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There is so much speculation and it seems everyone is an expert, but there is no homogenous picture of the religous aspect. Instead of parroting speculation and other researchers, may I suggest going to the sources? Itīs really quite simple: - United Religions Initiative under United Nations, purpose to draw all religions into one big ball of useless and watered down dogma that no one likes - The alternative, yet to be presented to us is this invented religion, still listed as an actual alternative. Based on the Gaia religion it promotes a "Fourth World" (Laid out by Maurice Strong among others) which is a world where people belong to the earth (Gaia) and not the other way around. Represented on the United Nations own page by the Truncated Pyramide (also found on your one dollar bill etc). The symbol of the United Religions Initiative is strange "wheel" that resembles both the star of David and the Swastika. This is not speculation, this is straight from the United Nations own page. Just go there, look and read. There is no need for additional speculation about if they are satanic or not, wishes to practice human sacrfice or whatever. This is bad enough. There is so much noise and distortion, so much speculation and twisting of facts to make things into something they are not. There are simple sources with fairly simple (but horrible) answers. I suggest using them.

Recommended reading:
The Gaia atlas of first peoples : a future for the indigenous world, Julian Burger ; with campaigning groups and native peoples worldwide ; foreword by Maurice F. Strong
Recommended clothing while reading: Helmet :)