Whistleblowers - 911 and False Flags


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[1] Roseanne Barr: 9/11 Was an Inside Job

[2] Robert Greenwald's: War on Whistle-blowers: FreePress&theNat'lSecurityState

[3] Cheney and Bush visited Church leaders right before Dr. Jones was dismissed

[4] 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public

[5] Former CIA Susan Lindauer put In Rendition for 1yr - knowing too much 911 info

[6] LaRouche exposes 9-11 on Radio interview AS IT happened (Transcript)

[7] 9/11 Prediction Revealed at Lindauer Competency hearing in NYC

[8] ***MUST SEE: 9/11 Truth Rant Featured In Hit TV Show Rescue Me

[9] Iran/Contra whistleblower Cele Castillo increasingly looks like a framed man


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