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The IT Architect Regional Conference is the largest event in New York City to address the pressing needs of IT architects today. There are over 30 seminars and five tracks separated by specialty: Enterprise, Infrastructure, Software, Information and Fundamentals. Architects of all levels can take their skills to the next level.

Enterprise Architecture Track:
Learn efficient strategies for linking your enterprise strategy to implementation, create and articulate sound ROI, prioritize your objectives, inspire employees to share your vision, dive in to governance concepts, and enhance your agile strategies.

Infrastructure Architecture Track:
Create and maintain successful deliverables, position service oriented architecture within a sound enterprise infrastructure, model network, security, information and technical architectures, better utilize your tools to optimize your infrastructure services, and align operations and SLAs to support your project.

Software Architecture Track:
Increase alignment between architecture, business and development, troubleshoot your software architecture, assess architecture and software maturity, drive architecture evolution by effectively selecting next generation technology through a rigorous evaluation process, integrate with dynamic management processes, governance for the successful software architect, and enhance design with realistic software architecture toolsets.

Fundamentals of Architecture Track:
Develop skills needed by every architect based on learning from senior architects around the world, learn effective communication techniques, dive into real strategies for design optimization, communicate ROI and the value of architecture to your stakeholders, explore, build effective teams and learn the fundamentals that provide the backbone of the architect's skill set

NEW!  An Information Architecture Track will be added to the agenda!  Details coming soon.

Architecture Titans meeting in New York

On October 12-14, 2009 in New York IASA will hold the biggest IT Architect Regional Conference (ITARC) ever held, perhaps the biggest IT Architecture conference ever held anywhere. Although it is billed as a regional conference it will bring together most of the leading architects of our generation, people like Grady Booch, John Zachman, Eric Evans, Bill Inmon, Len Bass, etc. This is the first time that all these industry though-leaders have ever assembled in one place.

In addition to hearing keynotes about the state of architecture today from these thought-leaders you will also hear from many other local and national architects in five parallel breakout tracks and have the option to attend a one day training pre-conference as well.

Please attend the conference. Furthermore, whether you can attend or, not please post the conference announcement prominently where you work and pass it on to all other senior developers, architects, CTOs, and CIOs in your company. Also please pass it on to your peers in other companies and post it on any social networks that you use like Twitter and LinkedIn. We have a lot of great architects committed to attend and we need to make this a success.

In order to stimulate attendance we are offering a 10% discount off the listed registration fee to anyone who registers using the special user group registration code: chapter2346. Also, for every company that registers three attendees they will get a fourth attendee from that company in free!

For more details on the event please see the event description here.

Please help us make New York the Architecture capital of the world in October.


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IASA New York IT Architect Regional Conference 2009

As some of you know I run the local chapter of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA).  The chapter will be holding its 2009 IT Architect Regional Conference (ITARC) on October 12-14, 2009.    

Last year the conference was a big success. For this year we have lined up several well-known architects to participate.  Major industry architects already committed to participate this year are:

Grady Booch

Chief Scientist, Software Engineering in IBM Research. He is best known for developing the Unified Modeling Language with Ivar Jacobson and James Rumbaugh. Also the founder of Rational Software.

John Zachman

Chief Executive Officer of Zachman International, and the originator of the Zachman Framework.

Angela Yochem

Director, IT Information Architecture, Dell Inc. Formerly Strategic Architecture Management Executive and Senior Vice President, Bank of America

Len Bass

Senior Member of the Technical Staff at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University and the Co-author of the best-selling book: Architecture in Practice.

Walt Okon

Chief Architect, DoD Information Sharing, Architecture & Interoperability, Networks and Information Integration, Chief Information Officer, Office Of Secretary Of Defense

Eric Evans

Author of the book Domain Driven Design and the father of that discipline.

In addition we will have quite a few local architects presenting as well.  We are still in the process of setting up the web site but you can find more information about the conference here.