Cyberterror false flags used to promote scientific dictatorship (cyberterrorism is a racket)


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[1] Facebook exposed: run by 9/11 false flag terrorists In-Q-Tel (CIA)

[2] Gen. Renuart: "World Govt. will be the only solution to our Cyber False Flags"

[3] Electric Grid BS conditioning for Booz Allen/MITRE/Ptec's Cyberterror False Flag

[4] Latest FBI cyber 'recommendation' is an expansion of their entrapment operations

[5] NWO to execute CYBER FALSE FLAGS for Trump's MANUFACTURED CRISIS Presidency

[6] "Zeus" false flag to justify secret cyber police & fascism by Interpol/CSIS

[7] NWO using false flags to make it look like ONLY terrorists defend Constitution

[8] List of cyber-weapons developed by Pentagon to streamline computer warfare

[9] Alarm Clocks Blow up at Ikea Stores in Belgium, France and The Netherlands


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