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CIA/LSD Huxley/Leary MK ULTRA Timeline
« on: October 15, 2007, 12:37:01 pm »

1938 - Dr. Albert Hofmann synthesizes LSD-25
Spring 1942 - The Office of Strategic Services convenes a committee to oversee the search for a truth drug

April 16, 1943 - Hofmann accidentally discovers the hallucinogenic effects of LSD

April 19, 1943 - Hofmann undertakes the first self-experiment with LSD

September 1945 - OSS disbanded

October 1945 - US Navy Technical Mission reports on Nazi mescaline experiments at the Dachau concentration camp

1947 - CIA formed; U.S. Navy initiates mescaline studies under the auspices of Project Chatter

1947 - First report on LSD appears in a Swiss pharmacological journal

1948 - CIA authorized to undertake covert operations

1949 - Dr. Max Rinkel brings LSD to the United States from Sandoz Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland and initiates work with LSD in Boston; Nick Bercel commences LSD study in Los Angeles

1950 - CIA launches Project Bluebird

May 1950 - First article about LSD appears in the American Psychiatric Journal

1951 - Captain Al Hubbard turns on to LSD

August 1951 - The CIA's Inspection & Security Staff initiates the Artichoke Project

October 21, 1951 - First documented evidence of CIA experimentation with LSD

1952 - Dr. Humphry Osmond discloses similarity between mescaline and adrenaline molecule; begins experiments with hallucinogenic at a hospital in Saskatchewan

December 1952 - George Hunter White, on loan from the Federal Narcotics Bureau, begins administering LSD to unwitting U.S. citizens at a CIA safehouse in Greenwich Village

January 1953 - Harold Blauer dies of an overdose of MDA during an Army-sponsored drug experiment

April 13, 1953 - The CIA's Technical Services Staff initiates the MK-ULTRA Project

1953 - Dr. Humphry Osmond begins treating alcoholics with LSD

May 1953 - Aldous Huxley's first mescaline experience

November 1953 - Army biochemist Frank Olsen commits suicide after CIA doses him with LSD

1954 - CIA begins Operation MK-PILOT at Lexingon Narcotics Hospital

1954 - Aldous Huxley's Doors of Perception published

mid-1954 - Eli Lilly synthesizes LSD at the CIA's behest

1955 - Aldous Huxley's first LSD trip; the publication of Huxley's Heaven and Hell

1955- Army begins testing LSD at Edgewood arsenal

1956? - Dr. Humphry Osmond coins the word "psychedelic"

May 1957 - Life magazine published R. Gordon Wasson's account of his magic mushroom experience

1958 - Army begins BZ experiments

1959 - Josiah Macy Foundation sponsors major scientific congress on LSD

1959 - Allen Ginsberg tries LSD for the first time

1960 - American Indians granted sanctioned use of peyote as a religious matter

Summer 1960 - Timothy Leary turns on to magic mushrooms in Mexico

1961 - US Army initiates LSD interrogations under Operation Third Chance in Western Europe

1962 - U.S. Army launches Operation Derby Hat in Asia

1962 - The Gamblers, a California surfing band, release a song "LSD-25"; underground LSD appears on both coasts; FDA makes first LSD bust

1962 - Dr. Alexander Shulgin records the effects of MMDA ("ecstasy")

1962 - The superhallucinogen BZ becomes part of the US Army's standardized chemical warfare arsenal

1962 - The CIA withdraws support for above-ground LSD research studies

1962 - Congress passes new drug safety regulations and the FDA designates LSD an experimental drug and restricts research

1963 - Williams Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg publish The Yage Letters

May 1963 - Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert fired from Harvard

November 22, 1963 - Aldous Huxley dies shortly after JFK assassination

1964 - Army begins using BZ gas in Vietnam

Summer 1964 - Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters' cross-country bus trip

Fall 1964 - Berkeley Free Speech Movement

February 1965 - First big surge of street acid; the assassination of Malcolm X; US begins sustained bombing of North Vietnam

April 1965 - First big SDS march on Washington

1965 - Drug Abuse Control Amendment; LSD research further restricted

1965 - Bob Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited

October 16, 1965 - First Family Dog acid rock dance in San Francisco

1965 - CIA phases out MK-ULTRA, begins MK-SEARCH

January 1966 - The Trips Festival in San Francisco

March 1966 - Life magazine publishes "LSD: The Mind Drug That Got Out of Control"

April 1966 - Sandoz stops supplying LSD to research scientists

April 1966 - G. Gordon Liddy raids the Millbrook estate

Spring 1966 - Senate Hearings about LSD

1966 - Black Panther Party formed

October 6, 1966 - California bans LSD, Love Pageant Rally in the Haight

January 14, 1967 - Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park

1967 - Joint FDA/NIMH Psychotomimetic Advisory Committee formed with strong input from CIA-linked doctors

June 1967 - Monterey Pop Festival

June 1967 - The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Summer 1967 - "Summer of Love"; STP appears on the blackmarket

October 21, 1967 - March on the Pentagon

1967 - Joint CIA-Army drug research program codenamed OFTEN/MK-CHICKWIT

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Re: CIA/LSD Huxley/Leary MK ULTRA Timeline
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Summer 1964 - Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters' cross-country bus trip

 The Electric Koolaid Acid Test is a literary journalism book written by Tom Wolfe early in his career in 1968. Using techniques from the genre of hysterical realism and pioneering new journalism, he tells the story of Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters as they drive across the country in a DayGlo painted school bus dubbed "Furthur," reaching what they considered to be personal and collective revelations through the use of LSD and other psychedelic drugs. It covers their cross country road trip, as well as the Acid Tests, early performances by The Grateful Dead, and Kesey's exile to Mexico. Wolfe is primarily concerned not with narrative, but with relating the intellectual and quasi-religious experiences the Pranksters felt were in some way breakthroughs.

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Re: CIA/LSD Huxley/Leary MK ULTRA Timeline (continued)
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January 1, 1968 - Yippie!

1968 - LSD possession declared a misdemeanor, sale a felony; the British Wootton Report declares marijuana to be relatively harmless

Spring 1968 - Student unrest at Columbia University

March 31, 1968 - LBJ announces he won't seek re-election

April 4, 1968 - Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated

May 1968 - The Sorbonne uprising in Paris

June 5, 1968 - Senator Robert Kennedy assassinated

June 1969 - SDS unravels

Summer of 1969 - Orange sunshine debuts; Ronald Stark moves in on the illicit acid trade

August 1969 - Woodstock rock festival

Fall 1969 - Operation Intercept; huge antiwar demonstrations around the country

December 1969 - Altamont rock concert; the Manson killings

February 1970 - Leary convicted and jailed

September 12, 1970 - Leary escapes from prison

Spring 1970 - Jackson State and Kent State killings

1970 - LSD becomes a Schedule I drug

1971 - Windowpane acid first appears

August 1972 - Operation BEL

January 17, 1973 - Leary arrested in Afghanistan

November 1973 - Hitchcock turns state evidence to convict Tim Scully and Nick Sand

1973 - MK-SEARCH terminated; OFTEN/MK-CHICKWIT phased out

September 18, 1974 - PILL (People Investigating Leary's Lies) conference

1975 - Rockefeller Commission reports on CIA hallucinogenic drug experiments

February 1975 - Ronald Stark arrested in Bologna, Italy

1976 - Church Committee reports on CIA and Army drug experiments

1976 - Leary released from jail

Spring 1977 - Operation Julie bust in England

Fall 1977 - Senate hearings on MK-ULTRA

February 1979 - LSD reunion in Los Angeles
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