Rockefeller's Ground Zero Mosque being used to provoke controversy and target free speech


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[1] Christians = new Al-Qaeda! & You thought the mosque bs was about religion-Derrrr

[2] ***Burn the Koran? What about burning the 9/11 Ommission Report?***

[3] "9/11 Explosive Evidence" "Controlled Demolition" Sign at Quran Burning Press

[4] FBI Warns of Rockefeller's Staged False Flag Response to “Burn Koran Day”

[5] NY fake Mosque exposed as a Rockefeller invention so in comes MK Ultra stabbing

[6] US Mosque site BURNED to try to revitalize engineered racism & ignore false flag

[7] Ground Zero Mosque: The Anatomy of a Globalist Propaganda Operation

[8] ***Rockefeller/Carnegie/Luce/CIA behind the Ground Zero "Mosque" [LIKE 9/11!]

[9] Students told to plan terror attack, kill as many as possible


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