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Title: Biometric vending machines, already here!!
Post by: Dok on August 11, 2010, 06:52:11 am
Vending Machines Of The Future

Your thumbprint might soon be the key to an afternoon candy bar. A Massachusetts based vending machine company is joinng the growing ranks of companies that are field-testing new technologies.

Next Generation Vending and Food Service is experimenting  with biometric vending machines that would allow a user to tie a credit card to their thumbprint.

Title: Re: Biometric vending machines, already here!!
Post by: Satyagraha on August 11, 2010, 07:55:27 am
A look at "Next Generation"... this company is a "Startup" ... and already so much 'in the news', making acquisitions, getting primetime TV sponsorships, they're just AMAZING yes?


The Next Generation news page was created for anyone with a general interest in the latest updates and information from Next Generation. We are continually revolutionizing the industry through innovation, change and growth. Our latest press releases, announcements and events can be found on this page.

02/03/2010 - Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. Announces A Key Acquisition
Canton, MA (February 3, 2010) - Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. (“Next Generation”) is pleased to announce that it acquired selected assets of Vogel Vending (“Vogel”) on February 3, 2010.  Vogel has a 23+ year track record and its customer base and operations located in Massachusetts and Rhode Island will be integrated into Next Generation’s New England region.
download pdf

11/01/09 – “Institutional Sites Offer Niches For Specialty Vending Services”
Institutional settings like colleges and hospitals always have presented unique possibilities for vending, and these become more attractive during periods in which traditional workplace populations have contracted.

Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. featured in Vending Times magazine.
09/11/2009 - Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. Announces Another Key Acquisition
Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. (“Next Generation”) is pleased to announce that it acquired selected assets of Bell Food Services, Inc. (“Bell”) on September 11, 2009.  Bell has a 60+ year track record and its customer base and operations are in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. These operations will be integrated into Next Generation’s Western New England region.

04/17/2009 - "Next Generation Applies Data Analysis to Delighting Clientele"
Next Generation Vending and Food Service Inc. is blazing a trail with a high-tech, high-touch approach that its founders believe can serve as a model for the industry in a time of swift transition, and transform the image of robotic retailing as the new millennium takes shape.

Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. featured in Vending Times magazine.
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03/23/2009 - "Regional Startup has Progressive Concept for Vending"
Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. seeks to distinguish itself in the Northeast with technology, wellness options and sustainable practices.

01/15/2009 - "Worth Every Penny — Vending goes healthy despite tough economic times."
Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. featured in Food Service Director magazine.
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01/05/2009 - Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc., One of the Largest Vending and Food Services Companies in the Northeast and One of the Biggest Operators in the U.S., Delivers Innovation, "Smart" Technologies, Healthy Choices and Environmentally-friendly Offerings
Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. today formally launches its brand and introduces its innovative, healthy, technologically "smart," and environmentally-friendly offerings.
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12/02/2008 - Next Generation Vending and Food Service Inc. Becomes A Canteen Franchisee
Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. featured on
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12/01/2008 - Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. Becomes a Canteen Franchisee and Announces Significant Acquisitions
Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to become a Canteen franchisee. Next Generation will acquire and divest specific territories with Canteen Vending Services and selected Canteen franchisees in the Northeast. The agreement was signed on November 25, 2008.
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10/16/2008 - Next Generation participates in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Next Generation had the honor of participating in the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that took place in Geneva, NY late in August of 2008. The home was built for the Hill family whose focus is on training underprivileged teens in the boxing arena.


Many smaller vending-machine operators have yet to deploy newer technologies. In part, that's because they're expensive. Installing a wireless system on a $3,000 vending machine can cost about $300.

Others are betting that technology eventually will pay off. John Ioannou, president of Next Generation Vending and Food Service Inc., is using wireless technology to vary when drivers visit the company's 25,000 machines in the northeast and parts of Pennsylvania.

Amid storms last winter that kept many workers at home, Mr. Ioannou's managers could see through real-time sales data that some machines in Boston-area workplaces were still doing a brisk business. So they dispatched drivers to restock only those machines that needed it, saving fuel and other costs.
Mr. Ioannou's company has installed credit-card readers in several thousand machines, and now is testing touch-screen thumbprint readers on about 60 machines. The screens will link prints to a customer's credit card enabling the person to pay with a touch of a thumb. The company also is experimenting with offering discounts to frequent shoppers, much as Starbucks Corp. rewards coffee buyers.

"We see [a vending machine] as kind of a small store, but nevertheless a store that has to engage the consumer," Mr. Ioannou says.


John Ioannou, president of Next Generation Vending and Food Service Inc., installed wireless technology on its 25,000 machines in the Northeast. Ioannou also added credit-card readers on several thousand machines. A pilot program tests thumbprint readers on around 60 machines. The company is looking into frequent-buyer discounts, too.


(25,000 machines already out there from this "Startup" company. Woah. Amazing guys.)

A few things are odd here:

1. A startup making acquisitions (big ones) in their first couple of years.
2. The President "John Ioannou" has very LITTLE presence on the net. Almost non-existent except for his recent incarnation at NextGeneration.
3. No significant info on company principals, not much at all. Spiffy website with not much behind it.

Looks like a front company to me.
IMO, the embrace of thumbprint scanning technology (for some M&Ms???) is more likely a biometric id test bed for one of the alphabet groups.
They even have it tied in with "Green" bullshit. Must be a front.
Title: Re: Biometric vending machines, already here!!
Post by: Satyagraha on August 11, 2010, 08:08:41 am

This guy has been installed to be the "President" of NextGeneration. Check out his "linked in" (the professional networking site - facebook for professionals), the guy has only 12 Connections.

John Ioannou
President at Next Generation

Greater New York City Area
Contact John Ioannou
Add John Ioannou to your network
President at Next Generation
12 connections
Food & Beverages
John Ioannou’s Experience

Next Generation
(Food & Beverages industry)
Currently holds this position

We are to believe that this INNOVATOR in vending machine technology has only 12 industry connections.
I think he was born a few days ago. I think he's a bullshit 'front' person for a bullshit company
Title: Re: Biometric vending machines, already here!!
Post by: wvoutlaw2002 on August 11, 2010, 08:29:10 am
Food and beverage......probably the latest protoge of Rick Berman of Berman & Associates, the Center for Consumer Freedom, the American Beverage Institute,, and (Not saying PETA does not kill animals. They do. However, the "PETA kills animals" movement was co-opted by a food industry lobbyist. That is why the sheeple dismiss "PETA kills animals" as "meat industry propaganda".)
Title: Re: Biometric vending machines, already here!!
Post by: Satyagraha on August 11, 2010, 08:45:22 am

Many smaller vending-machine operators have yet to deploy newer technologies. In part, that's because they're expensive. Installing a wireless system on a $3,000 vending machine can cost about $300.
Article from:States News Service
Article date:August 4, 2010
... John Ioannou, president of Next Generation Vending and Food Service Inc., installed wireless technology on its 25,000 machines in the Northeast. Ioannou also added credit-card readers on several thousand machines. A pilot program tests thumbprint readers on around 60 machines. The company is looking into frequent-buyer discounts, too....

This "startup" company has installed this $300/per machine technology on 25,000 machines:

25,000 X $300 = $7,500,000

Quite an investment for a 'startup'.

Vending machines - who would have thought biometric id/remote sensing would get a major 'launch' via vending machines? Makes perfect sense; brilliant actually - vending machines 'hide in plain sight'. They are the unobtrusive boxes sitting out in front of walmarts, or grocery stores, in all kinds of locations; in businesses, nursing homes, schools, bowling alleys, they are EVERYWHERE. And how convenient. Made more convenient with your thumbprint.
Title: Re: Biometric vending machines, already here!!
Post by: Shroom! on August 11, 2010, 08:48:35 am
Shitting hell. Really looks like suicide would be a better option than what's in store for us, sometimes  :-\
Title: Re: Biometric vending machines, already here!!
Post by: Anti_Illuminati on August 11, 2010, 09:50:58 am

Regional startup has progressive concept for vending

Next Generation Vending and Food
Service, Inc. seeks  to distinguish
itself in the Northeast with technology, wellness options and sustainable practices.

By Elliot Maras, Editor

Vending industry observers have long predicted the vending operator base will consolidate as operating costs rise and economies of scale  become  more critical  to profitability.  The vending industry, some believe, is destined to follow the fate of others, such as the office products industry, where a handful of large companies control the majority of the business.

Given that  the factors  that  support  consolidation — such as limited  growth opportunity  and rising operating costs — have brought  new pressures to bear on operator profitability, might a new era of consolidation be under  way?

Still another  factor is that  new technology — such  as telemetry-based remote  machine monitoring,  cashless transactions, coupon-based promotions  and video screens — are creating  new opportunities that  will make vending a better  value to consumers, but will require  the resources of a high volume operation.

Dave Mac Isaac believes  that  day is arriving. He and a group of partners have established a company  over the past two years, Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc., based  in Canton, Mass. Next Generation has acquired several refreshment service businesses in the past  year and a half and now claims  to represent $120 million in annual sales,  with plans  to expand.

A Vending/OCS Veteran returns to the Industry

Refreshment services  industry  veterans  will remember Mac Isaac  from a previous vending and OCS entity that  set out to establish nationwide  operations through  acquisitions: USRefresh.

USRefresh  was established in 1999 following a reorga- nization  of U.S. Office Products Inc.,  a publicly traded  com- pany that  included a host of businesses: office products, vending, OCS, travel services and print services.  Estab- lished  in 1994, U.S.O.P.  acquired numerous businesses through  the 1990s, including  vending and OCS operations.

In 2001, debt-burdened U.S.O.P.  declared bankruptcy and sold USRefresh’s OCS business to Montreal,  Canada- based  Van Houtte  Inc. (which owns Westwood, Mass.- based Filterfresh  Coffee Service Inc.) and its vending busi- ness  to Brockton,  Mass.-based, now-defunct All Seasons Services  Inc.

After leaving USRefresh, Mac Isaac  joined a company as CEO in the laser printer  cartridge  business, Clarity Imaging Technologies  Inc. in Waltham,  Mass. While build- ing that  company,  he met John Ioannou,  who had worked for IBM and had led various technology  companies. Mac Isaac  and Ioannou  shared  a passion  for technology,  and they agreed  that  technology  was destined to change  the vending industry.

A New team emerges to Form a Company

The two men put together  a management team  and in October of 2007 acquired certain  assets of All Sea- sons Services Inc. with the intention of developing  a new refreshment services  company.  Mac Isaac  is chairman and CEO while Ioannou  is president. Joe Rogan, who was chief financial  officer (CFO) of USRefresh  and worked with Mac Isaac  in the printer  cartridge  business, is the CFO and chief operating  officer at Next Generation.

Mac Isaac  said he noticed  over the years that  vending operators  were not using the technology  that  was available to improve the customer’s experience and allow for more efficiency.  As time progressed, he came  to believe that  the need  to use technology  had become  more important.

Growth through Acquisition

In early 2008, Next Generation  acquired selected routes  in Rochester, N.Y. from a manual  foodservice operator  and the assets of Integrity Management Services,  a Binghamton, N.Y.-based vending and foodser- vice operation.  Later in the year, Next Generation  became a Canteen franchisee and acquired the assets of Canteen’s opera- tions based  in Albany, N.Y., and Middletown,  Conn.; Loose Ends Vending, Inc.,  a Canteen  franchisee based  in Batavia,  N.Y.; and the Massachusetts and Rhode Island assets of A & B Vending Co., Inc.,  a Canteen  franchisee based  in Wakefield, Mass.

Next Generation  has four regions, each managed by a vice president and staffed  with sales directors, general man- agers and account managers overseeing route personnel.  The company’s goal is to implement sophisticated man- agement technologies, merchandising programs  and healthy options that not only improve the customer experience, but also reduce  the industry’s environmental impact.

Mac Isaac noted that USRefresh made significant progress in meeting some of these  goals before it was sold. He is quick to point out that  USRefresh  was a profit- able business; the company’s annual  sales  peaked  at $130 million. It was sold because the parent  company,  U.S.O.P., had assumed too much debt.

Mac Isaac said USRefresh was making progress  adapt- ing technology  prior to being sold. He said seven routes were using remote  machine monitoring; data was gathered in radio transmitters inside the machines and was downloaded  daily. The system  reported machine malfunctions, cash  audits  and sales  and service information.

Technology holds A key to the Future

Technology is a key pillar at Next Generation. The company  plans  to have all of its 230 routes  reporting  data wirelessly. At the present time,  two routes  are doing so.  Mac Isaac said most of its 24,000 machines will report data  wirelessly. All cold drink, candy/snack and food ma- chines  will report data  wirelessly. Management has not yet decided if hot beverage  machines will do so.  He said the company is currently  consumed with the tasks  of integrating its acquired businesses. Management is also reviewing software packages and has not yet decided  which route management system to use.

Next Generation is presently using three  route man- agement software systems. Management expects  to decide  what software system  to use company-wide  by early summer.

The partners recognize  that  investing  in technology  and other initiatives  is challenging in a recession. At the same time,  investing  for growth in a slow economy makes  sense for a company  that  has the capital. “It is in difficult times that  you want to make investments,” Ioannou  said.  “We see that  as an opportunity.”

Ioannou  and Mac Isaac  strongly believe that  the vend- ing industry  is undergoing  a shakeout. They believe larger operations will be the most profitable.  The larger opera- tions have the resources to better  understand customer needs  and the systems  that  can deliver the services efficiently.  The end result,  in their view, will be a more satisfied  customer.

“We take this entire customer focus to a very multi- faceted set of initiatives,” Ioannou  said.

Focus: Freshness and Variety

Ioannou and Mac Isaac  believe they will offer a greater variety of products than  most competitors. They have invested  in a culinary center  in Canastota, N.Y. that  serves the two New York regions.  They source  fresh food from commercial providers in the other two regions.
The company  presently  operates about  70  corporate dining locations, which account for about  15  percent of its revenues.

A dedicated office refreshment division, providing OCS and water, is being developed. The OCS products are pres- ently delivered  on vending routes.

Point of difference: healthy options

Healthy options  are another  point of distinction the company  has identified. The Vitalities™ program was designed  by a registered dietician. It encompasses the snack, cold beverage  and fresh food categories.  To promote Vitalities™, Next Generation has developed professionally  designed point-of-sale materials. The Vitalities™  program focuses  on branded snack  items  that have lower fat, lower sugar,  lower carbohydrate content and higher energy, and branded beverage  items  that  are lower in fat, lower in calories,  lower in caffeine  and higher in nutrients.

Vitalities™ has helped  win some big accounts. Vitalities™  has also helped  grow and increase customer satisfaction at existing accounts such  as Ithaca  College in Ithaca, N.Y. A nutrition  class  evaluated the nutrition contents of the snacks  in the vending machines on campus and created a survey to see what the users’ spending habits were at the vending machines. This class  then  made recommendations to Next Generation  for some healthier snack  options  at the same  time Next Generation  was rolling out the Vitalities™  program on campus.

Next Generation  currently  operates several Quick- store24™  machines, an exclusive retail concept featuring coupon  dispensers, video screens and its own proprietary management software.  The machine features digital thumbprint payment, interactive video touchscreens that include  advertising, and promotional  coupons  printed  at the point of sale — all in addition  to cashless readers  and remote  machine management.
The partners did not want to say exactly how many of these  units  are being operated, nor have they decided how
extensively they will work with Quickstore24™.

A Focus on technology

Whatever concepts Next Generation  adopts, manage- ment  is committed to differentiating the company as a leader  in technology.  The company  markets  its mix of technologies used to deliver vending services  under  the proprietary  name, VendWise™.  The two routes  that  are reporting  machine data  wire- lessly are located  in the New England  region and are already enjoying the efficiencies that  remote  monitoring provides. 

These efficiencies will increase as the wireless network expands  to include more routes.  The machines report sales  automatically to the branch locations. The data  allows all route inventory to be pre- kitted  in the warehouse  and loaded  onto trucks  before the drivers arrive in the morning.  All vending trucks  carry snacks, cold food, frozen food and beverages. Most of the trucks  use coolers for the refrigerated products, although  some also have freezers.

Drivers use DEX handhelds

DEX handhelds also play a role in managing  the busi- ness.  All drivers currently  use DEX handhelds, and will continue doing so even after remote  monitoring  becomes introduced to all of the routes,  Ioannou  said.  Supervisors  review machine activity from a remote  loca- tion, but the handhelds are needed in order for drivers to make adjustments at the machine level.  Ioannou  believes  that  one of the greatest benefits of remote  monitoring  is a better  understanding of cus- tomer needs.

Point of sale marketing

In addition, Next Generation  will deliver cross-merchan- dising promotions, such  as coupons  for other desired  items or activities. The company  is examining  various coupon  op- tions,  in addition  to the Quickstore24™ already mentioned.  “Remote  monitoring  gives you a relatively easy jumping off point for other things,  like improved merchandising,” said Ioannou.

Cashless readers to Increase

The company  has introduced cashless readers  to some of its machines and plans  to do more in the near future.  “It is expensive (currently)  for the return,” Ioannou  said. “It needs  to be a location  driven scenario.” The partners believe that  cashless will become  more widespread.

The technology  initiative  includes equipping all route drivers and service technicians with mobile phones  with global positioning  satellite (GPS) transmitters. The GPS allows the company  to supervise  route activity effectively.

Ioannou  is quick to point out that  the cost of technology decreases over time.  The company also supports energy efficiency initiatives, which it calls GreenVend™. Next Generation  plans  to use LED light bulbs,  which it claims  reduce  energy consump- tion by 40  percent, on many snack  machines in response to customer demand.

Another goal is to have machines Energy Star certified when customers request it. The initiative  also includes USA Technologies  Inc.’s VendingMiser®  devices,  which power down machines after a period of inactivity.  “We are looking at all energy efficient  alternatives,” Ioannou  said.

Positioned For Increased route profitability

In the immediate term, the company hopes  to increase its route density.  They are looking to grow organically and acquire  more businesses to help meet  this objective.  The partners are aware that  some industry  veterans question the view that  larger companies are destined to lead the industry.  Skeptics argue that  because of the high level of service required  in vending,  smaller  companies are better able to devote top level management to individual customers.

Large operators  respond  that  modern  technology  gives big companies the means  to manage  more customers effectively. “Scale  and customer focus aren’t mutually exclusive,”  said Ioannou.

Ioannou  and Mac Isaac  believe that  if their expectations come to fruition and the industry  is led by larger compa- nies,  the customer perception of vending will improve.  The larger companies such  as Next Generation  will create higher expectations and the vending bank will become  a destination for consumers.  “Sooner  or later,  it’s going to occur,”  Mac Isaac said.

Title: Re: Biometric vending machines, already here!!
Post by: Anti_Illuminati on August 11, 2010, 10:09:16 am

Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc., One of the Largest Vending and Food Services Companies in the Northeast and One of the Biggest Operators in the U.S., Delivers Innovation, "Smart" Technologies, Healthy Choices and Environmentally-friendly Offerings

January 5, 2009 – CANTON, MA – Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc., based in Canton, MA, today formally launches its brand and introduces its innovative, healthy, technologically “smart,” and environmentally-friendly offerings.   Recently, Next Generation announced significant acquisitions and became a franchisee of industry leader Canteen Vending Services, making Next Generation one of the largest vending and food services companies in the Northeast  and  one  of  the  biggest  operators  in  the  U.S.  Through these  acquisitions,  Next Generation doubled its customer base and revenue and focused its geographic footprint to have significant density in key markets in the Northeast.

With approximately 900 employees and over $120  million  in  annual  revenue, Next  Generation  serves  clients  throughout  the  Northeast, including Western New York, Eastern New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Northern Pennsylvania (details below). Led by a team with extensive management, food and vending services experience, Next Generation plans to transform vending through innovation, responsiveness and state-of-the-art technology.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David Mac Isaac of Next Generation said, "With the recent acquisitions we announced along with becoming a Canteen franchisee, we are excited about delivering  even  more to  our  customers with  our innovative, environmentally-sound, responsive and customized vending and dining solutions.  Our recent strategic moves have deepened Next Generation's geographic footprint, doubled our customer base and revenue, and position us to deliver even more effectively to our target markets."


Since its formation in 2007, Next Generation acquired:

•   Selected assets from All Seasons Services, Inc. in October, 2007;
•   Selected routes in Rochester, NY from a major foodservice operator in early 2008; and
•   The assets of Integrity Management Services, a Binghamton, NY-based business, in mid-2008.

Next Generation recently announced the acquisitions of:

•   The assets of Canteen’s operations based in Albany, NY and Middletown, CT;
•   Loose Ends Vending, Inc., a Canteen franchisee, with operations in Western, NY; and
•   The assets related to the Massachusetts and Rhode Island business of A&B Vending Co., Inc., a Canteen franchisee.

Next Generation's Geographic Footprint:
Next Generation's geographic footprint is structured in four regions. Each of those regions have branch or distribution/service locations. The four regions, headquarters and branch locations for those regions are as follows:


Next Generation's Products, Services & Customers:

With  three  business  lines  (full-line  vending,  dining  and  office  refreshment  services), Next
Generation provides a spectrum of complete services to well over 7,500 client sites daily. Next Generation  serves institutions,  manufacturing  plants  and  medium-to-large  offices,  including Fortune 500 companies, financial, educational and healthcare organizations.

Next Generation provides:

•   Full-line Vending: snacks, hot/cold beverages, fresh and pre-packaged food;
•   Dining: small retail to large cafes; and
•   Office Refreshment Service:  coffee and water for clients.

Company Overview: Next Generation ... Innovation Never Tasted So GoodTM

Next Generation provides innovative, environmentally-friendly, healthy vending and dining options to  customers.   The  management  team  is  implementing sophisticated technologies, tailored merchandising programs and healthy options that not only improve the customer experience but also reduce the industry’s environmental impact.  As an industry innovator, Next Generation focuses on excellence in every aspect of how it does business from training employees, providing creative dining offerings, partnering with and responding to customers, and designing technological and "green" solutions  to  tackling  industry  challenges. From exploring "green" biodiesel  fuel  trucks  to  creating  innovative  dining  cuisine to implementing  targeted, creative merchandising through vending, Next Generation is determined to transform the way vending and food services operate.  Through its VendWise™ solutions, Next Generation will invest in advanced, “smart” technology, and is always looking for new ideas, which will transform the way people think about vending and dining.

A. Next Generation's Advanced, "Smart" Vending Technologies: Efficiently Deliver Targeted Marketing & Merchandise

Next   Generation   plans to   transform   vending   into   a   proactive technology,   logistics,   and information-based business.  By implementing innovative technology through its VendWiseTM offering, Next Generation will be better able to provide customers with exactly what they want, when  they  want  it.   Next  Generation's  investment in  "smart"  machines,  merchandising  and analytics will help Next Generation use live data from the machines, see how much product was sold, as well as obtain census data conveying important demographics and usage information. Next Generation machines help target users' interests, lifestyles and tastes more effectively, thus making the entire distribution and sales process more efficient.

In addition, Next Generation will deliver cross-merchandising promotions, such as coupons for other desired items or activities.  Next Generation's goal is to redefine the way the industry does business by taking costs out of non-value adding operations and putting it into research and innovation – with a focus on improving the end-user experience.

B. Next Generation's "Green" Vending:  Good for the Consumer and Planet
Through its GreenVendTM initiative, Next Generation is committed to finding "greener" and more energy-efficient ways of doing business on multiple levels:  from exploring use of bio-diesel fuels in trucks to energy-efficient LED bulbs in snack machines (40% energy consumption savings) to internet wireless technology for efficient, real-time, remote management of machines, saving on multiple expenses, including fuel and human resources.  In certain  opportunities,  Next Generation can utilize ENERGY STAR qualifying machines – which meet strict energy guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy – Next Generation provides technologically and environmentally smart vending solutions.

ENERGY STAR qualified new and rebuilt refrigerated beverage vending machines can save building and business owners more than 1,700 kWh/year, or $150 annually on utility bills*.  Next Generation vending machines can also be  equipped with energy-saving VendingMiser® technology, which helps beverage vending machines keep products cold and the machine well-lit, while reducing the machine's power consumption by 46%**.  With VendingMiser®  technology, Next Generation machines save energy when the machines power down or turn themselves off after a period of inactivity.  Next Generation will continue to research, develop and deploy energy- saving solutions that are good for the consumer and the planet. Additionally, LED bulbs can be used in snack machines instead of fluorescent bulbs and can consume 40% less energy than standard bulbs*.   
* Source:
C. Next Generation's "Vitalities":  Healthier Vending & Dining Choices
Vitalities™ is a unique new program offered exclusively by Next Generation. This healthy choice initiative, which has been designed by a registered dietician, provides customers the ability to make selections based on healthy snack, beverage and fresh food alternatives, while still having the flexibility to select name brand product options.  Next Generation provides on-machine information about the Vitalities program, explaining the product categories and sensible choices. 

Next Generation's dining VitalitiesTM program encompasses daily healthy alternative specials for diet-conscious customers.  These special recipes meet the posted nutritional facts and menu information to allow the customer to decide for themselves.
D. Leadership: Next Generation's Senior Management Team:  Experienced and Visionary
The senior executive team comprises:  David Mac Isaac, Chairman and CEO, John Ioannou, President, and Joseph Rogan, COO and CFO.  Next Generation’s management has extensive experience in the vending and food services industries, as well as experience in business and technology management at world class organizations, including IBM, U.S. Office Products and Staples.  The team is focused on leading the vending and food services industries in new directions on technology, innovative merchandising, healthy choices and environmental
fronts.  Next  Generation  has  approximately  200 managers in the field with deep industry experience.

About Canteen Vending Services

Canteen Vending Services is the only national vending operating company, and the largest, operating 150 branches and 18,500 client sites. It is a division of Compass Group North America, the leading foodservice management company with more than $9 billion in revenues in 2008.
With 380,000 associates worldwide, its parent company, UK-based Compass Group PLC had revenues of ₤11 billion in the year to September 30, 2008.

Contact: Sarah Hada, 704-328-1365,

About Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc.:

Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc. is a premier provider of innovative and enticing vending, dining and refreshments for corporate and institutional environments. Headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, Next Generation delivers full-service vending, a wide spectrum of fresh
and fulfilling dining experiences, and office coffee services for thousands of clients in the Northeast U.S. Next Generation is improving the vending and food experience by developing highly responsive solutions, implementing state-of-the-art technology, crafting and delivering ambitious and satisfying fare, and offering a refreshingly high level of customer service.

For more information about Next Generation Vending and Food Service, Inc., please visit and/or contact: Jeanie Ryan at to schedule an interview or obtain more information.
Title: Re: Biometric vending machines, already here!!
Post by: Kilika on August 11, 2010, 03:16:39 pm
All that info and not a mention of where they got the money to make all those acquisitions, and it seems that they basically are just three people running that company, with the rest in the field. One of them is COO and CFO? This smells of a front operation that somebody else set up. So the question is who would be so aggressive in implementing biometrics and why? You don't need biometrics to monitor digitally your products, unless you want the customers to participate in said monitoring. And who is really financing this operation now that it has been quietly dove-tailed into the industry leader Canteen outfit? I think I'm smelling a rat.
Title: Re: Biometric vending machines, already here!!
Post by: ekimdrachir on August 11, 2010, 10:54:44 pm
So "cool" you'll give it a quart of your own blood for a candy bar.
Title: Re: Biometric vending machines, already here!!
Post by: jofortruth on March 11, 2015, 08:02:55 am
Who would buy anything from a vending machine? It's garbage!    ::)

People need to stop being enamored by technology like this. Don't use it. If it's a failure and doesn't make money, it will go away.  By using things like this, you are facilitating your own enslavement.