoulder-fired missiles. Riconosciuto's only request of the FBI was immunity from government prosecution for himself and his informants. From the end of the interview with Cutri in March, 2001, until September 13, 2001, Riconosciuto did not hear one word from the FBI, Special Agent Keith Cutri, or any federal investigative agency.

    On September 13, 2001, two days after the attacks of Sept. 11, Cutri returned with another FBI agent to talk with Riconosciuto and accused Riconosciuto of being "anti-FBI"; "anti-government"; a "conspiracy theorist'; a "know-it-all"; a "hoaxer"; and a "publicity seeker" who wanted to "bother the FBI and waste its time". Cutri told Riconosciuto that he discounted his terrorist information because the info Riconosciuto had provided about a prison staff member at Coleman, Florida FCI was "untrue". He also warned Riconosciuto that he was under investigation by the FBI for "threats" made against that staff member at Coleman (this trumped up charge by prison officials at Coleman and the FBI was designed to intimidate Riconosciuto and sequester him in solitary confinement for 7 months. Riconosciuto was later acquitted of the charge at a BOP hearing).

    The stonewalling, obfuscations, non-response, denials, feigned ignorance, and threats emanating from the FBI, from the Justice Department, and from high government officials in both the Legislative and Executive branches following this Sept. 13 meeting between Michael Riconosciuto and the two FBI agents (including the non-reportage of Riconosciuto's dead-on warnings by major newspapers in the United States approached by Gunderson) leave no doubt that Ted's 9-11 Cover Up Report contains the most powerful documentation to date of the government's complicity and fore knowledge in the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Further details can be read from Ted Gunderson's full public report titled: Terrorism Cover up in America which will posted in its entirety at this web site and at . Ted's Summary of Michael Riconosciuto's information in the report is listed here. ..Ken Adachi]

    Written By Michael Riconosciuto
    Posted Sept. 27, 2003



    I have written to the editor of Insight magazine to request a copy of the Wackenhut letter, and the taped telephone conversation transcript. The Wackenhut letter makes reference to Dr. Harry Fair, describing me as a potential national resource because of certain of my technical abilities. Dr. Fair is the former head of tactical technology research for DARPA. At the time Dr. Fair made this characterization of me, he was in this position. This is a very strong statement for a govt. agency department head to go on record with. It is also significant that the govt. prevented this type of information from being in front of the jury in my case! The motion in liminal filed by the govt, and granted by the judge, contains some of the most bizarre legal reasoning I have ever encountered. The taped conversation was a telephone call I had with an FBI agent to make a pretrial proffer. One of the significant things about my pretrial proffer is that every single detail of it turned out to be true. The only fault in its accuracy is that my proffer was an understatement. Even as such, the US Attorney in charge of drug prosecutions stated that my pretrial proffer was, "a lot of garbage and delusional"! The US Attorney in charge of drug prosecutions actually testified at my trial, so these remarks are part of the actual trial record. My detailed and specific proffer was given almost five years prior to some of the parties I named were indicted on the same charges I outlined in my proffer.

    The material contained in my pretrial proffer (the Abell/Cali cartel connection), had it been acted on in a timely manner by the govt., would have led to the interdiction of over 200 tons of cocaine. Most of the bad acts charged in the indictment against Abbell et. al., occurred a significant time after my original proffer. A question that needs to be addressed is the legality of the US Attorney interfering with my proffer.

    To facilitate my pretrial proffer, I did the following:

        1) I had Ted Gunderson as an investigator to help independently corroborate key points of my proffer.

        2) I had Alan Boyak, an attorney and former DEA agent, prepare the pretrial proffer. Alan also had direct knowledge of some of the key points in my proffer because he had worked cases against some of the targets when he was a DEA agent.

        3) The head of the intelligence unit of the Tampa Bay Fla. Police Dept. offered to be the intermediary for the deal.

    The govt. reacted to my proffer by:

        1) Threatening Ted with arrest and banning him from visiting me in the county jail before and during my trial.

        2) Refusing to allow Alan Boyak to attend any of the pretrial proffer meetings with my other attorneys.

        3) Formally demanding that the Tampa Bay P.D. refrain from interfering with a case outside of their jurisdiction.

        4) Filed a motion with the court for 4141 and 4142 competency hearings. This go vt. motion questioning my competency was based in part on the govt's stated position that my proffer was delusional.

        5) The AUSA prosecuting my case flew to Los Angeles from Seattle and presented Robert Booth Nichols with a copy of my pretrial proffer where I had named Nichols and his associates as targets.

    I would have been declared incompetent had not the series of articles appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle outlining the bio warfare projects at the Wackenhut /Cabezon joint venture. My claim to have been involved in bio warfare work was cited, by the govt, in the motion for the competency hearing These clearly documented my claim concerning bio warfare work. When the forensic evaluation was sent to the court, it established that "...some of my most unlikely sounding claims turned out to be true upon checking with collateral sources. The govt. response was that so what if it is true, it is not relevant to their case in chief which is a drug case.

    My proffer was never reconsidered by the govt after the determination of my competency. The fact of the matter is that I have a solid established record of reliability in the counterintelligence field. This is clearly documented in my central file. The US Attorney handling my pretrial proffer certainly had this information available to him at the time. The glaring question is why did the AUSA reveal the details of my pretrial proffer to potential targets!?

    As I have stated to you in past letters,and telephone calls, I have been attempting to proffer against Nichols and his crew. The DOJ/BOP [Department of Justice/Bureau of Prisons] has consistently interfered with all of my attempts in this proffer. I have stated that I need you to facilitate my communication with other parties that have direct knowledge against Nichols et. al.

    Things have now come to a head! I now have contact with an operative that is in an Arabic group known as The Base. They are presently engaged in preparation for a major attack in the US. [..blacked out words..] currently represents the Abuhouran brothers, two of the brothers are incarcerated in the US. The third is a fugitive facing 15 years jail time in the US. We have an insider to this group that handles fake ID and passports for the group's operations. I also have contact with one of the parties that supplies explosives materials to this group. I am deliberately keeping myself with a paucity of specific details until the govt issues an immunity agreement with my contacts. If the govt will not issue the immunity agreement, no more details of these ongoing activities will be forthcoming from anybody. My bonafides are:

        1) I have family members in the [..blacked out..] leadership (..blacked out..) a Christian militia group

        2) Thirty-four days before the two US Embassy bombings in East Africa happened, I notified the FBI in Miami! Two days before these bombings occurred, I made an emergency request of BOP staff at FCI Coleman to make an overseas telephone call to ECOMAG security headquarters to warn African officials. The BOP categorically turned me down on this call. I have the documentation on all of this.

        3) In the 1980's, Ted Gunderson , myself, and Ralph Olberg were involved in negotiations with the Afghan Mujahadeen on behalf of the US govt. Ted will verify that we had these meetings and that OSAMA BIN LADEN was present in the US under the name of TIM OSMAN. Mr. Osman was taken to special demonstrations at US military bases.

        4) I have an exemplary track record in the counter intelligence field.

    Mr. [..blacked out..] is flying out to visit me this week. This letter is my authorization for you to discuss the details of all my written and oral communications with him. The Abuhousan Brothers are writing similar letters to their attorneys: [..blacked out words..] to authorize them to speak to both you and [..blacked out words..] on this matter. This authorization will also include your access to documents.

    As soon as we learned that an actual attack was in the works, we realized we can't fool around with this. On the other hand, we don't want to get screwed by the govt.

    Mike Riconosciuto

    P.S. Somebody just got certiorari on the PLRA exhaustion of administrative remedy requirements. Notice on this enclosed.  
The Riconosciuto Letters, Exhibit "B"

Urgent Feb. 14, 2001 Warning to Congressman of 'Planned Attacks in the U.S.'

    " This needs to be dealt with ASAP. If not dealt with in a timely fasion, this opportunity will be gone." ...Michael Riconosciuto

    [Editor's Note: Exhibit "B" is the second handwritten letter by Michael Riconosciuto (held in federal prison in Allenwood, PA) in Ted Gunderson's report Terrorism Cover Up in America. It was sent from Riconosciuto by certified mail (#7000 0600 0027 1175 6538) to Congressman Brian Baird (D-WA) on February 14, 2001 (The original handwritten letter can be viewed here: Page1, Page 2, and the certified proof of mailing). Mike Riconosciuto had been an intelligence asset for the U.S. government for a long time, but ran afoul of the Big Boys because of the work he had done for them in opening a 'back door' for the (privately owned and proprietary) PROMIS software. Mike was subpoenaed to appear before the Brooks Congressional Committee investigating the government's role in the Inslaw Case which involved the PROMIS software. Three weeks before he was to testify in front of the committee, Mike got a telephone call from a Department of Justice official named Peter Videnieke, who, according to Michael Riconosciuto, told him that if he testified before the committee, he would have to 'suffer the consequences'. Riconosciuto testified anyway and shortly afterwards, his small trailer workshop/lab in northern Washington state (Riconosciuto is a scientist by profession) was raided by federal agents. .

    Riconosciuto suddenly found himself the target of an indictment for operating a "methamphetamine lab". Apparently, possession of common (& legally obtained) chemical solvents that could be used during one of many steps involved in meth production, is enough to get you convicted these days for running a meth lab, despite the absence of evidence of the drug itself (the feds having destroyed all of Mike's lab glassware; glassware that could have established the absence of illegal drug residues, which you would expect to find in abundance for a 'meth lab' operation). Mike's trial set a new mark for prosecutorial and judicial abuse even by federal 'railroading' standards. He was given a 30 year sentence for a first time drug offence.

    Riconosciuto's intelligence contacts continued after he was incarcerated and his investigative probes into the activities of Robert Booth Nichols (Cabazon Indian reservation scandal) led to an trusted inside source that was providing high level information about planned attacks in the U.S. by Islamic radicals. Riconosciuto and his lawyers were doing their best to bring this valuable information to the attention of the appropriate government agencies and the highest political figures with the authority to take action, but they were met with either stone silence, a perfunctory listening (FBI), or outright dismissal (FBI, DOJ). Mike was particularly weary of the FBI, because they kept betraying him. For example, they turned over a copy of Mike's intelligence info given to federal investigative authorities about Robert B. Nichols to Robert B. Nichols!

    In this letter, Riconosciuto calls Rep. Baird's attention to the "extreme urgency" and "time sensitive" nature of the planned terrorists attack information. He says that his Islamic source has "a chillingly accurate track record with his information" and is prepared to reveal much greater information if the government would consider his proffer and provide immunity from prosecution. At the same time, Riconosciuto's lawyers were also trying to bring this critical intelligence to cabinet level officials and influential Congressional politicians as other Exhibits in this Report will reveal. The greatest stonewalling, however, was yet to greet Ted Gunderson by Administration officials and the mainstream media following the WTC attacks, which Riconosciuto's warnings-had they been heeded and investigated- could have stemmed the attack. You cannot help but draw the conclusion that very powerful forces in this country wanted the 9-11 attacks to take place and they were doing their best to ignore anyone who was trying to warn them...Ken Adachi]

    Written By Michael Riconosciuto
    Posted Sept. 28, 2003


    Congressman Baird,

    Enclosed are copies of a recent series of articles that appeared in the Washington Times' Insight Magazine. The documents, that appear in the photo were taken from me during my trial, As a consequence, I did not have benefit of this material for my defense. Now, years later, this material shows up in the media. Of particular note, is the letter on Wackenhut stationary that refers to Dr. Fair's characterization of me as a potential national resource because of my technical ability. This is significant because it is in direct opposition to what was presented to my trial. jury. Also enclosed, is the paperwork trail on the initial contact I had with the Canadian RCMP/NSIS [Royal Canadian Mounted Police/National Security

    The treatment I received at FCI Coleman was in large part retaliation against me for cooperating with the RCMP/NSIS investigation. The FBI has lodged formal protest to the Canadian govt. for this RCMP investigation. The charges brought against me by the FBI at Coleman were found to be absolutely baseless. The timing of the events leading up to these charges is highly suspicious looking and beyond mere coincidence,

    Things are not alright in my case. The BOP [Bureau of Prisons] response to your inquiries have been mere bureaucratic cover responses. My present problems are too numerous to address in one letter. As per my last conversation with Barry, I will keep my letters basically confined to a single issue.

    The issue I wish to address here is of extreme urgency because it is time sensitive. As is apparent from the Insight series, my claims check out. Yet, the US govt. refuses to deal with me in a straightforward manner when I proffer information. As I previously stated, I have been cooperating with U.S. Customs agents against Robert Booth Nichols and his group. There is some reason that Mr. Nichols and associates seem to be immune from prosecution. In my efforts to help work a case against Nichols, I have come across some important intelligence leads.

    Recently, one of these contacts has found himself in a very unique position with a major Islamic radical group. This party is presently involved in providing ID's and passports. Very recently, he has been put in a position of trust with this group. The significant issue here is that this party has contacts with the principals of numerous cells in the organization. It is extremely rare that one source is able to penetrate across many different cells in one of these organizations! This is a rare and valuable asset. This needs to be dealt with ASAP. If not dealt with in a timely fashion, this opportunity will be gone. This source, and several others, report of planned attacks in the US. One of these sources is [...blanked out words...] . This party has a chillingly accurate track record with his information. Several very credible lawyers have attempted to get the DOJ [Department of Justice] to move on this situation. They went to the DOJ, and then finally to Senator Santorum. They were referred to Senator Patty Murray because I am from Washington State. We were told to contact a Mr. McMackin (202-224-2621). I have recently gotten ahold of a retired CIA Terrorism specialist. He is making a referral to a current case officer. This may take some time.

    Time is of the essence here. Will you please find someone in Senator Murray's office that is able to handle this information. I will attempt to call Barry in the Olympia office on Tuesday 2/20/01. Someone in a position of authority, capable of acting on this, needs to come and interview me on this.

    Mike Riconosciuto

    © Copyright 2003  All Rights Reserved.  
Feb. 19, 2001 Letter From L. Buffardi to Colin Powell Re. Riconosciuto
Posted Sept. 30, 2003

Louis P. Buffardi
110 OakBrook Road
Attorney at Law                                                                                                                                                                      OakBrook, IL 60523
                                                                                                                                                                                                   (630) 571-3460
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Fax (630) 571-2027

February 19, 2001

Honorable Colin Powell
Secretary of State
Fax 202-261-8577

Dear Secretary Powell:

I am an attorney and I represent a client who is presently incarcerated in a Federal penitentiary., He and I. Spoke recently and he informed me that he had information regarding certain terrorists who planned on entering the United States in the very near future for purposes of terrorist activities.

He wishes to speak to you concerning same and he wishes to turn over all of the information he has concerning same which he has indicated is substantial. He asked me to write to you because he feels that he can trust you. DO NOT SEND THIS LETTER TO THE FBI. If he learns that the FBI is aware of this letter, he may refuse to cooperate for reasons which I will explain later.

I do not know whether you know my client, but he is well known in certain government circles, and it is because of the circles in which he has traveled that I believe that his information is accurate.

Because I do not know if you will receive this letter personally or how many eyes will see this letter before it gets to you, I have not included his name. I will be sending a copy of this letter to the Attorney General.

Since time is of the essence, please contact me today. My home phone is 630- xxx-xxxx. I am there now, but will be out from about 6:30 p.m. to about 9:00 p.m. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.


Louis P. Buffardi

cc: The Honorable John Ashcroft

Copy authorized
5/17/2001 M.J.R.

Exhibit C

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Sibel Edmonds+Ted Gunderson+M. Riconosciuto=Time for class action lawsuit
ramallamamama August 08, 2009
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Coleman Testimony On
CIA's PAN AM 103 Drug
Smuggling Corroborated
From NewsHawk Inc. <>

Respondent Virginia McCullough is fully-conversant with the details the PAN AM Fl. 103 crash, and knowledgeable about CIA drug smuggling operations which were a major factor in the tragedy.
Former DIA agent Lester Coleman, unsurprisingly, was recently incarcerated on bogus charges as a way to shut him up, after he blew the whistle on massive CIA drug smuggling activity directly responsible for certain airport security anomalies/breeches, which enabled explosives to be smuggled aboard Fl. 103. The plane blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland in December 1988.
Coleman's crucial statements on the CIA drug smuggling have now been corroborated by a PAN AM baggage handler based in Frankfurt, Germany named Roland O'Neill.
Palestinian terrorists based in Germany penetrated the CIA drug operations, and switched a bag containing drugs to be smuggled with one containing Semtex explosives. the rest is history--a history of 270 innocent human beings blow to shreds in an incident of horrendous brutality--all made possible by the filthy international drug dealing of OUR Central Intelligence Agency!
NewsHawk® Inc.
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Coleman Corraborated on CIA's PANAM 103 Drug Smuggling Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 10:47:32 -0700 From: To: <
I think it is very important to present a "full" and complete picture of Lester K. Coleman in order to understand why he is so important to understanding "the big picture". To that end I am going to type in an article about Coleman from the London Times dated Monday, July 22,1991. The article carries no byline and reads as follows:
The London Times 7-22-91
A former American intelligence officer who worked for a secret unit, four of whose members have been killed, in hiding abroad because of allegations he has made about the Lockerbie bomb disaster.
Lester Knox Coleman, formerly with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is a key witness behind allegations that negligence on the part of the US government led to the placing of a bomb on board Pan Am flight 103 which exploded over Lockerbie in Scotland on December 21, 1988, killing 270 people.
Mr. Coleman, aged 47, worked until May 1990 with the secret unit Middle East Collection 10 (MC10). For most of his six years with the DIA he was in Cyprus, running a network of agents in Beirut, whose mission was to find American hostages held by extremists. Two senior MC10 members, were Matthew Kevin Gannon and Major Charles Dennis McKee. Both were on flight 103 and had just returned from a mission in Beirut. Also on board was Khaled Nazir Jaafar, a Lebanese agent for the American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
Mr. Coleman was a unique insight into DIA and DEA operations in the Middle East because he worked for both organizations in Cyprus. While still a DIA agent -- usually paid in travelers cheques sent from the Luxembourg branch of the now collapsed Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) -- he was seconded twice to the DEA, from February to September 1987 and April to May 1988.
According to an affidavit by Mr. Coleman given to Pan Am lawyers in Brussels on April 17 this year [1991], the DEA, with the narcotics squad of the Cypriot national police, the German BKA police and British customs, ran a "drugs sting operation" through Cyprus and airports in Europe including Frankfurt. It involved delivering heroin from the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon to the United States, particularly to Detroit, Houston and Los Angeles, where there are large Lebanese communities.
The explanation for this operation, which was officially codenamed Khourah, was provided by Ronald Caffrey, acting assistant administrator of the operational division of the DEA, in a US government submission dated March 20 this year [1991]. He said the drugs operation was "a controlled delivery".
His statement said: "In a controlled delivery, a law enforcement agency permits and monitors shipment of contraband, including drugs, to move from a source or transit location to its intended destination. Use of this technique is sometimes essential to enable law enforcement agencies to identify and arrest high-ranking members of trafficking organizations, rather than simply arrest low level couriers."
Mr. Coleman, with his knowledge of this type of operation, believes that flight 103 was being used by the DEA as a "controlled" flight in which Khaled Jaafar, a DEA courier, was allowed to carry his luggage through Frankfurt without being subject to normal security checks. He knew Jaafar was one of many agents involved in drug operations.
In a telephone conversation last October with a BKA officer in charge of investigations at Frankfurt Rhein-Main airport, Mr. Coleman said he was told that BKA had "serious concerns" that a US drugs sting operation out of Cyprus had been used by terrorists to place the bomb on flight 103, by switching bags.
According to reports last year, the security of flight 103 had already been compromised by a mysterious man with an American accent using the pseudonym David Lovejoy, who had reportedly telephoned the Iranian embassy in Beirut on December 20, 1988, the day before the Lockerbie flight, to tip them off that US agents Gannon and McKee would return from a mission in Beirut to the US on flight 103.
Mr. Coleman said: "Individuals involved in drug sting operations would arrive at Larnaca (in Cyprus) on the ferry from Jounich (in Lebanon) and be escorted by officers of the Cypriot national police to the offices of Eurame Trading Company in Nicosia, a DEA proprietory company." Mr. Coleman saw Khaled Jaafar on at least three occasions in the Eurame offices and knew him to be a DEA courier.
The DEA has denied it was involved in a drugs sting operation at any time around the Lockerbie incident. But James Shaughnessy, lead counsel for Pan Am, said in his latest affidavit dated May 3 [1991]: "The DEA's denial is incredulous....simply false." Pan Am's affidavit refers to a telephone conversation between a senior officer of British customs' investigations branch and Michael Jones of Pan Am Corporate Security in London in which he asked: "Have you considered a bag switch in Frankfurt due to the large amounts of Turkish workers?"
The Beirut end of MC10 had been "blown". There were five key members of the MC10 cell in Cyprus and Beirut, according to Mr. Coleman. Apart from Mr. Coleman there were Werner Tony Asmar, a German Lebanese, Charlie Frezeli, a Lebanese army officer, and two more Lebanese who worked with Asmar. Asmar was killed in a bomb explosion at his office in east Beirut on May 26, 1988. Frezeli was shot dead at his home in east Beirut in November 1989. When Asmar was killed, the DIA ordered Mr. Coleman home.
Those, like Mr. Coleman and the Pan Am lawyers who are convinced there is a link between the Lockerbie bomb and "Operation Khourah" were not helped by the so-called Aviv report, which claimed that a rogue CIA unit permitted the bags switch, knowing it contained a bomb. The report, produced by Isaeli investigator Juval Aviv was discredited. Now, however, a judge in a US court has ruled that the US government must produce all relevant documents relating to the practice of drugs sting operations through Frankfurt and elsewhere in Europe. _____
It is VERY important to read the preceding article closely and then re-read it again. Next one must compare the information in the article to an affidavit Coleman introduced in Adversary Proceeding No. 86-0069 in the case entitled INSLAW, INC, plaintiff V. USA and the USA DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.
The affidavit reads as follows:
I, LESTER K. COLEMAN, being duly sworn do hereby state as follows:
1. I am currently self-employed as a freelance writer, editor, and security consultant. I am a United States citizen and am temporarily residing outside of the United States.
2. In November 1984, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) offered me a position in human intelligence operations in the Middle East. I was raised in the Middle East, where I lived in Iran, Libya and Saudi Arabia. I speak three dialects of Arabic and some Farsi. I accepted the position and received training from the DIA. I was assigned to a Middle East intelligence unit.
3. Between February and September 1987, I was seconded by DIA to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Nicosia, Cyprus, reporting to the DEA Country Attache, Michael T. Hurley.
4. After a cover assignment in the United States, I was again seconded to the DEA in Nicosia, Cyprus, in early 1988.
5. During April and May 1988, I worked in the offices of EURAME Trading Company, Ltd., in Nicosia, Cyprus, a DEA proprietary company. On or about May 29, 1988, because of my concern about poor security in the DEA operation in Cyprus, I returned to the United States, having previously obtained the concurrence of the DIA.
6. During my two stints as a DIA covert intelligence officer seconded to the DEA in Nicosia, Cyprus, I became aware of the fact that DEA was using its proprietary company, EURAME Trading Company, Ltd, to sell computer software called PROMISE or PROMIS to the drug abuse control agencies of various countries in the Middle East, including Cyprus, Pakistan, Syria, Kuwait and Turkey.
7. I personally witnessed the unpacking at the Nicosia, Cyprus, Police Force Narcotics Squad of boxes containing reels of computer tapes and computer hardware. The boxes bore the name and red logo of a Canadian corporation with the words "PROMISE" or "PROMIS" and "Ltd" in the company name.
8. The DEA objective in inducing the implementation of this computerized PROMIS[E] system in the drug abuse control resources available to the United States Government by making it possible for the United States Government to access sensitive drug control law enforcement and intelligence files of these Middle East governments.
9. It is also my understanding that third-party funds were generally made available for the purchase of these computer software and hardware systems. One third-party funding source was the United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control in Vienna, Austria.
10. As DEA Country Attache for Cyprus, Michael T. Hurley had overall responsibility for both the EURAME Trading Company, Ltd, and its initiative to sell PROMIS[E] computer systems to Middle East countries to drug abuse control.
11. In 1990, DEA reassigned Hurley to a DEA intelligence position in Washington State.
12. I became aware in 1991 that Michael Riconosciuto, known to me as a long-time CIA asset, was arrested in Washington State by DEA for the manufacturing of illegal chemical drugs. I had also become aware of the fact that Riconosciuto made a sworn statement, prior to his arrest, about his participation in a covert U.S. intelligence initiative to sell INSLAW's PROMIS to foreign governments.
13. In light of Hurley's personal involvement in the U.S. Government's covert intelligence initiative to sell PROMIS[E] software to foreign governments and his reassignment to a DEA intelligence position in Washington State in advance of the DEA's arrest of Riconosciuto, the arrest of Riconosciuto should be regarded as suspect. I do not believe that Hurley's posting to a drug intelligence position in Washington State in advance of Riconosciuto's arrest on drug charges in merely coincidental. Rather, the probability is that Hurley was reassigned to Washington State to manufacture a case against Riconosciuto in order to prevent Riconosciuto to become a credible witness about the U.S. Government's covert sale of the PROMIS software to foreign governments.
14. The investigative journalist Danny Casolaro contacted me in Europe on August 3, 1991. Mr. Casolaro had leads and hard information about things that I know about, including Department of Justice groups operating overseas, the sale of PROMIS[E] software by the U.S. Government to foreign governments, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), and the Iran/Contra scandal. I subsequently learned of Mr. Casolaro's death in Martinsburg, West Virginia, one week later, on August 10, 1991. I contacted INSLAW in October 1991, after learning about Mr. Casolaro's death under suspicious circumstances.
FURTHER AFFIANT SAYETH NOT. Signed by Lester K. Coleman
This, then, was Danny Casolaro's Octopus. Casolaro had been interviewing Michael Riconosciuto since approximately May of 1990; Casolaro had also met with and interviewed Michael's wife, Bobbie. Both Riconosciutos had told Casolaro the same thing they have repeatedly told me about the downing of Pan Am 103. Michael Roconosciuto claimed to be an intelligence officer monitoring the hostage situation in Iran staying at the apartment of Robert Booth Nichols and Ellen Hopko Nichols located near the Nicosia, Cyprus airport. This group of people, according to Michael, were also involved in the "controlled drug operation" run by the DIA. Riconosciuto stated that they were paid with unsigned BCCI travelers checks. Shortly before the Lockerbie crash Riconosciuto returned to his home in Oregon. He knew that the McKee team would be returning to the United States to "blow the whistle" on the drug operation run by George W. Bush. Riconosciuto told me that when the warning came to the unit in Nicosia that there might be a bombing of Pan Am #103, Robert Booth Nichols told Rinconosciuto that he would change the reservation for the McKee team to another flight, just as FBI agent Revell's son had done. The night of the Lockerbie crash, Bobbi Riconosciuto was watching the television with their children when she learned of the crash and heard that the McKee team went down with others on board. She woke Michael up and told him. Michael broke from Robert Booth Nichols from that point forward because he held Nichols responsible for betraying the McKee team.
Robert Booth Nichols became the key source for Danny Casolaro who had contacted Lester K. Coleman seven days before his murder in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Nichols stated, in a lawsuit against the FBI and FBI agent Thomas Gates, that he has had no source of income for the past twenty+ years and yet his concealed weapons permit shows that he maintains many residences around the world. Sam Giacana was Nichols business partner and it is rumored that his mentor is the head of Yakuza in Hawaii. Nichols' lawsuit was sustained by a declaration submitted by the former head of the LA FBI, Ted Gunderson. Gunderson has stated to me and others that he owes his life to Nichols because he called off a mob hit on Gunderson. Gunderson also states that he is nothing but a private investigator but documents out of his own files show his intelligence connections.
270 people were killed on Pan Am 103 and the United States government is continually silencing witnesses who could tell the truth about what happened. Lawyers who hold the Coleman documents out for ransom, judges to use the law to torture and imprison individuals who would expose the intelligence prostitutes who whore for drugs, arms, power and money, and an apathetic public are the ones who are responsible for the murder of those who died at Lockerbie. Let Lester K. Coleman testify. Let Michael Riconosciuto testify. MAKE Robert Booth and Ellen Hopko Nichols testify. FORCE Michael T. Hurley to testify. MAKE THEM TELL THE TRUTH!! If the families of the victims want to really know what happened they should demand the head of Danny Casolaro's Octopus.
Sincerely _____
Lester Coleman Incarceration Update
To: RuMills List < Date: 4-17-00 From: Doretta Wildes < Reply-To:
Les called today expressing a need for reassurance that we have not given up on him. I told him to rest assured. His attorney (Mike Meehan) has contacted his doctor and arrangements have been made to get him his meds tonight. Meehan anticipates that Les will be moved to NY soon to appear before Judge Thomas Platt on Thursday (4/20).
Les tells me that he shares a cell with two others and that they are not treated very well.
Spoke with Ian Fergeason's wife who is making arrangements to forward me articles that appeared in a Glasgow newspaper. I will post them as they're received.
As yet unable to locate an address for Judge Platt. He is not listed as a judge in the Southern District Courts of NY. Will try to find an address in the Eastern District Courts. If any of you can do this quicker than I, go ahead.
I could also use help contacting Pacifica Radio (1-800-735-0230) based somewhere on the West Coast. The contacts there are Amy Goodman and Maria Carrion. Have left messages, but without a call back thus far.
All for now. Say prayers for Les and his family.
Blessings, Doretta
To: RuMills List < Cc: Mike Meehan <, Bill < X-eGroups-From: Doretta Wildes <
Les's attorney in Kentucky, Mike Meehan, has provided the appropriate way to address letters to Platt. See below. But don't expect to talk to the judge or fax him info. He will accept letters only.
Hon. Thomas C. Platt U.S. District Court Eastern District of New York 2 Uniondale Avenue Uniondale, NY 11553
(516) 292-1835 - Court Clerk's Office (516) 485-6508 - His Secretary's number (516) 486-6949 - Courtroom Deputy Number
By tomorrow, I should have a letter drafted out and will post it. Your letter should be RESPECTFUL but TO THE POINT. The main point being that Les has a family to care for and poses no threat to society at large. Throwing him into a federal prison is cruel given his circumstances; particularly since he is trying to appeal the perjury conviction, having pleaded guilty under duress. Also, Les still suffers the physical and emotional effects of his stay in the New York federal prison a few years ago, for which he requires treatment.
Let lawyers argue the legal points with Platt. Stick to the HUMAN SIDE OF HIS STORY, which is compelling in and of itself. Don't threaten Platt or wag your finger under his nose. That won't help Les. As I said, I will draft a letter which you are welcome to use as a template.
Just so that you know what sort of person Platt is, however, click on the following url:
This is apparently about a complaint filed against Platt for his decisions and specious reasoning in several cases, one of which was Les's case. This is a federal judge who has demonstrated contempt for basic human rights as well as the law of the land. How can this be? I think we all know.
Blessings to you. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT EVERY LETTER COUNTS. The greater our show of support, the better for Les in the long run.
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Well, let-it-happen and make-it-happen are not mutually exclusive.  Some members of government may have been given palusible deniability, they only let-it-happen (if that is any better).  Maybe Bush is in this category.  Others may have made it happen.  Maybe, Cheney is in this category.

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Both crimes are A) sabotage  and B) treason

The fat content is irrelevant

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I agree.  I just think it was a little from 'column A' and a little from 'column B' -- two columns!!

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Well, let-it-happen and make-it-happen are not mutually exclusive.  Some members of government may have been given palusible deniability, they only let-it-happen (if that is any better).  Maybe Bush is in this category.  Others may have made it happen.  Maybe, Cheney is in this category.

Well put!!!
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