TSA - Raping children and grandmothers while giving us cancer


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[1] NWO-puppet sheriffs new BS narrative: Criminals hide 38 revolvers up their asses

[2] Gladio Redux: CIA, MI6, And Mossad Are Behind Islamic Terror Attacks In The West

[3] Federal Appeals Court & TSA openly declare "We the People" as their enemy

[4] TSA illegally rolls out European controlled cybernetic document ID enslavement

[5] JetBlue Captain Goes Nuts Terrorizing Passengers that Iran Planted Bomb on Plane

[6] $1B of TSA Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog

[7] "Body scanners are safe" is the wrong discussion. DHS should not even exist.

[8] * Kurt Haskell's official statement given at the sentencing of Underwear Bomber!

[9] New DHS report unbelievable!


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