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Title: In honour of the sixth anniversary...
Post by: Jesus Murphy on September 07, 2007, 02:53:32 pm
...for those who have never heard it, here is some essential listening:

The Alex Jones Show, 11 September 2001
both AM & PM shows.

The first hour of the AM show is worth the admission alone...Alex has on a friend of his who worked at the WTC who, lo and behold, was a former engineer, who states that the WTC collapses were "The most perfect demolition I have ever seen.". The show is also worthy for Alex attempting to filter through all the contradictory information filtering short he does a hell of a job.

The PM show is hilarious, as Alex takes on Joe Rogan, who basically disagrees with every thing Alex says and stands for. It's great to see Alex get this guy up against the ropes...

you can find both shows for download here:

I repeat...essential listening for every Alex Jones fan!!!!