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Title: Newt Gingrich again says the United States will be hit by a nuke from Iran/NK
Post by: Dig on September 12, 2011, 09:41:11 pm
Again, CFR operative Newt Gingrich has stated that the US will be hit by a nuke weapon and he blamed Iran and North Korea for it.

Either Newt Gingrich is actually a triplet of pre-cogs from 'Minority Report' or he has been included on the CFR metings where they are planning on nuking the US and blaming it on Iran/NK.

This was at the CNN Debate on 9/12/2011.
Title: Re: Newt Gingrich again says the United States will be hit by a nuke from Iran/NK
Post by: Dig on September 12, 2011, 09:42:11 pm
Newt Gingrich again said the United States would be hit by a nuclear weapon and he blamed North Korea and Iran for it.

Newt Gingrich needs to be investigated for his pre-knowledge of events that 5 federal reserve banks have already been caught supporting...a nuke attack on the US

Okay, CFR, you want America to be afraid of Iran again?

Fine, who the F has been supplying Iran with their weapons for the past 40 years?

Who has been caught laundering money for nuke sales to Iran?


2.5 years ago

False Flag Nuke plot orchestrated by Citi, BoA, JPM, Wells/Wachovia, BONY UBS using Iran and China as scapegoats Exposed
Tuesday, April 7th 2009


The Manhattan district attorney's office has smashed a sinister plot to smuggle nuclear weapons materials to Iran through unwitting New York banks, the Daily News has learned. Officials plan to unseal a 118-count indictment Tuesday accusing a Chinese national of setting up a handful of fake companies to hide that he was selling millions of dollars in potential nuclear materials to Tehran. "This case will cut off a major source of supply to Iran and it shows how they are going ahead full steam to get a nuclear bomb. Long-range missiles they pretty much have already," a law enforcement source close to the case said. "We think it is one of the largest suppliers of weapons of mass destruction to Iran." Experts say Iran, under the leadership of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, appears close to amassing enough nuclear material to make an atom bomb. A United Nations embargo bans Iran from acquiring the high-tech metals needed to make a long-range nuclear weapon a reality. The indictment will outline the financial conspiracy behind 58 different transactions, including shipments of various banned materials from China to Iran between 2006 and late 2008.

Among them:

    * 33,000 pounds of a specialized aluminum alloy used almost exclusively in long-range missile production.
    * 66,000 pounds of tungsten copper plate, which is used in missile guidance systems.
    * 53,900 pounds of maraging steel rods, a superhard metal used in uranium enrichment and to make the casings for nuclear bombs.

The recipient is believed to have been a subsidiary of the Iranian Defense Ministry. The suspect, who is not believed to be in the U.S., set up four bogus import-export companies that did business with six Iranian shell firms, one source said. "They took elaborate steps to conceal the identity of the shipper and the recipient," the source said. The deals went through "several" New York banks, which cooperated when the alleged plot was uncovered. "The New York banks were completely unaware," the source said. Authorities first stumbled over the scheme seven months ago in an unrelated probe into Iranian money-laundering through Lloyd's, a British bank. In January, Lloyd's paid a $350 million fine to settle accusations it "stripped" information from Iranian money transfers to New York banks, hiding where the cash came from. Officials said they suspected that money was also used to finance Iran's nuke program. "The important thing is to put sunlight on these deals," the law enforcement source said.

* U.S. hits six Iranian companies hit with sanctions
* Chinese executive and his company indicted in New York
* Money channeled through U.S., European banks (Combines stories about indictment and sanctions)

By David Lawder and Edith Honan

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK, April 7 (Reuters) - The U.S. government on Tuesday slapped sanctions on a Chinese metals company and six Iranian companies suspected of collaborating on a scheme to transfer missile and nuclear technology from China to Iran.

A New York grand jury also indicted the Chinese metals company, LIMMT Economic and Trade Co Ltd, and its manager, Lee Fangwei, on 118 counts including suspicion of shipping 33,000 pounds (15,000 kg) of specialized aluminum alloy used for long-range missile production from China to Iran. Lee was charged with the suspected misuse of Manhattan banks employed to transfer money between China and Iran by way of Europe and the United States. The actions by the U.S. Treasury Department and a grand jury convened by the New York state prosecutor in Manhattan come as the United States has sought tougher U.N. sanctions against Iran to halt its nuclear program, which Western nations believe is designed for making weapons. Tehran says the program is aimed at increasing its civilian power capacity. China is bound by three U.N. Security Council sanctions resolutions forbidding support for or contact with individuals or companies linked to Iran's missile and nuclear programs. China and Russia reluctantly backed all three resolutions and say they are complying with sanctions. But U.N. diplomats say a number of Chinese, Russian and Western firms have continued to try to skirt the restrictions on selling sensitive technology to Iran. "Materials may be dual-use, but when they are sent to front companies set up by the Iranian military, and the defendants use false end-user certificates and dummy names, there's not much doubt that the use is for weapons," Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau told reporters. Morgenthau also said he would request the arrest and extradition of Lee, also known as Karl Lee and by several other aliases, from the Chinese government. He is believed to be at large in China.


Morgenthau identified the U.S. banks as Citibank (C.N), JPMorgan Chase (JPM.N), Wachovia Bank/Wells Fargo Standard Centered Bank (WFC.N), Bank of America (BAC.N) and The Bank of New York Mellon (BK.N) but he declined to identify the European banks.

Morgenthau identified the U.S. banks as

Citibank (C.N),
JPMorgan Chase (JPM.N),
Wachovia Bank/Wells Fargo Standard Centered Bank (WFC.N),
Bank of America (BAC.N) and
The Bank of New York Mellon (BK.N)
but he declined to identify the European banks.

Title: Re: Newt Gingrich again says the United States will be hit by a nuke from Iran/NK
Post by: Dig on September 12, 2011, 09:42:33 pm
Hey New is not Iran we fear, it is your buddies at the Council on Foreign Relations!

Cheney & Halliburton Sells Iran Nuke Technology
The BFEE Offshore
In these days when illuminati bankers are conditioning false flag nukes coming from Iran, a story that we should remember
Dick Cheney Sold Iranian Oil Company Key Nuclear Reactor Components, Sources Say
August 05, 2005 By: Jason Leopold Independent Media TV

Scandal-plagued Halliburton -- the oil services company once headed by Vice President Cheney -- sold an Iranian oil development company key components for a nuclear reactor, say Halliburton sources with intimate knowledge into both companies' business dealings. Halliburton was secretly working at the time with one of Iran 's top nuclear program officials on natural gas related projects and sold the components in April to the official's oil development company, the sources said.
Now comes word that Halliburton, which has a long history of flouting U.S. law by conducting business with countries the Bush administration said has ties to terrorism, was working with Cyrus Nasseri, vice chairman of the board of directors of Oriental Oil Kish, one of Iran's largest private oil companies, on oil and natural gas development projects in Tehran. Nasseri is also a key member of Iran's nuclear development team and has been negotiating Iran 's nuclear development issues with the European Union and at the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Nasseri was interrogated by Iranian authorities in late July for allegedly providing Halliburton with Iran 's nuclear secrets and accepting as much as $1 million in bribes from Halliburton, Iranian government officials said. During the first round of interrogations in the judiciary, a huge network of oil mafia has been exposed, according to the IPS report.
Trading With The Enemy
Matthew Swibel Forbes 04.19.04

If you want to get round export controls, just sell the product to a front company in Dubai. The middlemen will take it from there. On paper the shipment was harmless enough. Sixty-six American-made spark gaps--high-speed electrical switches used in medical devices to break up kidney stones--traveled from the manufacturer in Salem, Massachusetts late last summer to a buyer in Secaucus, New Jersey. From there, according to the export declaration, they were to be shipped to their ultimate destination in Cape Town, South Africa. But these spark gaps can also be used to detonate nuclear bombs--and it turned out that the goods were aimed at an end user in Pakistan, with a stopover in Dubai. The commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates, where trading activity accounts for the biggest single chunk (16.5%) of a $20 billion economy, has become a favorite diversion point on the Persian Gulf for shady cargo. With no export controls and hardly any bureaucracy at ports, airports and free zones, this entrepôt provides stellar cover for smugglers hoping to bypass U.S. embargoes.
Title: Re: Newt Gingrich again says the United States will be hit by a nuke from Iran/NK
Post by: Dig on September 12, 2011, 09:44:55 pm
From the last debate:

Gingrich: Over 200,000 Americans may die in the next false flag operation which will be nuclear
GINGRICH: Yeah, I just want to go back, frankly, to the homeland security question, because it's important for us to confront this. I helped develop the model for homeland security. It hasn't been executed well.

The fact is, we have enemies who want to use weapons against us that will lead to disasters on an enormous scale. And the original goal was to have a Homeland Security Department that could help us withstand up to three nuclear events in one morning.

And we need to understand, there are people out there who want to kill us. And if they have an ability to sneak in weapons of mass destruction, they're going to use them. We need to overhaul and reform the department, but we need some capacity to respond to massive events that could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans in one morning.
Title: Re: Newt Gingrich again says the United States will be hit by a nuke from Iran/NK
Post by: Dig on September 12, 2011, 09:45:41 pm
DHS/NCS/Gingrich (?) are determined to attack targets in the US on 9/11/11
Title: Re: Newt Gingrich again says the United States will be hit by a nuke from Iran/NK
Post by: Monkeypox on September 13, 2011, 02:07:37 am
They call him Newt, because that's the kind of brain he has.


Title: Re: Newt Gingrich again says the United States will be hit by a nuke from Iran/NK
Post by: Georgiacopguy on September 13, 2011, 09:40:23 am

An excerpt from wikipedia on Iran's purchase of F14 Tomcats:

Iranian F-14 Tomcat in a 2006 exhibition, Tehran

The sole foreign customer for the Tomcat was the Imperial Iranian Air Force, during the reign of the last Shah (King) of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

In the early 1970s, the Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF) was searching for an advanced fighter, specifically one capable of intercepting Soviet MiG-25 "Foxbat" reconnaissance flights. After a visit of U.S. President Richard Nixon to Iran in 1972, during which Iran was offered the latest in American military technology, the IIAF narrowed its choice to the F-14 Tomcat or McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. Grumman Corporation arranged a competitive demonstration of the Eagle against the Tomcat before the Shah, and in January 1974, Iran ordered 30 F-14s and 424 AIM-54 Phoenix missiles, initiating Project Persian King, worth US$300 million. Only a few months later, this order was increased to a total of 80 Tomcats and 714 Phoenix missiles as well as spare parts and replacement engines for 10 years, complete armament package, and support infrastructure (including construction of the huge Khatami Air Base in the desert near Esfahan).

The first F-14 arrived in January 1976, modified only by the removal of classified avionics components, but fitted with the TF-30-414 engines. The following year 12 more were delivered. Meanwhile, training of the first groups of Iranian crews by the U.S. Navy, was underway in the USA; and one of these conducted a successful shoot-down with a Phoenix missile of a target drone flying at 50,000 ft (15 km).

Following the overthrow of the Shah in 1979, the air force was re-named the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) and the post-revolution interim government of Iran canceled most Western arms orders. Knowledge about F-14 use by Iran is limited; deteriorating relations led to an arms embargo being imposed on Iran, including the last Tomcat built for Iran, which was embargoed and eventually turned over to the United States Navy. Large shipments of spares were held back, and many aircraft were cannibalized for their spare parts.

In January 2007, it was announced by the US Department of Defense that sales of spare parts for F-14s would be suspended, due to concerns that they could end up in Iran. It announced that the decision was taken "given the current situation in Iran".[51] On 2 July 2007, the remaining American F-14s were being shredded to ensure that F-14 spare parts would not be acquired by governments considered hostile to the US.[50] Iran had an estimated 44 F-14s,[52] with some 20 operational by 2009.[53] However, Iranian military sources say that, through building of spare parts and refurbishment, they now have 60 operational F-14s.[citation needed]

In summer of 2010, Iran requested that the United States deliver the 80th F-14 it had purchased in 1974, but delivery was denied after the Islamic Revolution.[54][55] In October 2010, an Iranian Air Force commander claimed that the country overhauls and optimizes different types of military aircraft, mentioning that Air Force has even installed Iran-made radar systems on the F-14.[56]