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Title: Bohemian Grove Speculated Talking Points 2012
Post by: inforocker on July 17, 2012, 11:45:13 pm
The function of this gathering is not speculated. They
meet to train through ritual. They train in deception.

It is known as a republican gathering but it is not
limited to republicans. It started this weekend and people
want to know the truth. Reading recent history has lead me
to believe the following are talking points. I concluded
with my own resolve.

Speculated Talking Points:
Children's DNA, Artificial Scarcity, and Intimidation.

They plan to induce mass depravity in public places
(people on federal aid).

Vitamin C or D (something common), decentralized farming
and RMS (probably a sub-carrier-algorithm)

Speculated Talking Points:
People you know to be real journalists will have their
reputation smeared for reporting provable facts.

Excuses consolidated to restrict freedom of speech
(internet and other).

Keep working on your talents. Know what the truth is.
Defend free speech.

Speculated Talking Points:
Travel restrictions (possibly TSA expansion), religious
leaders' (not just catholic) reputations smeared, bail out

Now would be an excellent time to find out what all that
tax money is purchasing.

Defend the right to travel, read the bible with a
dictionary at your side, back your favorite currency with
gold and decentralize banking.