Author Topic: Sotomayor - SCOTUS nominee: "Right to Bear Arms Is Unconstitutional"  (Read 18625 times)

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Re: SCOTUS nominee Sotomayor: "Right to Bear Arms Is Unconstitutional"
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 Soto is a brittle diabetic. How many reactions has she had that have diminished her mental capacities ? My ex-wife was a brittle diabetic . She is the same age . She has had numerous reactions and her brain is fried. She never drank or caroused or did anything but normal activities. . When she turned 50 she came home from work and said to me after 30 years of marriage . I want a divorce. We divorced and soon therafter she got breast implants and started hanging out at a 20 somethings night club every night. She never drank when we were married. She mentally regressed to a state of mind of a 20 year old. She started having sex with boys younger than our youngest son then 24. She got 3 DUIs in 1 year. A year later she had a heart attack and a quadruple by-pass. Is this whats in store for Soto ???