CISPA, NDAA, SOPA, Rex84, removing citizenship, 'Authorized Assassinations,' Nazi Drones and Other Fake 'Laws' l

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[-] 1st Amendment Violations are a Threat to National Security

[-] From Freedom to Fascism

[-] 4th Amendment Violations are a Threat to National Security

[-] ***POLICE STATE 4***

[-] Legislation being pushed through at light speed for Banker's Control Grid

[-] NWO deathcare plan exposed as a Nazi eugenics scheme and bailout for Big Insurance

[-] Finance Reform Bill is a surveillance plus Bailout plus Protection of Federal Reserve Bill


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[1] * Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America!

[2] British Spy Obama/Soetoro signs illegal NDAA for NATO extermination of Americans

[3] SAIC helped murder 3,000 Americans and Blow Up WTC is behind CISPA/Nazi Coup

[4] Obama signs another illegal and unconstitutional "Exec Order" for Global Gov

[5] Cell-All: Super Smartphones Sniff Out Suspicious Substances

[6] Microsoft just backed down from openly supporting CISPA!!!!!!!!!!

[7] CISPA/Nazi Treason Legislation was planned in NIC 2025 Project Documents

[8] CISPA Treason Bill tries to trick public into thinking Nazi Cybernetics is legal

[9] CISPA Supporters List: 800+ Nazi Corporations attempting Coup similar to 1933


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