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Title: Energy production, weather manipulation and HAARP
Post by: iks83 on August 22, 2008, 04:05:36 pm
I just had a conversation with my brother-in-law about the energy scam worldwide and how technologies that solve the energy problem will never be used. He said that russia tested power stations where they shot a mirror up into space which focused sunlight so you can use solar power 24/7. The USA had a similar project in the 60s or so where they also shot sattelites up but they basicly sent the energy down as microwaves. But it didnt work as they thought... the athmosphere scattered the microwaves and created huge tornados. He said that it was even declassified quite some time ago... interesting, I never heard about that so HAARP as tool for weather manipulation becomes much more plausible. Has anyone heard about that? I mean the tornado thing caused by microwaves when they tried to get energy out of space.
Title: Re: Energy production, weather manipulation and HAARP
Post by: Suriel on August 22, 2008, 04:14:04 pm
I don't know about HAARP and weather manipulation but I remember Art Bell interviewing 2 of the guys that help create HAARP and they said that it could use the ionoshpere (I think it has been a while since I heard the show) as a missle defense system.
Title: Re: Energy production, weather manipulation and HAARP
Post by: Markafeller on May 30, 2009, 12:20:45 pm
I am not so sure about never using a Tesla Coil to run a city based on research. Clearly by regulations not in the USA. Today it seems to be more about cost and location. I would go for South Israel if possible. The USA will crash before it will. From the coil it might be possible to send out a corrected EMF. The earth's EMF was changed by Noah's flood. When corrected you can have 47 foot gators, 9 ft. sloths, 3 ft. rabbits, fish growing twice as fast in half the time, bugs and birds grow to massive sizes. What happens is a cell when it divides nine times the first cell will not die. This explains in part the long ages (up to just under 1,000 years)seen in the bible. Also with the coil comes the story of the rancher who when looking for his horse before air flight was shocked to see a man flying a platform 6ft by 12ft with no propeller on it at about 1908. If rediscovered it would have flood lights, video cameras, weather instruments and etc. just floating endlessly it the air. Transportation would be with out fuel in the air or on the ground. It could also have a far better communication system in itself. Light bulbs and motors would last three times longer. I would build in in a futuristic setting and it would be mind blowing.

However it would cost untold billions and years to build. Everyone would want the money to go for other things like a free hand out first. Then also it would be destroyed in some future war that everyone expects hear to be coming some day in the future. However you never know.