Author Topic: Magnesium–The Miracle Mineral: Essential for Health and Detoxification  (Read 63755 times)

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Re: Magnesium–The Miracle Mineral: Essential for Health and Detoxification
« Reply #40 on: February 28, 2011, 12:04:32 pm »
I've had trouble with heart burn and had been taking about 2 TUMS every day for the past two years.  it ended up giving me a kidney stone due to the increase in calcium.  passed the stone and started taking Magnesium Citrate in tablet form, 100 mg/day and have not had the first bout of heart burn and have felt great!  sleeping better and regular now too!
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Re: Barium detox & aluminum protection using magnesium & epsom salts
« Reply #41 on: July 27, 2011, 04:02:36 pm »
Many factors affect magnesium availability from foods. One is the amount of magnesium in the soil in which the food is grown. Much magnesium can be lost in the processing and refining of foods and in making oils from the magnesium rich nuts and seeds. Nearly 85% of the magnesium in grains is lost during the milling process. Soaking and boiling foods can leach magnesium and other minerals. Oxalic acid in vegetables such as spinach and chard cause magnesium to eliminate rather than be absorbed. These are the reasons many get insufficient magnesium from diets.

Thanks for the article, very informational. I have known for a while that as a whole most of us are magnesium deficient. As stated there are a number of ways to increase the amount in your diet. I'm not sure putting it in bath water works. In my search I found purest colloids  that can be added to foods. Anyone with any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. A word of caution to the person suggesting that a person could never get too much, that is so not true for people with renal failure. In renal failure in builds up and can cause a whole lot of problems.

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Re: Magnesium–The Miracle Mineral: Essential for Health and Detoxification
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topical is best. or you can swim in the ocean and get tons of trace minerals through your skin.