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Title: Question about the awesome TSA
Post by: dragonmonkey on December 12, 2016, 08:09:03 pm
 Since the TSA came into existence can that agency or is it, providing any facts or anything that can suggest that have prevented any kind of terrorism since their inception and on top of that can they prove that by them being in airports that they are an effective deterrent.

Next, Can Donald Trump / Will he, or is he even considering doing away with the TSA ?

As far as I can tell, the TSA is nothing more than a government job for those  who enjoy being on the gov tit and enjoy making peoples live a bit more miserable on top of what already one goes through with airline agencies.

Also  TSA , stands for TRANSPORTATION SECURITY Administration ,   and it is a department of homeland security......  so i was wondering why only the airports, and then i did a quick google search and sure enough (; BUT if the TSA is going to be an asshat across all public transportations, then i think it is only fair that they implement the same insanity at airports , meaning Body screeners, and ticket checkers, baggage check, and random pat downs.

I honestly do hope it does happen, for the simple fact, it would be such a major cluster fk to our transportation system across the country, that there would be no way to realistically travel by public transportation.  BUT WAIT, there is that tricky word again, TRANSPORTATION..... at what point does the TSA decide to lobby for some kind of mandate for random check points  across every where, so you are driving to the store, and it looks like one of those weigh stations for truckers, but a bit smaller, operates the same way, except your vehicle gets weighed, you have to provide your driving papers, ID , maybe have to put your finger in a scanner, and off ya go.

OR how is this for extra crazy, why not take meter maids, and put them under the TSA .

The TSA is still a rather new piece of bs legislation and I can only hope that at some point during Trumps presidency that he will either put a stop to it, and just have more funding going to local police so that they can hire officers to patrol our airports. and be done with it. 

 OH WAIT I FORGOT, BOATS, yup boats are a form of transportation too, so they have to be inspected not only by your local state wildlife enforcement agencies , and the nation guard, but now the TSA needs boats, so they can patrol ports and rivers, etc.

I mean the only upside to any of it , is in theory it would create more jobs. Just at the cost of fkn over the rest of us.

And if Trump cant or wont fix or stop the TSA i think the only option left is to just shame the TSA constantly until they dont want to work for the TSA any longer.
Title: Re: Question about the awesome TSA
Post by: windyacres on December 12, 2016, 10:52:59 pm
dragonmonkey, the TSA will never go away.   And look how the
sheeple never made a stink about it.  It's so wrong in so many
ways the TSA that is.   Here's the link to the TSA section of the
forum, now congress is expanding the TSA to buses and trains.
Once a Federal Bureaucracy has been "created" it's in place forever.

Title: Re: Question about the shameful TSA
Post by: One Revelator on December 13, 2016, 12:06:00 am
And look how the sheeple never made a stink about it. 

Actually, they did at first. Several men were hauled away to the airport jails because they got pissed off that their wives were being groped. Forms of protests occurred at the TSA checkpoints every step of the way. Everything from scantily clad women to shirtless men with messages scrawled on their backs.

Some good TSA types quit due to conscience. Then they were replaced with more perverts and criminal dirtbags.

Meanwhile, Janet Napolitano said she was listening to the public while doing absolutely nothing about the disgrace. Her attitude was authoritarian, same as the guy before her, Chertoff (of the devils).

@dragonmonkey Quit giving them ideas. The gestapo is bad enough as it is. They were put there based on a big lie. So, they shouldn't even exist.
Title: Re: Question about the awesome TSA
Post by: dragonmonkey on December 13, 2016, 03:43:55 pm
lol @ giving the TSA Ideas/  Well I hope The Prison Planet Forum will never stop talking about the uselessness of the TSA, if anyone has ever seen South Park, they did a hilarious parody and mocked the TSA , ( seat belts on toilets so you dont fall in )

I will be interested to see if Trump does repeal or make drastic changes to obama care, i am also of the mindset that this is one of those government agencies that just cant be stopped now. Though if Trump attacks obama care, it might lead a path to taking down the TSA.

Anyone want to do a physical count of how many terrorists the TSA has actually stopped, versus how many people they have groped or harassed ?  The TSA might come back with well we stop drugs from coming etc, and my reply would be that isn;t your job, there are already agencies in place to stop illegal activities being transported via public airplanes.

anyhow ty for the replies.
Title: Re: Question about the useless TSA
Post by: One Revelator on December 13, 2016, 04:30:38 pm
Another approach is the looking for stories of how much has gotten through the TSA undetected. Consensus is that it's just security theater.

Why The TSA Doesn't Stop Terrorist Attacks - Adam Ruins Everything

The dissolution of the TSA would require an official admission about 9/11 that delegitimizes the Patriot Act. We're still waiting on the official JFK info 53 years after the fact. I think it came up for declassification during the GW Bush era and he decided to extend the secrecy.
Title: Re: Question about the awesome TSA
Post by: dragonmonkey on December 13, 2016, 06:28:00 pm
I think Trump could easily come up with a plausible BS reason to do away with the TSA, it would be simple enough to at the very least Claim that the C.I.A / F.B.I, etc have been doing such a great job at preventing and catching terrorists etc, that the TSA as good of a job that they have done are just no longer needed.  now im sure someone can make a better BS sandwich than I , but there ya go.

As for the Patriot act,   From what I understand the Patriot Act under George Bush was just a stepping stone for Obama to enact things that pale in comparison. The patriot act, really came across to me as a knee jerk reaction to 9/11 ( not getting into any false flag debate on 9/11 at least not in this thread )   An also hilarious on the Adam Ruins the TSA, i have been putting off watching that show, but if he really did a bit about the TSA ima look for it an watch it.

I am all for a public review and disection of what the Patriot Act really is and then ending the act, and coming up with something new. IF at all needed. Though it seems to me, just simply allowing racial profiling and common sense would be just as effective if not better than the TSA.  Racial profiling has been giving this negative undertone and it isn't or at least does not have to be. But as long as the Democrat party exists an coward republicans, then forget it. An to think that the assassination of JFK has been 53 yrs and still not all the info is out, is rather interesting. From what I have heard briefly that I can remember , sometimes things stay classified because people who surround an event are still alive, and that can lead to them being found and pressed by media or whomever. Though what ever, to that if it is true because plenty of ex military and now the secret service agent who served for hillary are coming out with books...

But just look at the TSA agents next time you are in airport, they look like  a bunch of slackers, most are retired people, some are barely out of highschool and are checking tickets, and it is indeed security theater, and a poor one at that.  I literally never liked flying because of the lines and packed seating, but it is now literally my last option for travel because of the TSA.
Title: Re: Question about the awesome TSA
Post by: dragonmonkey on December 26, 2016, 06:39:14 pm
FFS just watched that youtube video adam ruins everything , i thought he was just a normal DBag tv host, and probably is, but what he said about the TSA is fing spot on, as if the majority of people and terrorists do not know already that the TSA are a joke.  I do hope that at some point during Trumps term that he seriously considers destroying the TSA. It is nothing but a government hand out job. An a form of pointless government control.