Author Topic: Christmas Crotch Bomber Incident and Chertoff's Connection  (Read 2361 times)

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Christmas Crotch Bomber Incident and Chertoff's Connection
« on: January 09, 2010, 07:41:24 pm »

I highly recommend everyone check out these two links. They are bombshells. First off, did you know that it was none other than Israel’s security co. ICTS, famous for security on 9-11, Richard Reid, London Tube Bombings, and now currently security for LAX, Amsterdam and Vancouver airports with the Olympics coming up this year?? And guess what? Heres the bombshell…

Do you know who’s been all over mainstream media pimping for body scanners? None other than son of Mossad founder, Michael Chertoff. That's right. His company “The Chertoff Group, is tied to the body scanner machine company and it was none other than Joe Lieberman in the Senate who was the first to say we needed to attack Yemen and get body scanners. At 190K each scanning machine, thats a lot of $. Figure what… 60-100 gates each airport? Do the math for the whole USA. Here’s the link to first a video I posted, and secondly a great article tying all this together… And wouldn't bomb sniffing dogs work much better at a way lower cost?