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[1] "in as little as 7 years from now!!!!" What cha got to say now Mr Gore?

[2] VIDEO: Nissan Leaf Anti-Al Gore Rant.

[3] Al Gore: NSA Surveillance 'Violates the Constitution'

[4] Rupert Murdoch Helped Al Gore Get Current TV On Air & Helped Capitalize It

[5] Gore Blames Altitude For Obama's Poor Debate Performance

[6] Soros/Al Gore funded shill boy Cenk Uygur kicks Peter Schiff off his show

[7] Al Gore kicked out of the Global Warming Club

[8] 'New Scientist' magazine calls Al Gore's latest stunt "cringe-worthy" and ...

[9] Al Gore's Firm Gets $500 Million U.S. Loan to build $89K car in Finland [WTF?]


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