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Joseph Andrew Stack’s Facebook: Who is Emily Walters?
« on: February 21, 2010, 12:07:49 pm »
Joseph Andrew Stack’s Facebook: Who is Emily Walters?   
Donald Borsch Jr. February 18, 2010

Today, a man named Joseph Andrew Stack killed himself by flying a single prop plane into an office building in Austin, TX. His name is all over the news, and understandably so. The building that he crashed into housed the IRS and had 190 employees. In his planning to kill himself, he left a suicide note. This note has been removed from the Internet, but we have it here for you to view within an article from Renovo Media. It had originally been posted on Embedded Art. In this note, you will notice the words of a man who hated the IRS deeply.

This afternoon, there was a Facebook page with Joseph’s name on it, and it gave the distinct impression of him being a TEA Party-type, citing Ron Paul and using the Gadsden Flag as the FB icon. It would appear he was nothing more than a right-wing extremist who had an axe to really grind with the IRS. Please notice I said, “it would appear.”

The nagging question is, however, who created this Facebook page for Joseph Andrew Stack? The answer: a woman named Emily Walters. However, the FB page in question has been removed due to the sensitive nature of this morning’s event. The link to see it, that I have set here, is from Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom.

Who is Emily Walters, and why would she create a Facebook page for a dead man? It seems suspiciously convenient for her to place several TEA Party-ish and right-wing links and articles onto that FB page, now doesn’t it? It is suspiciously convenient that the media has already started to paint a picture of Joseph Andrew Stack being a fringe right-winger whose hatred for government, and the IRS specifically, drove him to kill himself and try to kill IRS employees in Austin.

Hating the IRS is not an issue that can be solely claimed by the left or the right, or pinned onto the left or the right exclusively. People from all “political stripes” don’t really care for the IRS. There is more to this story than we are seeing.

Again, who is Emily Walters and when will she be questioned as to how she put Joseph’s Facebook page together? There are questions that are not being asked, and it’s time we started.
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