Author Topic: Bank Stress Test Results Due May 4th...Check that, they flipped the script...  (Read 1230 times)

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This just in; A delay is now being announced on MSM for the Bank Stress Tests. I suppose the flu hoax wasn't bought by enough people to make the stress tests results transparent in the news. So now they will need another distraction to take away from the results. Because we can't find out that the banks our govt just spent trillions propping up are still failing... OH NOEZ TEH BANKZ IS FAILINGZ!!!!!!!! ALL OUR BANKZ ARE BELONGZ 2 DEM!!!!! (Sorry, I had to inject some humor, or I was just gonna cry...)
The resistance starts here. Unfortunately, the entire thing is moving beyond the intellectual infowar. I vow I will not make an overt rush at violent authority, until authority makes it's violent rush at me and you. I will not falter, I will not die in this course. For that is how they win.


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My neice's teacher told her class that the flu scare was to distract folks from the fact they found Osama Bin  Laden.  So I googled it.  Wrong!  But interestingly enough there is a virus being sent to emails saying a computer virus is being sent around that is titled Osama bin Laden was found and for people to not open that.

I told my sister that the bank issue is one major reason the MSM is so caught up dispensing the flu scare