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Title: "Belarus’ special forces were involved in training Anders Breivik"
Post by: starvosan on August 07, 2011, 05:46:57 pm
Norway’s twin terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik trained at a secret paramilitary field camp in Belarus earlier this year, a Belarusian opposition politician said on Thursday, citing security sources.
“Breivik visited Belarus several times. This spring, as part of his preparations for his twin attacks, he visited Minsk, where he underwent training at a secret paramilitary field camp,” Mikhail Reshetnikov, the head of the opposition Belarusian Party of Patriots, told the online newspaper. ...
Reshetnikov also claimed Breivik had participated in “sabotage-terrorism drills” under a former Belarusian special service officer and that he had used a fake passport to enter Belarus.
“His codename in Belarus’s KGB was Viking,” he added.  ....

This of course makes it all but certain that Breivik was on the proverbial "watch list" of several intelligence agencies, most definitely that of Norway too.  It is now going to be increasingly difficult to maintain the 'lone gunman' theory they are pushing.