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Immediate Action Item -- Health Care
« on: November 03, 2009, 05:55:42 pm »
Say NO to Health Care

 The bugles are sounding the battle charge as we round the corner for the final vote on the "worst piece" of legislation on healthcare, HR3962. We all know there is no Republican nor Democrat; there is only Right and Wrong and this is the wrong direction for America. Here are just a few highlights from this bad legislation, highlights that overshadow the more publicized issues such as paid abortions, death panels, public option, and the famous rationing of care. Yes, all of the above are written in the bill with a "robust" language that even lawyers are having a problem interpreting.

 Some of the newer topics include:  Page 1432 allows allotment of $750 billion to states that enact new settlement laws on malpractice suits. Sounds great except states receive the money only if the caps on damages and attorney fees are not affected. States that have tort reform will receive no funding unless it becomes non binding and federal regulations will supersede. Page 1183 section 1904 provides $750 billion set aside to establish guidelines for childhood development and to establish agencies to police the policies within households.  

 The bill contains the words "comparative effectiveness" which is the new buzz word for rationing.  Throughout the bill these words explain how panels (18 of them set up by the Sec. of Health Kathleen Sebelius) will evaluate to approve or deny care. If you have Medicare Plus, which is the supplemental care package for seniors, your premiums will increase dramatically in order to phase out this care.  Those policy holders will then be transferred to the "consumer healthcare pool" where the public option is the only choice.  

 For all Americans that must purchase healthcare policies, policies available will not be your shopping cart variety where you pick and choose levels. Mandates will force private insurance to uni-laterally cover catastrophic diseases for all holders. Seems rational unless your 30 years old, paying for diseases like Alzheimer's care. Every existing policy will stand to increase 14% - 35% to cover these mandates.   Without addressing the taxes on all medical devices (pacemakers included), cost to small business to label all food nutritional value (vending machines included), stiff penalties for noncompliance, and illegal immigrants receiving free care, I think you get the picture.

 The legislation, which the Wall Street Journal has called “The Worst Bill Ever,” relies on a bloated spending scheme estimated at $1.055 trillion over the next decade according to the Congressional Budget Office. That doesn’t even count the more than $200 billion that will be needed to shore up reimbursements for doctors and hospitals. With the final version of the bill coming in at 1,990 pages- that’s roughly $2.2 million per word.

 When all seems dim, there is a bright light shining on all Americans who truly believe our country, constitution, and traditions are the greatest gift endowed by our creator. For the last 7 months you have rose up from silence and have become the force to be reckoned with. I know this because every congress person that finds out I organize rallies repeatedly says that one fax, letter, email, phone call, drives a fear inside of every politician scared of attaching their name to bad legislation. This is usually followed by a “keep up the good work" remark.  

 We need 50 "Blue Dog Democrats" to vote "NO" on this HR 3962 piece of sh!t.  I believe this will be an easy task for Patriots like you to accomplish.  Remember, we have come from the ashes of a "slam dunk" and so far we have kept them from ramming this crap down our throats.

Here is the plan and remember we only have till Friday before the vote:

If you have not written a letter to the targeted Senators and Congressmen, take the time to do so today. Just write a short paragraph to say "NO to HR3962" to Congress names below, make sure you sign you name and print your name.

Call the numbers on the target list below.  Call the main switchboard if possible.  A voice will resonate with a politician.  Remember to say HR3962 and vote NO.  

Sen Michael Bennet (D- CO)       DC Office 202-224-5852    Fax 202-224-5852
Sen Ben Nelson (D- NE)             DC Office 202-224-6551    Fax 202-228-0012
Sen Mary Landrieu (D- LA)         DC Office 202-224-5824    Fax 202-224-9735
Sen Blanche Lincoln (D- AR)       DC Office 202-224-4843    Fax 202-228-1371
Sen Mark Pryor (D- AR)             DC Office 202-224-2353    Fax 202-228-0908
Sen Robert C. Byrd (D- WV)       DC Office 202-224-3954    Fax 202-228-0002
Sen Jim Webb (D- VA)               DC Office 202-224-4024    Fax 202-228-6363
Sen Mark R. Warner (D- VA)       DC Office 202-224-2023    Fax 202-224-6295
Sen Jon Tester (D- MT)             DC Office 202-224-2644    Fax 202-224-8594
Sen Joe Lieberman (I- CT)          DC Office 202-224-4041     Fax 202-224-9750
Sen Evan Bayh (D- IN)               DC Office 202-224-5623     Fax 202-228-1377

Rep Marion Berry (D - AR)           DC Office 202-225-4076     Fax 202-225-5602
Rep Mike Ross (D - AR)               DC Office 202-225-3772     Fax 202-225-1314
Rep Mike Arcuri (D - NY)             DC Office 202-225-3665     Fax 202-225-1891
Rep Dan Maffei (D - NY)             DC Office 202-225-3701     Fax 202-225-4042
Rep Mike McMahon (D - NY)        DC Office 202-225-3371     Fax 202-226-1272
Rep John A. Boccieri (D - OH)      DC Office 202-225-3876     Fax 202-225-3059  
Rep Steve Driehaus (D - OH)       DC Office 202-225-2216     Fax 202-225-3012
Rep Marcy Kaptur (D - OH)         DC Office 202-225-4146      Fax 202-225-7711
Rep Dennis Kucinich (D - OH)      DC Office 202-225-5871      Fax 202-225-5745
Rep Allen Boyd (D - FL)             DC Office 202-225-5235       Fax 202-225-5615
Rep Ron Klein (D - FL)               DC Office 202-225-3026       Fax 202-225-8398  
Rep Suzanne Kosmas (D - FL)     DC Office 202-225-2706       Fax 202-226-6299
Rep Chris Carney (D - PA)          DC Office 202-225-3731       Fax 202-225-9594
Rep Paul Kanjorski (D - PA)         DC Office 202-225-6511       Fax 202-225-0764
Rep Jason Altmire (D - PA)         DC Office 202-225-2565       Fax 202-225-2274
Rep John Murtha (D - PA)          DC Office 202-225-2065       Fax 202-225-5709
Rep Gerry Connolly (D - VA)       DC Office 202-225-1492        Fax 202-225-3071
Rep Glenn Nye (D - VA)             DC Office 202-225-4215        Fax 202-225-4218
Rep Tom Perriello (D - VA)         DC Office 202-225-4711        Fax 202-225-5681
Rep Rick Boucher (D - VA)         DC Office 202-225-3861        Fax 202-225-0442
Rep Henry Cuellar (D - TX)         DC Office 202-225-1640        Fax 202-225-1641
Rep Chet Edwards (D - TX)        DC Office 202-225-6105        Fax 202-225-0350
Rep Ciro Rodriguez (D - TX)        DC Office 202-225-4511        Fax 202-225-2237
Rep Brad Ellsworth (D - IN)        DC Office 202-225-4636        Fax 202-225-3284
Rep Peter Visclosky (D - IN)       DC Office 202-225-2461        Fax 202-225-2493
Rep Joe Donnelly (D - IN)          DC Office 202-225-3915         Fax 202-225-6798
Rep Bob Etheridge (D - IN)         DC Office 202-225-4531          Fax 202-225-5662
Rep Gabrielle Giffords (D - AZ)     DC Office 202-225-2542        Fax 202-225-0378
Rep Ann Kirkpatrick (D - AZ)        DC Office 202-225-2315       Fax 202-226-9739
Rep Harry Mitchell (D - AZ)         DC Office 202-225-2190          fax 202-225-3263
Rep Debbie Halvorson (D - IL)     DC Office 202-225-3635        Fax 202-225-3521
Rep Melissa Bean (D - IL)          DC Office 202-225-3711         Fax 202-225-7830
Rep Paul Hodes, II (D - NH)       DC Office 202-225-5206         Fax 202-225-2946
Rep Jay Inslee (D - WA)           DC Office 202-225-6311         Fax 202-225-1606
Rep Jim Langevin (D - RI)         DC Office 202-225-2735         Fax 202-225-5976
Rep Stephen Lynch (D - MA)     DC Office 202-225-8273         Fax 202-225-3984      
Rep Ed Markey (D - MA)           DC Office 202-225-2836         Fax 202-226-0092
Rep Alan B. Mollohan (D - WV)   DC Office 202-225-4172         Fax 202-225-7564
Rep Nick Rahall (D - WV)          DC Office 202-225-3452         Fax 202-225-9061
Rep Gary Peters (D - MI)          DC Office 202-225-5802         Fax 202-226-2356
Rep Bart Stupak (D - MI)         DC Office 202-225-4735         Fax 202-225-4744
Rep Laura Richardson (D - CA)  DC Office 202-225-7924         Fax 202-225-7926
Rep Dennis Cardoza (D - CA)    DC Office 202-225-6131         Fax 202-225-0819
Rep Jim Costa (D - CA)           DC Office 202-225-3341         Fax 202-225-9308
Rep Linda Sanchez (D - CA)     DC Office 202-225-6676         Fax 202-226-1012
Rep Dutch Ruppersberger (D - MD)  DC Office 202-225-3061     Fax 202-225-3094
Rep Kurt Schrader (D - OR)       DC Office 202-225-5711        Fax 202-225-5699
Rep David Wu (D - OR)             DC Office 202-225-0855        Fax 202-225-9497
Rep David Scott (D - GA)         DC Office 202-225-2939        Fax 202-225-4628
Rep John Barrow (D - GA)        DC Office 202-225-223          Fax 202-225-3377
Rep Jim Marshall (D - GA)         DC Office 202-225-6531        Fax 202-225-3013
Rep Adam Smith (D - WA)        DC Office 202-225-8901        Fax 253-593-6776
Rep Brian Baird (D - WA)          DC Office 202-225-3536        Fax 202-225-2478
Rep John Adler (D - NJ)           DC Office 202-225-4765        Fax 202-225-0778
Rep Travis Childers (D - MS)     DC Office 202-225-4306        Fax 202-225-3549
Rep Gene Taylor (D - MS)        DC Office 202-225-5772        Fax 202-225-7074
Rep Artur Davis (D - AL)          DC Office 202-225-2665        Fax 202-226-9567
Rep Parker Griffith (D - AL)      DC Office 202-225-4801        Fax 202-225-4392
Rep Baron Hill (D - IN)            DC Office 202-225-5315        Fax 202-226-6866
Rep Steve Kagen (D - WI)      DC Office 202-225-5655         Fax 202-225-5729
Rep Dan Lipinski (D - IL)         DC Office 202-225-5701         Fax 202-225-1012
Rep Jim Matheson (D - UT)     DC Office 202-225-3011         Fax 202-225-5638
Rep Mike Michaud (D - ME)     DC Office 202-225-6306         Fax 202-225- 2943
Rep Collin Peterson (D - MN)   DC Office 202-225-2165         Fax 202-225-1593
Repr Ike Skelton (D - MO)       DC Office 202-225-2876        Fax 202-225-2695

Call or fax every single one of these. I double dog, no TRIPLE DOG dare you to. I will post up the zip codes later, we might need them.

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