Author Topic: UK elite making up crappy stories about puppet Gordon Brown  (Read 2217 times)

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UK elite making up crappy stories about puppet Gordon Brown
« on: February 25, 2010, 06:38:02 am »
First, the allegations that Brown would shout at staff members. Now this. Seems like they're trying to occupy the public with celebrity-esque stories, so they can bring in their next puppet, David Cameron. They know the public is angry. They know we want dirt on these people. But they know the public isn't informed about WMDs or David Kelly or anything else. So, they give the public this: a shouting outrage. All these allegations coming out at the same time is weird. Surely this is proof of a concerted media attempt to make up crap. BTW, that picture is really creepy. And also, reminds me Jones shouting, "you ruined my life!" on his show [see video here]

February 25, 2010
‘You ruined my life’, Brown yelled in showdown before Blair departed

Gordon Brown repeatedly shouted at Tony Blair “you ruined my life” in a showdown that led to the former Prime Minister leaving 10 Downing Street, it was claimed last night.

Mr Blair described the confrontation to aides later as “ghastly” and “terrible”, according to leaked extracts of Andrew Rawnsley’s new book, which claims that Mr Brown was implicated in the 2006 coup attempt to topple his predecessor.

The allegations came as Mr Brown’s relationship with his most senior Civil Service and political colleagues came under renewed scrutiny. Sir Gus O’Donnell, the Cabinet Secretary, said that he repeatedly spoke to Mr Brown about how to get the best out of his civil servants.

The Prime Minister held clear-the-air talks in private with Alistair Darling before denying in public that he had ever sanctioned hostile briefings against his Chancellor.

Mr Darling had earlier surprised colleagues by suggesting that No 10 had unleashed “the forces of hell” against him for speaking out of turn in a 2008 interview.

After David Cameron taunted Mr Brown at Question Time in the Commons about his treatment of colleagues, suggesting that he and the Chancellor were “at war”, the Prime Minister faced fresh claims about his behaviour towards colleagues in The Guardian today.

In a two-hour showdown in September 2006, Mr Brown demanded that Mr Blair set a date when he would stand aside, and fix it so that no one stood against the Chancellor at the time, according to Mr Rawnsley’s book The End of the Party, which has put the Prime Minister’s temperament centre-stage for the past few days.

“Who do you think is better than me? Do you think there is anyone who is better than me?” it quotes Mr Brown as saying, before dismissing potential rivals. John Reid was “far too right-wing”, he said, Alan Johnson was “a lightweight” and David Miliband was much too young.

The book also suggests that when Mr Brown called for time to think during a Treasury meeting, Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary and his ally, told him it was too late, an apparent reference to the coup that was being organised by Tom Watson, then Defence Minister, who was about to resign and call on Mr Blair to quit. A spokesman for Mr Balls denied the allegation.

With his behaviour under scrutiny as never before, Mr Brown used a GMTV interview to admit that he got angry sometimes — “Doesn’t everybody?”, he asked. The working environment in No 10, he said, was “like a family”, but he sometimes had to push colleagues to get things done. “You don’t solve a world recession by being a shrinking violet.”

The Cabinet Secretary has spoken to Mr Brown about how to get the best out of his staff, he said yesterday. Sir Gus denied that he had reprimanded the Prime Minister about allegations last weekend of bullying behaviour, but he said that he had encouraged Mr Brown to praise civil servants if he was pleased with their work.

Earlier Sir Gus was interrogated by MPs about his own relationship with Mr Brown. He said that he had given no verbal warnings nor called for any investigations: “I have never talked to the Prime Minister about his behaviour in relation to bullying No 10 staff but, of course, I talk to the Prime Minister about how to get the best out of his civil servants.”

Sir Gus refused to discuss the conduct of Damian McBride, Mr Brown’s former press spokesman. “I’m not prepared to get into conversations about individuals,” he said.

Mr McBride was implicitly identified by Mr Darling as one of the aides who had briefed against him when he suggested that Britain’s economic outlook was the worst it had been for 60 years.

Mr Brown told GMTV yesterday that he had huge respect for Mr Darling. “I would never instruct anybody to do anything other than support my Chancellor,” he said.


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Re: UK elite making up crappy stories about puppet Gordon Brown
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Its all about creating an illusion of democracy.