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Title: Psychopaths force Disabled students to wear electric torture backpacks
Post by: Dig on May 04, 2010, 10:17:00 am
US school for disabled forces students to wear packs that deliver massive electric shocks
By Diana Sweet
Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 -- 9:15 am

Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI)  has filed a report and urgent appeal with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture alleging that the Judge Rotenberg Center for the disabled, located in Massachusetts, violates the UN Convention against Torture.

The rights group submitted their report this week, titled "Torture not Treatment: Electric Shock and Long-Term Restraint in the United States on Children and Adults with Disabilities at the Judge Rotenberg Center," after an in-depth investigation revealed use of restraint boards, isolation, food deprivation and electric shocks in efforts to control the behaviors of its disabled and emotionally troubled students.

Findings in the MDRI report include the center's practice of subjecting children to electric shocks on the legs, arms, soles of feet and torso -- in many cases for years -- as well as some for more than a decade. Electronic shocks are administered by remote-controlled packs attached to a child's back called a Graduated Electronic Decelerators (GEI).

The disabilities group notes that stun guns typically deliver three to four milliamps per shock. GEI packs, meanwhile, shock students with 45 milliamps -- more than ten times the amperage of a typical stun gun.

A former employee of  the center told an investigator, "When you start working there, they show you this video which says the shock is 'like a bee sting' and that it does not really hurt the kids. One kid, you could smell the flesh burning, he had so many shocks. These kids are under constant fear, 24/7. They sleep with them on, eat with them on. It made me sick and I could not sleep. I prayed to God someone would help these kids."
Story continues below...

Noting that it believes United States law fails to provide needed protections to children and adults with disabilities, MDRI calls for the immediate end to the use of electric shock and long-term restraints as a form of behavior modification or treatment and  a ban on the infliction of severe pain for so-called therapeutic purposes.

"Torture as treatment should be banned and prosecuted under criminal law," the report states.

The U.S. Department of Justice opened a "routine investigation" of the center in February of this year in response to a September 2009 letter signed by 31 disability organizations claiming that the center violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Judge Rotenberg CEO and founder Dr. Matthew L. Israel began his first program in California back in 1977. In 1981, a 14-year old boy died face down, tied to his bed, while living in the California center.  Dr. Israel was not held responsible for the death. After an investigation by the State of California, Israel relocated to Rhode Island, and then to Massachusetts, where his facility still operates today.

Mother Jones magazine published an extensive investigative report on the Rotenberg Center in 2007 titled "School of Shock." Reporter Jennifer Gonnerman asked, "How many times do you have to zap a child before it's torture?"

Children at the Judge Rotenberg Center are often shackled, restrained and secluded for months at a time, the report says.  Social isolation, and food deprivation as forms of punishment are common.  Mock and threatened stabbings -- to forcibly elicit unacceptable behaviors resulting in electric shock punishments (Labeled as Behavioral Research Lessons or BRLs, by the center) were reported to MDRI as well as state regulatory bodies.

A former student of the center reportedly tells MDRI, "The worst thing ever was the BRLs. They try and make you do a bad behavior and then they punish you. The first time I had a BRL, two guys came in the room and grabbed me – I had no idea what was going on. They held a knife to my throat and I started to scream and I got shocked. I had BRLs three times a week for stuff I didn't even do. It went on for about six months or more. I was in a constant state of paranoia and fear. I never knew if a door opened if I would get one. It was more stress than I could ever imagine. Horror."

Behaviors that the center deemed "aggressive," as well as those considered "minor," or "non-compliant" -- such as raising one's hand without permission -- are all considered punishable by electric shocks, restraints, and other punishments to students.

"One girl who was blind, deaf and non-verbal was moaning and rocking," a former teacher says in the report. "Her moaning was like a cry. The staff shocked her for moaning. Turned out she had broken a tooth. Another child had an accident in the bathroom and was shocked."

The rights group investigation found that the Rotenberg center is the only known facility in the United States, "Or perhaps the world,"  that employs the use of electricity, long-term restraints and other punishments to deliberately inflict pain upon its children and then refer to it as "treatment." The electric shocks alone are cited as having possible long-term effects such as muscle stiffness, impotence, damage to teeth, scarring of the skin, hair loss, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), severe depression, chronic anxiety, memory loss and sleep disturbances.

The MDRI report states that more than any other source for its information, they relied upon information readily obtained from the Judge Rotenberg Center's own website.

In response to MDRI's report, the Judge Rotenberg Center said, "There is no credible evidence that for these most severe forms of behavior disorders, there is any pharmacological or psychological treatment that can effectively treat these students or even keep them safe. JRC is the only program willing to address the reality of these children’s disorders and endure the political firestorm in order to save these children and give them an education and a future."

The complete rebuttal from the center can be read in full at JRC's website.
Title: Re: Psychopaths force Disabled students to wear electric torture backpacks
Post by: chris jones on May 04, 2010, 10:24:11 am
 Inhuman, you bet it is.
Makes me wonder wha they have in mind for us!
Title: Re: Psychopaths force Disabled students to wear electric torture backpacks
Post by: Dig on May 04, 2010, 10:25:15 am
School of Shock

NEWS: Eight states are sending autistic, mentally retarded, and emotionally troubled kids to a facility that punishes them with painful electric shocks. How many times do you have to zap a child before it's torture?
Students who receive electric shocks carry the device around in a backpack and wear the electrodes 24 hours a day; some are also monitored at all times by at least one Rotenberg Center employee.

By Jennifer Gonnerman August 20, 2007
Food deprivation. Isolation. Electric shocks. Inside the taxpayer-funded program that treats American kids like enemy combatants.
• Nagging? Zap. Swearing? Zap: New York's Investigations of the Rotenberg Center (
• Why Can't Massachusetts Shut Matthew Israel Down? (
• The Cult That Spawned the Tough-Love Teen Industry (
• Experts on Self-Injurious Kids Challenge Dr. Israel's Methods (
• What Works for Troubled Teens? (

Photo Essay on the Rotenberg Center (
Rob Santana awoke terrified. He'd had that dream again, the one where silver wires ran under his shirt and into his pants, connecting to electrodes attached to his limbs and torso. Adults armed with surveillance cameras and remote-control activators watched his every move. One press of a button, and there was no telling where the shock would hit—his arm or leg or, worse, his stomach. All Rob knew was that the pain would be intense. Every time he woke from this dream, it took him a few moments to remember that he was in his own bed, that there weren't electrodes locked to his skin, that he wasn't about to be shocked. It was no mystery where this recurring nightmare came from—not A Clockwork Orange or 1984, but the years he spent confined in America's most controversial "behavior modification" facility. In 1999, when Rob was 13, his parents sent him to the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center, located in Canton, Massachusetts, 20 miles outside Boston. The facility, which calls itself a "special needs school," takes in all kinds of troubled kids—severely autistic, mentally retarded, schizophrenic, bipolar, emotionally disturbed—and attempts to change their behavior with a complex system of rewards and punishments, including painful electric shocks to the torso and limbs. Of the 234 current residents, about half are wired to receive shocks, including some as young as nine or ten. Nearly 60 percent come from New York, a quarter from Massachusetts, the rest from six other states and Washington, D.C. The Rotenberg Center, which has 900 employees and annual revenues exceeding $56 million, charges $220,000 a year for each student. States and school districts pick up the tab.

The Rotenberg Center is the only facility in the country that disciplines students by shocking them, a form of punishment not inflicted on serial killers or child molesters or any of the 2.2 million inmates now incarcerated in U.S. jails and prisons. Over its 36-year history, six children have died in its care, prompting numerous lawsuits and government investigations. Last year, New York state investigators filed a blistering report that made the place sound like a high school version of Abu Ghraib. Yet the program continues to thrive—in large part because no one except desperate parents, and a few state legislators, seems to care about what happens to the hundreds of kids who pass through its gates. In Rob Santana's case, he freely admits he was an out-of-control kid with "serious behavioral problems." At birth he was abandoned at the hospital, traces of cocaine, heroin, and alcohol in his body. A middle-class couple adopted him out of foster care when he was 11 months old, but his troubles continued. He started fires; he got kicked out of preschool for opening the back door of a moving school bus; when he was six, he cut himself with a razor. His mother took him to specialists, who diagnosed him with a slew of psychiatric problems: attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Rob was at the Rotenberg Center for about three and a half years. From the start, he cursed, hollered, fought with employees. Eventually the staff obtained permission from his mother and a Massachusetts probate court to use electric shock. Rob was forced to wear a backpack containing five two-pound, battery-operated devices, each connected to an electrode attached to his skin. "I felt humiliated," he says. "You have a bunch of wires coming out of your shirt and pants." Rob remained hooked up to the apparatus 24 hours a day. He wore it while jogging on the treadmill and playing basketball, though it wasn't easy to sink a jump shot with a 10-pound backpack on. When he showered, a staff member would remove his electrodes, all except the one on his arm, which he had to hold outside the shower to keep it dry. At night, Rob slept with the backpack next to him, under the gaze of a surveillance camera.

Employees shocked him for aggressive behavior, he says, but also for minor misdeeds, like yelling or cursing. Each shock lasts two seconds. "It hurts like hell," Rob says. (The school's staff claim it is no more painful than a bee sting; when I tried the shock, it felt like a horde of wasps attacking me all at once. Two seconds never felt so long.) On several occasions, Rob was tied facedown to a four-point restraint board and shocked over and over again by a person he couldn't see. The constant threat of being zapped did persuade him to act less aggressively, but at a high cost. "I thought of killing myself a few times," he says. Rob's mother Jo-Anne deLeon had sent him to the Rotenberg Center at the suggestion of the special-ed committee at his school district in upstate New York, which, she says, told her that the program had everything Rob needed. She believed he would receive regular psychiatric counseling—though the school does not provide this. As the months passed, Rob's mother became increasingly unhappy. "My whole dispute with them was, 'When is he going to get psychiatric treatment?'" she says. "I think they had to get to the root of his problems—like why was he so angry? Why was he so destructive? I really think they needed to go in his head somehow and figure this out." She didn't think the shocks were helping, and in 2002 she sent a furious fax demanding that Rob's electrodes be removed before she came up for Parents' Day. She says she got a call the next day from the executive director, Matthew Israel, who told her, "You don't want to stick with our treatment plan? Pick him up." (Israel says he doesn't remember this conversation, but adds, "If a parent doesn't want the use of the skin shock and wants psychiatric treatment, this isn't the right program for them.")

Rob's mother is not the only parent angry at the Rotenberg Center. Last year, Evelyn Nicholson sued the facility after her 17-year-old son Antwone was shocked 79 times in 18 months. Nicholson says she decided to take action after Antwone called home and told her, "Mommy, you don't love me anymore because you let them hurt me so bad." Rob and Antwone don't know each other (Rob left the facility before Antwone arrived), but in some ways their stories are similar. Antwone's birth mother was a drug addict; he was burned on an electric hot plate as an infant. Evelyn took him in as a foster child and later adopted him. The lawsuit she filed against the Rotenberg Center set off a chain of events: investigations by multiple government agencies, emotional public hearings, scrutiny by the media. Legislation to restrict or ban the use of electric shocks in such facilities has been introduced in two state legislatures. Yet not much has changed. Rob has paid little attention to the public debate over his alma mater, though he visits its website occasionally to see which of the kids he knew are still there. After he left the center he moved back in with his parents. At first glance, he seems like any other 21-year-old: baggy Rocawear jeans, black T-shirt, powder-blue Nikes. But when asked to recount his years at the Rotenberg Center, he speaks for nearly two hours in astonishing detail, recalling names and specific events from seven or eight years earlier. When he describes his recurring nightmares, he raises both arms and rubs his forehead with his palms. Despite spending more than three years at this behavior-modification facility, Rob still has problems controlling his behavior. In 2005, he was arrested for attempted assault and sent to jail. (This year he was arrested again, for drugs and assault.) Being locked up has given him plenty of time to reflect on his childhood, and he has gained a new perspective on the Rotenberg Center. "It's worse than jail," he told me. "That place is the worst place on earth."

Title: Re: Psychopaths force Disabled students to wear electric torture backpacks
Post by: Dig on May 04, 2010, 10:26:11 am
Romney, Torture, And Teens: The Former Governor's Connections To Abusive "Tough Love" Camps
By Maia Szalavitz   
Return to Drug War News: Don't Miss Archive


When Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he’d support doubling the size of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, he was trying to show voters that he’d be tough on terror. Two of his top fundraisers, however, have long supported using tactics that have been likened to torture for troubled teenagers.

As The Hill noted last week, 133 plaintiffs filed a civil suit against Romney’s Utah finance co-chair, Robert Lichfield, and his various business entities involved in residential treatment programs for adolescents. The umbrella group for his organization is the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS, sometimes known as WWASP) and Lichfield is its founder and is on its board of directors.

The suit alleges that teens were locked in outdoor dog cages, exercised to exhaustion, deprived of food and sleep, exposed to extreme temperatures without adequate clothing or water, severely beaten, emotionally brutalized, and sexually abused and humiliated. Some were even made to eat their own vomit.

But the link to teen abuse goes far higher up in the Romney campaign. Romney’s national finance co-chair is a man named Mel Sembler. A long time friend of the Bushes, Sembler was campaign finance chair for the Republican party during the first election of George W. Bush, and a major fundraiser for his father.

Like Lichfield, Sembler also founded a nationwide network of treatment programs for troubled youth. Known as Straight Inc., from 1976 to 1993, it variously operated nine programs in seven states. At all of Straight’s facilities, state investigators and/or civil lawsuits documented scores of abuses including teens being beaten, deprived of food and sleep for days, restrained by fellow youth for hours, bound, sexually humiliated, abused and spat upon.

According to the L.A. Times, California investigators said that at Straight teens were “subjected to unusual punishment, infliction of pain, humiliation, intimidation, ridicule, coercion, threats, mental abuse… and interference with daily living functions such as eating, sleeping and toileting.”

Through a spokesperson, Lichfield has dismissed the similar charges against WWASPS to The Hill as “ludicrous,” claiming that the teens who sued “have a long history of lying, fabricating and twisting the story around to their own benefit.”

Straight would use virtually identical language in its denials: In the 1990 L.A. Times article cited above, a Straight counselor downplayed the California investigators’ report by saying, “Some kids get very upset and lie and some parents believe them.” Both Straight and WWASPS have repeatedly called their teen participants “liars” and “manipulators” who oppose the programs because they want to continue taking drugs or engage in other bad behavior.

Curiously, however, both programs regularly admitted teens who did not actually have serious problems. In 1982, 18-year-old Fred Collins, a Virginia Tech student with excellent grades, went to visit his brother, who was in treatment for a drug problem at Straight in Orlando, Florida.

A counselor determined that he was high on marijuana because his eyes were red (this would later turn out to have been due to swimming in a pool with contacts on). He did admit to occasional marijuana use, but insisted he was not high at the time, nor was he an addict. Nonetheless, he was barraged with hours of humiliating questions, strip-searched, and held against his will for months until he managed to escape.

He won $220,000 in a lawsuit he filed against the program for false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, and battery. Ultimately, Straight would pay out millions in settlements before it finally closed. However, to this day, there are at least eight programs operating that use Straight’s methods, often in former Straight buildings operated by former Straight staff. They include: Alberta Adolescent Recovery Center (Canada), Pathway Family Center (Michigan, Indiana, Ohio), Growing Together (Florida), Possibilities Unlimited (Kentucky), SAFE (Florida), and Phoenix Institute for Adolescents (Georgia).

Sembler has never admitted to the problems with Straight's methods. In fact, when he recently served as Ambassador to Italy, he listed it among his accomplishments on his official State Department profile. Although all of the programs with the Straight name are closed, the nonprofit Straight Foundation that funded them still exists, though under a different name. It's now called the Drug Free America Foundation, and it lobbies for drug testing and in support of tougher policies in the war on drugs.

One of the plaintiffs in the current case against WWASPS, 21-year-old Chelsea Filer, spoke to me when I was researching a TV segment on the industry. She told me that she was forced to walk for miles on a track in scorching desert heat with a 35-pound sandbag on her back. “You were not allowed to scratch your face, move your fingers, lick your lips, move your eyes from the ground,” she said. When she asked for a chapstick, “They put a piece of wood in my mouth and I had to hold it there for two weeks. I was bleeding on my tongue.”

Why was Filer subject to such punishment? “I had less interest in school and more interest in boys and my mom was worried about me,” she says, explaining that her mother believed that the program was nothing more than a strict boarding school.

Because she has attention deficit disorder, Filer was unable to consistently follow the exacting rules, and repeated small violations were seen as ongoing defiance. “It broke my heart that my mom had no belief in me,” she says, describing how, because WWASPS had told her mother to dismiss complaints as “manipulation,” her mother ignored her pleas to come home.

“I’m not a bad kid,” she continued, “I never used drugs, I was never in trouble, I have no criminal record. I know my mom was worried about me—but so many times I told her that this is too much. I would gladly have gone to prison instead.”

WWASPS is linked with facilities Academy at Ivy Ridge (New York), Carolina Springs Academy (South Carolina), Cross Creek Programs (Utah), Darrington Academy (Georgia), Horizon Academy (Nevada), Majestic Ranch Academy (Utah), MidWest Academy (Iowa), Respect Camp (Mississippi), Royal Gorge Academy (Colorado), Spring Creek Lodge (Montana), and Tranquility Bay (Jamaica).

Although it has settled several lawsuits out of court, the organization has never publicly admitted wrong-doing. However, the U.S. State Department spurred Samoa to investigate its Paradise Cove program in 1998 after receiving “credible allegations of physical abuse,” including “beatings, isolation, food and water deprivation, choke-holds, kicking, punching, bondage, spraying with chemical agents, forced medication, verbal abuse and threats of further physical abuse.” Paradise Cove closed shortly thereafter. That same year, the Czech Republic forced the closure of WWASP-linked Morava Academy following employees’ allegations that teens were being abused.

The former director of the Dundee Ranch Academy Program in Costa Rica went to local authorities after seeing medical neglect and other severe abuse, although human rights abuse charges were ultimately dropped against the owner, Robert Lichfield’s brother Narvin. That program closed in 2003.

Police in Mexico have shut down three WWASP-linked facilities: Sunrise Beach (1996), Casa By The Sea (2004) and High Impact (where police videotaped the teens chained in dog cages).

In 2005, New York’s Eliot Spitzer forced WWASP to return over $1 million to the parents of Academy at Ivy Ridge students, because the school had fraudulently claimed to provide legitimate New York high school diplomas. He fined Ivy Ridge $250,000, plus $2000 in court costs. A civil suit has been filed for educational fraud in New York as well, by a different law firm.

Straight's Sembler currently heads the Scooter Libby Defense Fund, in addition to his work for Romney, and has worked tirelessly to keep the Vice President's former Chief of Staff out of prison, even after his conviction on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. After all, if running programs that impose these kinds of "treatments" on American teenagers is not a prison-worthy offense, why should lying to a court be?

The Romney campaign is aware of the WWASP suits, and should be familiar with the Straight suits. If not, it's worth asking: Does Romney support these types of tactics for at-risk youth? Or does he take the line the organizations founded by his fundraisers take—that these dozens of lawsuits are merely from bad kids who make up lies?

Coming from the man who wants to double the size of Guantanamo, these aren't insignificant questions. If Romney doesn't believe the aggressive tactics he supports for use against enemy combatants ought to be used against troubled teens and youth drug users, he should say so, and show he means it by removing these men from his campaign.

Maia Szalavitz is author of Help At Any Cost: How the Troubled-Teen Industry Cons Parents and Hurts Kids (Riverhead, 2006) and a senior fellow at Her latest book, co-written with Dr. Bruce D. Perry is The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog and Other Stories from a Child Psychiatrist's Notebook. (Basic Books, 2007).
Title: Re: Psychopaths force Disabled students to wear electric torture backpacks
Post by: Dig on May 04, 2010, 10:26:46 am
Beyond the Dutroux Affair
The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks
the victim-witnesses | the investigators | the accused | the apparently assassinated
Warning: The information in this article is not suited for anyone below the age of 18, as it involves extreme sexual violence against children. A certain amount of normally-illegal visual evidence (it is censored) has been included.
Belgium's biggest secret.

"What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face."

Much more, follow the link:
Title: Re: Psychopaths force Disabled students to wear electric torture backpacks
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School Gets Extension on Shock Treatment

 December 22, 2007 11:21 PM EST | AP

BOSTON — A special education school where two emotionally disturbed students were wrongly given dozens of shocks after a prank call will be allowed to use electric shock treatments on students for another year.

But the state's Office of Health and Human Services said the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center must prove it uses shock treatments only for the most dangerous and self-destructive behaviors, and also show that the treatments reduce those behaviors.

On Aug. 26, someone posing as a supervisor called in shock treatments on two students, aged 16 and 19. The teens were awakened in the middle of the night and given the shock treatments, at times while their legs and arms were bound. One teen received 77 shocks and the other received 29. One was treated for two first-degree burns.

A state report found that staff made multiple mistakes when they followed the prank caller's directions.

The report by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care said six staffers at a Stoughton residence run by the Canton-based school had reason to doubt the orders to administer the shocks, but did nothing to stop it.

The six staff members and video surveillance worker on duty that night were fired on Oct. 1.

The caller said he was ordering the punishments because the teens had misbehaved earlier in the evening. But none of the staffers had witnessed any problems. The report said the caller was a former resident of the center with knowledge of its operations. Police are looking into filing criminal charges.

The incident in Stoughton renewed calls by school critics for the state to ban the shock treatments. But state officials said the parents of some residents defend the school and its methods.

Title: Re: Psychopaths force Disabled students to wear electric torture backpacks
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BOOT CAMP FOR KIDS: Torturing Teens for Fun and Profit
Cruelty, sadism, injury & death in locked residential facilities for troubled youth

Or how about such technology in the hands of these fine sadists:
Title: Re: Psychopaths force Disabled students to wear electric torture backpacks
Post by: Dig on May 04, 2010, 10:38:26 am
I am certain this will help in the future:,2933,357162,00.html
Title: Re: Psychopaths force Disabled students to wear electric torture backpacks
Post by: Satyagraha on May 04, 2010, 10:48:59 am
Wow... a mind-control torture center just southwest of Boston...

Judge Rotenberg Educational Center

The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC, formerly known as the Behavior Research Institute) is a school for special needs students that operates in Canton, Massachusetts, providing applied behavior analysis and educational services to children and adults with severe developmental disabilities and emotional or behavior disorders, as well as providing respite care to their primary caregivers. The Center is one of very few that makes extensive use aversives, including electric shock and withholding of food, in its treatment and behavioral interventions.


The center was founded as the Behavior Research Institute in 1971 by Matthew L. Israel, a psychologist who trained with B. F. Skinner.[1]  In 1994 the center changed its name to the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center "to honor the memory of the judge [who] helped to preserve [the] program from extinction at the hands of state licensing officials in the 1980’s."[1]  It has 900 employees and annual revenues exceeding $56 million, charging $220,000 a year for each student.[2]

The Judge Rotenberg Center treatment goals include a near-zero rejection/expulsion policy, active treatment with a behavioral approach directed exclusively towards normalization, frequent use of behavioral rewards and punishment, video monitoring of staff and the option to use aversives, the most controversial of which is the use of electric shocks.[1] The final item has provoked considerable controversy and has led to calls from several disability rights groups to call for human protection from behavior modification, behavior therapy, and applied behavior analysis approaches.[3]


The Center makes use of aversives as part of their intensive, 24/7 behavior modification program. Until the late 1980s, aversion therapy was administered in the form of spanking with a spatula, pinching the feet, and forced inhaling of ammonia.[2]

Currently the Center administers 2-second electric skin shocks to residents using a Graduated Electronic Decelerator (GED), which was invented to administer the skin-shocks by remote control through electrodes worn against the skin.[4] Most often, the shocks are initiated manually by the staff. Automatic punishment is also used by forcing the patient to sit down on a cushion; if they stand up, they are automatically shocked. To address high-risk, low-frequency behaviors, a "Behavior Rehearsal Lesson" has been planned: The person is restrained and forcibly told to misbehave: if the student pulls away, he is shocked; if he follows the order to engage in the risky behavior, he is shocked even more. (BRL is permitted in some court orders, but did not seem to be used during a 2006 review of the center.) Reduction of food is also used as punishment: up to three-quarters of the daily required calories can be withheld from the patients if staff judges they are misbehaving.

Concerns into the treatment regime prompted investigation by New York City Council[5] and an independent report was commissioned which was highly critical of both processes and oversight at the facility.[4] The report mentioned a dependence on punishment, almost to the total exclusion of positive reinforcement, medication or psychological therapy. This dependence is also evident in the lack of effort to switch gradually to other treatment as the condition of the patients improves. Social interaction, academic instruction and respect for the patients dignity were all found insufficient. The report also found substantial risks of malnourishment and side effects of the repeated punishments — both physical (burns) and psychological (fear, PTSD, aggression). The qualifications of the personnel were judged insufficient; indeed, most of the staff have only completed high school. Some of the electrical shocking devices used are not cleared by the FDA.

In December, 2007, the Center was found by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care to have been abusive towards residents, failing to protect their health, after two residents were shocked using a GED on the behest of a former student, posing as a staff member via telephone. Video surveillance revealed that one resident was restrained on a 4-point board despite the fact the individual was not approved for this type of physical restraint. In response, the Center has claimed to have instituted several reforms, including re-training current staff, appointing new supervisors, regularly reviewing video recordings of staff and supposedly instituting random spot checks of staff behavior, new call screening procedures and the suspension or cancellation of certain punishments (including the GED for certain residential units). The Center also supposedly had its operations reviewed until December, 2008, with specific attention being paid to the use of GED to ensure they were only used for extremely dangerous and self-destructive behavior, and also supposedly had to show the treatments reduce those behaviors.[6] A video tape documenting a compilation of the footage related to abuse investigations was destroyed by the school after being reviewed by several investigators, despite being requested to keep the tape by an investigator with the Disabled Persons Protection Commission.[7]

Parents of difficult children have been both highly supportive and critical of the center's practices.[2][7] Said one mother, "[All I have to do is show it (shock device) to my son and...] he'll automatically comply to whatever my signal command may be, whether it is 'Put on your seat belt,' or 'Hand me that apple,' or 'Sit appropriately and eat your food,'... It's made him a human being, a civilized human being."[2] However, in 2006 Evelyn Nicholson sued the school after her son was shocked 79 times in 18 months.[2]

In April 2010, Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI) filed an urgent appeal with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture alleging that the school violates the UN Convention against Torture, which the United States has ratified, and should be immediately closed.[8]

If there is a difference between what this 'treatment' center does and TORTURE, then please let me know. I think not.


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Title: Re: Psychopaths force Disabled students to wear electric torture backpacks
Post by: Geolibertarian on May 04, 2010, 10:57:38 am
Weren't the "disabled" among the first to be targeted by Hitler's war against the weak (
Title: Re: Psychopaths force Disabled students to wear electric torture backpacks
Post by: Valerius on May 04, 2010, 11:01:27 am
What the hell do they mean US law fails to provide protections? There are plenty of laws they just aren't enforced on those with petty powers.
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Post by: Dig on May 04, 2010, 11:05:46 am
US Homeland Security HQ is the old MK Ultra Nazi Mind Control Phychiatric Ward

33,000 Jobs and over $3.4 Billion of your grandchildren's money (just for this year's funding of the construction).  

Don't worry, your grand kids will work it off at FEMA camps.

Homeland Security Headquarters Plan Approved
Cost (as of now): $3.4 billion
Updated 7:30 AM EDT, Fri, Jan 9, 2009

WASHINGTON -- The National Capital Planning Commission voted Thursday to approve the master plan for the Department of Homeland Security headquarters to be built on the grounds of St. Elizabeths Hospital.

The plan was approved in a 9-1 vote, despite the objections of preservationists who say the huge construction project will ruin a national landmark site. The hilltop east of the Anacostia River became the site of the first federal psychiatric institution in 1852.  

The $3.4 billion headquarters will be one of the largest construction projects in the Washington area since the 1940s. Supporters of the project say it will bring economic activity to a blighted part of the city.

About 14,000 Homeland Security workers currently scattered around the region will work at the new complex.


Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control
by Ron Patton

Programmers and Places

It’s difficult to figure out who the original programmer of this satanic project was, due to the substantial amount of disinformation and cross-contamination propagated by the "powers that be." The two that went by the color-coded name of Dr. Green are a Jewish doctor named Dr. Gruenbaum, who supposedly collaborated with the Nazis during WWII, and Dr. Josef Mengele, whose trademark of cold blooded and calculating brutality has not only scarred the souls of survivors from Auschwitz, but also a countless number of victims throughout the world. Mengele’s direct involvement at the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp was suspiciously downplayed during the Nuremberg Trials, and consequently no intensified effort by the U.S. and it’s allies was directed toward his capture.[13]

As a means to confuse serious investigators as to his whereabouts, U.S. officials would report Mengele being a non-threatening recluse in Paraguay or Brazil, or that he was simply dead (the "Angel of Death" miraculously must have come back to life at least five different times). His unprecedented research, at the expense of thousands of lives, undoubtedly was a significant bonus to U.S. interests. Besides using the pseudonym of Dr. Green, survivors knew him as Vaterchen (daddy), Schoner Josef (beautiful Joseph), David and Fairchild. A gracefully handsome man of slight stature, Mengele would disarm people with his gentle demeanor, while at other times, he would explode into violent rages.[14]

Other characteristics remembered by survivors were the cadence of his shiny black boots as he paced back and forth and his "I-love-you/l-love-you-not" daisy game. When he pulled off the last daisy petal, he would maliciously torture and kill a small child in front of the other child he was programming. Distraught survivors also recalled being thrown naked into cages with monkeys, who were trained to viciously abuse them. Evidently, Mengele enjoyed reducing people to the level of animals. He also would purposely restrain his victims from crying, screaming, or showing any excessive emotion.

Dr. D. Ewen Cameron, also known as Dr. White, was the former head of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations. Because of Cameron’s extensive experience and credentials, the ClA’s Allen Dulles funneled millions of dollars throughout organizations like the society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, which Cameron ruthlessly presided over. Experimentations were conducted at several locations in Montreal, mostly at McGill University, St Mary’s Hospital and Allan Memorial Institute.

Besides the conventional methods of psychiatric tyranny, such as electroshock drug injections and lobotomies, Cameron conceived the technique of "psychic driving," wherein unsuspecting patients were kept in a drug induced coma for several weeks and administered a regimen of electroshocks, while electronic helmets were strapped to their heads and repetitive auditory messages were transmitted at variable speeds.[15] Many of those exploited were abused children which had been run through the Roman Catholic orphanage system.

Not surprisingly, Dr Cameron has been conveniently left out of most psychiatric journals. This may have been, in fact, largely due to Project MKULTRA being publicly exposed in 1970, through lawsuits filed by Canadian survivors and their families. The CIA and Canadian government settled out of court so as not to be required to officially admit to any wrongdoing.

A former U.S. Army Lt. Col. in the DIA’s psychological Warfare Division, Michael Aquino, is the latest in a line of alleged government-sponsored sadists. Aquino, an eccentric genius obsessed with Nazi pagan rituals, founded the Temple of Set, an offshoot of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. Aquino was connected with the Presidio Army Base day care scandal, in which he was accused child molestation. Much to the dismay of the young victims’ parents, all charges were dismissed. Code-named "Malcolm", Aquino was reported to have developed training tapes on how to create a MONARCH slave and worked as a liaison between Government/Military Intelligence and various criminal organizations and occult groups in the distribution of MONARCH slaves.[16]

Heinrich Mueller was another important programmer who went under the code names "Dr. Blue" or "Gog." He apparently has two sons who have carried on the trade. The original "Dr. Black" was apparently Leo Wheeler, the nephew of deceased General Earle G. Wheeler, who was the commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staffs during the Vietnam War. Wheeler’s protégé, E. Hummel is active in the Northwest, along with W. Bowers (from the Rothschild bloodline).

Other alleged master mind manipulators, past and present, are:

Dr. Sydney Gottleib
Lt. Col John Alexander
Richard Dabney Anderson (USN)
Dr. James Monroe
Dr. John Lilly
Lt. Comdr. Thomas Narut
Dr William Jennings Bryan
Dr. Bernard L. Diamond
Dr. Martin T. Orne
Dr. Louis J. West
Dr Robert J. Lifton
Dr. Harris Isbel
Col. Wilson Green

In order to keep MKULTRA from being easily detected, the CIA segmented its subprojects into specialized fields of research and development at universities, prisons, private laboratories and hospitals. Of course, they were rewarded generously with government grants and miscellaneous funding.

The names and locations of some of the major institutions involved in MONARCH programming experimentation were/are:

University of Rochester
Georgetown University Hospital
Maimonides Medical Center
St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Washington D.C.)
Bell Laboratories
Stanford Research Institute
Westinghouse Friendship Laboratories
General Electric
Mankind Research Unlimited

The "final product" was/is usually created on military installations and bases, where maximum security is required. Referred to as (re) programming centers or near-death trauma centers
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Jesus. Turn over any rock and you'll find a scumbag globalist control-freak crawling out.

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After reading all this I feel like throwing up.
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)quote) Judge Rotenberg Center for the disabled, located in Massachusetts, violates the UN Convention against Torture.
 IN Massachusetts, the CIA is alive and well, Technoligy Square, M.I.T.,Harvard, There is powerfull network in this state, it too is a harvesting area for the company.

i am going to dig around , i have a feeling this center is is one of the agencys mindFK's.
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After reading all this I feel like throwing up.
You are not alone as I type holding back tears, this is truly disgusting.
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MK Ultra


MKULTRA had about 139 to 150 sub-projects ... nobody knows what they all were, or even if that is the subtotal. It's the basic mind control project of the CIA after WWII. He has files on as many of these as he can possibly get. "I have in my possession about 80 of the 149 sub-project files which I obtained through FOIA, filing requests with the CIA on each deceased investigator of interest." (I like that.)  The CIA, Mind Control & Children: A Talk by John Rappoport:

"As of 1997, a high level former Illuminati programmer said that she saw documents that indicated there were at LEAST two MILLION people in the USA who were programmed under MK Ultra or Monarch programming. Her info does not include the approximate 10 MILLION young people who were programmed under the earlier phase of the "Montauk Boys" style of electronic mind control programming (1999 information). The Montauk programming takes less than a week for a full blown program install and less than 30 minutes for a typical tune up' or to add new programming. You no longer have to program one person at a time. The electronic method can insert the programming information directly into the subconscious mind for an entire room full of programming victims. The newer electronic method of mind control will work equally well on boys or girls, whereby the earlier phases of the Montauk programming were trauma based and would only work properly for young boys, thus it acquired the name of Montauk "Boys".

   Today, there is a Montauk style electronic mind control programming center in EVERY MAJOR CITY IN THE UNITED STATES and they can easily crank out 1-2 million new 'recruits' each year, maybe more-maybe much more. I'm trying to remain conservative.  What makes the mind control programming even more insidious and secretive is the use of the Montauk time tunnel. They take the kids from a point in time-let's say at 11 PM on Jan. 10, 2004. They will take the kid(s) into the time tunnel and deliver them to a programming center for maybe a week of programming. After the programming is completed, the kid will be REINSERTED in TIME to about one MILLISECOND after 11PM on Jan. 10. 2004. That person has just gone through ONE WEEK of mind control programming, but as far as HE knows, only one millisecond has passed in HIS time frame."--Ken Adachi:

With the CIA and National Security Council firmly established, the first in a series of covert brain-washing programs was initiated by the Navy in the fall of 1947. Project CHATTER was developed .... The research focused on the identification and testing of such drugs for use in interrogations and the recruitment of agents.[5] The project was officially terminated in 1953.

    The CIA decided to expand their efforts in the area of behavior modification, with the advent of Project BLUEBIRD, approved by director Allen Dulles in 1950. Its objectives were to; (1) discover a means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information from them by known means, (2) investigate the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques, (3) investigate memory enhancement and (4) establish defensive means for preventing hostile control of agency personnel. In August 1951, Project BLUE BIRD was renamed Project ARTICHOKE, which evaluated offensive uses of interrogation techniques, including hypnosis and drugs The program ceased in 1956.  Three years prior to the halt of Project ARTICHOKE, Project MKULTRA came into existence on April 13, 1953 along the lines proposed by Richard Helms, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (DDCI) with the rationale of establishing a “special funding mechanism of extreme sensitivity.”[6] .... A host of German doctors, procured from the post war Nazi talent pool, were an invaluable asset toward the development of MKULTRA. The correlation between the concentration camp experiments and the numerous sub-projects of MKULTRA are clearly evident.

    The various avenues used to control human behavior under MKULTRA included radiation, electroshock, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, graphology, harassment substances and paramilitary devices and materials “LSD” being the most widely dispensed “material”. A special procedure, designated MKDELTA, was established to govern the use of MKULTRA abroad. MKULTRA/DELTA materials were used for harassment, discrediting or disabling purposes.[8] Of the 149 subprojects under the umbrella of MKULTRA having been identified, Project MONARCH, officially begun by the U.S. Army in the early 1960’s (although unofficially implemented much earlier) appears to be the most prominent and is still classified as TOP SECRET for “National Security” reasons.[9] MONARCH may have culminated from MKSEARCH subprojects, such as operation SPELLBINDER, which was set up to create “sleeper” assassins (i e. “Manchurian candidates”) who could be activated upon receiving a key word or phrase while in a post-hypnotic trance. Operation OFTEN, a study which attempted to harness the power of occultic forces was possibly one of several cover programs to hide the insidious reality of Project MONARCH. Ron Patton( Project Monarch:  Nazi Mind Control ):

Over two million Americans have been programmed by trauma-based mind control since 1947, & the CIA admitted its Mind Control publicly in 1970, and yet the existence of the mind-control is still secret to the general public. The Illuminati Formula Appendix I: The Programmers:

Claudia Mullen, client of Valerie Wolf, reports to the Presidential Commission: "Between the years of 1957 and 1984 I became a pawn in a government scheme whose ultimate goal was mind control and to create the perfect spy. All through the use of chemicals, radiation, electroshock, hypnosis, drugs, isolation in tubs of water, sleep deprivation, brainwashing, and verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I was exploited unwittingly for nearly three decades of my life, and the only explanation given to me was that 'the end justifies the means' and I was serving my country in their bold effort to fight communism. I can only summarize my circumstances by saying they took an already abused 7 year old child and compounded my suffering beyond belief. In 1958 I was to be tested, they told me, by some important doctors coming from a place called The Society [... that's the Human Ecology Society, a known CIA front]. I was told to cooperate, answer any of their questions, then since the tests might hurt, I would be given shots, xrays, and jolts of electricity. I was also instructed not to look in anyone's face too hard and to ignore names, as this was a very secret project ... but to be brave and all those things would help me forget. Naturally as most children do, I did the opposite, and remembered as much as I could. A Dr. John Gittinger [Rapaport: these people in the testimony named names, they did not screw around ...] tested me and Dr. Cameron gave me the shocks, and Dr. Green, the xrays. Then I was told by Sid Gottlieb I was right for the Big A ... meaning Artichoke." The CIA, Mind Control & Children: A Talk by John Rappoport:

See Also:

Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents:
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The center was founded as the Behavior Research Institute in 1971 by Matthew L. Israel, a psychologist who trained with B. F. Skinner.[1]  In 1994 the center changed its name to the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center "to honor the memory of the judge [who] helped to preserve [the] program from extinction at the hands of state licensing officials in the 1980’s."[1]

The use of electrical stimulation for behavioral treatment at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC)
Matthew L. Israel
Judge Rotenberg Centre, USA

JRC has used remote-controlled contingent electrical stimulation since 1989 for the treatment of approximately 60 persons with severe behavior problems. Due to various shortcomings of commercially available devices, JRC designed its own Graduated Electronic Decelerator (GED), which came into widespread use within the school in 1991. Use of the device for behavior modification treatment is authorized by a probate court judge for individual cases, is supervised by doctoral psychologists, and is regulated by the state Deparment of Mental Retardation. The GED has been found to be very safe in terms of side effects and very effective in the treatment of serious behavior problems that were highly resistant to other forms of treatment. Data will be presented from a large number of cases documenting this effectiveness, along with resulting improvements in
quality of life. In general, effectively treated persons have made significant gains in educational and vocational skills, have been able to participate in normalized activities, are medication and restraint-free, and enjoy a relationship with their parents not before possible. Physical and technical problems arising over the last nine years and their solutions will be discussed. Examples include multiple devices within the same area, batteries, electrodes and cables, connections, and transmitter technology.

Keywords: developmental disabilities, electrical stimulation, Graduated Electronic Decelerator (GED), skin shock, behavioral treatment

(Note: I would add "Torture", "Mind Control" and "Dr. Mengele" to the list of key words).
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Judge Rotenberg Center – Close it Down!

Shock Tactics is yet another detailed account of the abuse carried out on people at the Judge Rotenberg Center. Over half the inmates at this institution are wired to a device called the GED that delivers painful electric shocks at the push of a button. At one time the use of electric shocks on severely disturbed children was given dubious justification by the life threatening severity of their self injurious behaviour. Better GED than dead as it were. The reporter, Jennifer Gonnerman, gives credence to this when she writes:

    Before we set off on our tour of the institution, there’s something Israel wants me to see: Before & After, a home-made movie featuring six of his most severe cases. He has been using some of the same grainy footage for more than two decades, showing it to parents of prospective students as well as reporters. It shows how in 1977, an 11-year-old girl, Caroline, arrives at the school strapped on a stretcher, her head encased in a helmet. Next, free from restraints, she tries to smash her helmeted head against the floor. In 1981 it shows Janine, also 11, who shrieks and slams her head against the ground, a table, the door. Bald spots testify to the severity of her troubles; she’s yanked out so much hair it’s half gone. Compared with these scenes, the “after” footage looks almost unbelievable: Janine splashes in a pool; Caroline grins as she sits in a chair at a beauty salon.

    “These are children for whom positive-only procedures did not work, drugs did not work,” says Israel. “And if it wasn’t for this treatment, some of these people would not be alive.” The video is very persuasive: the girls’ self-abuse is so violent and so frightening it almost makes me want to grab a GED remote and push the button myself. Of course, this is precisely the point.

Then she meets two of these “success stories. “

    Considering how compelling the after footage is, I am surprised to learn that five of the six children featured in it are still here. “This is Caroline,” one of my escorts says later as we walk down a corridor. Without an introduction, I would not have known. Caroline, 39, slumps forward in a wheelchair, her fists balled up, head covered by a red helmet. “Blow me a kiss, Caroline,” Israel says. She doesn’t respond.

    A few minutes later, I meet 36-year-old Janine, who appears in much better shape. She’s not wearing a helmet and has a full head of black hair. She’s also got a backpack on her shoulders and canvas straps hanging from her legs, the telltale sign that electrodes are attached to both calves. For 16 years – nearly half her life – Janine has been hooked up to Israel’s shock device. A few years ago, when the shocks began to lose their effect, the staff switched the devices inside her backpack to the much more painful GED-4.

The Judge Rotenberg Center no longer restricts itself to severely handicapped children who self harm. More “high functioning” individuals with a range of difficulties including ADHD and Bipolar Disorder get the same electric shock ”treatment” for the most trivial “offences” like getting out their seat without permission.

Matthew Israel, the director and founder of the JRC claims to be a behaviourist in the tradition of B. F. Skinner, under whom he studied in the 1950s. He took up the idea of using electric shock from fellow behaviourist Ivor Lovaas. Lovaas no longer uses electric shocks because:

   “These people are so used to pain that they can adapt to almost any kind of aversive you give them.”

Israel met the same difficulty. His answer was to turn up the power and use even more painful devices. What I want to know is how long are we going to put up with college educated professors telling us it OK to inflict pain on the most helpless and vulnerable people in society? Even Dr Bernard of the Maudsley Hospital in London is quoted in the article as saying,

    It’s terrible to use something like that without clear evidence to show it works.

There have been attempts to close the JRC. But Israel has always relied on the testimonials of satisfied parents, motivated by the fear that if JRC closes there is nowhere else for their children. It seems that the only criteria for admission is that you have been written off and rejected by everyone else. Once inside your fate is forgotten.

What I find most inexplicable is the support for JRC by ex inmates. Stockholm Syndrome maybe? This is Katie Spartichino:

    Katie, 19, tells me she overdosed on pills at nine, spent her early adolescence in and out of psychiatric wards, was hooked up to the GED at 16, and stayed on the device for two years. “This is a great place,” she says. “It took me off all my medicine. I was close to 200lb and I’m 160 now.” But when she first had to wear the electrodes, she says: “I cried. I kind of felt like I was walking on eggshells; I had to watch everything I said. Sometimes a curse word would just come out of my mouth. So being on the GEDs and knowing that swearing was a targeted behaviour where I’d receive a [GED] application, it really got me to think twice before I said something rude.”  

The most chilling part of the whole story is one of apparent tenderness.

    As Katie speaks, LaChance runs her fingers through Katie’s hair again and again. The gesture is so deliberate it draws my attention. I wonder if it’s just an expression of affection – or something more, like a reward.

To me, LaChance’s action screams of an abusive relationship, Katie allowing herself to be treated like a child by someone who probably inflicted pain on her in the past. And when Katie admits that she sometimes still swears

     The hair-stroking stops. LaChance turns to Katie. “I hope you’re not going to tell me you’re aggressive.”

The last time I heard that voice it Nurse Ratched in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

    “Oh, no, that’s gone,” Katie says. “No, no, no. The worst thing I do sometimes is me and my mom get into little arguments.”

Poor Katie, still in fear of that voice, still in thrall.  And she is one of the lucky ones. She got out.
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This is so sick..  :(
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Teen shocked 24 times (

Bill Myers, The Examiner
2008-01-24 08:00:00.0


An Alexandria teen confined to a Massachusetts shock-therapy clinic was a victim of a cruel practical joke that left him hooked up to electro-shock machines in the middle of the night, The Examiner has learned.

The boy, 16, whose identity was protected by state and federal privacy laws, was a ward of Alexandria’s social services agency and his plight has raised disturbing questions for the city’s child welfare officials.

He was pulled from his bed in the Judge Rotenberg Center in the middle of the night last summer after a runaway from the Canton, Mass., clinic called and pretended to be an official. The runaway ordered the boy and two other residents at Rotenberg hooked up to shock machines.

The incident, first reported by The Examiner, has led to a criminal investigation of the Rotenberg Center, one of the few schools in the country authorized to use electro-shock and other “aversive” therapies on mentally ill and disabled students.

Massachusetts investigators’ notes obtained by The Examiner show that the boy was shocked at least two dozen times. He was one of three Alexandria children housed at the Rotenberg Center, a source told The Examiner. A tape of the “sessions” has since been destroyed, sources said. Alexandria has since pulled all of its children out of Rotenberg, city Human Services director Debra Collins said.

“We’ve definitely stopped doing business with Judge Rotenberg,” she said. “And we will never place children in there again.”

Alexandria children were first sent to Rotenberg in 2002 and city welfare officials visited the clinic every month, Collins said. City officials were aware that Rotenberg was a shock-therapy school but had no inkling the children there were in any danger, Collins said.

“Hindsight is 20-20,” she said. “It’s something that’s not predictable. We want to make sure nothing like that happens again.”

New York lawyer Ken Mollins, who has been one of the leading critics of the Rotenberg Center, said Alexandria’s efforts were too little, too late.

“If they checked this place every month, then they would have determined that there were numerous deficiencies,” Mollins said. He cited a scathing 2006 report by the New York Department of Education that blasted Rotenberg for unsafe conditions.

Only a handful of Alexandria children are sent to residential clinics, Collins said, and all but three of them are in Virginia. The city looks at all such placements as temporary because city officials believe a child’s best hope lies in “a family, not a facility,” she said.

Rotenberg has won tens of millions of dollars from cities and states for decades, but suddenly finds itself besieged by children's rights advocates from all over the country. Center officials say they are saving children from their infirmities without relying on debilitating psychotropic drugs.

But critics dispute that.

“A place like that shouldn’t be allowed to exist,” Mollins said.

The center has been home to dozens of D.C. children for more than a decade. Currently, D.C. officials are scrambling to find other places to put their children.
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The FDA approves this torture device. Next we'll see them approve 'the rack'...

Shocked by Special Ed Aversion Therapy? Not FDA
By Mike Licht

Articles by Jonetta Rose Barras in the Examiner and coverage in Mother Jones, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Village Voice, ABC News, and the Boston Globe have brought public scrutiny to bear on the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC), a Special Education center that administers shocks to the skin of students as  “Aversion Therapy.” Most reporters, columnists and public officials are astounded by this news.

Not so the Food and Drug Administration. Under the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Volume 8, Chapter I, Subchapter H (Medical Devices) Part 882 (Neurological Devices), Subpart F (Neurological Therapeutic Devices) Section 882.5235, Aversive conditioning device (21FCR882.5235) FDA has licensed several electric skin-shock devices.

According to FDA, “An aversive conditioning device is an instrument used to administer an electrical shock or other noxious stimulus to a patient to modify undesirable behavioral characteristics.” For electric shock devices, the “conditioned punisher” hardware consists of electrodes, a shock device coupled with a radio receiver which is strapped to the patient and a transmitter held by the therapist.

The JRC first used the SIBIS (Self Injurious Behavior Inhibiting System device). The model currently used at JRC is the GED (Graduated Electronic Decelerator).

According to the JRC web site:

    the GED stimulation (average current of 15.5 mA rms) is substantially stronger than SIBIS (average current 2.02 mA rms). JRC has also developed a stronger version of the GED which we call the GED-4 and which produces a current of 45.0 mA rms. The difference between any two current levels does not translate exactly into the difference in perceived aversiveness, but it is clear that the increased current of the GED makes it more effective than the SIBIS. It also makes the GED-4 more effective than the GED.

The registered manufacturer of the GED brand devices is — surprise — the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center, Inc.

The GED-4 device consists of a remote controller for the therapist (the small black square), a “stimulator” that receives the signal from the remote and generates “an immediate skin shock,” a battery pack that supplies power to the stimulator, and cables that run from the stimulator to electrodes strapped to the students’ skin:


Shock Collars and anti-bark collars have been a popular though controversial dog-training aid for some time, and the electric livestock fence is common among cattle, horse, and sheep raisers. There are even electrified fences for pets and “invisible pet fences” that use shock collars.

It has been established that in dogs “avoidance learning increased with shocks up to 4.8 mA, with the desire to escape appearing above 5.0 mA intensity.” Bear in mind that the GED-4 device average current is 15.5 mA rms and it can administer shocks as great as 45mA. Use of dog collars on people have resulted in torture convictions.

Hey FDA -
How many torture devices have you approved
in the name of medical necessity?

How many devices have you approved under the guise of protecting our freedoms? Do you think you are NOT torturers because you don't actually USE these devices? You are wrong. You are enablers; you are EVERY BIT as GUILTY of torture as the sadists who use the devices to inflict pain on others. Don't think for a second that you are 'just doing a job' - you're pushing the pain button every single time someone gets a dose of 'pain compliance'.

Think about that as you tuck your kids into bed at night. Somewhere in Massachusetts, some kid is getting an electric shock, thanks to you.  If you can sleep well, you are truly lost.

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New Phoenix Program:
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 Great, a teenager was probably shocked to death trying to get this information out. This is not just a small group of people that is responsible for these kinds of human rights violations. The so called educators are investing in the drug company's and getting so hyper psycho phobic that they are attempting to get over 50 percent of the children drugged. The lawyers are doing the same stuff and the court system is not much better than a jerry springer show.
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>>The rights group investigation found that the Rotenberg center is the only known facility in the United States, "Or perhaps the world,"  that employs the use of electricity, long-term restraints and other punishments to deliberately inflict pain upon its children and then refer to it as "treatment." The electric shocks alone are cited as having possible long-term effects such as muscle stiffness, impotence, damage to teeth, scarring of the skin, hair loss, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), severe depression, chronic anxiety, memory loss and sleep disturbances.<<

 It could be said that the Nazi guards were just military people who were following orders for at least some kind of lame excuse. As we can see here all over again these are the people who will claim torture and death as healing treatment and this is the group that is responsible for making this stuff up.

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I found this self explanatory REPORT on torture on children and adults with disabilities :

Title: Re: Psychopaths force Disabled students to wear electric torture backpacks
Post by: Liberty4all on July 05, 2011, 07:24:58 am
Director of Massachusetts “Shock School” Resigns After Being Indicted on Criminal Charges (

Watch the ABC Nightline story: ( or read the Guardian of London article: ( on Israel’s Indictments

Washington, DC — May 26, 2011 – Today, we can celebrate a small victory. The director of the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) of Massachusetts, which uses electric shocks to punish children and young adults with disabilities, has resigned in the face of criminal charges. Disability Rights International documented the use of electric shock and long-term restraints at this facility in our report Torture not Treatment published last year. (

Matthew Israel, founder and director of JRC, was charged with misleading a grand jury and destroying evidence in relation to an incident in 2007 in which a prank phone call to the center from a person posing as an employee led to two children with disabilities being given dozens of electrical shocks for absolutely no reason. One of these children was restrained and given 77 shocks over three hours.

Yesterday, Israel accepted a court settlement which requires him to resign as director, and sentences him to five years of probation. ”We believe that Dr. Israel created a system and environment at the JRC that failed to prevent a lapse of this magnitude,” said Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, “Dr. Israel then attempted to destroy evidence of the events and mislead investigators, and that conduct led to his indictments.”

See full coverage of his indictment on ABC Nightline. The Nightline story highlights the sad but inspiring story of a former resident
who managed to escape from the center
after years of shock and restraint.

Last year, Disability Rights International filed an urgent appeal with the United Nations insisting that the practices at JRC are torture. The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture agreed. The US Justice Department is also now investigating the center. Regardless, Israel has continued to shock children for behaviors as mild as speaking without permission.

We see Israel’s departure as an opportunity to end the abusive practice of using electric shock as treatment for people with disabilities at JRC once and for all. Israel was the creator and staunchest defender of this theory of behavior control. We cannot allow another person like Israel to be behind the switch at JRC and continue to subject children to torture. It is time for this sick practice to end.

We encourage you to write your concerns to the Governor of Massachusetts: (, Deval Patrick. JRC accepts children from around the country, and the torture of children with disabilities is an international concern. Please let your voice be heard. Disability Rights International will continue to work with disability activists, legislators and the media, to keep the pressure on JRC.

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Tell me this is not MK ULTRA!

Dr. Matthew Israel welcomes guests to Rewards Street or  ”Yellow Brick Road”

Shock treatment transmitters warn and controlled by faculty members

Student Mike Rivera with his turtle Rosie on Rewards Street

Judge Rotenberg Center

The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC) is a private residential school located in Canton, MA. serving students and adults with autism, mental retardation, emotional disturbance and multiple disabilities, under the direction of Matthew Israel, Ph.D. Executive Director.  The Judge Rotenberg Center serves it’s students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Part of the JRC teaching involves punishing students who misbehave. and rewarding students for good behavior.  Punishment can come in the form skin shock therapy administered by a JRC staff member.  Staff members wear a transmitter that send a shock signal to the student who is wearing a receiver in a backpack or a fanny pack. Students who have trouble controlling their hands wear holsters to lock their hands at their sides until a teacher releases them.  Rewards are a trip to “Rewards Street, a replica of the “Yellow Brick Road” from the “Wizard of Oz”, complete with talking characters.  Students may be rewarded with a trip to the game room, the department store, complete with clothes, jewelry and makeup, the hair dresser, the Tiki room, for relaxing with soft drinks and computers or going to the in house movie theatre, complete with a concession stand.  In addition to the “Yellow Brick Road”  the center is filled with unique and expensive art, which decorates halls, conference rooms and offices.

The punishments, especially the shock treatment are extremely controversial and there have been numerous investigations and attempts to close the center.  There is currently an investigation underway by the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.   However, parents of the many of students stand by the center’s techniques and feel that the JRC  has given their children a much better life than they would have had with out the Center.  The cost per student runs in excess of $200,000. per year, most of which is paid by state and local school districts and by state agencies serving adults with disabilities. (

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"spare the rod, spoil the child"
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JRC Banned from Shocking New Admissions (

November 7, 2011– Washington, DC – This week we can celebrate a major victory against torture of people with disabilities in the United States.   The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) adopted new regulations last week that greatly restrict the intentional use of pain as a form of treatment – including the use of electric shock, seclusion, and restraints on young children and adults with disabilities. As documented by a recent report by Disability Rights International (DRI), Torture Not Treatment, The Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC), based in Canton, Massachusetts, has used these practices, called “aversive treatment” for decades.

Facilities licensed by the DDS in Massachusetts can no longer subject new admissions to severe behavioral interventions including electric shock, long-term restraint, or aversives that pose risk for psychological harm – in other words, mainstays of JRC’s “treatment” program.

No other institution in the country – or the world, as far as we can tell – uses such barbaric practices. DRI’s investigation found that the pain caused by this is so severe and outside accepted professional norms, that these practices constitute nothing less than torture. By permitting such treatment, the United States violates its obligations under international law, as defined by the UN Convention Against Torture. DRI filed our report, Torture Not Treatment, in 2010 as an urgent appeal to the United Nations. The top official on torture at the United Nations agreed with DRI, and when asked by ABC Nightline if the practices were torture, he declared, “Yes…I have no doubts about it. It is inflicted in a situation where a victim is powerless…a child in the restraint chair, being then subjected to electric shocks, how more powerless can you be?”

We applaud Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick on taking a courageous stand by issuing an executive order for the Massachusetts DDS to review their policies regarding electric shock and other severe aversives.

The resulting new policy puts an end to the use of JRC’s electric shocks on new admissions.But we can’t declare success yet. While hundreds of children will be spared from JRC’s behavioral experiments in the future, the new policies do not stop JRC from shocking and causing psychological damage to children already placed in the center. These children and young adults remain prisoners in a very dangerous environment. The center has been repeatedly investigated for suspicious deaths and physical abuse. JRC has been fined for identifying some clinicians hired by the school as psychologists, when in fact, they were not licensed psychologists. And as a result of an investigation into a case of abuse at the facility, JRC’s director was forced to resign earlier this year after being charged with misleading a grand jury about the investigation.

DRI is encouraged by the bold statement by the US National Council on Disabilities, a federal advisory body, which cited DRI’s report, as well as the international definition of torture, to call for the use of painful shock aversives to be brought to an end.

DRI urges the Department of Justice and the Obama Administration to fullfil its obgligations under the UN Convention Against Torture. DRI calls for a blanket ban on the use of electric shock as aversive treatment for children or adults with disabilities across the nation. There is nothing stopping JRC from shocking kids already in their center — or moving their facility to a different state to avoid the new Massachusetts regulations. The Department of Justice has an open investigation into the treatment of children at JRC. We ask you to  write a personal appeal to the investigators to help ensure that this torture is put to an end once and for all, and is never allowed to be duplicated anywhere else in the United States.