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Title: Ex-CIA head: North Korea will be able to reach Seattle with nuke by end of -
Post by: windyacres on December 01, 2016, 12:20:26 am
Ex-CIA head: North Korea will be able to reach Seattle
 with nuke by end of Trump’s first term   

The Hill
November 30, 2016

The former head of the CIA says North Korea will be able to launch missiles that can reach Seattle by the end of President-elect Donald Trump’s four years in office.

Hayden: Very likely by end of Trump's 1st term, North Koreans will be able to reach Seattle with a nuclear weapon

“I really do think it is very likely that by the end of Mr. Trump’s first term, the North Koreans will be able to reach Seattle with a nuclear weapon onboard an indigenously produced intercontinental ballistic missile,” Gen. Michael Hayden told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Hayden, a retired four-star Air Force general and former director of the National Security Agency, said North Korea believes “they will not survive without being a nuclear power.”

He criticized China’s police toward North Korea, saying Chinese leaders are “frightened” of the consequences of pressuring North Korea over its nuclear program.

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Title: Kim Jong-un threatens ‘MERCILESS’ attack on America
Post by: Satyagraha on March 14, 2017, 12:07:44 pm
Kim Jong-un threatens ‘MERCILESS’ attack on America in retaliation for South Korea drills
PUBLISHED: 11:29, Tue, Mar 14, 2017

KIM JONG-UN has threatened to unleash a “merciless” attack on America if joint military exercises with South Korea continue.

He said he would attack his Western enemies from “ground, air, sea and underwater” in a sabre-rattling statement released through state media.

The propaganda press agency KCNA indicated the blood-thirsty despot was becoming increasingly agitated by the joint military drills south of the border.

A statement attributed to Kim said: “If they infringe on the DPRK's sovereignty and dignity even a bit, its army will launch merciless ultra-precision strikes from ground, air, sea and underwater. (continued) (


(Ed.: on "dignity"?? Narcissist alert!! - unpredictable, vengeful, childlike reasoning, needs adult supervision... who in his government will dare to give him supervision?)


The North Korean Nuclear Cha-cha-cha
James Corbett (

There are few events in geopolitics so metronomically dependable you could dance to them, but the North Korean nuclear situation is one of them.

It’s a military exercise ( cha cha cha and a nuclear testing ( cha cha cha.

It’s a tightening sanctions ( cha cha cha and a “Death To America! (” cha cha cha.

Still, as reliable as this dance has been throughout the years (I myself have been talking about it for a very long time), there is the sense that it is starting to accelerate. And while an errant drummer who speeds up a song might be responsible for nothing more than a few bumps or bruises on the dance floor, the escalation of the nuclear dance is altogether more dangerous.

The latest steps toward the nuclear cliff took place on Monday when North Korea fired four ballistic missiles ( into the Sea of Japan. The missiles, which landed in Japan’s declared exclusive economic zone and put the country on its highest state of alert (, are not believed to be intercontinental (, but the North Korean government has boasted that it is ready to test-fire an ICBM “at any time, at any place, (” perhaps even this year. Given that North Korea is still technically at war with South Korea (and its co-belligerents, the UN and the US), and given that an ICBM is one half of the key to delivering a nuclear payload to the west coast of the United States (nuclear miniaturization being the other half), this is not an insignificant threat.

Worse, this latest whirl around the dance floor comes amid a flurry of worrying developments:

On Saturday it was revealed that the Pentagon has been engaged in covert cyberwarfare ( with North Korea for at least three years, tasked with sabotaging the country’s missile tests.

On Monday North Korean UN Ambassador Ja Song Nam warned the Security Council ( that this “may go over to an actual war, and, consequently, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is again inching to the brink of a nuclear war.”

Also on Monday the first elements of the US’ highly contentious Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system were deployed in South Korea (

The latter development is a perfect example of how the North Korean situation really could spiral into war, and not necessarily a war involving North Korea. The THAAD anti-missile system is being done under cover of the threat from North Korea, but both Russia and China know full well that it is equally aimed at them. Although anti-missile systems are presented to the public as being solely defensive in nature, military planners know that the ability to deter missile systems is a key requirement for an offensive military gambit. (continued) (

Title: North Korea situation - what it means with China/Russia US relationship
Post by: Satyagraha on March 14, 2017, 12:15:11 pm
( (

James Corbett Discusses North Korea with We Are Change
Corbett • 03/10/2017

Via WeAreChange: In this conversation investigative journalists Luke Rudkowski and James Corbett of the Corbett Report discuss the disastrous geopolitical situation with Kim Jong-un of North Korea. We go over the positions of China, Russia, and the U.S in this latest situation. Missile defense systems are being set up in South Korea, which is causing a conflict between these world powers.

For more on this topic, see the recent article “The North Korean Nuclear Cha-cha-cha”
Title: Re: Ex-CIA head: North Korea will be able to reach Seattle with nuke by end of -
Post by: Satyagraha on March 14, 2017, 12:27:08 pm
The idea of war with China - via "No. Korea" is not surprising, considering the cabinet Trump has assembled. These are pro-war people: Syria and Iraq escalations, now this "military drill" in South Korea... but who are they really interested in fighting?

Death by China (

Death by China: Confronting the Dragon – A Global Call to Action is a 2011 non-fiction book by economics professor Peter Navarro and Greg Autry[1] that chronicles "from currency manipulation and abusive trade policies, to deadly consumer products," the alleged threats to America's economic dominance in the 21st century posed by China's Communist Party.

Peter Navarro...

Circled above, Peter Navarro, head of Trump's newly formed "National Trade Council"

The clearest articulation of what Trump wants to do to America's economy comes from one person
Linette Lopez
Jan. 31, 2017

" ...Perhaps the most notable thing about Navarro is the work he's done on China. For one thing, it's an indication of why he (a Democrat by registration) was chosen by Trump. His 2011 book, "Death by China," was turned into a documentary (which you can watch on YouTube).

In it he argues many of the things Trump argued on the campaign trail — that China is manipulating its currency in order to export more goods to the US and that it's hurting our manufacturing sector.

One expert claims that "China is the only country in the world that is preparing to kill Americans." Another calls the US "a big chump" for supporting China's entrance into the World Trade Organization..." (Full Article) (

Title: Tillerson Doesn't Rule Out Preemptive Strike on North Korea
Post by: Satyagraha on March 17, 2017, 10:43:30 am
Tillerson Doesn't Rule Out Preemptive Strike on North Korea
by Nick Wadhams  and Kanga Kong
March 17, 2017, 4:52 AM EDT March 17, 2017, 9:23 AM EDT

(Video at link)
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said 'all the options are on the table' to counter nuclear threats from North Korea while remaining hopeful to persuade the nation to take a different course of action. Tillerson spoke with reporters on a trip to South Korea. (Source: Bloomberg)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the U.S. is considering “all options” to counter North Korea’s nuclear threat while criticizing China over moves to block a missile-defense system on the peninsula.

In some of his most detailed comments yet on North Korea, Tillerson ruled out a negotiated freeze of its nuclear weapons program and called for a wider alliance to counter Kim Jong Un’s regime. He also left the military option on the table if the North Korean threat gets too large.

“If they elevate the threat of their weapons programs to a level that we believe requires action, that option is on the table,” Tillerson told reporters on Friday on a trip to South Korea when asked about the possibility of a military strike. He ruled out talks with North Korea until it commits to giving up its nuclear weapons.

Hours later, President Donald Trump said on Twitter that North Korea was ”behaving very badly.”

“They have been ‘playing’ the United States for years,” Trump said. “China has done little to help!”

Tillerson’s remarks were some of the most forceful yet from the Trump administration and signaled the U.S. was closing the door on a more conciliatory approach as it looks to curtail Kim Jong Un’s nuclear and ballistic-missile programs. With the range of North Korea’s missiles getting closer to North America, Tillerson is seeking a new approach as part of a trip to Japan, South Korea and China.

“Let me be very clear: this policy of strategic patience has ended,” Tillerson said. “All options are on the table. North Korea must understand that the only path to a secure, economically prosperous future is to abandon its development of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and other weapons of mass destruction.”

Trump’s options for dealing with North Korea: Q&A

On Saturday, Tillerson heads to China, the main ally and biggest trading partner of Kim’s regime. The U.S.’s top diplomat said China’s moves to retaliate against South Korea for agreeing to the deployment of a missile-defense program were “troubling” and “inappropriate.” He vowed to proceed with the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, or Thaad, against China’s complaints.

China opposes the missile shield in part due to concerns that its radar will be used to counter its own military capabilities. Beijing suspended the operation of more than 50 Lotte Mart stores after the South Korean retail conglomerate agreed to sell land for Thaad, and ordered travel agents to stop selling tour packages to the nation.

“While we acknowledge China’s opposition, its economic retaliation against South Korea is inappropriate and troubling,” Tillerson said. “We ask China to refrain from such actions. Instead we urge China to address the threat that makes Thaad necessary, that being the escalating threat from North Korea.”

Why Thaad bothers China so much: Q&A

Tillerson spelled out a layered approach that would start with tightening enforcement of current United Nations sanctions and “widening the circle of allies” to deal with the North Korean threat.

From there, the U.S. will seek to cut off other sources of revenue that fall outside sanctions. He also rejected the idea of accepting a freeze on North Korea’s nuclear program, saying that would leave the country with “significant capabilities that would represent a true threat not just to the region but to American forces as well.”

At the same time, Tillerson said the U.S. wanted economic prosperity and security for the North if it gives up its nuclear program.

“North Korea has nothing to fear from the United States, but this 20 years of talking has brought us to the point we are today,” he said.
Title: Re: Ex-CIA head: North Korea will be able to reach Seattle with nuke by end of -
Post by: AlexanderStone on November 06, 2017, 11:59:58 pm
The occult people who wrote Trump's speech apparently believe it is time to have a war with Russia:

'strategic patience' means Russia, not north Korea.

This is why the dod is preaching boots on the ground as the only way to neutralize their missile program, since the attempted overthrow of Ukraine resulted in the annexation of Crimea, and failed to secure a direct border with Russia.

It's much easier to conduct cross border exercises, and experiment on the unwitting populace of a neighbor if that nation is in turmoil, as history shows.

If the occult actually cared about reigning in north Korea they would cease war games off their coast, and just shoot down every single test missile. Then the north Koreans would not fear invasion, while realizing that continuing in their testing is foolish.
Title: Re: Ex-CIA head: North Korea will be able to reach Seattle with nuke by end of -
Post by: AlexanderStone on November 07, 2017, 02:28:38 pm
It's like they're trying to be prophetic or something: