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Signs Pointing To A Pandemic Outbreak In Ohio
by Jimm Motyka   March 29, 2009 (Appended April 15. 2009) (JOTS) has learned some pretty startling info, which can be validated by our sources and
appended links, regarding a possible pandemic outbreak.  The info was vetted and everything appears to be
pointing to the possibility to northeast Ohio being a possible launching pad for a pandemic as early as this April

In February of this year, we were informed about pandemic training occurring at First Energy in Akron, Ohio.  This
would not have seemed a big deal, since we're aware of pandemic training (namely for bird flu) being common at
some corporations.  What raised our flags about this training was the fact that we were informed that First Energy
was touting that they had the vaccine for the "possible" outbreak, for the employees and for the family members of
the employees.  Certainly, it caused raised eyebrows when this was learned, not only to us, but also the source
who was disclosing this information.  The power point presentation of the February meeting is included here.

The unsettling questions remained.  When is the pandemic outbreak to occur, which First Energy already has
procured enough vaccinations for its employees and employees' families?  How could they be certain of a pandemic
and who was giving the information that this is going to occur?  And which pandemic did they happen to purchase
the vaccine for?

We were updated on the info about the First Energy pandemic training, this past week.  According to the same
source, First Energy is expected to meet with 12000 (appended 4/15/2009) employees, over the next two weeks,
gathering medical info about them.  We also know that First Energy is "encouraging" its employees to get the
vaccination that's to be offered to them.  This source has told me that some employees already commented that
they would quit first, before they would give up any medical information and take the vaccine.  JOTS would
encourage the employees who do choose to leave First Energy to contact us and fill us in further on First Energy's
pandemic plans.  We'd also learned that all the vaccinations for the First Energy employees (and family members of
the employees) is all being held in Wyoming (appended 4/15/2009).

The next question is how did JOTS come across the possible launch date for a pandemic in Ohio?

We did some investigating, regarding information on Obama's mandatory service proposal (which was making its
way through the House and Senate last week, passing overwhelmingly in both).  The rabbit trail led to how Ohio is
going to be tied into this mandatory civilian service.  It made us recall a commercial that's been running on local TV,
regarding joining the Ohio Citizen Corps.  The commercials encourage volunteers to sign up, to help in times of
disasters and civil emergencies, citing 9/11 in the commercial as a reason to "volunteer".

We believe it was nothing short of an act of God that led us to the following info.  While trying to find more info
about the Ohio Citizen Corps, we ran across a training and exercise session to be occurring in Summit County in
April (which is the county First Energy's Akron headquarters is located).  Digging further brought us to the following
link, which mentions FEMA classes being held locally and a training exercise to follow.  Listed under the training
area of the link, volunteers are encouraged to take FEMA courses ICS 100 and ICS 700, both which are linked into
the medical training area of the FEMA site.

The most telling item on the site was the fact that FEMA was asking for 200 "victims" for an exercise that is to occur
on April 29th.  History has shown that exercises can turn into the real event, as recalled on 9/11, the London
bombing, and the Madrid train bombing (to cite a few).  Each time the mainstream media is "amazed" that the
emergency response teams were in those areas, running exercises for the exact event that was occurring.

We backtracked and noticed that the FEMA training was going to occur at the Church in Green (local mega church). 
Ohio has had it's share of Christians kowtowing to government and this has the appearance of another example. 
For those who are unaware, Clergy Response Teams (set up, in cooperation with FEMA) have been put in place to
"quell dissent" during national emergencies and disasters.  After the 2008 Presidential election, there's an incident
of an Assembly of God church (in Ohio) was telling its congregation to submit to Obama and the government.  In
both cases, the pastors and clergy present a twist on Romans 13, where they commonly state that submitting to
government is a Christian thing to do and that Christians should lead the way in submission.

When asked about FEMA coming into the Chapel in Green (for training), the pastor responded to a concerned
church-goer (paraphrase) that "it's no different than working with Red Cross".  The major difference is that the Red
Cross is not a federal agency, whereas FEMA is.  So, apparently no one is having a problem with the infamous
argument about the separation of church and state issue, that's commonly debated.

Will anything happen in Ohio in April?  The only thing we are assured of is FEMA needing 200 "victims" for a training
exercise on the 29th, and another Ohio church allowing the blurring of lines between church and state.  As for the
pandemic in Ohio?  We'll have to wait and see what First Energy's next move is.

As a side note, we appreciate Alex Jones and everyone at for posting the original story about the
church in Ohio and Romans 13.  JOTS has a direct connection to the story reported by Prison Planet and will be
including additional information (in a future article) about the actual sermon of submittal to government.

Additional links supplied to JOTS by The Power Hour co-host, Joyce:

From pandemic flu site:
Cleaning transit vehicles & facilities during a pandemic:

Economic crisis may worsen disease threat:

Flu pandemic coming-US not prepared:

Prepared Citizens:

Wow-this novel called "another place to die" was written in 2006 about the coming flu pandemic of 2009.  It begins
with an avian flu outbreak in China, which is what is going on right now:

Avian flu pandemic preparedness


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A couple of years ago, they actually did bird flu training for the IT systems at a large bank where I worked.


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It seems these organizations are accelerating their deadlines (dreadful pun and unintended).

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Bird flu case in Tibet as we speak:

Dept. of Homeland Security shipping bird flu....?

If I was planning to take control and form a new world order, a sever case of (terrorist-initiated) bird flu would set me of to a good start, allowing me to declare a state of emergency and get the police state going...


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See "Post Election Statement" under "Assemblies of God Statements" by their Superintendent Dr. John Wood for more on this organizations submission to government...

Their is no doubt after listening that the pamphlet handed out is completely legit...

Fast forward to 3:00 if you want to get to the meat of the statement...

Sorry if this ticks anyone off, but it sincerely bothers me that people with this type of belief system have influence over large numbers of blind followers..

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Damn I am in Ohio.

Remember CFR scum former
Sen. Gary Hart said Cleveland was a target.
12160  "Destroying the NWO"
Check out the blogs, videos, and discussions!!

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Oh, Ohio, a good central location too. It figures.

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You know what this tells me?

This tells me the vaccine is probably the avenue they'll use to SPREAD the bird flu, and call it a "lolvaccine." Unbelievable...

Matthew 5:37

But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.

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Oh man, I live about 20 minutes from Akron. 

So if some pandemic breaks out, such as avian or this new swine flu, what should we do?  I know that the consensus is to not take their vaccines, but what if that's the only way to protect yourself and your family?  I have a family to worry about, so what can I do if something breaks out?  Are there any alternative, trustworthy and reliable products out there that will help prevent or destroy the virus if myself or somebody I love gets infected with it?


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Take Vitamin C. 3000 mg of it, (I think, check the web.) You won't get sick. Just imo.
Matthew 5:37

But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.


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People should start arranging mass, decentralized surveillance groups.  These people need to get caught carrying this crap out.

You know what this tells me?

This tells me the vaccine is probably the avenue they'll use to SPREAD the bird flu, and call it a "lolvaccine." Unbelievable...


Ok, since this thread is getting all of the traffic I will move this here.

SA III talks of boosting immune systems re: Avian Flu-Notes govt. silence on it.

See this thread if you haven't already:

STRONG ANGEL III - Illegitimate preparedness to justify martial law | MITRE

Excerpt from 126 page Strong Angel III document:

21.  Boosting immune competence

a.   "Many interesting topics not directly addressed within the Strong Angel demonstration appeared during the preparation or aftermath. As an example, one suggestion coming to us for responding to the avian influenza scenario was to increase population-based immune competency as a method for reducing epidemic spread. Several natural and inexpensive substances have demonstrated effectiveness against a wide range of pathologic agents, and this possibility was discussed with Anthony Fauci at Davos last January. The initial possibilities suggested include mushroom extracts from Fomitopsis officianalis, significant anti-viral properties based on studies at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, 2005), L-glutamine+PAK (piridoxal-ketoglutarate), standard antioxidants, and other inexpensive supplements that appear to have benefit in peer-reviewed research and are unlikely to cause harm.[/i][/color] As far as we can see, there is not much effort expended on research toward making a vulnerable population more resistant to illness. Given the difficulties in mass vaccination and mass care, such investigations seem warranted."

It sounds to me that at least some of the people who were involved with Strong Angel III actually thought that their disaster preparedness/facilitation/testing of interoperability/inter-agency collaboration was legitimate (i.e. they felt they were actually doing good, they didn't know the larger picture that it was only false flags creating the need for such things) and not everyone there considers the American People the enemy.  Why else would anyone there be surprised, or note that the applicable government agencies were doing absolutely nothing with respect to promoting boosting of natural defenses for the general public?  SA III wasn't totally NWO even though they worked with hardcore NWO elements as far as I can discern.

Edit:  I want to add that I know for a fact that Maitake Mushroom extract is an excellent immune system booster as well.


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This could almost be funny.  I need to go shopping for herbal remedies.  But the very things every one has been talkiing about here since yesterday, I have tons of.  miatake mushroom, star anise , et al.

I have no real food as i am mostly immobile ( back injury)  but I am not gonna get sick.  Good info A_I !  Thanks!

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Re: ***REPORTED MARCH 29----> FEMA Plans Pandemic Drill For End of April
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Is there any more information on this one?
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