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Re: Hillary/Barack/Brzezinski/Rockefeller want to start war with Pakistan asap
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Reports Fuel Speculation Over Bin Laden's Location

Osama bin Laden in a photograph believed to have been taken in Afghanistan in 2001

December 04, 2009 (RFE/RL) --

The mystery over Osama bin Laden's whereabouts has taken a new turn, with multiple reports claiming that the Al-Qaeda leader is not hiding in Pakistan, as widely believed, and could be in Afghanistan.

Information about the location of the man the U.S. blames for orchestrating the 9/11 terrorist attacks has been scarce ever since international forces launched a manhunt for him in Afghanistan in 2001. He is widely believed to have evaded efforts to capture him by crossing the border and finding safe have in the restive tribal areas of northwest Pakistan.

With a $25 million reward out for the fugitive terrorist's capture, speculation about bin Laden's whereabouts always generates international interest.

But this week's announcement of a new U.S. military strategy in the region, centered on the deployment of 30,000 additional U.S. troops in Afghanistan and an increased focus on the insurgency in Pakistan, appears to have sparked suggestions that bin Laden is not where he is assumed to be.

Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani got the rumor mill going during a visit to London on December 3 that followed calls by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown last month for Pakistan to do more to find and eliminate bin Laden.

When asked about Pakistan's efforts to track down the Al-Qaeda leader, Gilani was quoted as saying he does not "think Osama bin Laden is in Pakistan."

Notably, the Pakistani prime minister did not publicly endorse the United States' decision to send more troops to Afghanistan, saying his government is seeking more information regarding the deployment and proposed plans by Washington for increased aid to Pakistan.

A day later, a BBC report cited a Pakistani Taliban prisoner as saying that one of his Taliban contacts had offered him the opportunity to meet with bin Laden earlier this year.

The unidentified detainee said he believes the fugitive Saudi millionaire was present in the southeastern Afghan Province of Ghazni in January or February.

Doubt Case On Rumors

Pakistani journalist and regional expert Ahmed Rashid casts doubt, however, on the prospect that bin Laden could be hiding in Afghanistan.

"All the conclusions of the intelligence agencies working in Afghanistan -- Western, NATO, the United Nations, everybody -- concludes that bin Laden is on the Pakistan side of the border rather than Afghanistan," Rashid says. "I think if he was in Afghanistan, the American forces, the NATO forces, would have discovered it by now."

Commenting on recent reports that other fugitives widely believed to be in Pakistan were now in Afghanistan, Rashid says that "there is an enormous amount on misinformation coming out about the presence of these leaders."

One militant leader whose whereabouts are now in question is Maulana Fazlullah, the fugitive leader of the Pakistani Taliban. In telephone calls to Pakistani journalists in November, Fazlullah, who was believed to be hiding in northwestern Swat Valley, claimed that he was now in Afghanistan.

Some observers suggest that such claims could be beneficial to Islamabad, allowing it to deflect mounting Western pressure over militant leaders and key Jihadist groups believed to be on its soil by characterizing Afghanistan as the main base of extremism in the region.

Rashid notes that information regarding the location of other militant leaders, including Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar and Jalaluddin Haqqani, a former anti-Soviet mujahedin commander now closely linked to Al-Qaeda, "speak very conclusively about their presence in Pakistan."

He suggests that the information about bin Laden's presence is less certain.

"He has not been seen either in Pakistan or in Afghanistan. But the conclusion about bin Laden is that he is on the Pakistan side of the border simply because it is safer to be [in Pakistan] in the sense that Afghanistan is very much a free field of fire for U.S. forces," Rashid says.

"Pakistan, of course, is more restricted and there is less operational control of what the Americans can do and less good intelligence about his presence."

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Re: Hillary/Barack/Brzezinski/Rockefeller want to start war with Pakistan asap
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Gates Insists US Won’t Pursue Taliban Leaders Into Pakistan

Reports Have White House Already Approving Escalation of Strikes into Pakistan

by Jason Ditz, December 06, 2009


Despite accusing Pakistan’s government only days ago of secretly being in league with the Taliban, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates insists that the United States will not pursue the Afghan Taliban leadership into Pakistan.

“Pakistan is a sovereign government. We are in a partnership with them. I think at this point it’s up to the Pakistani military to deal with this problem,” Gates insisted.

Yet the United States has been launching attacks on Pakistani soil, with the private consent of the Pakistani government, for years and only last week it was reported that the White House had approved yet another escalation of these strikes.

While Pakistan has had little problem with the US strikes into North and South Waziristan, but is reportedly in opposition to the latest escalation, which would have CIA drones lobbing missiles deeper into Pakistani territory.

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Re: Hillary/Barack/Brzezinski/Rockefeller want to start war with Pakistan asap
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Clinton says Pakistanis now see a growing threat

Clinton says Pakistanis now see growing threat to their own sovereignty from terrorist groups

AP News
Dec 06, 2009 08:28 EST

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says Pakistanis have experienced a change in attitudes about fighting terrorism as they see a growing threat to their own nation.

Clinton tells CBS' "Face the Nation" that Pakistan's civilian and military leadership have had a significant change in attitudes about fighting terrorists.

She says that change has come as Pakistan's leaders have seen terrorist groups join forces and threaten Pakistan's sovereignty.

Source: AP News

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Re: Hillary/Barack/Brzezinski/Rockefeller want to start war with Pakistan asap
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Tuesday, December 08, 2009
14:01 Mecca time, 11:01 GMT   
Deadly blast rocks Pakistani city  

Officials say the death toll was likely to rise as many were still trapped under the rubble [AFP]
At least 12 people have been killed after fighters launched a gun, rocket and suicide attack on the intelligence office in the central Pakistani city of Multan, police sources have said.

Agha Yusuf, a senior police officer, said on Tuesday that security force members were among the 12 dead and that at least three fighters in a car carried out the attack.

One of them first fired a rocket and an automatic weapon at a police checkpoint.

Then the men drove the car to the intelligence agency and detonated it, he said.

The identities of the three dead were not immediately known, said two intelligence officials.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to speak to the media.

'30-ft crater'

Al Jazeera's Imran Khan in Islamabad, the capital, said the "blast has left a 30-ft crater in the middle of the road".

"There were 1,000kg of explosives used in the bomb. This is a very, very powerful explosion," our correspondent said.

"The army has thrown up a cordon around the area. It's a very sensitive area with plenty of military and police installations.

"They say [the army] that the terrorists that were involved in this attack are still in the area and there are helicocpters flying over head and an emergency has been declared at a local hospital."

Security forces have been the target of most of the attacks in the recent past, though several have targeted crowded public spaces such as markets.

"They tried to hit the office of a sensitive agency but couldn't so the blast was outside," one security official said.

Witnesses said the death toll may rise as some people were still trapped under rubble.

Mohammad Qasim, a police official, said more casualties were feared in the attack, which damaged several buildings, including one belonging to Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan's main spy agency.

Spate of attacks

Pakistan has been reeling from attacks over the past two months as fighters retaliate against an anti-Taliban offensive launched by government forces in the country's northwest near the Afghan border.

Our correspondent said there were fears among many Pakistanis that the fighters can stirke any time.

"If you can't keep your army safe; if you can't keep your security forces safe, how on earth are you supposed to keep ordinary Pakistanis? That's the feeling I get on the streets here in Islamabad and across Pakistan," said Khan.

"People are even thinking twice about going to the mosque to pray ... To scare a Muslim into not being able to pray is a pretty big deal."

This is the first time Multan has been hit during a surge of violence that began in October and has already killed more than 400 people in recent months.

Tuesday's attack came a day after bomb attacks across the country left dozens dead and more than 100 injured.
 Source: Agencies 

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Re: Hillary/Barack/Brzezinski/Rockefeller want to start war with Pakistan asap
« Reply #404 on: December 08, 2009, 06:19:07 am »
Peshawar residents live in fear of bombs

Peshawar, near the Afghan border in north-west Pakistan, is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. It is on the front line of the Taliban insurgency in Pakistan - regular suicide bomb attacks have killed hundreds of civilians in recent weeks.

The latest attack killed at least five people outside a court on Monday.

Two residents spoke to the BBC World Service's Newshour programme about what it is like to live in the city.


People who have been living here for the past century are not leaving.

But those who are financially strong enough are migrating from here. I am staying because I have to. I am unmarried and I depend on my brothers.

I worry about the violence.

Once, on a Friday, I was walking to the bus stop on my own. I heard the noise of a blast and that sound was terrible.

I almost fell down and I was scared. I went home and I asked my brother to accompany me to the bus stop.

While we were waiting for the bus, we heard news that there was another blast so we had to go back home.

Now, I avoid going out.

We cannot plan to visit our relatives because there are so many uncertainties all around us.

I do not know how it will all end.


We have all changed our way of life in Peshawar.

Everyone is trying to avoid going to the bazaars.

If any of my family go out, they will inform us whether they are safe and after every blast, we will inform our relatives that we are OK.

It is a risky type of life here in Peshawar. I have witnessed many blasts.

I have often been there a few minutes after the blast, just to help the people, to pick them up and carry them to hospital.

Once, I was studying in my room at about midday. I heard a huge blast. I went to the spot and the military had cornered off the whole area.

I looked around and there were many casualties there. After that, I went to the hospital to donate blood.

Everybody knows that there are no certainties that you will be safe. Once when I was sleeping there was a blast near my house at about 0630. The blast opened my windows and doors.

I do not sleep well now.

We cannot leave - I am studying here. Business - and everything here - is related to Peshawar.

Every person living in Peshawar is psychologically in depression.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2009/12/07 10:15:42 GMT

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Re: Hillary/Barack/Brzezinski/Rockefeller want to start war with Pakistan asap
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Terror spate continues:

Bomb blasts kill 38 in Lahore market, 9 in Peshawar

Tuesday December 8, 2009\12\08\story_8-12-2009_pg1_1

* Two blasts, 30 seconds apart, devastate Lahore’s Moon Market, injure over 100
* Subsequent inferno halts rescue efforts
* Officials unsure of the nature of blasts
* Several markets in Lahore to remain closed today

LAHORE/PESHAWAR: Bomb explosions tore through Lahore and Peshawar on Monday, killing at least 47 people and injuring around 150 in the two cities.

Two blasts devastated the busy Moon Market in Lahore’s Allama Iqbal Town and engulfed it in flames, killing at least 38 people, and injuring more than 100. In Peshawar, a suicide bomber killed nine people outside the city’s sessions courts. The Moon Market transformed into a scene of flames and rubble when the two bombs exploded 30 seconds apart at 8:45pm. A suicide bomber had also targeted Moon Market in August last year in which nine people were killed.

The first blast occurred outside a plaza housing a branch of the Muslim Commercial Bank, while the other outside the Allama Iqbal Town police station, situated across the road.

Rescue efforts: As the first bomb went off, the plaza where the bank is situated, and an adjacent building went up in flames, halting rescue work, Nazeer Ahmed, a security guard who was at the spot when the blasts occurred, said. Nazeer said the fire made it impossible to rescue anyone from the burning buildings.

Officials unsure: The Punjab law minister, police officials and officials of the Bomb Disposal Squad, rescue officials and witnesses could not say if the blasts were suicide attacks or remote-controlled detonations.

The officials also could not say for certain how much explosive material had been used in the blasts until the filing of this report.

Punjab Inspector General Tariq Saleem Dogar said the bombs might have been detonated by remote control, while Superintendent of Police Ali Nasir Rizvi said he was not certain if a suicide bomber was involved. “We have recovered 33 dead bodies so far,” said Dr Rizwan Naseer, director general of Rescue 1122, and put the toll for the injured at 95. Lahore police chief Pervez Rathore put the death toll slightly lower: “Twenty-seven people are confirmed dead but the death toll may rise. A total of 137 people were injured,” he said. “The blasts knocked out electricity in the area, as fire engulfed the whole market. We fear there are still dead bodies inside [the buildings].”

Condemning the bomb attack and sympathising with the victims, traders in several parts of the city announced to keep markets closed today (Tuesday), according to a private TV channel.

The twin blasts in Lahore took the number of terrorist attacks across the country in the last 30 days to 11, in which at least 169 people have been killed.

Peshawar: In Peshawar, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the gates of the Peshawar Sessions Court, killing nine people and injuring another 44, police said.

Public Prosecutor Arifullah was among those killed in the attack, while two lawyers, Asad Shangla and Kanwar Kamal Ahmed, were among the injured. The blast occurred outside the main gate of the sessions court on Sher Shah Suri Road in the city’s high security zone, which is situated close to the MPAs’ Hostel, Peshawar Central Jail, Governor’s House and the NWFP Civil Secretariat.

This is the second attack to target court premises in Peshawar in less than a month. Earlier on November 19, a suicide bomber killed 19 people outside the Peshawar Judicial Complex.

Peshawar Police chief Liaqat Ali Khan told reporters at the crime scene on Monday that the suicide bomber arrived at the premises on a rickshaw and tried to enter the court building, but detonated the explosives strapped to his body when the police stopped him at the main gate.

“The attacker was trying to hit sensitive installations but policemen foiled his attempt by sacrificing their lives,” Liaqat said. Bomb Disposal Squad officials said around six to seven kilogrammes of explosives were used in the attack.

NWFP Senior Minister Bashir Ahmed Bilour told reporters at the blast scene that the nation stood by the army until the elimination of terrorists from the country.

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani condemned the bombing, a statement from his office said.

The US embassy also condemned the suicide bombing.

“This vicious attack is yet another attack on the democratic institutions of Pakistan and the rule of law. We express our deep condolences to the victims’ families and pray for a speedy recovery for all those injured,” a press release issued by the embassy said. rana tanveer/muhammad aayan/manzoor ali shah/agencies

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Re: Hillary/Barack/Brzezinski/Rockefeller want to start war with Pakistan asap
« Reply #406 on: December 10, 2009, 05:56:06 am »
Obama expands war into Pakistan

by Barry Grey


WSWS, 9 December 2009

One week ago, President Obama in a speech at West Point sought to portray his escalation of the war in Afghanistan as the prelude to an early withdrawal of US troops. It has since become increasingly apparent that the speech was nothing more than a calculated exercise in public deception.

The speech was crafted to chloroform the public, the better to defy and disorient mass popular opposition to the war.

It is now clear that the actual policy Obama has decided to pursue is not only the maintenance of an indefinite military occupation of Afghanistan, but a vast expansion of the war into Pakistan.

Within hours of the speech, administration officials were "clarifying" Obama’s talk of beginning the withdrawal of US forces by July 2011 to make clear that there is no such deadline and that US troops will remain in Afghanistan long after that date. Now it has emerged that a central component of Obama’s war plan is an expansion of US drone missile strikes in Pakistan and the deployment of US Special Operations forces on Pakistani territory to carry out attacks on insurgents in that country.

Obama said nothing in his speech about expanding the war into Pakistan. As the New York Times reported Tuesday, quoting an unnamed senior aid to the president, "We concluded early on that whatever you do with Pakistan, you don’t want to talk about it much."

The Times, which has for months been campaigning for an escalation of the war and its expansion into Pakistan, reported the day after Obama’s speech that the White House last month signed off on an expansion of CIA operations in Pakistan.

On Tuesday, the newspaper reported that prior to Obama’s speech, his national security adviser, Gen. James L. Jones, met with the heads of Pakistan’s military and intelligence service and told them that unless Pakistan moved quickly to expand its military offensive against insurgents to Baluchistan and North Waziristan, "the United States was prepared to take unilateral action to expand Predator drone strikes beyond the tribal areas and, if needed, to resume raids by Special Operations forces into the country against Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders."

In an editorial on Tuesday bristling with imperialist arrogance, the Times demanded that the Pakistanis "stop temporizing and get fully into the fight." On the expansion of US missile strikes in Pakistan, including their extension into Baluchistan, the newspaper wrote: "Such strikes have killed several top extremists, but the program is hugely unpopular in Pakistan and Mr. Obama must be judicious about expanding it. That means three things: extremely careful targeting, no civilian casualties, or as few as possible [i.e., as many as needed], and no publicity."

In other words, the American people are to be kept in the dark about targeted assassinations, civilian casualties from missile strikes, and other covert military operations in Pakistan. And the Times will do its part to suppress any information about such actions.

The editorial went on to declare that Obama had to persuade the Pakistanis that "the United States is in it for the long haul this time."

What this points to is an unprecedented program of US military aggression and subversion and the transformation of both Afghanistan and Pakistan into US protectorates. This is the meaning of the recent statement by National Security Adviser Jones that "We are not leaving the region. We have enormous strategic interests in Afghanistan, east of Afghanistan in Pakistan…"

Since Obama’s lying speech, a program of US colonial domination of Central and South Asia has been unfurled, and the US media has swung into action to bolster the effort with a new round of pro-war propaganda, including the dispatch of TV news anchors to American bases in Afghanistan.

The war in Afghanistan is only part of the global strategy of American imperialism to assert its domination of a region rich in oil and gas and of critical geo-strategic importance for supremacy over the Eurasian continent. The implications of this drive are catastrophic for the peoples of the region, who will pay the price in countless deaths, social devastation and neo-colonial oppression. But they are also disastrous for the people of the United States, whose sons and daughters will be sacrificed and whose living standards will be further slashed to pay for never-ending military adventures.

There is an element of immense recklessness in Washington’s aggressive policy toward Pakistan. It is driving the country into civil war, which would rapidly destabilize the entire region and heighten the danger of war between India and Pakistan and between India and China, all three of which are nuclear powers. Russia and Iran would inevitably be drawn into the maelstrom as well.

Obama’s election was promoted by sections of the American ruling elite who believed he could serve as the figurehead for a certain recalibration of US foreign policy after the disasters of the Bush years. It is now clear that Obama is the front man for the military and the most ruthless representatives of the ruling class.

It is necessary for workers and youth to draw the requisite conclusions. The fight against the war is a fight against the Obama administration. It is a fight against the Democratic Party and the two-party system. And it is a fight against American imperialism and the capitalist system upon which it is based.


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Re: Hillary/Barack/Brzezinski/Rockefeller want to start war with Pakistan asap
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From The Times December 9, 2009

Pakistan President has assets ‘beyond his means’ of $1.5 billion

by Zahid Hussain in Islamabad

The President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, has assets of $1.5 billion (£920 million) around the world, according to the country’s main anti-corruption body.

A report by the National Accountability Bureau said that the wealth accumulated by Mr Zardari was “beyond his means”. It said Mr Zardari allegedly owned properties and bank accounts in several countries, including Britain, the US and Spain. In 1996 he allegedly bought a $4 million, 355-acre estate in Surrey.

Investigators said that most of Mr Zardari’s fortune was made during his wife Benazir Bhutto’s two terms in office as Prime Minister in the 1990s. They alleged that the money had come from kickbacks and commissions on government deals.

The report was given to the Supreme Court as it deliberated over a proposed amnesty for the country’s leaders.

Mr Zardari had faced six cases of kickbacks and misuse of power that were terminated under an agreement known as the National Reconciliation Ordinance in October 2007.

The amnesty, brokered by the US and Britain, was introduced by former President Pervez Musharraf under a deal that paved the way for Ms Bhutto to return home from self-imposed exile. Ms Bhutto was assassinated just over two months later, leaving Mr Zardari to lead her party to victory in general elections in February 2008 and then become President after General Musharraf resigned in August.

Mr Zardari’s aides dismissed the allegations as politically motivated. Farhatullah Babar, the chief spokesman for the President, said: “Reports of $1.5 billion dollars of national and foreign assets allegedly belonging to President Zardari are no more than regurgitation of a decade old unproven politically motivated allegations.”