Dick Cheney


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[1] Cheney: History will show Bush created a 'more hopeful world'

[2] Cheney: There Will Be Another 'Massive Attack' On America. Deadlier than 9/11

[3] Darth Cheney Uncloaks His Frustration With Bush

[4] Chenney defends torture.

[5] REALIST NEWS - Dick Cheney: The Club is going to attack America

[6] Philip Merrill - June 19 2006 - Ex-Im Bank - Cheney's friend Suicided

[7] Cheney: Torture's not Torture, War Crimes aren't War Crimes. I'd Do It All Again

[8] Kim Jong-il 's Daughter: "Nancy Pelosi Should Be Proud Of Torture." SICKNESS

[9] N. Pelosi lays balme on Cheney


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