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Title: Old News, Bohemian Grove
Post by: exBlazer66 on August 19, 2013, 07:07:38 pm
First of all i want to mention that i'm just starting out with this forum, the truth, everything. Now i watched a video of Alex Jones infiltrating Bohemian Grove, a place where the elite get away, run wild and perform ancient rituals. I am not saying that he did not really do this. I am not saying i know anything about this. I am asking, how did he do it?? I don't understand. How could he possibly get into to there, how did he get pass all of the obstacles?? As soon as i watched that video that was the second thing that popped into my mind, the first being, " i can't believe this is really what goes on, that the elite are involved in such evil''. Every where i've looked, i keep getting nothing, i can't find out how he did it, i just keep getting crap. Anyone out there know???