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Title: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: Geolibertarian on April 08, 2012, 09:20:39 pm
Watch the following and decide for yourself: ( ( ( ( ( (

In that last clip, you'll see what I mean when I say that, when you scratch a limousine liberal ( (a term that is practically synonymous with global warming cultist (, you'll find a raging Nazi underneath.

Nothing embarrasses or enrages these psychopaths more than to be attacked politically from their left, because it blows the "left cover (" on which they so desperately rely: ( (
     ( (
                         [Image clickable]
Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: Geolibertarian on April 09, 2012, 01:45:35 am
Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: Geolibertarian on April 09, 2012, 12:49:37 pm (

Fear of Tyranny Is Now Treated As A Psychiatric Disorder In The West

Saman Mohammadi
April 8, 2012

The modern totalitarian state is the psychotherapist for the whole of society. It acts on the elitist principle that it knows everything and the people deserve to be mind controlled and brainwashed for their own good.

Defenders of the totalitarian system demonize their democratic critics as insane, and suppress political speech with the mind control techniques that have grown out of modern psychological and mental health research. If you point out their contradictions, lies, and inconsistencies in their narratives, they call you a conspiracy theorist and chew you out with psycho-babble. And if you acknowledge that you fear their despotic vision for Western society and the world, they call you paranoid and say you have a psychiatric disorder.

It does not matter what twisted and perverted ideology that the totalitarian power-seekers hide behind. It could be Communism, Nazism, Islamism, Neoconservativism, or Environmentalism. Every “ism” is a thought-control prison. Citizens are suppressed in the same manner under every totalitarian hellhole by their mental overlords.

Anti-democratic elites in all totalitarian prisons use the language of mental health to dismiss dissenters and enforce their dogmatic beliefs and totalitarian policies on an unwilling public. In 2009, Brendan O’Neill of wrote a powerful essay called, “The Psychologisation of Dissent: The Global Warming Skepticism Mental Disorder,” ( about how the West is following in the footsteps of the Soviet Union. O’Neil wrote:

In the West, the mislabeling of dissent as “paranoia” and “crazy” has been taken to an extreme. People who believe there should be government transparency and media accountability have been exiled out of the mainstream political community.

It is a cruel joke on the public that the very same people who speak for the totalitarian system in America and accuse their democratic critics of mental illness and mental retardation are half-retarded themselves. Examples include former President George W. Bush, and Secretary of the Department of Human Slavery Janet Napolitano. To be accused of being retarded for not believing official government propaganda by these retards is so funny. I think it is better to laugh than to get mad at these half-baked clowns.

But it gets more serious when we learn that the power-mongers who are throwing around terms such as “mentally ill,” “conspiracy theorist (,” and “retarded,” to describe their political opponents are secretly devising government programs to exterminate not only their critics, but also the general population. They want to get rid of the “mentally unfit,” in society like Hitler wanted to do. And who is defined as mentally unfit? People who question the pseudo-science of climate change and the official fairy tale about the 9/11 attacks that has been used to destroy civil liberties and the rule of law.

Paul Joseph Watson wrote an article called, “Climate Change Skepticism a Sickness That Must be “Treated,” Says Professor,” ( about one professor’s insane and despicable idea to shut-down critics of global warming hysteria by accusing them that they suffer from mental sickness, psychological devolution, and social regression. Watson:

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Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: Geolibertarian on April 11, 2012, 08:32:51 am
Looks like the global warming Nazis have fifty more thought criminals to wax psychoanalytic about: (
Title: Green Police? DHS Launches ‘Environmental Justice’ Units
Post by: Geolibertarian on April 11, 2012, 04:13:17 pm (

Green Police? DHS Launches ‘Environmental Justice’ Units

Homeland Security commits to fight climate change and “melting Arctic ice”

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Audi’s 2010 ‘Green Police’ spoof commercial may not be far off becoming reality with the announcement that the Department of Homeland Security is creating new “environmental justice” units that will be empowered to oversee regulations in conjunction with local government.

In its Environmental Justice Strategy ( document, the DHS says the idea is to “include environmental justice practices in our larger mission efforts involving federal law enforcement and emergency response activities” and to incorporate environmental justice in “securing the homeland”.

The DHS sees its role in promoting “environmental justice” as not just limited to overseeing reviews of its own operations, but also “through regulatory permitting activities” in conjunction with state, local and tribal governments.

“It will take not one, but two DHS units to “ensure the success” of the environmental justice strategy,” reports Power Line ( “But wait, there’s more! “Four other headquarters offices provide critical support for . . . successfully implementing this strategy.” But if you’re a lowly TSA agent not under one of those six offices, not to worry—you’re considered an eco-warrior, too: “Every Component of the Department has a role, some larger, some smaller, in ensuring that environmental justice has been considered in securing the homeland without placing disproportionate burdens on the health and environment of low income populations and minority populations.”

The framework for the DHS’ ‘Environmental Justice Working Group includes eleven federal government bodies, including the TSA, the Secret Service and FEMA.

The document also lists concerns such as “climate change” and “melting Arctic ice,” despite recent reports confirming ( the the amount of floating ice in the Arctic’s Bering Sea “reached all-time record high levels last month,” according to the US National Snow and Ice Data Center.

The DHS’ environmental justice strategy follows calls by Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano ( for the federal agency to start battling “climate change” as a national security issue.

Is the DHS’ new “environmental justice” program just a bureaucratic nod to fashionable ‘green’ mandates, or will we see the federal government getting involved in seizing property under authoritarian eco zoning laws as is already happening across the country ( with city and state governments under the auspices of the UN’s Agenda 21?

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Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: Geolibertarian on April 20, 2012, 12:20:04 pm
Climate Alarmist Calls For Burning Down Skeptics’ Homes

“Let’s start keeping track of them…let’s make them pay”

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, April 19, 2012

Writing for Forbes Magazine, climate change alarmist Steve Zwick calls for skeptics of man-made global warming to be tracked, hunted down and have their homes burned to the ground, yet another shocking illustration of how eco-fascism is rife within the environmentalist lobby.

Comparing climate change skeptics to residents in Tennessee who refused to pay a $75 fee, resulting in firemen sitting back and watching their houses burn down, Zwick rants that anyone who actively questions global warming propaganda should face the same treatment.

“We know who the active denialists are – not the people who buy the lies, mind you, but the people who create the lies. Let’s start keeping track of them now, and when the famines come, let’s make them pay. Let’s let their houses burn. Let’s swap their safe land for submerged islands. Let’s force them to bear the cost of rising food prices,” writes Zwick [1], adding, “They broke the climate. Why should the rest of us have to pay for it?”

As we have profusely documented [2], as polls show that fewer and fewer Americans are convinced by the pseudo-science behind man-made global warming [3], promulgated as it is by control freaks like Zwick who care more about money and power than they do the environment, AGW adherents are becoming increasingly authoritarian in their pronouncements.

Even as the science itself disproves their theories [4] – Arctic ice is thickening, polar bears and penguins are thriving, Himalayan glaciers are growing – climate change alarmists are only becoming more aggressive in their attacks against anyone who dares question the global warming mantra.

Earlier month we highlighted [5] Professor Kari Norgaard’s call for climate skeptics to be likened to racists and ‘treated’ for having a mental disorder. In a letter to Barack Obama, Norgaard also called on the President [6] to ignore the will of the people and suspend democracy in order to enforce draconian ecological mandates.

But that’s by no means represents the extreme edge of eco-fascist sentiment that has been expressed in recent years.

In 2010, UK government-backed global warming alarmist group 10:10 produced an infomercial [7] in which children who refused to lower their carbon emissions were slaughtered in an orgy of blood and guts. After a massive backlash, the organization was forced to remove the video from their website and issue an apology.

The same year, ‘Gaia hypothesis’ creator James Lovelock asserted [8] that “democracy must be put on hold” to combat global warming and that “a few people with authority” should be allowed to run the planet because people were too stupid to be allowed to steer their own destinies.

In 2006, an environmental magazine [9] to which Al Gore and Bill Moyers had both granted interviews advocated that climate skeptics who are part of the “denial industry” be arrested and made to face Nuremberg-style war crimes trials.’s Mark Morano is encouraging AGW skeptics to politely inform Steve Zwick ( [email protected] [10]) that calling for people who express a difference of opinion to be tracked and have their houses burned down is not a rational argument for the legitimacy of man-made global warming science.

Indeed, it’s the argument of a demented idiot who’s obviously in the throws of a childish tantrum over the fact that Americans are rejecting the global government/carbon tax agenda for which man-made global warming is a front in greater numbers than ever before.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison [11]. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

Article printed from Prison

URL to article:

URLs in this post:

[1] writes Zwick:
[2] As we have profusely documented:
[3] fewer and fewer Americans are convinced by the pseudo-science behind man-made global warming:
[4] Even as the science itself disproves their theories:
[5] Earlier month we highlighted:
[6] Norgaard also called on the President:
[7] produced an infomercial:
[8] James Lovelock asserted:
[9] an environmental magazine:
[10] [email protected]: mailto:[email protected]
[11] Prison
Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: chris jones on April 20, 2012, 02:22:11 pm
 Geo, I'll go along with Nazi Eugenics, Adolf played the game as well and our Fat Al can't get his head out of the NWO's backside.
Title: New Big Brother Satellite to “Hunt Down” Carbon Criminals
Post by: Geolibertarian on April 23, 2012, 10:23:56 am (

New Big Brother Satellite to “Hunt Down” Carbon Criminals

CarbonSat: Enforcing green fascism’s CO2 tax from space

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, April 23, 2012

The European Space Agency is set to green light a new surveillance satellite that will measure man-made carbon emissions from space in order to “hunt down” violators of international climate agreements, allowing Big Brother to enforce a future tax on CO2 emissions.


Labeled CarbonSat, the satellite system will have the ability to differentiate between natural carbon emissions and man-made CO2 releases. Earlier this month, the ESA announced that it had contracted space company Astrium to develop the satellite, which will be ready for deployment by 2017.

The Astrium press release ( announcing the project makes no mention of the fact that the satellite will be used to perform surveillance on individuals and businesses to keep tabs on their carbon footprint, instead presenting its role as merely measuring carbon emissions.

However, an interview with Astrium President Evert Dudok ( carried by a German climate alarmist website makes it clear that the technology will be used to spy on human activity from space and impose penalties for non-compliance with United Nations environmental treaties and regulations.

According to a translation by the prominent climate skeptic website No Tricks Zone (, Dudok reveals that the primary function of the satellite will be to perform highly intrusive surveillance.

“The target is to hunt down environmental violators,” said Dudok, adding that the satellite will have the capability to detect methane as well as CO2, meaning farmers, whose activity is already policed by a network of spy satellites and drones (, could face fines and taxes depending on the flatulence levels of their livestock.

“Knowledge of both of these gases is not only decisive for climate forecasts, but also for monitoring international climate treaties,” said Dudok, adding, “Up to now there has been no reliable way of monitoring the implementation of the Kyoto and Copenhagen treaties.”

In other words, the CarbonSat will be the enforcement arm of dictatorial UN climate mandates.
Dudok also explains that the satellite will be able to detect “emissions from cities” and “coal power plants,” greasing the skids for the enforcement of a tax on carbon emissions against both individuals and power companies, which in turn will drive up energy prices for consumers.

The CO2 Handel warmist website explains the true scope of the project in chilling terminology.

“Aerospace company Astrium is designing a new satellite for the European Space Agency (ESA) to be used for monitoring greenhouse gas occurrences. The new climate satellite will be able to detect greenhouse gases with an unprecedented spatial resolution: 2 x 2 kilometers. The European Space Agency wants to hunt down environmental and climate violators with its new satellite. Aerospace company Astrium will put together a feasibility study for the project by the end of 2013, according to company reports Thursday. If things move forward successfully, the mission – dubbed CarbonSat – could already begin as soon as 2017 and thus enable monitoring of international climate treaties.”

Given the fact that the global warming alarmist lobby has previously intimated that people who refuse to lower their carbon footprint should either be arrested and put on trial for war crimes (, have their homes burned down (, or simply liquidated in an orgy of blood and guts (, the fact that sophisticated surveillance technology is being prepared to spy on ‘carbon criminals’ comes as no surprise.

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Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: Geolibertarian on April 23, 2012, 11:01:38 am
To all you man-made global warming cultists ( out there who wax hysterical about plant food ( all day long while ignoring such things as depleted uranium ( and geo-engineernig (, since most of you like to portray yourselves as being "liberal" or "progressive," I'm curious about something:

Is there any Nazi ( police state measure you won't do the "Sieg Heil!" to as long as the eugenics ( technocrats and political con artists in whom you've invested so much blind faith over the years have wrapped it in the flag of "saving the earth"?

Another question I have is: If it's so important to you that we tax carbon dioxide in the name of fighting "pollution," then shouldn't we tax something with an even scarier name -- dihydrogen monoxide -- as well? (

I think that's a fair question to ask, because if what plants "breathe" is an evil pollutant to be defended against at all costs, then why not what plants "drink"?

Or is that yet another question you have neither the courage nor intellectual honesty to answer?
Title: Say Hello to Your New Master: Environmental Dictatorship
Post by: Geolibertarian on April 24, 2012, 09:16:03 am (

Say Hello to Your New Master: Environmental Dictatorship
Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The United Nations plans to use its upcoming UN Conference on “Sustainable Development” (UN CSD or Rio+20) in Rio de Janeiro to amass a vast array of unprecedented new powers and literally re-shape civilization, the global economy, and even peoples’ thoughts, according to official documents. All of it will be done in the name of transitioning toward a so-called “green economy.” (

The European Space Agency is set to green light a new surveillance satellite that will measure man-made carbon emissions from space in order to “hunt down” violators of international climate agreements, allowing Big Brother to enforce a future tax on CO2 emissions. (
Title: Death Loving Sociopathic Professor Calls for Global ‘Genocide’ to Save Earth
Post by: Geolibertarian on April 25, 2012, 02:24:38 pm (

Death Loving Sociopathic Professor Calls for Global ‘Genocide’ to Save Earth

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A video has popped up showing University College’s Emeritus Professor John Guillebaud, patron of the UK-based “Population Matters”, standing before a screen depicting among other things a machine-gun, a hospital bed, and a knife dripping with blood, as examples of “natural” population control as opposed to “artificial” methods such as contraception and family planning. (
Title: Elite Eugenicists Call For Mass Depopulation, Drastic Reduction In Energy Use
Post by: Geolibertarian on April 27, 2012, 03:31:06 pm
Steve Watson absolutely hits it out of the park with this one. Bravo, Steve!

------------------------------ (

Elite Eugenicists Call For Mass Depopulation, Drastic Reduction In Energy Consumption

Royal Society study yields unsurprising results, Ecoscience co-author calls for “move to population shrinkage as humanely and as rapidly as possible”

Steve Watson
April 27, 2012

The Royal Society, an organisation made up of renowned eco-fascists and depopulation fanatics, has released a “major report” ( calling for the “stabilization” of global population and reductions in consumption in developed countries.

The report is the unsurprising result of a 21 month “objective” study ( on human population growth and its implications for social and economic development.

“The number of people living on the planet has never been higher, their levels of consumption are unprecedented and vast changes are taking place in the environment. We can choose to rebalance the use of resources to a more egalitarian pattern of consumption … or we can choose to do nothing and to drift into a downward spiral of economic and environmental ills leading to a more unequal and inhospitable future”, the report reads.

The report also claims that developing countries will have to build the equivalent of a city of a million people every five days from now to 2050 in order to cope with the rate of population increase.

“In material terms it will be necessary for most developed countries to abstain from certain sorts of consumption, such as CO2.” said Jules Pretty who was on the Royal Society working group.

The study argues that there should be a demand to “reduce fertility” in poorer nations, particularly in Africa.

“When we slow down population growth we empower women and provide more money for least developed countries to invest in education. The majority of women want fewer children.” Mr Pretty argued.

Renowned population alarmist Prof Paul Ehrlich weighed in on the matter (, going even further than the Royal Society.

Ehrlich told the Guardian that the optimum population of Earth is 1.5 to 2 billion people rather than the 7 billion who are alive today or the 9 billion expected in 2050.

“How many you support depends on lifestyles.” Ehrlich said. “We came up with 1.5 to 2 billion because you can have big active cities and wilderness. If you want a battery chicken world where everyone has minimum space and food and everyone is kept just about alive you might be able to support in the long term about 4 or 5 billion people. But you already have 7 billion. So we have to humanely and as rapidly as possible move to population shrinkage.”

“The question is: can you go over the top without a disaster, like a worldwide plague or a nuclear war between India and Pakistan? If we go on at the pace we are there’s going to be various forms of disaster. Some maybe slow motion disasters like people getting more and more hungry, or catastrophic disasters because the more people you have the greater the chance of some weird virus transferring from animal to human populations, there could be a vast die-off.”

Ehrlich was a co-author of “Ecoscience” with John P. Holdren, who went on to become Obama’s science czar. As we have previously noted (, the notorious 1977 textbook floats the idea of forced abortions, “compulsory sterilization,” and the creation of a “Planetary Regime” that would oversee human population levels and control all natural resources as a means of protecting the planet.

Although admitting that those notions were discussed in the book, Ehrlich has denied that he is an advocate for them.

For its part, The Royal Society is a 350 year old establishment outfit, leading members of which are manifestly obsessed with pushing a depopulation agenda. The group has also thrown its full weight behind the global warming movement, lending its absolute support for legislation aimed at reducing carbon emissions by 80%, a process that will devastate the global economy and drastically reduce living standards everywhere.

The society has been even more vehement than national governments in its advocacy of the man-made cause of global warming, calling for such drastic CO2 cuts to be made in the short term, not even by the usual target date of 2050.

It was also intimately tied to the Whitewashing of the Climategate emails scandal (

One of the members of the Royal Society’s working group for their population study was Jonathon Porritt. Porritt is the former chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission, one of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s leading green advisers, who has stated that Britain’s population must be cut in half ( from around 60 million to 30 million if it is to build a sustainable society.

Porritt is also a member of The Optimum Population Trust (OPT) (, a notorious UK-based public policy group that campaigns for a gradual decline in the global human population to what it sees as a “sustainable” level.

When it was announced in 2010, an OPT news article ( on the Royal Society’s study opened with the line, “The human population is far higher than any other primate at any time in history”. This outlines exactly where these people approached their research from.

Another notable member of both the OPT and The Royal Society is Futurist and top Eco-Fascist James Lovelock.

Lovelock became a patron of the OPT ( in 2009. In a statement released by the trust to mark the appointment, Lovelock called on the environmental movement as a whole to “recognise the truth and speak out” on the link between rising human numbers and global warming.

Lovelock said: “Those who fail to see that population growth and climate change are two sides of the same coin are either ignorant or hiding from the truth. These two huge environmental problems are inseparable and to discuss one while ignoring the other is irrational.”

He added: “How can we possibly decrease carbon emissions and land use while the number of emitters and the space they occupy remorselessly increases? When will the environmentalists who claim to be green recognise the truth and speak out?”

Lovelock also recently called for the ending of freedom ( in order that an overriding global power made up of “a few people with authority” can oversee the radical stemming of the planet’s human population in order to combat climate change.

In a bizarre move, and one that shows how much backlash he has encountered, Lovelock recently reversed his position ( entirely on global warming, admitting that he had been an alarmist.

So you begin to see how laughable it is to expect the Royal Society’s global population study, which will certainly be used as a reference by other leading institutions and global bodies, to be in any way “objective”.

The OPT and The Royal Society also boast, as a patron, BBC darling wildlife broadcaster and film-maker Sir David Attenborough, who has called for a one child policy ( like that of Communist China to be implemented in Britain. The proposal is one of the OPT’s main initiatives ( Attenborough was also on the Royal Society’s working group ( for this population study. Again, it was inconceivable to expect this man’s influence to result in an “objective” study on population.

Another member of the working group was Cambridge economist Sir Partha Dasgupta, also a fellow of the OPT.

Professor Malcolm Potts (, another member of the working group was the first male doctor at the Marie Stopes Abortion Clinic in London, he also advised on the UK’s 1967 Abortion Act.

Marie Stopes was a prominent campaigner for the implementation of eugenics ( policies. In Radiant Motherhood (1920) she called for the “sterilisation of those totally unfit for parenthood [to] be made an immediate possibility, indeed made compulsory.” That group, according to her, included non-whites and the poor.

Stopes, an anti-Semite Nazi sympathizer, campaigned for selective breeding to achieve racial purity, a passion she shared with Adolf Hitler in adoring letters and poems that she sent the leader of the Third Reich.

Stopes also attended the Nazi congress on population science in Berlin in 1935, while calling for the “compulsory sterilization of the diseased, drunkards, or simply those of bad character.” Stopes acted on her appalling theories by concentrating her abortion clinics in poor areas so as to reduce the birth rate of the lower classes.

Stopes left most of her estate to the Eugenics Society, an organization that shared her passion for racial purity and still exists today under the new name The Galton Institute ( The society has included members such as Charles Galton Darwin (grandson of the evolutionist), Julian Huxley and Margaret Sanger.

Perhaps most notably, the head of the Royal Society’s study was John Sulston, a man who most famously played a leading role in the Human Genome Project (, the effort to identify and map the thousands of genes of the human genome. Sulston worked under James D. Watson, a notorious eugenicist who has previously argued that black people are inherently less intelligent than whites ( and has advocated the creation of a “super-race” of humans, where the attractive and physically strong are genetically manufactured under laboratory conditions. Watson is also affiliated with the Royal Society, indeed, in 1993 he recieved the society’s Copley Medal of honour for “outstanding achievements in research in any branch of science, and alternates between the physical sciences and the biological sciences”.

Sulston is also a leading advocate of the renowned Atheist group, The British Humanist Association.

It is clear that this organisation and these people are immersed in the science of eugenics, and that they have continued the science under the guise of environmentalism. They hate humanity and any notion that their population study represents anything other than an establishment avocation of mass depopulation is farcical.

It is imperative that the media, places of education, government representatives and the wider public are made aware of these facts.

Alex Jones’ film End Game explains why the elite are obsessed with pushing eugenics and bizarre race hygiene philosophies. Click here ( for more clips. (

The Royal Society has also conducted extensive research into geoengineering the planet ( to manipulate its climate, and continually lobbies the government to divert funding into the area. The UK government recently published a lengthy report on geoengineering, drawing heavily on Royal Society research. The report proposed methods including spraying sulphate aerosols into the stratosphere to mimic the cooling effect produced by volcanic eruptions, as well as placing mirrors in space to reflect the Sun’s rays away from the Earth, a technique known as Solar Radiation Management (SRM).

The same talking points raised by the Society have been re-iterated again and again ( by public policy groups ( and environmentalists (, as well as the most influential scientists in the US government (

While you and I may think the notions of sterilization and depopulation could never be accepted by the public, those very concepts are now being embraced and popularized ( as the way forward for humanity.

Letting these modern day eugenicists mess with the planet would be like handing Dr. Josef Mengele control of the health care system. This group have proven themselves as total control freaks, promoting a brand of bloodthirsty eugenics even more depraved than anything Hitler proposed in his drive for a super race.

As we have previously noted, there is a fundamental flaw in associating climate change with overpopulation.

Populations in developed countries are declining and only in third world countries are they expanding dramatically. Industrialization itself levels out population trends, and even despite this world population models routinely show that the earth’s population will level out at 9 billion in 2050 and slowly decline after that. “The population of the most developed countries will remain virtually unchanged at 1.2 billion until 2050,” states a United Nations report (

Once a country industrializes there is an average of a 1.6 child rate per household, so the western world population is actually in decline. That trend has also been witnessed in areas of Asia like Japan and South Korea. The UN has stated that the population will peak at 9 billion and then begin declining.

In addition, as highlighted by The Economist recently, global fertility rates ( are falling.

Since radical environmentalists are pushing to de-industrialize the world in the face of the so called carbon threat, this will reverse the trend that naturally lowers the amount of children people have. If climate change fanatics are allowed to implement their policies, global population will continue to increase and overpopulation may become a real problem – another example of how the global warming hysterics are actually harming the long term environment of the earth by preventing overpopulated countries from developing and naturally lowering their birth levels.

Even if you play devils advocate and accept that humans do cause catastrophic warming and there are too many of us, and if you can skip past the Nazi eugenics connotations of population control and depopulation policies, those methods are fundamentally still not a valid solution to the perceived climate change threat.

The real solution would be to pour funds into increasing the standards of living of the cripplingly poor third world, allowing those countries to industrialize, and seeing the population figures naturally level out.

Instead, the third world has seen a doubling in food prices ( owing to climate change policies such as turning over huge areas of agricultural land to the growth of biofuels.

We are being bombarded daily with idiotic notions that the human race and life itself is a virus that has spread all over the planet and that we must consider stemming our own progression to counter it.

Linking environmental policy to depopulation agendas opens the door to eugenics ( and it is no surprise that through that door have come pouring hordes of elitist filth just begging to be on the front line of the extermination policy.

While they peddle their insane proposals, backed by rampant fearmongering over climate change on behalf of our governments and the mainstream media, it is we who are charged with saving the planet and our place on it by exposing their nefarious agenda of mass depopulation before it is too late.

MUST READ: The Population Reduction Agenda For Dummies (

Title: The War On Mankind And The Conspiracy To Create A Global Ecological Civilization
Post by: Geolibertarian on May 07, 2012, 04:34:37 pm (

The War On Mankind And The Conspiracy To Create A Global Ecological Civilization

Saman Mohammadi
May 7, 2012

“We have become a plague upon [ourselves and upon] the Earth…Until such a time as Homo sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along.” – David M. Graber, Los Angeles Times, 22 October 1989.

“Contemporary history has been plagued by attempts to cure humanity of its schisms. The Third Reich, the Soviet Union and the Cultural Revolution in China were all ideological projects devoted to abolishing contradiction from the human subject and thus reconstituting him as the harmonious posthuman. Whether or not these projects were faithful to Nietzsche’s original vision remains a matter of debate, but clearly they drew upon his tropes of human disease and posthuman salvation.” – Hadas Elber, “Visions of Humanity between the Posthuman and the Non-Human.” (

“The conspiracy theory/theorist soubriquet is reflexively feared by professional journalists and academics alike who believe (with some justification) their reputations will be undermined by such thought crimes against the state. Thus, like an instrument that would easily be at home in the most extreme totalitarian regimes, intellectual workers self-discipline themselves as the “conspiracy theory” mechanism determines the trajectory and parameters of public discourse, dissent, and recollection.

"Intellectual cowardice is reinforced by a set of circumstances whereby even if alternative accounts questioning the official line are exhaustively researched and documented with credible information and sources, mobilization of the “conspiracy theory” label by state censors and their journalistic accomplices will render the counter-arguments suspect. And, in an on-the-go culture where citizens are heavily reliant for information on headlines and sound-bites versus deliberate analysis, such lines of reasoning are destined for the memory hole.” – Prof. James F. Tracy, “State Propaganda, Historical Revisionism, and Perpetuation of the 9/11 Myth.” (

Freedom, truth, human reason, democracy, free market capitalism, the rule of law, national sovereignty, and the world’s diverse civilizations are all under attack. But the real target is mankind. Mankind is under attack.

Oligarchical globalist eugenicists and fascists, who are in league with the totalitarian leaders of radical Environmentalism, Islamic fundamentalism, and Zionism, are hell-bent on annihilating the majoirty of the human race through wars, disease, economic collapse, and other means. They are also creating an authoritarian global government based on a new religion, in which man is valueless and the Earth is regarded as sacred and holy.

The sick proponents of human depopulation and global genocide are surprisingly very vocal and upfront about their views and goals. Robert J. Smith, adjunct environmental scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, explained their perverse mindset and radical worldview in a speech he gave in 2005 at the Ninth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights called, “The Pleistocene Park Project—Removing Civilization from North America.” ( He said:

If you believe that a one child policy will not be politically implemented in America because the regime in Washington is not that radical and extreme, then you must have not heard about the political re-education camps ( that the military-industrial complex is preparing to build and man across the United States. These prison camps are part of a larger program of political transformation and social reorganization.

In his article, “Eco-Fascists Call For Prison Cities,” ( Paul Joseph Watson shed light on the political and ecological vision of radical environmentalists and their fascist oligarchical bosses, writing:

If you go against their radical, totalitarian, eco-fascist agenda, they’ll just shoot you and dump your body in a mass grave site. It is as simple as that. The label “domestic terrorist” will be given to the victims, and the deified State will come up with a thousand reasons to justify its acts of destruction and tyranny.

As I wrote in an earlier article (, “the holocaust of truth by government gangsters always leads to the holocaust of human beings.” It is a matter of a technicality. Once a society accepts the big lies like the official 9/11 story and global warming, then it’s all downhill from there.

[Continued... (]
Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: Dig on May 11, 2012, 11:23:09 am
Depopulation of a Planet

Blueprint For The "Thinning"

Scoundrels' Plan Unfolds

Part IV: A Picture Emerges


In his 1957 book New Bottles For New Wine, Julian Huxley writes, [quoting:]


As a result of a thousand million years of evolution, the universe is becoming conscious of itself, able to understand something of its past history and its possible future. This cosmic self-awareness is being realized in one tiny fragment of the universe - in a few of us human beings. Perhaps it has been realized elsewhere too, through the evolution of conscious living creatures on the planets of other stars. But on this our planet, it has never happened before.

Evolution on this planet is a history of the realization of ever new possibilities by the stuff of which Earth (and the rest of the universe) is made - life; strength, speed and awareness; the emergence of mind, long before man was ever dreamt of, with the production of color, beauty, communication, maternal care, and the beginnings of intelligence and insight. And finally, during the last few ticks of the cosmic clock, something wholly new and revolutionary, human beings with their capabilities for conceptual thought and language, for self-conscious awareness and purpose, for accumulating and pooling conscious experience. For do not let us forget that the human species is as radically different from any of the microscopic single-called animals that lived a thousand million years ago as they were from a fragment of stone or metal.

The new understanding of the universe has come about through the new knowledge amassed in the last hundred years - by psychologists, biologists, and other scientists, by archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians. It has defined man's responsibility and destiny - to be an agent for the rest of the world in the job of realizing its inherent potentialities as fully as possible.

It is as if man had been suddenly appointed managing director of the biggest business of all the business of evolution - appointed without being asked if he wanted it, and without proper warning and preparation. What is more, he can't refuse the job. Whether he wants to or not, whether he is conscious of what he is doing or not, he is in point of fact determining the future direction of evolution on this Earth. That is his inescapable destiny, and the sooner he realizes it and starts believing in it, the better for all concerned. [End quoting]


"We will build the New World Order piece by piece right under their noses" (the American people). "The house of the New World Order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. An end run around sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal attack." Richard Gardner, leading American Socialist, Foreign Affairs - The Journal of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), April 1974, quoted from John Coleman's new book Socialism: The Road To Slavery [WIR, 2533 N. Carson St., #J118, Carson City, NV 89706 - 800-942-0821].

[Continuing to quote from Coleman's book:]

"There is an account of the various Socialists' goals set by the British Fabian Society, whose motto is, "Make Haste Slowly." When asked to explain Communism, Lenin replied, "Communism is Socialism in a hurry." Socialism has nowhere to progress but to Communism.

"Socialism is revolution without openly violent methods but nevertheless does the utmost violence to the psyche of the nation. It is a movement governed by stealth. Its slow advance on the United States from its home base in England was almost imperceptible up to the 1950s. The Fabian Socialist movement remains distinct from so-called Socialist Party groups and its forward crawl was thus almost imperceptible to the majority of Americans. "When you wound a Communist, a Socialist bleeds" is a saying that dates back to the early days of Fabian Socialism.

"Socialism ardently welcomes proliferation of central government power which they strive to secure for themselves, always pretending it to be for the common good. The United States and Britain are full to the brim with false prophets pushing the New World Order. These Socialist missionaries preach peace and humanitarianism and common good. Fully aware that they could not overcome the resistance of the American people to Communism by direct means, the insidious Fabian Socialists knew they had to move silently and slowly, and avoid alerting the people to their real objectives. Thus was "scientific Socialism" adopted as the way to overcoming the United States and making of it the leading Socialist country in the world.

"How far Fabian Socialism has succeeded, and where we stand today is told in this book [Socialism: The Road To Slavery]. Presidents Wilson, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Carter. Kennedy and Johnson were eager, willing servants of Fabian Socialism. Their mantle was passed to President Clinton. Democracy and Socialism go hand-in-hand. All United States presidents since Wilson have repeatedly stated that the United States is a Democracy, when in fact, it is a Confederated Republic. Fabian Socialism directs the destiny of the world in a way which is disguised to render it unrecognizable. Socialism is the author of the graduated income tax, the destroyer of nationalism, the author of so-called ‘free trade.’"


Quoting again from New Bottles For New Wine, written in 1957:

"But man does not live by bread alone. He needs power and shelter and clothing, and in addition to all material requirements he needs space and beauty, sport and recreation, interest and enjoyment.

"Excessive population can erode all these things. Up till now, rapid population increase has led to hyper-trophied cities, so big that they are beginning to defeat their own ends; they are producing discomfort, inefficiency and nervous strain as well as cutting off millions of people from any real contact or sense of unity with nature.

"Population increase also threatens the world's open spaces and the beauty of unspoilt nature. In small countries with high population density, like England, the pressure on mere space is becoming acute. But even in newer and less densely inhabited countries the process of erosion and destruction is going on, often at an alarming rate. Everywhere, even in Africa, wild life - not merely big game, but wild life in general - is shrinking and often being exterminated: the world's mountains are being invaded by hydroelectric projects, its forests cut down or commercialized, its wilderness infiltrated by farmers and miners and tourists and other invaders. Even the cultural richness of the world is being impoverished. The pressure of population is being translated into economic and social pressures, which are forcing mass-produced goods into every corner of the globe, pushing people into Western dress and Western habits, sapping ancient cultural ideals and destroying traditional art and craftsmanship.

"Indeed, once we start looking at the population problem as a whole and in all its implications, we find ourselves being pressed into a reconsideration of human values in general. First of all we must reject the idea that mere quantity of human beings is of value apart from the quality of their lives. Then, after realizing that all existence is a process of transformation or evolution, that the human species in its cultural evolution is continuing and extending the process of biological evolution from which it arose, that the well-rounded and developed human personality is the highest product of the evolutionary process of which we have any knowledge, but that the human individual cannot achieve full development except in the environment provided by an adequate society, we find ourselves inevitably driven to the ideal of fulfillment - greater fulfillment for more fully developed human individuals.

"Accordingly, the values we must pursue are those which permit or promote greater human fulfillment. Food and health, energy and leisure are its necessary bases: its value-goals are knowledge and interest, beauty and emotional expression, inner integration and outer participation, enjoyment and a sense of significance. In practice these values often come into competition and even conflict; so to achieve greater fulfillment we need a pattern of compromise and mutual adjustment between values.

"The space and the resources of our planet are limited. Some we must set aside for the satisfaction of man's material needs - for food, raw materials, and energy. But we must set aside others for more ultimate satisfactions - the enjoyment of unspoilt nature and fine scenery, the interest of wild life, travel, satisfying recreation, beauty in place of ugliness in human building, and the preservation of the variety of human culture and of monuments of ancient grandeur.

"In practice this means limiting the use to which some areas are put. You cannot use ploughed fields to land aircraft on, you cannot grow crops in built-over areas, you cannot permit exploitation or unrestricted "development" in National Parks or nature sanctuaries. In the long run, you cannot avoid paying the price for an unrestricted growth of human numbers: and that price is ruinous.

"It is often asserted that science can have no concern with values. On the contrary, in all fields of Social Science, and (in rather a different way) wherever the applications of Natural Science touch social affairs and affect human living, science must take account of values, or it will not be doing its job satisfactorily. The population problem makes this obvious. As soon as we recall that population is merely a collective term for aggressions of living human beings, we find ourselves thinking about relations between quantity and quality-quantity of the human beings in the population and quality of the lives they lead: in other words, values.

"Though I may seem to have painted the picture of world population in gloomy colors, there is hope. Just as the horrible destructiveness of atomic warfare is now prompting a reconsideration of warfare in general, and seems likely to lead to the abandonment of all-out war as an instrument of national policy, so I would predict that the threat of over-population to human values like health, standard of living, and amenity will prompt a reconsideration of values in general and lead eventually to a new value-system for human living. But time is of the essence of the contract. If before the end of the century the rate of human increase is not lowered, instead of continuing to rise, so many values will have been damaged or destroyed that it will be difficult to recreate them, let alone to build a new and better system."


The Vietnam War may have ended, but it continues to claim its victims. Veterans, who were at the peak of their physical condition when they fought in Vietnam, are now sick and dying - not from lingering enemy wounds but from an insidious, poisonous herbicide that was sprayed over the countryside of that war-torn nation.

During the war, U.S. airplanes dumped an estimated twelve million gallons of the defoliant Agent Orange over nearly five million acres of Vietnam in an attempt to deny the enemy protective cover. United States soldiers below - often surrounded by a fog of the herbicide - were told that it was harmless. It was not. Quoting from Fred Wilcox's 1989 book Waiting For An Army To Die - The Tragedy Of Agent Orange:

In 1970 when the order to stop using Agent Orange in South Vietnam was issued, the U.S. military was left with thousands of fifty-five-gallon drums containing this herbicide. Some of these barrels were stored on Johnston Island in the Pacific, while others went to the Naval Construction Battalion Center at Gulfport, Mississippi. But the drums started to rust and their contents began leaking, making it imperative that something more "final" be done about the surplus stocks of herbicide Orange. In February 1972, the Mississippi Air and Pollution Control Commission ordered that the Agent Orange stored at Gulfport be removed immediately. Faced with this, the Air Force tried returning the remaining stocks of Agent Orange to its manufacturers, who refused to accept the offer. Air Force officials also suggested that the surplus herbicide be disposed of "by the prudent disposition of herbicide Orange for use on privately owned or governmentally owned lands." This plan also failed and, seven years after the barrels were removed from Vietnam, the EPA finally granted the Air Force a permit to incinerate the remaining stocks of Agent Orange on the German-built ship Vulcnus in the South Pacific. By the time the permit was granted, more than 5,000 drums containing over a quarter million gallons of Agent Orange had rotted through.

At the first "Defoliation Conference" sponsored by the Department of Defense and attended by several chemical companies (including Dow and Monsanto), General Fred J. Delmore, commanding general, U.S. Army, Edgewood Arsenal, told the companies' representatives that the DOD wanted to make sure that whatever it used for defoliants would be "perfectly innocuous to man and animals and at the same time will do the job." Albert Hayward, chief of the program coordination office at Fort Detrick, told the conference that "it goes without saying that the materials must be applicable by ground and air spray, that they must be logistically feasible, and that they must be nontoxic to humans and livestock in the area affected." In a 1964 press release, Dow asserted that its 2,4,5-T was absolutely nontoxic to humans or animals, but by 1965 the company confirmed that it contained TCDD. Dow also admitted that it had not informed the USDA or the DOD that it had discovered 2,4,5-T to be contaminated with TCDD.

The class action [suit by Vietnam veterans] is not only unique but ironic in many ways: 2.5 million Vietnam veterans suing chemical companies that were, theoretically, manufacturing a product that would save American lives in Vietnam; the chief attorney for the veterans confiding that he gets his most incriminating information on the effects of dioxin from scientists who work for one of the plaintiff war contractors; and the chemical companies arguing they were just "following orders" when they made Agent Orange, some of which was 15 to 15,000 times more contaminated with dioxin than the 2,4,5-T sold for domestic use.

Although the class action suit has been filed on behalf of all veterans who served in Vietnam, the number of veterans who were listed as sick or dying at the time of the interview was approximately 40,000. More veterans will undoubtedly be added to this list in the future. [End quoting.]


In Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman's book A Higher Form Of Killing - -The Secret Story Of Chemical And Biological Warfare, we read [quoting:]

The secret story of chemical and biological warfare demonstrates few things so clearly as the way in which discoveries made in the cause of human welfare can be used to devise ever more sophisticated instruments of death. Discoveries in veterinary science are tuned to the development of new biological weapons. A potential pesticide is transformed into a nerve agent. Yet the present generation of weapons is based upon scientific discoveries made up to fifty years ago: until the late 1970s British and American chemists were still attempting to produce an antidote to soman, an agent which had first been developed in the laboratories of Nazi Germany. Horrific though the effects of today's weapons may be, however, they are capable of infinite refinement. The present arsenals are huge: the "inadequate" stock of nerve gas in the United States is sufficient to kill the entire population of the world four thousand times over.

It is in the field of biological warfare that the most frightening possibilities present themselves. It is now nearly thirty years since Crick and Watson made their momentous discovery of the "double helix" structure of DNA, the molecule which controls heredity. The discovery has not yet, as far as is known, been applied to the business of war. But in the civilian laboratories of Europe and North America biologists are regularly tampering with the nature of life itself through "gene splicing" or recombinant DNA. It has been called the most awesome discovery since man split the atom. Should the breakthrough, like atomic physics, come to be applied to warfare the implications scarcely bear thinking about.

As long ago as 1962, forty scientists were employed at the U.S. Army biological warfare laboratories on full-time genetics research. "Many others", it was said, "appreciate the implications of genetics for their own work". The implications were made more specific seven years later, when a Department of Defense spokesman claimed that genetic engineering could solve one of the major disadvantages of biological warfare, that it is limited to diseases which occur naturally somewhere in the world.

Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective micro-organism which could differ in certain important respects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory [i.e., not yielding to treatment] to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.

The possibility that such a "super germ" may have been successfully produced in a laboratory somewhere in the world in the years since that assessment was made is one which should not be too readily cast aside. [End quoting.]

In Phoenix Journal #65, The Last Great Plague Upon Man: AIDS And Related Murder Tools, Hatonn writes [quoting:]

AIDS is, by all definition, a "plague"! It will affect society in ways that you cannot now even imagine. There is no cure within your grasp as a people and no prospects of a vaccine - both of which will be thoroughly discussed as we move along. Even by scientific optimistic projections it is not even hoped for within the next fifteen to twenty years, at best. It is projected by Public Health experts that over 2.4 billion people, half the world's population, will die from AIDS viruses and mutations by those viruses within that period of time. Not a pretty picture by any standard.

Economic devastation is impending for the medical health systems, insurance facilities and all related services within the next decade.

Now, some shocking information for most of you newly interested readers who feel safe and secure with your singular relationships and the comfort of a cozy condom. If things do not change radically and immediately, what you are really destined for is extinction.

AIDS is NOT prevented, nor hardly even impacted, by use of condoms. AIDS is NOT a venereal disease. AIDS is NOT a homosexual disease and AIDS did not come from any monkey bite in far off Africa. It came right out of a man-organized laboratory by cross breeding cattle and sheep viruses.

The AIDS virus was specifically requested, produced, deployed, and now threatens extinction of the species. You are headed for the worst catastrophe in the history of your world.

The first officially diagnosed case of AIDS was in San Francisco in 1981. Actually, it went something like this: The AIDS virus appeared in New York in 1978, San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1980. It appeared in young, white, male homosexuals who were between the ages of twenty and forty and promiscuous in behavior. Simultaneously with its appearance, there was conducted a Hepatitis B vaccine study in New York in 1978 and in San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1980 - among young white male homosexuals who were between the ages of twenty and forty.

You must surely ask yourself if there is a relationship between the Hepatitis B vaccine study in the United States and the subsequent outbreak of AIDS in the same population groups and at exactly the same time.

Further, this followed right on the steps of the outbreak of the disease in Third World areas such as Africa and Haiti in the 1970s. West Coast gays, particularly in San Francisco, made Haiti a main playground and vacation spot during that ensuing period of time, thereby being hit from two directions.

In your mid 1970s the outbreak of smallpox in Africa was epidemic and spreading into many other sectors. An organization was created called the World Health Organization (WHO), which made an all out effort to inoculate thousands and thousands of people, among which were some 15,000 Haitians who were working in Africa at the time.

You have to have some understanding of viruses, bacteria, human cell origin, tissue culture and manipulation of all those things within the laboratory.

In addressing what the AIDS virus is, the virus has a morphology which is actually a D-type retrovirus. So what are viruses? Some of you people are convinced, and I shall not confuse you, that viruses are the smallest replicating micro-organism. That means they are thought to be the smallest replicating organism that require other cells in which to grow themselves.

That viruses are not capable of reproducing themselves on their own, outside of living tissue, is the conviction of the scientists today. Viruses must inhabit another cell for potential growth and reproduction.

Bacteria, fungus, and some other organisms are actually capable of growing outside of tissue, in other words, they don't have to inhabit other tissue to reproduce themselves. They can grow on tissue culture plates such as bacteria. The viruses must grow inside of tissue which requires that there be living human or animal tissue in which they may replicate.

Retrovirus means that it is a small replicating organism which grows inside of living tissue. So what does the term "retro" mean? In the case of this particular virus, it stands for the fact that contained within the AIDS virus, and other so-called human retroviruses, or other animal retroviruses, are small enzymes known as reverse transcriptase. That is where the word "retro" comes from. The reverse transcriptase, which is where the "re" comes from "reverse" and the "tro" from transcriptase. That is an enzyme in the AIDS virus which actually is responsible for duplication of the genes of the AIDS virus which are in an RNA form, different from human form. Human genetic material grows in a DNA form.

If the AIDS virus is to insert itself into human material, somehow after infection of the cell, what happens is this enzyme duplicates the RNA of the AIDS virus into a DNA form and actually inserts that into the human DNA. The AIDS virus genes get in and are actually duplicated into DNA form, copied by the reverse transcriptase. That information is then inserted into the genetic makeup of the human cell. This is now an AIDS virus residing within the human genes which then sends out a signal for production of a NEW AIDS virus. Read carefully - NEW AIDS VIRUS!

Beyond AIDS the genetic information of all retroviruses is copied into the DNA form by the reverse transcriptase inserted into the genes and subsequent production of new viruses.

Let me generalize a bit of information here for better understanding. Virology is the study of viruses which deals with tiny living organisms visible only with the use of the most powerful electron microscopes on your planet as you now recognize the scientific limitations. Millions of AIDS viruses can easily fit onto the head of a small pin. The AIDS virus is particularly deadly to you humans because of its ability to not invade and neutralize human cells, but the virus's ability to put its own genetic material inside the human cell's genetic structure, thereby allowing the virus to use the human cell as a kind of virus factory, reproducing from a human cell's raw materials. [End quoting.]

Title: Group That Admitted Manufacturing Global Warming Threat Still Pushes Same Hoax
Post by: Geolibertarian on May 11, 2012, 12:25:12 pm (

Group That Admitted Manufacturing Global Warming Threat Still Pushes Same Hoax

Club of Rome wants new “system of governance” to enforce eco-fascism

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, May 10, 2012

The same secretive organization that admittedly manufactured the global warming threat in 1990 is still pushing the same hoax today, with the Club of Rome issuing an alarmist report predicting a catastrophic rise in temperatures that will decimate the planet.

“Rising carbon dioxide emissions will cause a global average temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius by 2052 and a 2.8 degree rise by 2080, as governments and markets are unlikely to do enough against climate change, the Club of Rome think tank said,” reports Reuters (

The report, entitled, 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years, decries improving living standards in developing countries and warns that man-made climate change could eventually kill off humans entirely.
Although the report has generated a deluge of coverage in the establishment media, not one of those news stories points out that the Club of Rome admittedly manufactured the “idea” of man-made global warming back in 1990.

On page 75 of their 1990 publication entitled The First Global Revolution (, the organization outlined how they would manufacture ecological scares in order to manipulate the public into accepting the imposition of a dictatorial world government run by them.

“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. All these dangers are caused by human intervention… The real enemy, then, is humanity itself,” states the report, which can be read in full at the end of this article.

The passage appears under a sub headline entitled, “The common enemy of humanity is Man.”

The Club of Rome’s 1972 publication The Limits To Growth was a Malthusian blueprint on how the human population needed to be reduced in order to prevent an ecological collapse, which in itself was merely a disguised version of the abhorrent eugenicist ideas that were circulating in the early part of the 20th century and eventually died out with Hitler. The widely discredited population bomb paranoia ( of the 70′s and 80′s was gradually replaced by the climate change fearmongering that we see the organization pushing today, which again is merely another regurgitation of the eugenics-obsessed policies of the elite.

Prominent members of the Club of Rome include Al Gore and Maurice Strong, both of whom are intimately involved with privately-owned carbon trading groups (, whose multi-million dollar profits are solely reliant on protecting the credibility of the man-made global warming dogma.

“We need a system of governance that takes a more long-term view,” said Norwegian academic Jorgen Randers, the chief author of the latest report. “It is unlikely that governments will pass necessary regulation to force the markets to allocate more money into climate friendly solutions, and must not assume that markets will work for the benefit of humankind.”

In other words, Randers is calling for the United Nations to crush the last vestiges of national sovereignty and impose a global carbon tax to line the pockets of scam artists like Al Gore, Maurice Strong and other Club of Rome members who created the hoax in the first place.

Aside from the vested interests, ice core samples continually show ( how temperature rises precipitate CO2 release. In other words CO2, that evil life-giving gas that trees breathe and humans exhale, is not a primary driver of climate change.

Indeed, global warming alarmists are becoming increasingly desperate to see their “system of governance” implemented given the fact that the science is now proving them to be liars and frauds.
Title: We Are Doomed! Says the Club of Rome
Post by: Geolibertarian on May 11, 2012, 12:31:03 pm (

We Are Doomed! Says the Club of Rome
Friday, May 11, 2012

The elitists at The Club Of Rome call for lowering living standards to combat climate change. (
Title: WWF Calls For Global Poverty To Save The Planet
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WWF Calls For Global Poverty To Save The Planet

Part of elite’s “planned-opolis” agenda to reduce living standards

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The World Wildlife Fund has released a report which calls for all carbon emissions to be banned by 2050 and for the entire human population to live in a state of poverty in the name of preserving rare species and saving the planet.

“Extremist green campaigning group WWF – endorsed by no less a body than the European Space Agency – has stated that economic growth should be abandoned, that citizens of the world’s wealthy nations should prepare for poverty and that all the human race’s energy should be produced as renewable electricity within 38 years from now. Most astonishingly of all, the green hardliners demand that the enormous numbers of wind farms, tidal barriers and solar powerplants required under their plans should somehow be built while at the same time severely rationing supplies of concrete, steel, copper and glass,” reports the Register (

The World Wildlife Fund’s new report, entitled Living Planet Report for 2012 (, cites its own narrowly defined and agenda-driven ‘Living Planet Index’ to claim that the “overall state of global biodiversity” is in crisis and that rare species like tigers (presumably not including the ones shot dead by WWF President Prince Philip (,4841805)), are in decline because humans in richer countries enjoy too high living standards.

According to the WWF, humans in developed nations are abusing their “ecological footprint” and using more “biocapacity” than they have. The only people operating within their allotted “biocapacity” are poor people in impoverished countries.

The solution? The organization wants to see “inequality adjusted human development” rather than economic development. Or put another way, the answer is focused around “drastically shrinking the ecological footprint of high income populations”.

This is merely a regurgitation of the post-industrial revolution – the planned-opolis – that Malthusian elites have been pushing for decades. Using the highly emotive propaganda offensive of rare animal species (since global warming has now largely been discredited), the WWF calls for virtually all carbon emissions to be abolished by 2050.

“For almost all of human history and prehistory we have burned things to generate energy – it is one of the things that makes us human – but now, within a single generation, that is to almost completely stop. After a million years, the fires will go out,” writes Lewis Page.

This insane drive to ban carbon emissions, the very lifeblood of human development, happiness and prosperity, has parallels with the Forum for the Future proposal (, funded by the likes of Bank of America, Time Warner and Royal Dutch Shell, which advocated the regulation of all human activity by a scientific dictatorship ( which would restrict car use, impose calorie food rationing, decide people’s future careers for them, and imprison malcontents who don’t conform to the new eco-fascist system within squalid ghettos.

The WWF was founded ( by former Nazi and Bilderberg Group kingpin Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Its current President Emeritus is Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Betraying his eugenicist fervor, Prince Philip has repeatedly expressed his desire to see large numbers of human beings wiped out by a deadly virus.

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation,” Philip told Deutsche Press Agentur in August 1988.

Philip even bemoaned the fact that medical advances had helped alleviate Sri Lanka’s crippling malaria problem in the 1980′s, brazenly lamenting the fact that less people would die.

“Sri Lanka must feed three times as many mouths, find three times as many jobs, provide three times the housing, energy, schools, hospitals and land for settlement in order to maintain the same standards. Little wonder the natural environment and wildlife in Sri Lanka has suffered. The fact [is] … that the best-intentioned aid programs are at least partially responsible for the problems,” he said during a University of Western Ontario speech in July 1983.

In the preface of his 1988 book Down to Earth, Philip spoke of his desire to see humans “culled” through means of population control.

“I don’t claim to have any special interest in natural history, but as a boy I was made aware of the annual fluctuations in the number of game animals and the need to adjust the “cull” to the size of the surplus population,” he wrote.

Prince Philip’s brazen bloodlust to see humans culled in large numbers betrays the real agenda behind the WWF’s touchy-feely “green” veneer.

The true purpose of the organization is to advance the arcane, authoritarian, and oppressive pseudo-science of eugenics behind the thin veil of environmental advocacy.
Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: chris jones on May 17, 2012, 10:50:26 am
 29% of the earth is land, only 01% is used by humans.
 The fear mongers and their MSM concentrate imagery on citys, the crowds in the sidewalks, the big city traffic, the impression coupled with the human population they post daily is a tactic.
 Fat Al played the green card, the elites showman on stage, filling kids minds with images of apocolypse.
                              I feel the need to rant however it's all well known by you folks.
Title: Global Warming Author Says “Bar-Code Everyone at Birth”
Post by: Geolibertarian on May 23, 2012, 12:39:25 pm (

Global Warming Author Says “Bar-Code Everyone at Birth”

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In a fascinating insight into the mentality of those who espouse the mantra of catastrophic global warming, writer Elizabeth Moon has a short piece for the BBC in which she argues that everyone should be involuntarily implanted with a microchip at birth so that “anonymity would be impossible”.

Elizabeth Moon, who writes about global warming,
wants everyone implanted with microchips for ease
of identification and enforcement.

Moon, who has published essays ( warning of the dire effects of global warming and even made catastrophic global warming part of the background to her novels (, made the stunning revelation in a BBC Radio programme on possible futures. Asked for her vision for the future of humanity, Moon stunned and “terrified” the other guests with this vision:

BBC Future: Barcode Everyone at Birth (

Moon’s astonishing vision for the future reveals the warmist obsession with the supposed need for tracking and enforcement of personal behaviour. It reveals the fantasies of control and administration of everyday life that seem to motivate many of those whose professed concern is the future of the planet, but whose interests seem to actually lie in the ever-closer administration of individual’s daily lives. Only last year, the Infowars website detailed ( some of the proposals that were being floated for controlling people’s movements and activities, including carbon rationing and calorie cards whose avowed aim is the curtailment of people’s lives in the name of saving the environment.

Given the horrific history of totalitarian state’s attempts to dehumanise people by reducing them to mere ciphers, numbers in a database, you would think that an author such as Ms Moon who show a little cultural awareness and be wary of making proposals that apparently disregard the history of such attempts. But it seems that this is not the case. In revealing her fantasies of being “empress of the  universe” and bar-coding humanity at birth, Ms Moon has done us all a service in giving us a glimpse into the future for us all which her and many others like her would like to see.
Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: Geolibertarian on May 23, 2012, 12:53:30 pm
Meanwhile, man-made global warming cultists ( continue to speak not a word of protest against depleted uranium:

----------------------------- (

Depleted Uranium – One Of The Greatest Environmental Horrors In The History Of The World

By Michael
The American Dream
February 2nd, 2010


Most Americans have no idea that depleted uranium munitions used by the U.S. military are causing one of the greatest environmental nightmares in the history of the world. In fact, most Americans have no idea what depleted uranium even is. But even as many Americans gobble down their burgers and french fries and pizza and enjoy the "good life" watching their big screen televisions, an entirely different story is being written on the other side of the world. In Iraq and Afghanistan today, there are some areas that have been so polluted by depleted uranium that they have literally become uninhabitable hellholes. Americans like to think of themselves as so "environmentally conscious", but the truth is that one of the greatest environmental tragedies of all time is being caused by the U.S. military and yet nobody seems to care.

But now some of the victims are starting to fight back - at least in court. According to one Iraqi minister, Iraq's Ministry for Human Rights will file a lawsuit ( against the United States and the United Kingdom over their use of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq.

Iraq's Minister of Human Rights, Wijdan Mikhail Salim, reportedly told the Assabah newspaper that the lawsuit will be based on reports from the Iraqi ministries of science and the environment. These reports allege that the U.S. and the U.K. used nearly 2,000 tons of depleted uranium bombs during the early years of the the Iraq war.

In fact, one official Iraqi study ( has found that more than 40 sites across Iraq are currently contaminated with high levels of radiation and dioxins.

So who is responsible for that?

We are.

In areas where depleted uranium use was the highest, Iraqi doctors have reported a massive rise ( in the number of babies born with birth defects and they have seen the number of cancer cases among Iraqi citizens absolutely skyrocket.

In fact, what is happening to babies in the city of Fallujah is beyond horrifying. Back in November, one major U.K. newspaper ( described the situation this way....

In September this year, say campaigners, 170 children were born at Fallujah General Hospital, 24 per cent of whom died within seven days. Three-quarters of these exhibited deformities, including "children born with two heads, no heads, a single eye in their foreheads, or missing limbs". The comparable data for August 2002 – before the invasion – records 530 births, of whom six died and only one of whom was deformed.

The top brass in the U.S. and the U.K. militaries know full well the impact that depleted uranium munitions have had on many areas of Iraq, but they simply do not care.

So what exactly are depleted uranium munitions?

They are essentially "dirty bombs" made from nuclear waste.

Depleted Uranium is a waste product of the nuclear enrichment process. Despite claims that depleted uranium is much less radioactive than natural uranium, the truth is that it actually emits about 75% as much radioactivity as natural uranium.

This makes it highly toxic to humans.

When depleted uranium munitions impact a target, the uranium coating of these weapons becomes a powder which easily contaminates the surrounding air, soil and water.

Depleted uranium is both chemically toxic and highly radioactive. In laboratory tests it severely damages human cells, causes DNA mutations and has other carcinogenic effects.

Depleted uranium poisoning has been linked to a vast array of illnesses and diseases including severe skin rashes, intense muscle and joint pain, major birth defects, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, brain tumors and just about every type of cancer. Depleted uranium also replaces calcium in the body, thus destroying both teeth and bones.

As a result of the massive depleted uranium contamination in Iraq and Afghanistan, severe birth defects and cancer have dramatically increased not only among civilians living in the affected areas, but also among U.S. troops who served in areas where depleted uranium munitions were used.

Depleted uranium munitions are classified by the United Nations as illegal weapons of mass destruction, and yet the U.S. and the U.K. continue to use them.

The uranium used in depleted uranium munitions has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, so the environmental hell that the invading armies have caused in Iraq and Afghanistan will be a gift that keep on giving.


It has been said that when a woman delivers a baby in Iraq now, the first question she asks is typically not if it is a boy or a girl.

Instead the most typical first question now is this: "Is it normal?"

But it is not just those in other nations who are suffering from the effects of depleted uranium.

Most Americans have no idea that thousands upon thousands of our own troops are getting sick and dying from depleted uranium exposure.

According to official (but unpublicized) U.S. government data, there have been over 70,000 deaths and over 1 million disabilities ( among U.S. troops as a result of America's wars in the Middle East.

The truth is that we have been slowly nuking our own troops and most Americans don't even realize it.

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To all you brainwashed, authority-worshipping eco-fascists out there: why aren't you protesting that?

I'll tell you why: because the criminal, psychopathic, eugenics ( plutocrats ( pulling your strings are the very ones responsible for the illegal and immoral use of depleted uranium, and because you're so weak-minded you won't speak out against anything unless they tell you to.

Such loyal and obedient little minions, aren't you? Do you fetch and roll over, too?  ::)
Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: freedom_commonsense on May 23, 2012, 01:49:57 pm
Moon does work for the BBC Rothschild-owned propaganda operation so I'm not that surprised.
Title: Bono’s Secret: Frontman for Genocide
Post by: Geolibertarian on May 30, 2012, 10:33:58 am (

Bono’s Secret: Frontman for Genocide
Tuesday, May 29, 2012 ( (

The scale fraud perpetrated by U2′s Bono and the globalist cabal he fronts for is staggering.

Bono’s ONE foundation under fire for giving little over 1% of funds to charity (

Costly Red Campaign Reaps Meager $18 Million (

Bono, Facebook and the Challenge of Following the Jesus of the Poor (

FACEBOOK BILLIONAIRE: Bono’s investment firm rocks Facebook IPO to the tune of $1.5 billion (

20 Steps Ahead, 3 Steps Back: U2′s Bono could lose $342 million after Facebook shares plummet (

Elevation’s Investment Partners ( ( ( (

Queen to make William Knight of the Thistle to mark his 30th birthday ( (
Title: The New America Under Agenda 21 with Activist Rosa Koire
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The New America Under Agenda 21 with Activist Rosa Koire
Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Alex talks with Rosa Koire, a forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation and an outspoken activist opposed to the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and its attempts to attack civilization through so-called Sustainable Development. She is the author of Behind The Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21, available at the Infowars Store. (
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Post by: chris jones on August 25, 2012, 08:11:00 pm
The United States is not running out of oil.  In fact, nobody on the entire globe has more energy resources than the United States does.
SC (activists Post)
The truth is that we are absolutely swimming in oil and natural gas and we have so much coal that we have no idea what to do with it all.  At current consumption rates, America has enough energy resources to completely satisfy all of its needs well into the 22nd century.  If we would just access those resources, we would not have to import a single drop of foreign oil.

But most Americans don't realize that we have plenty of oil.  In fact, our education system has brainwashed most Americans into believing that our energy resources are rapidly being depleted and that we will soon enter a great energy crisis.  We are all constantly told that we must transition to "green energy" before it is too late.  But the reality is that America is an energy rich nation and new discoveries of oil and natural gas deposits are being made all the time.  Shouldn't someone tell the American people the truth about these things?

Sadly, Barack Obama keeps running around the country declaring that there is no way that the United States can supply itself with enough oil.  During one speech a while back, Obama made the following statement....

With only 2% of the world’s oil reserves, we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices.

The funny thing is that what Obama said sounds very similar to something that Jimmy Carter said back in 1977....

Unless profound changes are made to lower oil consumption, we now believe that early in the 1980s the world will be demanding more oil than it can produce.
How did that prediction work out for Jimmy Carter?

Not too well.

The truth is that Obama is misleading the American people just like Jimmy Carter did.  A recent Investor's Business Daily article explained how Obama is twisting the truth....

But the figure Obama uses — proved oil reserves — vastly undercounts how much oil the U.S. actually contains. In fact, far from being oil-poor, the country is awash in vast quantities — enough to meet all the country’s oil needs for hundreds of years.
At current consumption rates, the United States has enough oil to last into the 23rd century without ever importing a single drop of oil from another country. But only a very small fraction of the American people know this. So when are we going to start hearing the truth?
The following are 10 facts about America's energy resources that will blow your mind....

#1 Back in 1995, the U.S. Geological Survey told the American people that the Bakken Shale formation in western North Dakota and eastern Montana only held 151 million barrels of oil.  Today, government officials are admitting that it holds 4.3 billion barrels of recoverable oil, and some analysts believe that the actual number could be closer to 20 billion barrels of oil.

#2 It is estimated that there are up to 19 billion barrels of recoverable oil deposits in the tar sands of Utah.

#3 It is estimated that there are at least 86 billion barrels of recoverable oil deposits in the Outer Continental Shelf.

#4 It is believed that there are 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil deposits in the Green River formation in Wyoming.

#5 Overall, the United States is sitting on approximately 1.442 trillion barrels of recoverable oil deposits.

#6 According to the Institute of Energy Research, the United States has a 120-year supply of natural gas.

#7 According to the Institute of Energy Research, the United States has a 200-year supply of oil.

#8 According to the Institute of Energy Research, the United States has a 464-year supply of coal.

#9 According to Pastor Lindsey Williams, absolutely gigantic oil fields have been discovered up in Alaska that the American public is not being told about.

#10 Goldman Sachs is predicting that the United States will be the number one oil producing country in the world by the year 2017.

But you never hear any of these statistics from Barack Obama, do you?

And some of our oil fields that were thought to be "depleted" are actually filling back up with oil. Many scientists are extremely puzzled by this.  The following quote is from a 1999 Wall Street Journal article....

Production at the oil field, deep in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana, was supposed to have declined years ago. And for a while, it behaved like any normal field: Following its 1973 discovery, Eugene Island 330's output peaked at about 15,000 barrels a day. By 1989, production had slowed to about 4,000 barrels a day.
Then suddenly—some say almost inexplicably—Eugene Island's fortunes reversed. The field, operated by PennzEnergy Co., is now producing 13,000 barrels a day, and probable reserves have rocketed to more than 400 million barrels from 60 million. Stranger still, scientists studying the field say the crude coming out of the pipe is of a geological age quite different from the oil that gushed 10 years ago.
The truth is that there is still much about the formation of oil that is a great mystery to our scientists.  For much more on this, you can listen to a recent interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi on Coast to Coast right here.

Unfortunately, much of the information that you have read above is being repressed because it would be very damaging to the "green agenda" that the global elite are trying to impose on all of us.

As I wrote about yesterday, a "green economy" is absolutely central to the "sustainable development" agenda that the United Nations is promoting.

The elitists at the UN believe that carbon dioxide is evil and that it is going to cause catastrophic climate change.

But the truth is that we have always had "climate change" and even if you eliminated all forms of human activity it would only reduce carbon dioxide levels on our planet by a marginal amount.

And carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.  Every plant on earth uses carbon dioxide.  In the past, our planet actually had much higher levels of carbon dioxide.  When there are high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, plant life thrives and more food can be grown.

So if you want the earth to be more "green", then you should actually want levels of carbon dioxide to be even higher. Unfortunately, this kind of logic evades the "true believers". Folks like Al Gore run around the planet declaring that global warming is going to bring an end to life as we know it if something is not done immediately.

Well, you know what? The climate on earth is going to change and nothing can stop it.  It has always changed and it always will change. The primary cause of climate change is the gigantic ball of fire that our planet is revolving around.  You could fit 1.3 million earths inside the sun.  When there is a lot of solar activity the earth tends to get warmer, and when there is not a lot of solar activity the earth tends to get cooler.

The sun has been behaving very strangely in recent years.  If this continues (or gets even worse) we are going to see some very bizarre weather patterns in the years ahead. And there is not a thing we can do about it other than pray.

But Obama is going to continue to repress energy production in the United States and try to push us toward his vision of a "green society". Unfortunately, much of what he is trying to do is extremely damaging to our economy.  This was beautifully demonstrated in a recent YouTube video entitled "If I Wanted America To Fail"....

  OIL, the GREENs, carbon taxes, Fat Al..  Shitbags... P.S. A guy named Telsa had the deal to free energy, the Gov classified the patents, that makes a statement, who controlls the oil controls the world if they have their way with us.

Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: John_Back_From_The_Club_O on October 18, 2012, 09:21:04 pm
The Religious Foundation of Globalisation I: Origins and Institutes
Title: Globalist Funded Think Tank Says Poverty Will Save Planet
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Globalist Funded Think Tank Says Poverty Will Save Planet

Kurt Nimmo
February 5, 2013

The Center for Economic Policy and Research, described as a liberal think tank, has produced a study claiming less work will save the planet from global warming. Economist David Rosnick, who produced the analysis, says the world should adopt a “more European” work schedule as a way to reduce carbon emissions.


“The relationship between [shorter work and lower emissions] is complex and clearly understood, but it is understandable that lowering levels of consumption, holding everything else constant, would reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Rosnick writes. “If the world were to follow a more European model of work, we would expect fewer hours, less output, and lower emissions of greenhouse gases.”

If implemented, Rosnick’s scheme would translate into more poverty and suffering, although he does not address that consequence. Instead, he writes that a European system of less work would require a “trade-off” of up to one-quarter of “income gains” in exchange for “increased leisure time and vacation.” Of course, the average worker, deprived of “income gains” in addition to falling wages and monetary inflation wouldn’t be able to afford a vacation and would instead likely look for ways to make up for the lost income.

More than 100 million full-time, 40-hour plus a week workers in the United States make less than $40,000 per year. According to government statistics, more than 70 million earn less than $25,000 per year and around 35 million get paid between $25,000 and $45,000 a year. That’s before state and federal taxes, Social Security and Medicare, etc., take a bite. In other words, millions of Americans are living on the edge, one paycheck away from disaster and can hardly afford Rosnick’s “trade-off” that will do virtually nothing to mitigate supposed man-made global warming.

“What happens if the car breaks down? What happens if you get a cavity? What happens if you lose your job?” writes My Budget 360 ( “Many are told by financial planners to sock away 9 months of emergency funds. It will take years for the average American to put away $22,500. Is it any wonder why millions of Americans rely on Social Security as their main source of income? Millions of Americans are still on verge of losing their unemployment insurance and are basically one check away from being on the streets conjuring up visions of soup lines of the Great Depression. The average income doesn’t even come close to paving a way to a middle class lifestyle. What you have is a shrinking middle class where people are working harder and harder yet being thrown off the treadmill one by one.”

And yet we are told by eggheads like Mr. Rosnick that we need less money and our diminishing lifestyle is destroying the planet. A photo included alongside the U.S. News & World Report article covering Rosnick’s study shows a man enjoying his additional leisure time at the park. It should show him scavenging through a trash dumpster.

Studies have completely debunked ( the theory that temperatures on the planet today are unprecedented and we are headed for disaster. Despite this, liberal think tanks like the Center for Economic Policy and Research keep cranking out nonsense warning about an impending planetary doomsday if we don’t change our ways – in other words if we don’t reject modern civilization and embrace worldwide poverty, disease and death, what Mr. Rosnick calls leisure.

Rosnick’s study calling for worldwide poverty to save the planet makes perfect sense when you consider who funds ( the Center for Economic Policy and Research – George Soros and the Ford Foundation.
Title: Proof that global warming forecasts costing you billions were WRONG all along
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The Great Green Con no. 1: The hard proof that finally shows global warming forecasts that are costing you billions were WRONG all along

By David Rose
Mail Online
March 16, 2013

No, the world ISN'T getting warmer (as you may have noticed). Now we reveal the official data that's making scientists suddenly change their minds about climate doom. So will eco-funded MPs stop waging a green crusade with your money? Well... what do YOU think?

The Mail on Sunday today presents irrefutable evidence that official predictions of global climate warming have been catastrophically flawed.

The graph on this page blows apart the ‘scientific basis’ for Britain reshaping its entire economy and spending billions in taxes and subsidies in order to cut emissions of greenhouse gases. These moves have already added £100 a year to household energy bills.


Steadily climbing orange and red bands on the graph show the computer predictions of world temperatures used by the official United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The estimates – given with 75 per cent and 95 per cent certainty – suggest only a five per cent chance of the real temperature falling outside both bands.

But when the latest official global temperature figures from the Met Office are placed over the predictions, they show how wrong the estimates have been, to the point of falling out of the ‘95 per cent’ band completely.

The graph shows in incontrovertible detail how the speed of global warming has been massively overestimated. Yet those forecasts have had a ruinous impact on the bills we pay, from heating to car fuel to huge sums paid by councils to reduce carbon emissions.

The eco-debate was, in effect, hijacked by false data. The forecasts have also forced jobs abroad as manufacturers relocate to places with no emissions targets.

A version of the graph appears in a leaked draft of the IPCC’s landmark Fifth Assessment Report due out later this year. It comes as leading climate scientists begin to admit that their worst fears about global warming will not be realised.

Academics are revising their views after acknowledging the miscalculation. Last night Myles Allen, Oxford University’s Professor of Geosystem Science, said that until recently he believed the world might be on course for a catastrophic temperature rise of more than five degrees this century.

But he now says: ‘The odds have come down,’ – adding that warming is likely to be significantly lower.

Prof Allen says higher estimates are now ‘looking iffy’.

The graph confirms there has been no statistically significant increase in the world’s average temperature since January 1997 – as this newspaper first disclosed last year.

At the end of last year the Met Office revised its ten-year forecast predicting a succession of years breaking records for warmth. It now says the pause in warming will last until at least 2017. A glance at the graph will confirm that the world will be cooler than even the coolest scenario predicted.


Its source is impeccable. The line showing world temperatures comes from the Met Office ‘HadCRUT4’ database, which contains readings from more than 30,000 measuring posts. This was added to the 75 and 95 per cent certainty bands to produce the graph by a group that amalgamates the work of 20 climate model centres working for the IPCC.

Predictions of global warming, based on scientists’ forecasts of how fast increasing CO2 levels would cause temperatures to rise, directly led to Britain’s Climate Change Act. This commits the UK to cut emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.

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Title: CO2 myth busted: Why we need more carbon dioxide to grow food and forests
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CO2 myth busted: Why we need more carbon dioxide to grow food and forests

Mike Adams
Natural News
April 1, 2013

If you talk to the global warming crowd, carbon dioxide — CO2 — is the enemy of mankind. Any and all creation of CO2 is bad for the planet, we’re told, and its production must be strictly limited in order to save the world.

But what if that wasn’t true? What if CO2 were actually a planet-saving nutrient that could multiply food production rates and feed the world more nutritious, healthy plants?

CO2 is a vital nutrient for food crops

As it turns out, CO2 is desperately needed by food crops, and right now there is a severe shortage of CO2 on the planet compared to what would be optimum for plants. Greenhouse operators are actually buying carbon dioxide and injecting it into their greenhouses in order to maximize plant growth.

The science on this is irrefutable. As just one example, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food says:

CO2 increases productivity through improved plant growth and vigour. Some ways in which productivity is increased by CO2 include earlier flowering, higher fruit yields, reduced bud abortion in roses, improved stem strength and flower size. Growers should regard CO2 as a nutrient.

If you want to understand why CO2 is an essential nutrient for food crop growth, check out this informative slide show ( It explains that “CO2 may be repidly depleted during crop production” daylight hours, because the plants pull all the CO2 out of the air and use it in photosynthesis.

The CO2 found in modern-day atmosphere is 340ppm. But food crops would grow far faster if the concentration of CO2 ( were closer to 1000ppm, or roughly 300% higher than current levels. In fact, most greenhouse plant production causes a “CO2 depletion” to happen, shutting down photosynthesis and limiting food production. As the “Carbon Dioxide in Greenhouses” fact sheet explains:

Ambient CO2 level in outside air is about 340 ppm by volume. All plants grow well at this level but as CO2 levels are raised by 1,000 ppm photosynthesis increases proportionately resulting in more sugars and carbohydrates available for plant growth. Any actively growing crop in a tightly clad greenhouse with little or no ventilation can readily reduce the CO2 level during the day to as low as 200 ppm.

Thus, greenhouse plants are “running out” of CO2. They are starving for it. And when you add it to food crops, you get higher yields, improved taste, shorter flowering times, enhanced pest resistance and other benefits.

[Continued... (]
Title: Obama Planning New Carbon Curbs on Power Plants
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Obama Planning New Carbon Curbs on Power Plants

Jack Kenny
The New American (
June 21, 2013

In a move likely to renew debate over administration “end runs” around Congress, President Obama is preparing regulations to limit carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, the New York Times reported ( Thursday. The administration has already taken steps to limit “greenhouse gas” emissions from newly built power plants, the paper noted, but imposing those limits on plants already built and operating will be far more expensive.

Legislation to limit the emissions has been stalled in Congress, but Heather Zichal, White House coordinator for energy and climate change, said the renewable power and energy efficiency requirements under consideration by the administration will not require legislative approval or congressional funding. The regulations would be promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency, an administrative body created by executive order of President Nixon in 1970 and ratified by Congress later that year.

“The E.P.A. has been working very hard on rules that focus specifically on greenhouse gases from the coal sector,” Zichal told the Times. “They’re doing a lot of important work in that space.”

Apart from the constitutional issue regarding the separation of legislative and executive powers, Republicans have criticized Obama’s policy on climate change and the existing EPA regulations as obstacles to economic recovery. Even some Democrats who are “hawkish about climate action,” the Times noted, fear that new standards on power plants might come at the cost of higher energy prices and fewer jobs, particularly in the industrial Midwest, a region dependent on relatively inexpensive energy from coal. The new regulations are also likely to spark protests from coal-producing states such as Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

In a unanimous 2007 Supreme Court decision, the justices ruled in Environmental Defense v. Duke Energy Corp that the EPA has the power to impose emission standards under the broad authority granted the agency by Congress in the Clean Air Act. But when the executive branch moves unilaterally to impose restrictions that Congress has refused to pass, howls of protest are often heard on Capitol Hill, as happened when the EPA came out with “cap and trade” ( regulations in 2011.

Early the following year, a group of 16 prominent scientists and engineers issued a statement ( challenging the widespread notion that scientists are virtually unanimous in sounding the alarm over climate change and calling for drastic legislation to combat it. The signers, including World Federation of Science president Antonio Zichichi, said one reason for their lack of alarm is the absence of any evidence of global warming for the previous 10 years:

The lack of warming for more than a decade, indeed, the smaller-than-predicted warming over the 22 years since the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) began issuing projections, suggests that computer models have greatly exaggerated how much warming additional CO2 can cause. Faced with this embarrassment, those promoting alarm have shifted their drumbeat from warming to weather extremes, to enable anything unusual that happens in our chaotic climate to be ascribed to CO2.

[Continued... (]
Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: chris jones on June 21, 2013, 03:59:04 pm
Adolf played this game as well.
Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: Dude447 on June 21, 2013, 05:58:17 pm

I can't remember who it was who said ' Human global warming is a political agenda bordering on a  Religion ' but I agree . Don't get me wrong I care about how we treat are planet . I  like Dr Tim Ball's take on the subject . He has some good interviews on the subject (imo)on the internet.
Title: Obama: ‘Planet Will Boil Over’ If Young Africans Are Not Forcibly Impoverished
Post by: Geolibertarian on July 02, 2013, 12:16:17 pm (

Obama: ‘Planet Will Boil Over’ If Young Africans Are Allowed Cars, Air-Conditioning, Big Houses

Ryan Kierman
CNS News (
July 2, 2013

President Barack Obama said at a town hall event in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Saturday that unless we find new way of producing energy “the planet will boil over” if people in Africa are allowed to attain air conditioning, automobiles and big houses.

“Ultimately, if you think about all the youth that everybody has mentioned here in Africa, if everybody is raising living standards to the point where everybody has got a car and everybody has got air conditioning, and everybody has got a big house, well, the planet will boil over — unless we find new ways of producing energy.”

[Video clip omitted - see original article (]

The president’s comments, made the day before unveiling his “Power Africa” initiative for a “sustainable” African energy strategy, came while speaking at University of Johannesburg-Soweto.

Full article here (
Title: CIA Is Funding Government-Led Chemtrailing Project
Post by: Geolibertarian on July 20, 2013, 07:03:11 am (

CIA Is Funding Government-Led Chemtrailing Project

Spy agency to help study “security impacts” of geo-engineering

Steve Watson
July 19, 2013

The CIA is funding a scientific study to determine the feasibility of altering the planet’s climate in order to stave off climate change, according to documents released by The National Academy of Sciences.

The papers ( reveal that the project will run for 21 months at a cost of $630,000, with a final report due in 2014. The CIA backed scientists will study how weather patterns could be influenced and altered, and assess the potential impacts of geo-engineering attempts.

The NAS website ( notes that the funding for the study is coming from “the US intelligence community”. William Kearney, a spokesman for NAS, told Mother Jones ( that the agency in question is the CIA.

The revelations mark the first time that an intelligence agency has publicly funded such a study. ( ("Why in the World are They Spraying?")

A CIA spokesman would not confirm that the agency was involved, yet stated that “It’s natural that on a subject like climate change the Agency would work with scientists to better understand the phenomenon and its implications on national security.”

It seems that the CIA has outsourced its geo-engineering studies following the apparent closure of its own research center on climate change and national security in 2012. The move came following criticism from Republican members of Congress who said that the intelligence community should not be spending time researching weather modification.

The NAS website states that the study will encompass a “technical evaluation of a limited number of proposed geoengineering techniques.” A prominent technique that will be evaluated, according to the papers, is “solar radiation management”, which involves spraying aerosol particles into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight away from the planet – in other words chemtrailing.

The study will also look into “carbon dioxide removal (CDR)”, which involves sucking carbon out of the air via chemical reactions or porous nanosponges. Of course, Carbon Dioxide is fundamental to all life on Earth, so “sucking it out of the air” could come with dire consequences.

The study is also being backed by two other government agencies – NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Reporting on the project, The New Scientist ( stresses that CIA involvement in weather modification should not be seen as sinister.

“In fact, the CIA’s main interest in geoengineering does not lie in any offensive use. Rather, the US intelligence community sees climate change as a potential threat to global geopolitical stability, and so wants a thorough analysis of the mitigation options.” the report states.

Critics will balk at such a naive statement, given the history the CIA has for covertly subverting and overthrowing foreign governments that it does not approve of, and doing anything but securing geopolitical stability.

Weather weapons have existed for decades, with research on such offensive techniques dating back to the 1950s. In 1997, U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen admitted that weather modification techniques had been actively used by governments for over 15 years ( The US military has been using weather modifcation techniques since the Vietnam war.

One need only look up at the sky to confirm that our governments, at the behest of think tanks, ‘research’ groups, and radical environmental organisations, are already engaging in these type of programs. Our skies are riddled with artificial clouds, that are patently not merely the contrails of standard air planes.

Indeed, as we reported last year, a Harvard University project experiment funded by Microsoft founder Bill Gates saw thousands of tonnes of sulphur particles sprayed over New Mexico as part of a geoengineering study, despite the fact that even staunch environmentalists have warned the process could have catastrophic effects on the earth’s eco-system (

This is just one example of a practice that has now been in operation for years, if not decades.

Groups such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meet routinely ( to discuss ongoing geoengineering programs, specifically the spraying of aerosols into the atmosphere.

Levels of aluminium, barium and strontium in our air, water and soil have exponentially increased, leading many to conclude that these are the after effects of radical geoengineering programs that are already in operation.

A further study last year revealed that the cost of a massive program to spray sun-dimming particles into the upper atmosphere would be around $5 billion dollars a year ( However, the study conducted by U.S. scientists writing in the journal Environmental Research Letters completely failed to analyze whether such a massive geoengineering program would be a good idea and what environmental consequences it would have.

A similar Carnegie Institution for Science proposal also recently advocated spraying the upper atmosphere with aerosols, a process that would “reduce by 20 per cent the amount of sunlight that takes a direct route to the ground” and make blue skies “fade to hazy white,” the New Scientist reported (

Given the fact that most advancements in science and technology are already taking place years before they are disclosed to the public, it stands to reason that geoengineering programs based around spraying the upper atmosphere with particles are already underway.

Scientists now admit that vapor trails from airplanes are creating “artificial clouds” that block out the sun. This is no longer a matter of debate. The chemtrail “conspiracy theorists,” who were ridiculed for pointing out that from the mid-90′s onwards contrails from jet planes were lingering for hours and forming artificial clouds, have been proven correct.

Reading University’s Professor Keith Shine told the Daily Mail ( that the clouds “formed by aircraft fumes could linger ‘for hours’, depriving those areas under busy flight paths, such as London and the Home Counties, of summer sunshine.”

The report also makes reference to a 2009 Met Office study which found that high-level winds did not disperse contrails that later formed into clouds which covered an astonishing 20,000 miles.

As we have documented, geoengineering programs based around the premise of artificial aerosols were already in operation years ago, including at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Savannah River National Laboratory ( in Aiken, S.C, which in 2009 began conducting studies which involved shooting huge amounts of particulate matter, in this case “porous-walled glass microspheres,” into the stratosphere.

Another program under the Department of Energy’s Atmospheric Science Program ( is directed towards, “developing comprehensive understanding of the atmospheric processes that control the transport, transformation, and fate of energy related trace chemicals and particulate matter.”

The DOE website states that, “The current focus of the program is aerosol radiative forcing of climate: aerosol formation and evolution and aerosol properties that affect direct and indirect influences on climate and climate change.”

These programs are already having the effect of blocking out sunlight. The emergence of the chemtrails phenomenon coincided with an average 22% drop in sunlight ( reaching the earth’s surface.

In 2008, a KSLA news investigation ( found that a substance that fell to earth from a high altitude chemtrail contained high levels of Barium (6.8 ppm) and Lead (8.2 ppm) as well as trace amounts of other chemicals including arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium and silver. Of these, all but one are metals, some are toxic while several are rarely or never found in nature.

The newscast focuses on Barium, which its research shows is a “hallmark of chemtrails.” KSLA found Barium levels in its samples at 6.8 ppm or “more than six times the toxic level set by the EPA.” The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality confirmed that the high levels of Barium were “very unusual,” but commented that “proving the source was a whole other matter” in its discussion with KSLA.

KSLA also asked Mark Ryan, Director of the Poison Control Center, about the effects of Barium on the human body. Ryan commented that “short term exposure can lead to anything from stomach to chest pains and that long term exposure causes blood pressure problems.” The Poison Control Center further reported that long-term exposure, as with any harmful substance, would contribute to weakening the immune system.

Spraying sulphur into the upper atmosphere is linked with both environmental catastrophes and human health problems.

The following health effects are linked with exposure to sulphur.

[Continued... (]
Title: War, Murder, Rape: Blame Climate Change
Post by: Geolibertarian on August 02, 2013, 04:50:38 pm (

War, Murder, Rape: Blame Climate Change

Kurt Nimmo
August 2, 2013


Scientists in the United States insist a purported increase in war, murder, assault and rape is linked to climate change. Even domestic violence in India is related to the weather, according to the scientists.

“This is a relationship we observe across time and across all major continents around the world. The relationship we find between these climate variables and conflict outcomes are often very large,” Marshall Burke of the University of California at Berkeley told the BBC (

Here’s an excerpt from an article abstract posted on the Science ( website:

Considering the grandiosity of the “research,” Mr. Burke has decided to hedge his bet. “We want to be careful, you don’t want to attribute any single event to climate in particular, but there are some really interesting results,” he said.

Burke also cited economic conditions for increased violence, a more reasonable conclusion, but he invariably links it to the discredited theory of manmade climate change. “One of the main mechanisms that seems to be at play is changes in economic conditions. We know that climate affects economic conditions around the world, particularly agrarian parts of the world,” he said.

“There is lots of evidence that changes in economic conditions affect people’s decisions about whether or not to join a rebellion, for example.”

Bureaucrats at the United Nations and other warmists base their climate estimates on discredited data produced by the UK East Anglia Climate Research Unit. Increasingly, scientists admit manmade climate change is not only inaccurate, but a ruse. The United Kingdom’s National Weather Service, known as the Met Office, released ( a report in October admitting that so-called global warming came to a stop more than fifteen years ago.

“The spectacular implosion of the alleged ‘science‘ ( behind now-discredited global warming theories in recent years has led many experts and scientists to distance themselves ( from the hysteria,” writes Alex Newman ( “However, some apparently oblivious politicians, even in the United States, where the public has largely become hostile to the alarmism and proposed ‘solutions,’ continue to insist that taxpayers must fund ever more expensive and grandiose schemes to stop ‘climate change.’”

The study produced by Solomon M. Hsiang, Marshall Burke, and Edward Miguel published in Science adds a new twist to the overblown climate change hysteria.
Title: The man-made global warming cult continues to be discredited by Mother Nature
Post by: Geolibertarian on August 22, 2013, 08:27:06 am (

Climate Theories Crumble as Data and Experts Suggest Global Cooling

Alex Newman
New American
Aug 22, 2013

So-called global-warming alarmists are in a frenzy after the latest climate data confirmed the Earth actually appears to be entering a potential cooling trend, sea-ice cover in Antarctica is growing to record levels, tornadoes and hurricanes are at record lows, and more. According to experts, the most recent revelations continue to make a mockery of alarmist claims — debunking United Nations theories about human-caused global warming and the wildly inaccurate supposed “climate models” used to forecast doom and gloom by forces seeking carbon taxes and more centralized government.

Proponents of what is known as “anthropogenic global warming” theories, which claim that human activity is to blame for alleged warming, have long warned that increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would lead to “catastrophic” warming. The problem is that even based on data gathered by the planet’s premier climate alarmists — the U.K. Met Office, for example, or various U.S. agencies — shows that global warming stopped more than a decade and a half ago, as The New American reported ( last year.

Now, a leaked version of the upcoming UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report highlighted in the media ( suggests that the global body’s “climate scientists” are struggling hard to publicly explain the lack of warming they predicted with such confidence. Among the possible explanations offered by the UN’s supposed experts: “ash from volcanoes,” a “decline in heat from the sun,” or more heat being “absorbed by the deep oceans,” according to news reports.

Apparently, however, the draft UN report, set to be released over the next year, does allow for the possibility that the climate is not as “sensitive” to CO2 as the alarmists and their now-debunked models expected. Still, a spokesperson for the IPCC quoted in the government-funded BBC — long criticized for pushing the climate “hoax” despite real evidence — warned ( the public not to pay attention to the leaked draft because “it is guaranteed it will change” before being officially released. Scientists and experts who have worked on the UN body have told ( The New American over a period of years that the IPCC is only interested in pushing climate hysteria, regardless of what the facts show.

Of course, CO2, a natural gas exhaled by humans and fundamental to life on earth, has long been vilified by UN climate alarmists as a “pollutant.” Despite the well-known fact human emissions of the gas make up just a fraction of one percent of the greenhouse gasses present naturally in the atmosphere, supporters of man-made global-warming theories insist that humanity must, under UN guidance, destroy the economy to reduce emissions and stave off alleged disaster.

However, with the latest data suggesting that increased levels of CO2 has not led to the “expected” warming, experts say it is time for the UN and its cohorts to re-think their controversial theories.

[Continued... (]
Title: CO2 Tax for every living person
Post by: Honor18 on August 30, 2013, 08:33:27 am
A little off the topic but I seen a interview on the Alex Jones show yesterday and they were discussing a CO2 Tax for every living person .... Have you by chance seen anything on that topic ?
Title: Re: CO2 Tax for every living person
Post by: Geolibertarian on August 30, 2013, 09:03:22 am
I seen a interview on the Alex Jones show yesterday and they were discussing a CO2 Tax for every living person .... Have you by chance seen anything on that topic ?

Answer your question?  ;)

As shocking as this may sound to some, one can oppose corporatizing (via privatization ( the entire planet without being a man-made global warming cultist. (
Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: Honor18 on August 30, 2013, 09:37:04 am
Thanks !
Title: Science abandoned in climate change report: 15 years of data selectively ignored
Post by: Geolibertarian on October 02, 2013, 02:05:36 pm (

Science utterly abandoned in UN climate change report: 15 years of data selectively ignored

J. D. Heyes
Natural News
October 2, 2013

If you’re still a fan of Al Gore and believe his “campaign” against global warming is truly substantive and real, well, this story should convince you once and for all that, when it comes to climate change, he’s nothing more than a lot of hot air.

A recently released and quite exhaustive report from a United Nations climate panel which claimed with 95 percent certainty that human beings are responsible for so-called “global warming” neglected to include data which found that our planet has not been warming over the past 15 years, because such data did not fit with the climate change agenda it seeks to advance.

In other words, the panel – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – purposefully ignored bona fide scientific data in order to advance a left-wing political agenda (and really, this entire issue of global warming/climate change has been concocted as nothing but a political agenda meant to control you and your life).

‘There may also be … an overestimate of the response to increasing greenhouse gas…’

Per Breitbart News:

The report…could not explain “why the planet has largely stopped warming over the past 15 years.” So it just ignored it. According to the climate data from the U.K.’s weather-watching Met Office, “global surface temperatures rose rapidly during the 70s,” but they have “have [sic] been relatively flat over the past decade and a half, rising only 0.05 degrees Celsius (0.09 degrees Fahrenheit).”

The final version of the IPCC report states: “Due to natural variability, trends based on short records are very sensitive to the beginning and end dates and do not in general reflect long-term climate trends. …There may also be … an overestimate of the response to increasing greenhouse gas and other anthropogenic forcing.”

A later reference says that volcanoes, solar activity and oceans may have played a role in the warming, but the IPCC said it wasn’t confident in that finding, according to Fox News.

Other experts clearly see the political agenda at work here. And they also see a climate change panel struggling to remain relevant.

Judith Curry, professor and chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, notes, “IPCC has thrown down the gauntlet – if the pause continues beyond 15 years (well it already has), they are toast.”

Benny Peiser, director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, adds, “Unless global temperature will begin to rise again in the next few years, the IPCC is very likely going to suffer an existential blow to its credibility.”

Indeed, the trend already has continued longer.

Before the IPCC released its fictitious report, earlier reports had already demonstrated how wildly overestimated climate models utilized by the politically motivated climate change pseudo-science crowd have been in regards to “warming.”

Despite no evidence, IPCC insists it has evidence

More from Breitbart:

For instance, a study in the journal Nature Climate Change ”compared 117 climate predictions made in the 1990′s to the actual amount of warming” and 114 of those predictions overestimated the amount of warming. Other studies have found that various climate models used by the United Nations have “forecasted two times more global warming than actually occurred.”

And, as has been noted previously, a separate group of 50 international scientists in their own report ( which cited thousands of peer-reviewed articles that the UN panel ignored “concluded that evidence now leans against global warming resulting from human-related greenhouse gas emissions.”

Still, the panel clings to its conclusions.

[Continued... (]
Title: Global Warming "Scientists" Still Trapped In Record-Level Antarctic Ice
Post by: Geolibertarian on December 30, 2013, 01:47:57 pm (

Global Warming Scientists Still Trapped In Record-Level Antarctic Ice

“Sea ice is disappearing due to climate change,” scientists say as rescue ships fail to breach ice to save them

Kit Daniels
December 30, 2013

The scientific ship currently trapped in Antarctic ice is carrying a team of climate change scientists who keep harping the dangers of “global warming” even after multiple rescue ships failed in their attempts to save them.

[Continued... (]


^^  Oh, how I just love the smell of burnt con artist on the morning.
Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: TahoeBlue on December 31, 2013, 02:07:15 pm
Global Warmists to be rescued from Icebergs in the SUMMER of Antartica by Helicopters fueled by oil....
Antarctic rescue: helicopter to evacuate passengers from trapped ship

Volunteers clear a landing area on the ice after two icebreakers fail to reach the scientific research vessel

Alok Jha, science correspondent in Cape de la Motte, Antarctica, Monday 30 December 2013 23.19 EST

Passengers aboard the MV Akademik Shokalskiy, the scientific research vessel that has been stuck in sea ice off the coast of Antarctica since Christmas Day, will be evacuated from the ship by helicopter as soon as the weather has cleared.

Icebreakers were trying to free the ship but the dense ice floes have proved too difficult to get through for both Chinese and Australian vessels that were sent to help.

At about 2pm local time on Tuesday, Greg Mortimer, co-leader of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE), gave notice of an evacuation to everyone on board the Shokalskiy. Expedition leaders then asked for volunteers among the AAE members to help prepare a landing area for the helicopter from the Chinese icebreaker Xue Long on a suitable ice floe next to the Russian-operated ship.
'Stuck in our own experiment': Leader of trapped team insists polar ice is melting

By Paul Tilsley/
Published December 30, 2013/


"We're stuck in our own experiment," the Australasian Antarctic Expedition said in a statement. We came to Antarctica to study how one of the biggest icebergs in the world has altered the system by trapping ice. We ... are now ourselves trapped by ice surrounding our ship.
"Somewhere far, far to the south where it is summer, a group of global warming scientists are trapped in the Antarctic ice,” read a post on the site. “If you missed the irony of that situation, it is because much of the mainstream media has glossed over that rather inconvenient bit of hilarity.”
Title: Climate Change and the Magnificent Achievements of Eco-Propaganda
Post by: Geolibertarian on February 01, 2014, 08:17:05 am (

Climate Change and the Magnificent Achievements of Eco-Propaganda

By James F. Tracy
Global Research
January 31, 2014


Today a good deal of what qualifies as propaganda is much more subtle than overt. When an entire civilization or way of life is to be significantly altered the tried-and-true method of “repeating a lie until it becomes truth” needs to be done over a period of many years and in a multitude of varying ways to take hold and change the very assumptions and beliefs of a people.

This process is especially vital for reaching a given society’s more elite demographic—the opinion leaders who perceive themselves as “smarter than the average bear” and thus impervious to simple appeals and indoctrination.

A case in point is the agenda backed by powerful global elites and recognizable under names such as “climate change” and “sustainability.” The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report, released on September 27, 2013, came replete with an assemblage of legitimizing features along these lines (“scientific,” “scholarly,” “authoritative,” “peer reviewed,”). Also termed the “Climate Bible,” journalists and policymakers alike regard it as “authoritative” and “the gold standard” of climate science. The public is told that the official body’s findings are now clearer than ever: “human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century.”[1]

Among the most vociferous agitators for the IPCC’s climate change orthodoxy are the foundation-funded, tax-exempt, progressive-left media that sit alongside the bevy of similarly tax-exempt, foundation-funded environmental organizations that together uphold and publicize the theory of CO2-based anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change (ACC).[2] Self-professed as “independent,” “investigative,” even “educational,” the so-called “alternative media” turn a blind eye to seriously scrutinizing the highly questionable IPCC’s “scientific” review of the climatological literature and its implications for the array of ambitious programs and policies stealthily introduced throughout the industrialized world, many of which are seldom subject to popular plebiscite. Think “smart grid” and “smart growth.”

Logical questions from such apparently independent organs might include, “How does the IPCC produce its findings?” and “Who benefits?” Instead, there is an almost knee-jerk response on behalf of progressive-left editors and readerships to trust and support the UN group’s purportedly objective and meticulous review of the peer-reviewed climatological literature.

Between August and December 2013 such progressive outlets published dozens of articles and commentaries whole-heartedly touting the IPCC report. For example, posted 25 articles, ran 40, circulated 38, and featured 11.

These were often presented with bleak headlines accenting the urgent appeals found in the IPCC publicity. For example, “International Scientists Warn Climate Deniers Are Enabling Earth’s Suicide (” (Truthout, 9/13/13), “6 Scary Conclusions in the UN’s New Climate Report (” (Mother Jones, 9/27/13), “Greenhouse Gas in Atmosphere Hits New Record: UN (,” (Alternet, 11/1/13), and “’Africa is Being Pushed Closer to the Fire’: Africans Say Continent Can’t Wait for Climate Action (” (Democracy Now! 11/22/13).

Uncritical advocacy of the IPCC’s anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming extended beyond headlines to media criticism. In December, for example, the progressive Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) observed that corporate controlled network newscasts routinely failed to link “extreme weather” to “global warming.” “In the first nine months of 2013,” FAIR observes,

What is left unmentioned is that fact that all of these “extreme weather” incidents have one common denominator that FAIR and corporate and progressive media alike consistently overlook: the sun. As University of Winnipeg climatologist Dr. Tim Ball explains (here at 35:00), the IPCC’s “terms of reference” through which the body proceeds to generate its findings exclude the sun and its many demonstrable atmospheric effects as factors in the warming and cooling of the earth’s climate. It is thus no wonder that at best fringe or nonexistent causes of “climate change”–such as minuscule alterations in atmospheric gases–are pointed to with great alarm by the IPCC and its proponents.

Despite far more unambiguous and compelling scientific explanations the notion that “carbon emissions” are the foremost cause of natural climactic events has become something of a religion, and this is especially the case on the progressive-left, where adherents mechanically accept the curious agenda and its ostensibly “scientific” basis while vehemently condemning non-believers as “climate deniers.” (

As Canadian journalist Donna LaFramboise has documented in her important 2011 exposé (, the IPCC’s scholarly personnel is in fact heavily weighted toward what are often third-or-fourth-rate scientific talent whose eco-political stances are strictly in accord with the IPCC’s “research” agenda pushing anthropogenic climate change. IPCC authors often include climatology graduate students and even environmental activists from organizations such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund—indeed, figures with little-if-any scientific training but with clear agendas to promote.

LaFramboise further found that one third of the literature reviewed and cited by the IPCC in its 2007 report was–contrary to IPCC chief publicist Ragendra Pachauri’s pronouncements–not even peer-reviewed, and in many cases included citations of promotional literature devised and distributed by environmental activist organizations.

These unethical and compromising relationships are not difficult to explain if one is to recognize the IPCC for what it in fact is—a powerful political organization with the overarching objective of manufacturing consent and achieving transnational policy harmonization around the largely discursive construct of anthropogenic carbon-centric climate change.

[Continued... (]
Title: Global Warming? Lake Superior Will Freeze Over this Winter
Post by: Geolibertarian on February 12, 2014, 05:18:38 pm (

Global Warming? Lake Superior Will Freeze Over this Winter

Kurt Nimmo
February 12, 2014

How to explain record cold temperatures? Well, global warming has “paused,” according to warmist scientists (


They cite a study ( published in the Nature Climate Change journal. It says increased trade winds in the central and eastern areas of the Pacific have forced warm surface water deep within the ocean and that has reduced the amount of heat released into the atmosphere.

The warming pause was taken up by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It declared in its 2013 climate report that the Earth is going through a solar minimum and the oceans are sucking up most of the heat.

Not to worry, though. “This hiatus could persist for much of the present decade if the trade wind trends continue, however rapid warming is expected to resume once the anomalous wind trends abate,” the Nature Climate Change report states.

Here’s another anomaly. For the first times in decades, Lake Superior, the largest body of fresh water in the world, is predicted to freeze over this winter. A sheet of ice will form over the surface of the three-quadrillion-gallon lake. The mean thickness of the ice, reports the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, will be over 10 inches.

According to Jay Austin (, associate professor at the Large Lakes Observatory in Duluth, Minnesota, the ice will produce an “air conditioning” effect this summer. “Typically, the lake will start warming up in late June, but it will be August before we see that this year,” Austin told

In September, there was a 29 percent increase in the amount of ocean covered with ice over the previous year. An unbroken ice sheet more than half the size of Europe stretched from the Canadian islands to the north shores of Russia, The Telegraph ( reported. The Northwest Passage, the route through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago that links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, was clogged with ice all last year.

And then somebody at the IPCC leaked a report last year that had scientists reversing their convictions on global warming. Some now believe we’re in for a period of global cooling, not warming.

For now, it looks like civilization will not have to be dismantled ( to save us from the threat of “human-induced” global warming. Instead, civilization will benefit from more efficient ways to keep humans warm as the “hiatus” continues.
Title: Aussie Carbon Tax Repeal Discourages Cap-And-Traders Across The Planet
Post by: Geolibertarian on July 23, 2014, 04:38:05 pm (

Aussie Carbon Tax Repeal Discourages Cap-And-Traders Across The Planet

Michael Bastasch
Daily Caller
July 22, 2014

Australia’s repeal of its controversial carbon tax last week has gotten other countries thinking about ditching their own carbon dioxide emissions reduction schemes.

On the heels of the Aussie carbon tax defeat, South Korea’s finance minister, Choi Kyung-hwan, called his country’s planned cap-and-trade system “flawed in many ways,” and hinted that he would pressure the government to delay the plan until 2015.

Businesses say the cap-and-trade system could cost them up to $28.9 billion in three years unless the program is delayed until 2020.

Reuters reports that South Korea’s emissions trading program has already been delayed twice since 2013. The system would have capped emissions from 400 top emitters in the country, potentially making it the world’s second-largest cap-and-trade system.

Full article here (
Title: The coming climate onslaught
Post by: Geolibertarian on November 12, 2014, 10:28:00 am (

The coming climate onslaught

Politico (
November 12, 2014

The Obama administration is set to roll out a series of climate and pollution measures that rivals any president’s environmental actions of the past quarter-century — a reality check for Republicans who think last week’s election gave them a mandate to end what they call the White House’s “War on Coal.”

Tied to court-ordered deadlines, legal mandates and international climate talks, the efforts scheduled for the next two months show that President Barack Obama is prepared to spend the remainder of his term unleashing sweeping executive actions to combat global warming. And incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will have few options for stopping the onslaught, though Republicans may be able to slow pieces of it.

The coming rollout includes a Dec. 1 proposal by EPA to tighten limits on smog-causing ozone, which business groups say could be the costliest federal regulation ( of all time; a final rule Dec. 19 for clamping down on disposal of power plants’ toxic coal ash (; the Jan. 1 start date for a long-debated rule ( prohibiting states from polluting the air of their downwind neighbors; and a Jan. 8 deadline for issuing a final rule ( restricting greenhouse gas emissions from future power plants. That last rule is a centerpiece of Obama’s most ambitious environmental effort, the big plan for combating climate change that he announced ( at Georgetown University in June 2013.

Obama announced ( yet another initiative Wednesday in Beijing, where he and Chinese President Xi Jinping jointly committed to targets for the two nations to curb their carbon emissions during the next two decades. And on top of all that, the administration is expected in the coming weeks to pledge millions of dollars — and possibly billions — to help poor countries deal with the effects of climate change.

Full article here (
Title: Extreme Weather Warning: As Polar Vortex Descends on U.S.
Post by: Geolibertarian on November 13, 2014, 12:33:49 pm
"If we have unseasonably warm weather, it's global warming; if we have unseasonably cold weather, it's still global 'warming,' and plant food ( is the cause of it all!" -- The Man-Made Global Warming Cult ( (

Extreme Weather Warning: As Polar Vortex Descends on U.S. “All Hell to Break Loose”

Mac Slavo
November 13, 2014

Leading physics professor Michio Kaku, of the City University of New York, has signaled a warning concerning the polar vortex now bringing extreme cold weather to a majority of states in the U.S.

“Superstorm Nuri packs more energy than Hurricane Sandy. It’s headed our way, and we are in the bullseye. This weekend it’s going to plow into Alaska, creating fifty foot waves. Then, by midweek, all hell breaks loose. It’s going to combine with the jetstream, pushing arctic air perhaps as low as Florida,” Michio Kaku told CBS News. (

“In the worst case scenario, it could mean a deep freeze. It means airlines canceling flights left and right. It means transportation being disrupted… we’re talking disruption that will peak between November 13 and November 15, but will ripple through the rest of November,” Kaku added, telling viewers to “get used to” polar vortexes, because “the earth is changing, and we’re going to see more violent swings.”

Northern states are expected to experience extreme lows that could reach -30 Fahrenheit and beyond, while early bouts of extreme cold will affect nearly the entire U.S., dipping between 15 and 30 degrees below normal.

It will bring snowstorms and heavy rains across the much of Northern United States and Canada, and heavy rains, particularly in the East.

[Continued... (]
Title: It’s the Sun stupid – The minor significance of CO2
Post by: Geolibertarian on January 31, 2015, 03:27:57 pm
Whenever carbonazis call you a "climate denier," instead of wasting your time arguing with them, just call them "sun deniers."

To understand why, read the following... (
Title: ManBearPig--We Need to ‘Punish Climate-Change Deniers’
Post by: larsonstdoc on March 16, 2015, 10:45:54 am

  Just when you thought it was safe.....

Al Gore at SXSW: We Need to ‘Punish Climate-Change Deniers’ and ‘Put a Price on Carbon’
Title: Re: ManBearPig--We Need to ‘Punish Climate-Change Deniers’
Post by: larsonstdoc on March 16, 2015, 10:52:56 am
ManBearPig on the loose again....

Title: Re: ManBearPig--We Need to ‘Punish Climate-Change Deniers’
Post by: Jackson Holly on March 16, 2015, 11:17:58 am

Here's a trailer for a "warmimg alarmist" movie
being pushed at SXSW … self-serving tripe …
that's the clearest description I can come up
with for these LibTard filthy lies:
Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: KiwiClare on March 16, 2015, 04:40:02 pm

Here's a trailer for a "warmimg alarmist" movie
being pushed at SXSW … self-serving tripe …
that's the clearest description I can come up
with for these LibTard filthy lies:

Thanks for posting this propaganda alert. Oh dear.  ::)  Here is a segment of this tripe and codswallop:

Title: Re: Global warming: a mere cult, or NAZI EUGENICS in "environmentalist" clothing?
Post by: Geolibertarian on March 16, 2015, 07:08:01 pm (

Global warming believers are like a hysterical ‘cult’: MIT scientist compares 'climate alarmists' to religious fanatics

* Comments were made by professor of meteorology, Richard Lindzen
* 'Instead of saying, oh, we were wrong, they get more fanatical,' he said
* He says 70% of the Earth is ocean, and measuring its temperature tricky
* He has previously blasted the IPCC for blaming humans for a global warming trend - and then glossing over the warming slowdown

By Ellie Zolfagharifard
Daily Mail Online
January 22, 2015

Climate change alarmists have been likened to a fanatical 'cult' by an MIT professor of meteorology.

Dr Richard Lindzen told a Massachusetts-based radio station that people who believe in global warming are becoming more hysterical in their arguments.

'As with any cult, once the mythology of the cult begins falling apart, instead of saying, oh, we were wrong, they get more and more fanatical,' he said.

[Continued... (]
Title: Antarctic sea ice hits 35-year high
Post by: decemberfellow on September 16, 2015, 09:11:25 am
Great news for humanity, but not for global warmist wackos. Via The Washington Post, Antarctic sea ice hit 35-year record high Saturday:


Antarctic sea ice has grown to a record large extent for a second straight year, baffling scientists seeking to understand why this ice is expanding rather than shrinking in a warming world.

On Saturday, the ice extent reached 19.51 million square kilometers, according to data posted on the National Snow and Ice Data Center Web site.  That number bested record high levels set earlier this month and in 2012 (of 19.48 million square kilometers). Records date back to October 1978.

Wait. Wait. The sea ice was shrinking only 6 months ago. Via The Wall Street Journal, Antarctic Ice Shelves Are Shrinking, Study Says:

The ice shelves that float off the coast of Antarctica and act as a bulwark against the melting of the continent’s ice sheet have lost volume over the past two decades, according to a new study.

Ice shelves are floating extensions of the permanent ice sheet that covers the continent. They are 400-500 meters (around 1,300-1,600 feet) thick on average and can extend to hundreds of kilometers out to sea. If they thin substantially, more of the land-based ice they support could collapse into the ocean and potentially raise sea levels in years to come.

Another day and another forecast of climate disaster is disproved by observation. One would think that someone somewhere would be questioning the underlying (emphasis on lying) assumptions of the global warming scam that is bilking governments of billions in grant money and consumers of billions in extra costs to avoid the impending bulls***-ocalypse. But one would be wrong

continues: (