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"Democracy is a theater. It's not by some reason that Theater and Democracy were born in the same city-state - Classic Athens. It's a theater in the positive meaning of the term, where people confront each other in the name of ideals, proposals and also of personalities, naturally, but confront each other with words, not weapons, only armed with words. That's what makes the enchantment of Democracy. And then it has a system of control that makes the people, in a last instance, the sovereigns of the reagents."

--- Augusto Santos Silva, in an interview to a Portuguese state TV channel on February of 2009


"What then is the function of a Parliament or a Congress for Hegetians? These institutions are merely to allow individuals to feel that opinions have some value and to allow a government to take advantage of whatever wisdom the 'peasant' may accidentally demonstrate. As Hegel puts it: 'By virtue of this participation, subjective liberty and conceit, with their general opinion, (individuals) can show themselves palpably efficacious and enjoy the satisfaction of feeling themselves to count for something.'"

--- Antony C. Sutton, "America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones"

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Re: Interesting quote about Democracy by Portuguese bilderberger
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The politicians will not pay, they'll be dead by then.  But their families wont be...
If we simply got together and used our heads, we could have whatever our hearts desired