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Letting Them Believe...
« on: September 12, 2009, 02:04:27 pm »
 As I sat and watched Glen Beck espouse the taking back of our political system it dawned on me that the amount of energy being spent to garner  support  behind a movement that will in all truthfulness lead only to the demise of those believing in it, for their founders, like Beck, are at best misguided themselves and more likely dyed in the wool Judas goats leading many down the road to destruction only to abandoned the movement at the last moment saving their own skin while being paid off in a back room for doing such a good job.

 He ( Beck) and numerous other talking heads continue to foster the idea we are still under a Constitutional rule of Law. Never do they, or will they, betray their masters by pointing out that under U.N. Treaty we now at pandemic Level 6 are under U.N. jurisdiction and our Rights as spelled out in the Original Bill of Rights no longer exist.

 Not until it is actually too late to counter any monetary, political, or military option will they clue the majority in on what is actually happening.

 A perfect storm of Tyranny and Oppression is about to converge upon us here in the U.S and those in the MSM are leading the masses down the path of no return all the while Letting Them Believe...
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