Author Topic: ** Dr. Russell Blaylock on AJ show Sept 4 - on Vaccines & Healthcare bill  (Read 557 times)

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Dr. Russell Blaylock (A neurologist) on Alex Jones Friday, Sept 4, 2009

(He talks about how Vaccines Cause Brain Damage and the deceit of the Healthcare Bill, HR 3200 (It will be priority when Congress gets back Sept 8, 2009. READ THIS BILL AND CALL CONGRESS! REMIND THEM THERE IS AN ELECTION IN 2010 AND THEY WILL NOT GET YOUR VOTE IF THEY VOTE FOR THIS BILL! WE WANT A REAL BILL AND REAL REFORM, BUT NOT THIS NONSENSE!)

The Bill - HR 3200:

Video Series 1 - 8:

After listening, go here for more details:
Don't believe me. Look it up yourself!