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Title: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: GoatsHead on September 08, 2011, 03:13:25 am
A mysterious man named Philip Schneider lectured in the mid-1990's about the existence of ultra-secret subterranean military facilities called "Deep Underground Military Bases" or DUMBs for short. Schneider said that there had been 13 attempts on his life since his first lecture, and then he died in a suspicious "suicide" at his apartment.

He said that these bases were 2-4 miles beneath ground and were about 3 miles in diameter. There are over 200 of these bases in the continental United States, and over 2,000 world wide. Also, he claims that shady elements of the US government and military are working in collusion with extraterrestrial beings at these sites.

Is there any plausible evidence to suggest that these underground bases actually exist? Has anyone ever gone looking for them? Apparently there is a DUMB site in Dulce, New Mexico. And there is another one directly underneath the Denver international airport.
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: TahoeBlue on September 08, 2011, 11:54:57 am
see: Underground Bases and Tunnels links - Richard Sauder (
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: worcesteradam on September 08, 2011, 12:52:26 pm
the pressure 2-4 miles beneath the ground would be so high
why would they need to be that deep
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: TahoeBlue on September 11, 2011, 01:55:37 pm
oh yes now I remember this regarding Dulce NM - regarding Philip Schneider :

In 1979, Philip was employed by Morrison-Knudsen, Inc. He was involved in building an addition to the deep underground military base at Dulce, New Mexico. The project at that time had drilled four holes in the desert that were to be linked together with tunnels. Philip's job was to go down the holes, check the rock samples, and recommend the explosives to deal with the particular rock. In the process, the workers accidentally opened a large artificial cavern, a secret base for the aliens known as Grays. In the panic that occurred, sixty-seven workers and military personnel were killed, with Philip Schneider being one of only three people to survive. Philip claimed that scars on his chest were caused by his being struck by an alien weapon that would later result in cancer due to the radiation.
Schneider was never able or willing to prove his allegations (e.g. showing the entrance to Dulce Base). His claims received little mainstream notice, but caused quite a buzz in UFO enthusiast circles.
Schneider was found dead in his Wilsonville, Oregon apartment on January 17, 1996. He had apparently been dead for several days (perhaps up to a week), and reportedly had a rubber hose wrapped three times around his neck. Tim Swartz writes that "Clackamas County Coroner's office initially attributed Philip Schneider's death to a stroke or heart attack." Some suggest Schneider was murdered
Schneider had missing fingers on his left hand, and limited motion in his shoulders. It may have been physically impossible for him to have held the rubber hose in his left hand with missing fingers and then wrap the hose three times with shoulders that had limited motion.

In order to end up where his body was, he had to sit on the edge of his bed, wrap the hose around his neck, slowly and painfully strangle to death, and fallen head first into a wheel chair. Philip was an expert in chemicals and his own medical needs. He had multiple pills at hand that could have ended his life quickly and painlessly. He also had a 9 mm gun that he had borrowed to protect himself.
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: chris jones on September 11, 2011, 06:39:36 pm
 Underground military,(GOV) bases are a reality,FEMA camps-DHS, categorizing citizens -DARPA the color coding process, etc. etc.
 The greys, I have no background in this subject, however this could be two sided. We know the undergound bases exist, to discredit their existence a ploy could be used, the aliens beings injected to dismiss the subject as a tin hatted fantasy. Result , people in general would immediately dismiss (DUMBS).
 If these beings (greys) exist and if they have offered our Gov-military-corps advanced tech in trade for citizens/human experimentation, you can bet the powers would shake hands with the devil.
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: worcesteradam on September 11, 2011, 07:35:23 pm
raven rock is a big underground base
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Post by: GoatsHead on September 11, 2011, 10:32:20 pm
raven rock is a big underground base

Raven Rock, also known as "Site R" is a continuity of government bunker in Pennsylvania. It was built to facilitate top US government officials (including the president and VP) in the event of a nuclear war or other cataclysmic disaster.,_Pennsylvania

The existence of Raven Rock is hardly a secret. It is a very mundane VIP bunker.

There are no aliens or UFO's inside the facility either. Unlike the real DUMB sites.
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: worcesteradam on September 11, 2011, 10:58:49 pm
whatever you say
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: global_fiefdom on December 10, 2011, 08:56:42 pm
Raven Rock, also known as "Site R" is a continuity of government bunker in Pennsylvania. It was built to facilitate top US government officials (including the president and VP) in the event of a nuclear war or other cataclysmic disaster.,_Pennsylvania

The existence of Raven Rock is hardly a secret. It is a very mundane VIP bunker.

There are no aliens or UFO's inside the facility either. Unlike the real DUMB sites.

Mundane? please!


Planning for the site began in 1948. After the Soviet Union detonated its first nuclear weapon in 1949, a high priority was established for the Joint Command Post to be placed in a protected location near Washington, D.C., for swift relocation of the National Command Authorities and the Joint Communications Service. The selected site is near Camp David (then known as "Shangri-La"). In 1950, President Harry S Truman approved making Raven Rock part of Camp Albert Ritchie, Maryland. This new site was named the Alternate Joint Communications Center (AJCC) Site R. Construction of the facility began in 1951, and in 1953 it became operational.

In 1977, the Department of Defense created the Special Projects Office (later to become the Protective Design Center) to work on the classified Alternate National Military Command and Control Center Improvement Program, which sought to design a deep-underground, hardened command and control center. The plans envisioned separate structures for command personnel, power, fuel, and water; more than three miles (5 km) of air entrainment tunnels; and access shafts to the surface. The program was cancelled in 1979.

The RRMC was one of the "undisclosed locations" frequently used by Vice President Dick Cheney following the September 11 attacks.[4][5]

The Proposed Action and subject of this EA is the Construction and Operation of Proposed Projects, which include a Department of Homeland Security Antenna, RV Parking Lot, Training Campus and Infrastructure Improvements, on Area B of Fort Detrick in Frederick County, Maryland. Section 2.1 details the planned construction activities for the Proposed Action (see Figure 2-1), and Section 2.2 briefly summarizes the Conceptual Projects which are not part of the Proposed Action. Descriptions of projects outside the Proposed Action are intended to provide a meaningful estimate of future baseline conditions, such that the collective environmental impacts (i.e., cumulative impacts) of all the projects can be determined. Section 2.3 discusses regulatory and permitting requirements for mitigation of potential environmental impacts during construction. Section 2.4 presents the routine operational activities for the Proposed Action, including utility requirements and regulatory and permitting requirements for mitigation of potential environmental impacts during that phase of the Proposed Action. Section 2.5 discusses future sustainability requirements for Federal facilities.

Antenna for DHS (Proposed Project)
This project is being evaluated in this EA for its potential environmental impacts. The DHS will install a new HF antenna on the northern portion Area B. Fort Detrick has been supporting DHS Science and Technology (S&T) since 2004. In 2005, the DHS S&T facility was completed on Area A. In September 2005, the Real Property Planning Board (RPPB) authorized a DHS radio transmitter facility along with two antenna sites. HF radios are required for DHS communications and compatibility with existing DHS and other communications networks (DHS, 2010).
Two HF antennas were located on Area B, (a conical monopole and a log periodic). After evaluation for serviceability, the conical monopole was retained and the log periodic antenna was removed. DHS completed the installation of one HF radio system in May 2010 and a second HF transmitter was installed in fall 2010. An antenna is required for the second system to become functional. The proposed antenna will be located at an existing antenna pad. It will provide DHS with a multiple antenna capability and will be approximately 36 feet (ft) tall (DHS, 2010; Polley, 2010a).

Conceptual projects at Fort Detrick are those which are currently under study and will be addressed in more detail in future NEPA documentation. There are three conceptual projects for Area B which includes the construction and operation of a city road easement, family morale, welfare, and recreation (FMWR) facilities, and a Photovoltaic Array.

Area B Photovoltaic Array (Conceptual Project)
A photovoltaic array totaling approximately 20 acres will be constructed on Area B.
The exact location is undecided but may be built partially over landfills which have limited uses; therefore, construction of the photovoltaic array will maximize the land in a cost-effective manner. The solar panels will provide Fort Detrick with an environmentally friendly source of electricity that will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from the Installation. The entire installation will benefit from the renewable, secure supply of clean energy that the photovoltaic array would provide.

The Raven Rock Mountain Complex (RRMC) is a United States government facility on Raven Rock, a mountain in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. It is located in Liberty Township, Adams County, about 14 km (8.7 mi) east of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, and 10 km (6.2 mi) north-northeast of Camp David, Maryland. It is also called the Raven Rock Military Complex, or simply Site R. Other designations and nicknames include "The Rock", NMCC-R (National Military Command Center Reservation), ANMCC (Alternate National Military Command Center), AJCC (Alternate Joint Communications Center), "Backup Pentagon", or "Site RT"; the latter refers to the vast array of communication towers and equipment atop the mountain. Colloquially, the facility is known as an "underground Pentagon".[1]

The facility runs more than 38 communications systems for its users. The Defense Information Systems Agency computer operations staff provides computer services to the National Command Authority, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and other United States Department of Defense agencies.

Its largest tenant is the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.[2] RRMC also houses the emergency operations centers for the Army, Navy and Air Force.


Looking Glass (or Operation Looking Glass) is the code name for an airborne command center currently operated by the U.S. Navy. It provides command and control of U.S. nuclear forces in the event that ground-based command centers are destroyed or otherwise rendered inoperable.

The Looking Glass was initiated by the U.S. Air Force's Strategic Air Command in 1961 and operated by the 34th Air Refueling Squadron, Offutt AFB, Nebraska. In August 1966 the mission transferred to the 38th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, the 2d Airborne Command and Control Squadron in April 1970, to the 7th Airborne Command and Control Squadron in October 1988, and to the U.S. Navy in 1994.

The airborne command post is referred to as Looking Glass because its mission "mirrors" ground-based command, control, and communications located at the USSTRATCOM Global Operations Center (GOC) at Offutt Air Force Base. It has also been called the "Doomsday Plane," since its role would only be necessary in the event that the ground nuclear command centers at Offutt, the National Military Command Center, and Site R were destroyed. The Looking Glass is equipped with the Airborne Launch Control System, capable of transmitting launch commands to US ground-based ICBMs in the event that the ground launch control centers are rendered inoperable. At DEFCON 2 or higher, the Looking Glass pilot and co-pilot were both required to wear an eye patch, retrieved from their Emergency War Order (EWO) kit. In the event of a surprise blinding flash from a nuclear detonation, the eye patch would prevent blindness in the covered eye, thus enabling them to see in at least one eye and continue flying. Later, the eye patch was replaced by goggles that would instantaneously turn opaque when exposed to a nuclear flash, then rapidly clear for normal vision.



There are several conspiracy theories relating to the airport's design and construction.

Murals painted in the baggage claim area have been claimed to contain themes referring to future military oppression and a one-world government. However, the artist, Leo Tanguma, said the murals, entitled "In Peace and Harmony With Nature" and "The Children of the World Dream of Peace," depict man-made environmental destruction and genocide along with humanity coming together to heal nature and live in peace.[50]

In the mid-1990s, Philip Schneider gave lectures about highly secretive government information concerning "deep underground military bases" that were constructed by the United States government, and said that one of these bases exists underneath the Denver International Airport. Author Alex Christopher claimed to have worked in the tunnels under the airport, and described what appeared to be vast holding areas for prisoners, strange nausea-inducing electromagnetic forces, and caverns big enough to drive trucks through, presumably to be filled with helpless political prisoners. This theory has been challenged, since photos have revealed that these tunnels are used for transportation of baggage by way of conveyor belts[citation needed]

People have found out that there have been unusual markings in the terminals in DIA and have recorded them as masonic markings.

Conspiracists have pointed to unusual words cut into the floor as being Satanic, Masonic, or just some impenetrable secret code of the New World Order: Cochetopa, Sisnaajini, and the baffling Dzit Dit Gaii.[51] These words are actually Navajo terms for geographical sites in Colorado. "Braaksma" and "Villarreal" are actually the names of Carolyn Braaksma and Mark Villarreal, artists who worked on the airport’s sculptures and paintings.[52]

There is a dedication marker in the airport inscribed with the Square and Compasses of the Freemasons, along with a listing of the two Grand Lodges of Freemasonry in Colorado. It is mounted over a time capsule that was sealed during the dedication of the airport. The Freemasons participated in laying this “capstone” (the last, finishing stone) of the airport project. The capstone also is inscribed with a line that simply states "New World Airport Commission".[53]
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: 9/11-insider trading on December 10, 2011, 09:31:08 pm
Bin Laden has them everywhere.
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: 9/11-insider trading on December 17, 2011, 03:40:49 am
What is the deal with the JASON project and ocean exploration.

"Every student and teacher who explores with JASON is given the title of Argonaut, named for the crew that sailed aboard the Argo with Jason, the mythological Greek explorer."

The name "JASON" is sometimes explained as an acronym, standing either for "July–August–September–October–November", the months in which the group would typically meet; or, tongue in cheek, for "Junior Achiever, Somewhat Older Now". However, neither explanation is correct; in fact, the name is not an acronym at all. It is a reference to Jason, a character from Greek mythology. The wife of one of the founders (Mildred Goldberger) thought the name given by the defense department, Project Sunrise, was unimaginative and suggested the group be named for a hero and his search.

Apparently the JASON project name is chosen to be the same as the JASON Group which is deep conspiracy stuff.

But the "project" seems to be a harmless student program but with a decent budget for students focused on deep ocean environments.

With support from NOPP, the JASON Foundation for Education participated in an independently
supported research cruise aboard Atlantis III involving the ROV JASON and deep submergence
vehicle ALVIN. Researchers on this expedition studied the Guaymas Basin area. This effort was part
of the JASON IX oceans program. The JASON Project curriculum, interactive Internet components,
and field research opportunities for students produced for this expedition were linked with the research
being undertaken by scientists aboard the Atlantis III. Participating students also studied deep-sea
structure, marine chemistry, and geological and biological oceanography.

The program built upon an extensive educational and research infrastructure developed by the JASON
Foundation for Education and its partners for implementation during the 1997-98 school year. For
JASON IX: Oceans of Earth and Beyond, Bermuda and Monterey Bay were chosen as expedition
venues because they are centers of oceanographic research.
The Bermuda Biological Research Station
(BBRS) and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) are leading research institutions
that will act as research partners and hosts for JASON IX. BBRS has established a long-term
monitoring project, the Bermuda Atlantic Time Series (BATS), which tracks the connection between
ocean systems and climate change. Much of MBARI's research focuses on the Monterey Bay National
Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS), administered by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric
Association (NOAA), which is also an institutional partner and host for JASON IX. Selected scientists
affiliated with BBRS, MBARI, and MBNMS joined JASON IX as host scientists or researchers.
(budget mentioned at link=over 1 million, which is 1/3 of what the JASON Group "officially" gets for an entire year)

It is interesting that at such depth there could be a way to take advantage of hydrothermal vents which could supply power. There is such vent systems which exist in the Atlantic ocean. Along with the energy source needed to sustain life for a period of time is the need for satellite/covert communications. On the other hand there is a lot of speculation on JASON Group with space based systems etc and ironically NASA's shuttle Atlantis was named after the original RV Atlantis. Underground bases would be more efficient for black projects and important to perfect before space bases...Again just throwing it out there. It's hard to link the two JASON operations together.

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Post by: 9/11-insider trading on December 17, 2011, 03:58:13 am
I think the NWO game Deus Ex is trying to tell us something.

Majestic 12 HQ is based in Area 51 but has bases including but not limited to submerged Ocean Labs, concealed bases in UNATCO headquarters, bases in the sewage system beneath New York and Versalife Headquarters.
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) - (PROJECT JASON -- OCEANFLOOR)
Post by: global_fiefdom on December 18, 2011, 01:09:26 am
You want to know something about Project Jason?
They are looking for Atlantis and other technologically useful finds.
They are looking for keys to how the ancients lived and died.
They are looking for the keys to unlocking the secret to eternal life as well,
and for ammunition in the war against the truth on global warming.
Jason is a huge funding source for covert Illuminati discovery trips, for experimental work,
and to justify the carbon tax.

Kids facebook page:
official site: (won't load for me)

The name for Apple and Sheep in his time was about the same -- and the word that opens the door in LOTR to Moria -- "Melon", "friend".

"Speak 'friend' and enter".
"Speak 'Melon' and enter".

Who was Jason?


Jason (Ancient Greek: Ἰάσων, Iásōn) was an ancient Greek mythological hero who was famous for his role as the leader of the Argonauts and their quest for the Golden Fleece. He was the son of Aeson, the rightful king of Iolcus. He was married to the sorceress Medea.

Jason appeared in various literature in the classical world of Greece and Rome, including the epic poem Argonautica and tragedy, Medea. In the modern world, Jason has emerged as a character in various adaptations of his myths, such as the 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts and the 2000 TV miniseries of the same name.

Jason has connections outside of the classical world, as he is seen as being the mythical founder of the city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia

Lilith and Medea similar -- influence over the "Sun God"

Let's pick up the epithet: «She who knows God by his name». Isis... and also Lilith. Taking the Lilith story from this approach, we understand better the nature of the secret agreement of the demoness with YHVH, the influence on him provided by her knowledge of his true name. And, as we compared the fleeing of Lilith with the one of Medea, it will not be out of point to recall how Medea flees also with the help of her relative, the Sun God, which is the grandfather of the great lineage of witches (Medea, Circe) which brighten up the life of Greek heroes.

Treachery of Jason

In Corinth, Jason became engaged to marry Creusa (sometimes referred to as Glauce), a daughter of the King of Corinth, to strengthen his political ties. When Medea confronted Jason about the engagement and cited all the help she had given him, he retorted that it was not she that he should thank, but Aphrodite who made Medea fall in love with him. Infuriated with Jason for breaking his vow that he would be hers forever, Medea took her revenge by presenting to Creusa a cursed dress, as a wedding gift, that stuck to her body and burned her to death as soon as she put it on. Creusa's father, Creon, burned to death with his daughter as he tried to save her. Then Medea killed the two boys that she bore to Jason, fearing that they would be murdered or enslaved as a result of their mother's actions. When Jason came to know of this, Medea was already gone; she fled to Athens in a chariot sent by her grandfather, the sun-god Helios.

Later Jason and Peleus, father of the hero Achilles, attacked and defeated Acastus, reclaiming the throne of Iolcus for himself once more. Jason's son, Thessalus, then became king.

As a result of breaking his vow to love Medea forever, Jason lost his favor with Hera and died lonely and unhappy. He was asleep under the stern of the rotting Argo when it fell on him, killing him instantly. The manner of his death was due to the deities cursing him for breaking his promise to Medea.

I read the original ritual (mystery or w/e?) re: the meaning of the fleece was lost and only the oral tradition of the heroes maintains real significance to the masses.
We know better, that the golden apples and the golden fleece might mean the same thing: the knowledge and power of the gods. They both hang in trees in the center of a grove.

From another site:

'The  connection of the apple tree with immortality is both ancient and widespread'.  

--Robert Graves, The White Goddess

Here is a better bit from his site:

The adventures of Jason and the Argonauts and their search for the Golden Fleece would appear to be yet another legend concerning a heroic quest for a golden apple. The Greek word for sheep - 'melon'-  can also mean apple. 'The Golden Fleece' could also mean 'The Golden Apple.'  The adventures of Jason in Colchis are seen to be almost identical with that of Hercules in the Hesperides and also with that of Siegfried. All three fight a serpent dragon. The prize a golden treasure.

Conspiracy_center's pics showed Lilith holding the golden apple (!).
If you read the crappy White Wolf roleplay you will find lots of Lilith junk too.
She supposedly was the first human to understand the hidden knowledge and rules (physics?) of science and magic.
Whatever, lol.

WHOA look at the Sig rune on this book about immortality: might show you who is behind Project JASON:


Creepy excerpt from occult Nazi book shown above:

The recovery of the original Purity will solely be made possible in the Garden of Eden, the same Polar Garden of the Hesperides, the Garden of Asgard, where the original Tree of the Golden Apples stood, with the Gral, the Golden Fleece. It is the Yggdrasil Tree of Wotan and the Column of Adam Kadmon, whom ate solely of the Golden Apples, whom a Soror Mystica (Mystical Sister) was offered to him, drinking and eating of the Alchemical Gold, the Liquid Gold, which makes him able to straighten his Column and recover Immortality, and Divine Integrity, the transmutation of Adam into Lucifer. And it is Lilith-Medea and not Eve who makes possible the activation of the Serpent Kundalini by giving him the "Poisonous" Golden Apple and being able, once again to be a God or even more than a God.

He has eaten the Flesh and drank the Blood of the God, of the Gral.

It becomes easy to understand that the Demiurge, being worthy to his Servants, the Jews and the Christians, has tried to destroy the records and tracks of the Regal Ars, by falsifying Revelations and Documents, up to the point that they tried to assassinate a Child-God of the East. In truth, it is them who murdered all the children at the beginning of the Age of Pisces, from the fear that a Hero-God might overthrow the Kingdom of the Demiurge, of Yahweh-Jehovah


Hercules stealing golden apples.

Ok I think this whole f**king golden apple thing is just a perversion of what happened to Adam,
and is still offered as bait to occultists stupid or immoral enough to pursue eternal life in their present fallen state.
Personally I think eternal life as a flawed, murderous, greedy, limited creature is the worst idea ever conceived.

And if project Jason succeeds, the "winners" with their "breakthrough" will suffer more than anyone.
What could be worse than Hell on earth, after all? Not being able to die??

If you've read Blade of the Immortal or Anne Rice novels you know that life can be worse than death.
And because of this misery of immortality, the rest of the living is disturbed and life's cycle is disrupted.
The dead need to leave the energy of the living alone,
they need not lure our interest and worship with their lies and promises of godhood and eternal life.
The "god" cannot even save themselves.

Neon Genesis Evangelion has Lilith and Adam mythos in it:


The origins of humanity are very similar to the Gnostic Valentinian cosmogony, where the fall of Sophia from The Pleroma creates the universe and its denizens.  In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sophia is replaced by a being called Lilith, whose material remnants are discovered in Antarctica and then safeguarded by modern man in Japan, deep underneath Tokyo 3.  Soon afterwards, civilization suffers Judgment Day when another being called Adam (echoing the heavenly Adamas of Gnosticism, Manichaeism and Kabbalah) somehow crashes into Earth.  Half of mankind is destroyed, and the survivors are forced to live underground.  Global warming and other cataclysms cripple the planet’s resources.  A despotic one-world government rises from the ashes.

And then come the Angels to make matters worse.

These creatures seek to retrieve the remains of Lilith and Adam from the clutches of mankind, since they are also their primordial Mother and Father.  The Angels want the same thing the leaders of humanity want—reintegration with Lilith and Adam in order to create a collective, godly consciousness that will rule supreme. While human scientists attempt to unlock the essences of Lilith and Adam, they also utilize part of their titanic bodies to create monsters called Evangelion units (or Evas) in order to repel the divine invasion.  Evas appear like the stereotypical sleek, giant robots but are actually bestial demigods that can conjoin their sentience with human agents.  This all makes for grandiose yet brutal battle scenarios that further ravage civilization, since the Angels don’t incarnate on Earth as winged dandies but more like Lovecraftian nightmares.

Hoot hoot!


NOAA involved with Project JASON:

One of the Jason projects = seafloor research

The Jason Project was founded in 1989 by Dr. Robert D. Ballard, the oceanographer and explorer who discovered the shipwreck of RMS Titanic. This prompted thousands of kids to write him letters, asking to join his next expedition. Technology was the way The Jason Project made that happen.

Backed by National Geographic, this interactive and immersive site connects students with great explorers and great events to inspire and motivate them to learn science. The award-winning curricula embed cutting-edge research from NASA, NOAA, the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Geographic Society and other leading organizations and allow leading scientists to work side by side with JASON students.


Check this out:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

For example, The Operation: Resilient Planet game empowers school-aged-children as they travel to some of the most unique underwater ecosystems in the planet and gather cutting -edge data about some of the planet’s most vulnerable creatures. Kids use fun, exciting, and authentic tools like remotely operated vehicles and “Crittercams” to assemble an understanding about some of the most endangered marine species in the world. Together with close collaboration with some of National Geographic’s leading ecologists, players uncover groundbreaking ecological theories that have only recently emerged in scientific journals.
The first mission occurs in the Gulf of Mexico. Explosives on an oil platform are in the process of being placed and time is running out. Below the surface of the waves, many species must be protected, and Dr. Bob Ballard (the discoverer of the Titanic, who does the voice acting in the game) is asking for help to save the turtles.


No more kids' games: JASON IV TEAM

The JASON VII team will use NR-1, the Navy's nuclear submarine, to map ancient coral reefs. One of these reefs, the "hump," has never been explored before.

The NR-1 is a compact, nuclear-powered, electric-drive undersea research and ocean engineering submarine. Her operation depth encompasses all of the continental shelves and much of the continental slopes, while her nuclear power plant provides a far greater endurance than any other research submarine.

The NR-1 is capable of ocean search missions such as locating and identifying objects or ships lost at sea, and in situ examination and recording of ocean topographic and geological features. The ship is equipped and has the capacity for work near or on the seabed, performing sample gathering, recovery, implantation, or repair of objects in the ocean. The installed equipment can be supplemented by scientist-supplied sensors to conduct experiments and obtain knowledge of the ocean's chemical, thermal, optical, biological, and acoustical characteristics.

JASON Project homepage || Teachers' Guide || Students' Corner || Search

Gene Carl Feldman ( (301) 286-9428
Todd Carlo Viola, JASON Foundation for Education (
Revised: 10 April 1996

Jason project behind Global Warming Hoax?


Eternal Life, isn't a secret!

Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: 9/11-insider trading on December 18, 2011, 01:38:34 am
Yes JASON Group is behind global warming.

JASON studies have included a now-mothballed system for communicating with submarines using extremely long radio waves (Project Seafarer, Project Sanguine), an astronomical technique for overcoming the atmosphere's distortion (adaptive optics), the many problems of missile defense, technologies for verifying compliance with treaties banning nuclear tests, a 1982 report predicting CO2-driven global warming, and a system of computer-linked sensors developed during the Vietnam War which became the precursor to the modern electronic battlefield.

Interesting read on Seafarer BTW:
(Doubt you will see DARPA admitting that one)

From haarp/cern chemtrails/haarp thread:

Weather warfare by Jerry E. Smith:
"Dr macDonald published numerous papers and articles on future weapons technology. these suggested such coming "advances" as manipulation or control over the weather or climate, including destructive use of ocean waves and melting or destabilizing of the polar ice caps; intentional ozone depletion; triggering earthquakes; and control of the human brain by utilizing the earths energy fields"

-Gordon MacDonald (JASON member)

JASON also runs the DoE's Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program!
(must read)

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program, JSR-01-315, April 2002 (2.8 MB)
In 2001, JASON was charged by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Health and Environmental Sciences, to review the DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) program.

ARM program is also connected to Brookhaven national lab, which was home to research of one of the original JASON members. Brookhaven was also involved with TWA 800 wreckage & possibly Swiss Air 111 which had many top scientists, so this is some interesting discussion/speculation.

If these bases are advanced they do need scientists.
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: 9/11-insider trading on December 18, 2011, 02:06:49 am
Correction on 3rd link, this is correct source of info
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: magonia on January 09, 2013, 02:06:59 pm
I did read of an incident in one of Leonard Stringfield's Status Reports, when one guy was in a desert area in the US, when a military jeep turned up out of know where, it was only after a short while the guy noticed that a small hill near by had opened up and it was some kind of underground facility, in the middle of waste land.
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: JohnBFTOR on December 25, 2013, 09:07:54 pm
D.U.M.B.S. --- "Deep Underground Military Bases"
Title: Re: Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
Post by: TahoeBlue on September 05, 2018, 10:26:32 am
bump for Armageddon