Author Topic: Concerning mainstream media interviews to people opposing the globalist agenda  (Read 2849 times)

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"The National Post wanted to send one of their chief writers here, who's writing a book, to interview me, and I told them 'No'. And you know what? I'm just gonna start telling all the media 'No'. I don't wanna talk to the newspapers and the magazines so they can try to spin and distort what we say."

--- Alex Jones, during the first hour of his Thursday, December 10th 2009, radio show

I don't know how fully will he implement his decision, since there might be some worthwhile exceptions to the rule. But I wanted to call everyone's attention to this.

This was a wise decision, in my opinion, made by Alex Jones.

This is exactly what I think, for years now. Don't give them the chance. Boycott the corporate media. Build your own one instead, and your message will get out undistorted. The only thing the mainstream media is worried about, when it comes to report on people opposing the interests it serves, is on demonizing them, making them look ridiculous and distorting their message.

This way, they surely also expect to "vaccinate" people against their message, so that when someone comes with direct contact with the persons trying to get their message out, his or her reaction will be to say "Oh, you're one of those... that thinks this and that...", thinking s/he already knows all about what you stand for and either not wanting to listen to you or filtering everything you say through the distorted view s/he has previously been exposed to.

And please note: I'm talking about "corporate"/"mainstream" media. Don't go out looking sideways at every local newspaper or such that might be honestly trying to report about you.

And also, don't be one of those retards that go on assaulting reporters and calling them names. Just politely say "No", explain why if they want you to and present them your own alternative source, and ignore them.

(I'm just giving my opinion here. Most of all, I want you to think for yourselves about this. As I said, there might be some situations where it is worthwhile to make an exception.)


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agree completely with boycotting them.
freeze them out totally
glenn beck included

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Either the people they are interviewing are sending out disinfo, or/and it is to preserve the integrity of the newsstation. However it is never sincere.