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Title: Project Veritas - Deep State
Post by: TahoeBlue on September 20, 2018, 10:12:44 am
"Resist Everything": Socialist Within State Department Exposed In Veritas "Deep State" Sting
by Tyler Durden
Tue, 09/18/2018 - 18:11

James O'Keefe and his undercover investigators have once again exposed extreme left-wing activists pursuing a progressive agenda within a position of power - this time infiltrating the State Department.

O'Keefe's team has previously released undercover videos revealing radical leftists at Twitter bragging about "shadow banning" conservatives, Democrat operatives paid by the Clinton campaign engaging in voter fraud, CNN employees admitting that the Trump-Russia story was a "fake news" ratings bonanza, and the "culture of anti-Trump bias" at the New York Times.

In their latest installment, Veritas met Stuart Karaffa - a State Department employee who is also a ranking member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America who is "engaged in radical socialist political activity on the taxpayer's dime," while actively advocating for "resistance to official government policies," according to Project Veritas.

    Mr. Karaffa?s loyalties seem to be with DSA, not with his employer.

    Karaffa told an undercover Project Veritas journalist that he performs DSA activism while at work for the State Department. He explained that he drafts DSA communications while on the job at State Department: -Project Veritas

"? I?m careful about it. I don?t leave a paper trail, like I leave emails, and like any press s**t that comes up I leave that until after 5:30. But as soon as 5:31 hits, got my like draft messages ready to send out," says Karaffa, who doesn't believe he'll get caught for pursuing his own agenda within the Department of State.

"Maybe someday I?ll go to board of elections jail, probably not," he said, adding: "I have nothing to lose. It?s impossible to fire federal employees." Karaffa says "nobody knows" about his activism - and that it's easy to circumvent State Department ethics disclosures because "? somebody just rubber stamps [the form] and it goes forward? I don?t know if [the ethics officer is] all there. He?s so checked out?"
Published on Sep 18, 2018

Project Veritas has released the first installment in an undercover video series unmasking the deep state. The video features a State Department employee, Stuart Karaffa, engaged in radical socialist political activity on the taxpayer's dime, while advocating for government resistance. Stuart Karaffa is also a ranking member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (Metro DC DSA.)

Stuart Karaffa is just the first federal government employee that Project Veritas has filmed in an undercover series unmasking the deep state. More video reports are to be released soon.
Third Veritas Video Reveals Socialist GAO Empoyee Admitting "I Break Rules Every Day"
by Tyler Durden
Thu, 09/20/2018 - 10:26

The third installment of Project Veritas' undercover series on socialists within government features an auditor for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) admitting to breaking rules "every day" in order to conduct business for the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

The first two undercover videos in the series revealed a DSA member within the State Department who is "engaged in radical socialist political activity on the taxpayer's dime," and a DOJ employee pursuing the same goals - who said there is "a lot of talk about how we can, like, resist from the inside."

The DOJ is investigating.

Thursday's video features Natarajan Subramanian - a GAO accountant and self-proclaimed Communist who admits to actively working for the DSA.

    ?No one knows I spent six hours yesterday doing social media for DSA.? -Natarajan Subramanian

He adds: "Do I care more about having this job, or do I care more about the [DSA] movement, and I was like? obviously the movement."

Natarajan Subramanian is a government auditor for the GAO and a member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (Metro DC DSA).

    Metro DC DSA is a socialist group that works to advance progressive issues in the Metropolitan DC area. Subramanian?s political activism may directly violate federal statutes as well as the ?Yellow Book? rules which apply specifically to government auditors. -Project Veritas

Title: Re: Project Veritas - Deep State
Post by: TahoeBlue on February 28, 2019, 10:34:59 am
Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains ?Deboosting,? ?Troll Report,? & Political Targeting in Video Interview

    by Staff Report February 27, 2019 in News Posts / Press Releases / Top Stories / Veritas Leaks / Facebook

Insider, Formerly Responsible for Content Review in Facebook?s Intellectual Property Dept Speaks Out, Loses Job
Facebook Engineers Plan to ?demote bad content?
Conservative Facebook Page Livestreams Secretly ?deboosted,? No Notice to Page Owners
Facebook Can Classify Users as Trolls Based on Their Vocabulary, Then Punish By Limiting Bandwidth, Blocking Comments?
?Special features? Triggered ?leading up to important elections?
Bizarre View of ?hate speech? Includes Content from Conservative Commentator