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Bill Gates, Chelsea Clinton predict global bio-terrorist pandemic
February 28, 2017

On January 18th, in an article titled, “Bill Gates is Teaming Up with World Leaders to Stop the Next Deadly Pandemic,” Business Insider reported that “Governments from Germany, Japan, and Norway have pooled funds along with the Gates Foundation to raise a total of $490 million so far. The target is $1 billion, which Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) says will help finance the first five years of research and development.” (Top Globalists Foreshadow An Apocalyptic Biological Attack)

Gates appeared at January 2017’s Davos World Economic Forum, flaunting his CEPI program.

One CBS News headline read, “Bill Gates on How to Outsmart Global Epidemics.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is listed as a member of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Remember, as outlined in Bill Clinton’s book, his foundation and others like it are the ones calling for better obedience from organizations like WHO.

If the chips fall, it’s the foundations and trust funds that want to be the ones sitting on top.

In fact, an out-of-control pandemic might be the crisis of choice for the global elite.

Beyond a large death count, an out-of-control virus spreading worldwide could trigger the U.N. to impose their International Health Regulations, or IHR, which intends to manage the world’s response to a global outbreak of a deadly pathogen.

In early 2017, the Oxford Press released, “Governing Global Health: Who Runs The World and Why” by – who would have guessed it – Chelsea Clinton and co-authored by Devi Sridhar.

The book discusses the current global model of principal/agent theory, or Public Private Partnerships funding and managing a coordinated response of a worldwide pandemic and what is needed to improve this model.

The “Governing Global Health” description reads, “One of the more important recent trends in global health governance, though, has been the rise of public-private partnerships (PPPs) where private non-governmental organizations, for-profit enterprises, and various other social entrepreneurs work hand-in-hand with governments to combat specific maladies.”

Basically, the moneymen (the banks and trust funds) that fund international health bureaucracies like the U.N., the WHO and The World Bank, are not doing a good enough job managing their money, or not following through with some actions these money-groups hoped would happen.

The case made in this book suggests ways the requests of the those financing these plans are heard loud and clear and acted upon appropriately.

In the case of a world pandemic, make no bones about it, it’s the mega-banks and trusts who will remain the ones “Who Run The World.”

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Geo - I totally agree, although not sure if it's the BillGates virus...
but they're going to go for a new Pearl Harbor ver. 3:

Cyber attacks..? (this ff would reinforce the clampdown on internet freedom; digital shackles on all)
IEDs...? (this ff would reinforce the ban, continued war with middle east, new war with Iran, etc.)
Something that shows "it was the judges' fault" ...? (this ff would work towards destroying the 'need' for a judicial branch)

Of course, they never fail to optimize the agenda when there's a crisis, so all of the above could be accomplished with the right mix of elements in a ff. Plus - add gun control, biometric ids, forced vaccination... the agenda is big; calls for a big ff).

After 911, we found clues that led up to that day...
Now is the time to start gathering clues... because I think there's something going on.

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