Author Topic: Discovery channel Underwear bomber propaganda. Next week.  (Read 2916 times)

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Discovery channel Underwear bomber propaganda. Next week.
« on: March 06, 2010, 10:55:57 pm »

The discovery channel has conveniently decided to air a show about the Underwear Bomber.
I have no idea what the content of the show is about. If it resembles any of the 911 coverup show then it will no doubt be a hack job.

They will  more than likely leave out the second person who escorted the bomber onto the plane and the fact he was escorted around security.
They will deny there is video evidence of the bomber even tho there are more than 30 or more cameras per terminal, covering who security checks and baggage as well as entrances onto and leaving the plane.

The fact the fbi called an eye witness  a liar 5 times in public before admitting the truth after being pressured by 4-5 more eye witnesses of the second sharp dressed man arrested.

They will no doubt ignore the eye witnesses stating there was a passenger  video taping the bomber the entire time he was on the aircraft.

If this show covers these topics then maybe discovery has cleaned up its act.

My personal opinion i believe this is public reinforcement to justify full body scanners.These scanners violate your rights and your privacy. Dehumanizes you and subjects you to humiliation. Resist the body scanners. Never go through them make them arrest you.Make them act like they tyrants they are.