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[-] 2012 GOP Confirmed Voter Fraud is only expanding the Ron Paul r-EVOL-ution

[-] Ron Paul Supporters - The Originals!

[-] Ron Paul: The Revolution Manifesto

[-] Globalist Pigs and Liars are just a bunch of Jokers!

[-] Obama Deception: New World Order has now given up on this puppet who is being forced to commit political Hari Kari

[-] Rand Paul Nomination exposes Bilderberg Puppets Everywhere

[-] The Faux Controversies and Case Studies

[-] 9/11 TRUTH is now a bona fide voting block thanks to Architects and Engineers


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[1] Issues on which Ron Paul is RIGHT and all other Republican candidates are WRONG!

[2] Bilderberg is using a Jeb Bush fishing lure to see if we will bite.

[3] Cathy Obrien exposes the fact that Mitt Romney's dad was an MK Ultra programmer

[4] The Mitt Romney Deception

[5] Ron Paul Wins All Of These States--Why Aren't We in the Streets?

[6] Victory in Arizona! Powerful RP showing causes Romneyites to break GOP rules

[7] BREAKING: Ron Paul Wins OKLAHOMA! Romney ops try to provoke violence then leave

[8] Mitt Romney campaign's Full Spectrum Surveillance on their own Delegates!!!

[9] The Rick Santorum Decption


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