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By Hawk | | Dec. 12, 2009

Is Blackwater, JSOC,and CIA trianing a multinational global suppression force?

The Dark Prince

This month Eric Prince has resigned from the scandal ridden Xe inc. formerly know as Blackwater, revealing a decade long relationship as a deep cover CIA operative specifically tasked with building and mobilizing an elite army of private assassins for the CIA.


I wrote this article because I am starting to realize the war on terror is more of a front operation to integrate the special forces of the democratic nations... getting ready for a global strike force possibly. Any thoughts?

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The wars are for Dope, Inc.

Global Strike forces are just a tactic used to assist the Dope, Inc. agenda.

Dope, Inc. = East/West India Trading Companies = Committee of 300 = Bilderberg elites = NWO
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