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Title: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam
Post by: TahoeBlue on January 31, 2010, 03:05:19 pm

In the interview the authors state that Nixon tells the soviets (secretly) up front that it would be ok to lose in Vietnam for Detent
Also The joint chiefs begin espionage on Nixon to find out what he was up to.  This policy was completely secret to everyone except Kissinger and creates a rift between kissinger and Kraemer

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Packed with fascinating revelations, fresh insights, and a wealth of new material, THE FORTY YEARS WAR examines the trajectory of the American neoconservative movement from Vietnam to Iraq…and exposes the little-known military strategist who masterminded this ideological crusade


President Obama swept into office on a platform of change. A key element of his mandate: to reverse the militaristic drift of American foreign policy in recent years. As Obama himself observed, “The whole notion was that somehow if we showed courtesy, or opened up dialogue with a government that had previously been hostile to the U.S., that somehow that would be a sign of a weakness. The American people didn’t buy it.” Most observers attribute those policies to the administration of Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush. What few have recognized, until now, is how that doctrine of “provocative weakness” had been promoted by a tight-knit, highly secretive faction of neoconservatives operating within and outside of government—a group that traced back to the Nixon administration and to a little-known Pentagon adviser whose ideas informed four decades of American foreign policy.

Now from bestselling authors and veteran investigative writers Len Colodny and Tom Shachtman comes THE FORTY YEARS WAR: The Rise and Fall of the Neocons, from Nixon to Obama (Harper/HarperCollins Publishers; ISBN 13: 9780061253898; $27.99 Hardcover; On Sale: December 8, 2009), a revelatory, behind-the-scenes look at the epic clash for control of U.S. foreign policy over the course of four decades. It chronicles the birth of the neocons in various groups’ opposition to Richard Nixon’s innovative foreign policies, their coming together to sabotage his presidency, their first ascent to power under Ronald Reagan, their reaching of full power and implementing of their policies by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and on to their final repudiation in the 2008 election that brought Barack Obama to the presidency.

At the center of the book is the previously-unknown and unique role in U.S. foreign policy played by the man who served as godfather to the neocons, Fritz G. A. Kraemer, a mysterious Pentagon civilian who deliberately operated in the shadows but whose influence was felt at the highest levels of government. Born in Germany before World War I, and an immigrant to the U.S. in the 1930s, Kraemer was a charismatic martinet who spoke seven languages, habitually wore a monocle, refused promotions, and preached a militarist doctrine. His influence skyrocketed when his protégé, Henry Kissinger, became Nixon’s chief foreign policy advisor and chose as his deputy Alexander Haig, another Kraemer protégé. Kraemer’s theory of the need to prevent “provocative weakness” swayed officials from Kissinger through Secretaries of Defense James Schlesinger and Donald Rumsfeld, as well as Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and others who would put the neocon tenets into action in the 1980s and in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The war of the book’s title was fought, continuously throughout the forty years, between “pragmatists” who agreed with Nixon’s “détente” with America’s Communist enemies, and “ideologues” who agreed with Kraemer’s tenets, persistent anti-Communism, and distaste for diplomacy.

The book reveals in stunning detail the previously-hidden role of the right wing and the military in Nixon’s downfall—according to Colodny and Shachtman, Watergate was the excuse, but his foreign policy was the real reason for forcing Nixon to resign—as well as the ways in which those groups undercut the foreign policies of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.

Through its meticulous research and brilliant analyses, THE FORTY YEARS WAR will take its readers to an entirely new and deeply persuasive understanding of the last four decades.

Len Colodny is the author of Silent Coup, which spent thirteen weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. Tom Shachtman is the author of thirty books. Decade of Shocks, 1963-1974, covers the Nixon years. His recent books include Absolute Zero and the Conquest of Cold, and Rumspringa: To Be or Not to Be Amish.

Full of colorful characters and incredible intrigue—personality clashes, betrayals, power grabs, wiretaps, abuses of executive privilege, shadow governments, constitutional crises, and more—THE FORTY YEARS WAR delivers a definitive account of a movement now relegated to the sidelines of American politics…although for how long remains to be seen.

A History of Neo-Conservatives: "The Forty Years War"
1/7/10 C-Span

World Affairs Council Washington D.C.
University of California, Washington Center

Len Colodny and Tom Shachtman "The Forty Years War"

Fritz G.A. Kraemer godfather of Neo-conservative movement. anti-fascist/ anti communist. Interesting figure who mentored Kissinger, Haig, Rumsefeld, Cheney, Bolton. He's basically an unknown figure, yet massively influential till he died (and afterward) in 2003.

Communism has fallen by anti-communism remains.

Colonel Alexander Haig infiltrates Nixon Administration on behalf of Neo Cons.

Because of detente, they were oppesed to Nixon (and his withdrawal of troops in Vietnam)

Kraemer's doctrine of "Provocative Weakness" the idea that any show of weakness invites attack. This is why Cheney attacks Obama for not using the word "Terror"

In 75-100 years no President has been successful lobbied from the Left on foreign affairs. They find it difficult to oppose the military industrial complex which is very successful at swaying public opinion.

In 6-8 weeks after Reagan used the term "evil empire" he stopped using it, as he found it bogged down any negotiations. Years later he outright took it back and contradicted it.

Project for a New American Century in the 1990's. Took advantage of Clinton Scandals and pushed on him the Iraq Liberation Act.

If you listen to the Nixon Tapes ( after the smoking gun part, you can consistently hear Haig giving Nixon advice that would specifically hurt him (for example outright covering up those that were involved in the Watergate break-ins).

George W. Bush was the first "pure" Kramerite, with someone like John Bolton who hates the U.N. serve as UN Ambassador!

Admiral Moore, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff coordinated the spy ring infiltrating the Nixon Administration.

The Moore-Radford Affair from Seymour Hersh's book on Kissinger. Admiral Wellinder has a confession (he worked directly under Moore). He explains all the stolen documents and Haig's complicity.

Democrats and Republicans come and go, but the military stays. They started this espionage because they were being cut out of the process as Nixon was taking radical new directions in foreign policy (detente)

After the Fall of Communism, 45 different conservative groups meet in Washington D.C. worried because we suddenly no longer had an enemy. 6 months later Sadaam Hussein emerged.

"Their [Neo-Con] current fascination with Sarah Palin is very interesting, she's essentially George Bush in drag!"
Title: Re: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam
Post by: larsonstdoc on January 31, 2010, 04:35:11 pm
"Their [Neo-Con] current fascination with Sarah Palin is very interesting, she's essentially George Bush in drag!"

  Crazy quote.  What does the author mean?

  If you want Palin to speak at a luncheon it will cost you over $100,000.  It is unbelievable that these people are instant super stars. 

  Sen. Scott Brown was asked by Barbara Walters if he was going to run for president in 2012.  The world has gone mad.

  The Neocons are desperate.  The Tea Party is desperate.

  And the Tea Party Convention is paying Palin $100,000 to be in Nashville this week

   “Oh, you betcha I’m going to be there,” Palin told Greta Van Susteren. “I’m going to speak there because there are people traveling from many miles away to hear what that tea party movement is all about and what that message is that should be received by our politicians in Washington. I’m honored to get to be there.”

Palin is getting $100,000 to deliver the keynote address at the conference. The 2008 vice presidential candidate insisted that her fee will “go right back into the cause” in the form of donations “to people and to events, those things that I believe in that will help perpetuate the message, the message being, Government, you have constitutional limits. You better start abiding by them.”

Asked by Van Susteren whether she thinks the Republican Party would be best served by merging with the tea party movement, Palin replied with an enthusiastic endorsement of the idea.

“They need to merge,” she said. “Definitely, they need to merge. I think those who are wanting the divisions and the divisiveness and the controversy — those are the ones who don’t believe in the message.
Title: Re: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam
Post by: TahoeBlue on January 31, 2010, 04:42:56 pm
  Crazy quote.  What does the author mean?

Catch the Booktv interview. He was remarking on how the "neocons" want/need to revitalize their movement and the Kraemer way of foriegn policy. Yes, Palin is pathetic on these terms. showing their desperation.
Title: Re: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam
Post by: TahoeBlue on February 01, 2010, 01:18:29 pm
In the interview the authors state that Nixon tells the soviets (secretly) up front that it would be ok to lose in Vietnam for Detent

I'm still lookin for a good article on this. Nixon/Kiss meet with Dobrynin 14 May 1969

Six weeks into office in 1969: With over 500,000 men in theater, cost the lives of 30,000 GIs and there was still no end.
In March of 1969 , Nixon/Kissinger secretly tells Soviet Amb. Dobrynin  that losing Vietnam or Vietnam going communist would be OK.

Henry Kissinger and Anatoly Dobrynin in the Map Room at the White House, March 17, 1972 (Source: Soviet-American Relations: the Détente Years, 1969-1972)
This is the Soviet's "record of meeting":
Document 8:  Their First “One-on-One”: Dobrynin’s record of meeting with Kissinger, 21 February 1969, pp. 20-25

Memorandum of Conversation (USSR)1 Washington, February 21, 1969.
I met one-on-one with Henry Kissinger over lunch at our Embassy on February 21.
Kissinger said that, yes, they are prepared for confidential bilateral exchanges of views with us on the substance of the issues, they regard that as important, and in this connection they would like to know the Soviet side’s opinion on where they could best be held—in Moscow, Washington, or New York.
Document 22: “A Reasonable Interval”: Dobrynin's record of meeting with Kissinger and Nixon, 14 May 1969, pp. 59-62

While Nixon and Kissinger would not accept North Vietnam’s proposal for a coalition government, during the conversation before the meeting with Nixon, Kissinger showed considerable flexibility about the ultimate outcome of the war. He told Dobrynin that he was “prepared to accept any political system in South Vietnam, ‘provided there is a fairly reasonable interval between conclusion of an agreement and [the establishment of] such a system.” Implicitly, even if South Vietnam became a Communist regime, that would be acceptable as long as there was a “reasonable interval” after the U.S. military withdrawal.

Without the telling the Joint Chiefs. Without telling Congress. Without telling the American people.  
Without telling the men risking their lives in theater.

Since the Soviets were THE arms supplier of weapons to N Vietnam , wouldn't you think he'd tell Uncle Ho and his pals .
and what stratagies of destruction they could think up? Don't you think the Viet Cong might want some Payback?
Nixon then turned to the issue of Vietnam.
After saying that he understands the position of the Soviet Union as the main socialist power providing assistance to the DRV and that he does not intend to ask for anything that would be incompatible with that status, Nixon emphasized that, at the same time, he is aware of the Soviet Government’s constructive role, which is aimed at peaceful settlement of the Vietnam conflict.
Title: Re: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam
Post by: TahoeBlue on February 01, 2010, 01:55:12 pm

‘Back-channel’ communications which by-passed the State Department were a favourite method of Nixon and Kissinger in expediting their diplomacy. The most famous back-channel of all was that maintained by Kissinger with Anatoly Dobrynin, the long-time Soviet ambassador to the United States. The two held regular private meetings throughout the period, allowing messages to be passed direct to the Soviet leadership.

However, Kissinger also had special communication channels to, among others, the West German State Secretary Egon Bahr, the US Ambassador to South Vietnam, Ellsworth Bunker, Ambassador William Porter at the Vietnam peace negotiations in Paris, and the US Ambassador to Pakistan, Joseph Farland, the last of these proving essential, of course, in setting up Kissinger's first visit to the People's Republic of China (PRC) in July 1971, the arrangements for which were made entirely independently of the State Department.11

Just before the Moscow summit of 1972, Nixon and Kissinger even had to tell Dobrynin how little the State Department actually knew about the initiatives the White House had taken in the field of Soviet-US relations (so that these might not be inadvertently divulged to Rogers), and in a similar way the Chinese had to be alerted not to reveal to the State Department officials who accompanied the President to Beijing in February 1972 many of the back-channel discussions that had been held over the course of the previous year.

Nixon commented in December 1971 ‘there have been more backchannel games played in this administration than any in history because we couldn’t trust the God damned State Department’.12

Their tensions with the State Department are recounted in many of the studies of Nixon and Kissinger, but there is also fascinating documentation in these volumes of the degree of suspicion toward the White House on the part of both the Defense Department and Joint Chiefs of Staff ( JCS).

This was given graphic display in late 1971 when it was discovered that the JCS had even mounted a spying operation on the NSC staff whereby one of its liaison personnel had copied and stolen documents from Kissinger and Haig.13 Volume II also offers insight into Nixon's profound distrust of the intelligence community.

He considered the CIA to be dominated by the liberal Harvard East-Coast types whom he loathed, and felt that the assessments he was given were ‘warped’ through personal bias or ‘completely meaningless’; as he complained in July 1970, the USA ‘was spending a total of about $6 billion per year on intelligence and it deserves to receive a lot more for its money than it has been getting ... the time may be coming when he will have to read the riot act to the entire intelligence community’.14

In November 1971, after much deliberation, the administration finally attempted a reform which gave the Director of the CIA a greater role in overseeing the intelligence community as a whole, and making it more responsive to the needs of the NSC system, including tightening control over budgeting and resource allocation; but by mid-1972 it was apparent that there had been minimal progress in executing this ambitious plan.15
Title: Re: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam
Post by: TahoeBlue on February 01, 2010, 02:44:32 pm
Dr. Kissinger's relationships with other administration officials and departments, particularly with Secretary of State William P. Rogers and the Defense Department, are illustrated throughout the Chronological file. Through President Nixon's direction, Dr. Kissinger ran foreign policy directly from the White House instead of through the State Department.

He established back-channel meetings with Dobrynin; instructed the Paris peace talk negotiators; and isolated most major foreign policy enterprises within the White House.

As a consequence, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) established a covert intelligence gathering system through a naval aide, Yeoman Charles E. Radford, who secretly copied White House documents and provided them to the JCS. This series documents the so-called Radford affair.

The Chronological file includes Dr. Kissinger's involvement in the seventeen wiretaps that the White House ordered for national security reasons on thirteen NSC staffers and four newsmen at various times from 1969 to 1971. The wiretaps, and the resulting summaries, originated in an attempt to find out who was leaking information to the media about the secret bombing of Cambodia. When the taps were revealed in 1973, President Nixon took responsibility for authorizing them, but Dr. Kissinger was repeatedly asked both at his secretary of state confirmation hearings before the Senate in 1973 and in 1974 whether he himself had ever initiated a wiretap.

The telcons contain conversations about this issue between Dr. Kissinger and members of the press and members of Congress. The telcons also touch on other Watergate and abuse of governmental power matters, including the break-in and subsequent investigations, the publication of the Pentagon Papers, and the Plumbers and their activities, especially those of former NSC staffer David R. Young.
What Nixon and Kissinger didn’t realize at the time was that Haig, being a military man and given the premise of his master’s thesis of the supremacy of the military over the civilian in times of war, owed his loyalty to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

This is important because a rift was developing between the president and his national security adviser and the JCS. Nixon and Kissinger were making critical decisions regarding the war in Viet Nam, the strategic arms limitations talks with the Soviets and the opening of diplomatic relations with communist China almost to the complete exclusion of the Joint Chiefs.

The military leaders could not tolerate such a situation and the result was that they established a “back channel” spying operation at the White House with Haig as the co-conspirator.

In The Silent Coup, Colodny and Gettlin quote John Ehrlichman regarding Haig's loyalty:

I didn’t fully realize its implications in terms of Haig’s role as an agent for the Joint Chiefs…The implications are that Haig was a prime source for the Joint Chiefs….Haig had an enormous conflict of interest between his loyalty to the president, who had sponsored him and fostered his career on the one hand, and the Joint Chiefs on the other ….Haig had an impossible situation- which I guess he resolved in favor of the Joint Chiefs.[2]

What Ehrlichman is referring to is what in Nixonian circles is known as the Moorer/Radford/Welander affair. Early in the first Nixon administration, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, set up a two-man team that ran the Joint Chief’s liaison office to the National Security Council (NSC).

Originally the team was made up of Rear Admiral Rembrandt C. Robinson and his aide, Navy Yeoman Charles Edward Radford. Later on, Rear Admiral Robert O. Welander replaced Rear Admiral Robinson as the top assistant to Admiral Moorer.

Welander often described himself as wearing “two hats,” one as assistant for national security affairs to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and the other as a senior member of the National Security Council staff, with offices in both the Pentagon and the Executive Office Building (EOB).

A JCS liaison office had been established a decade earlier and it had performed the role of military adviser to the head of the NSC. That changed when Nixon became president in 1969 and Alexander Haig became Henry Kissinger’s military assistant. The office had remained but now reported through Haig as a conduit for information between the NSC and the JCS. Thus, messages to and from Kissinger went through Haig. Most of the information was confidential rarely made available to anyone else on the NSC staff other than Haig.

Ultimately, Yeoman Radford was found to be guilty of military espionage and he confessed to it. He admitted that he believed that stealing secrets from the White House was made necessary by decisions by Nixon and Kissinger to withhold vital information from the Joint Chiefs. According to Colodny and Gettlin, he argued that the president and his national security adviser showed so much contempt for the chiefs, and had so “fragmented the government,” that the military was forced to react.

When President Nixon found out about the military espionage ring that was giving confidential information to Admiral Moorer, he asked John Ehrlichman to interrogate the JCS liaison, Admiral Welander. Welander ultimately confessed to the military espionage and in doing so implicated Al Haig as the intermediary. Why Haig was never confronted or held accountable remains a mystery.

What is significant here is that coincidently, Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward also worked for Admiral Moorer during his stint in the Navy and it is believed that here is where he and Al Haig struck up a close acquaintance.

During the period, before and after the 1972 election, Woodward and Carl Bernstein continued to write a series of stories in the Washington Post about Watergate. Since mid-October, they focused on an unreported $350,000 fund that had been used for political purposes. They not only wrote about the fund and its links to the Committee to Re-elect the President (CRP), but they were focusing on Bob Haldeman who had control of the fund. What is significant here is that for the first time, Woodward and Bernstein used as a source what they would come to refer to as “Deep Throat.”
Title: Re: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam
Post by: TahoeBlue on February 01, 2010, 04:23:45 pm
The Nukes of October: Richard Nixon's Secret Plan to Bring Peace to Vietnam
By Jeremi Suri  02.25.08

On the morning of October 27, 1969, a squadron of 18 B-52s — massive bombers with eight turbo engines and 185-foot wingspans — began racing from the western US toward the eastern border of the Soviet Union. The pilots flew for 18 hours without rest, hurtling toward their targets at more than 500 miles per hour. Each plane was loaded with nuclear weapons hundreds of times more powerful than the ones that had obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The B-52s, known as Stratofortresses, slowed only once, along the coast of Canada near the polar ice cap. Here, KC-135 planes — essentially 707s filled with jet fuel — carefully approached the bombers. They inched into place for a delicate in-flight connection, transferring thousands of gallons from aircraft to aircraft through a long, thin tube. One unfortunate shift in the wind, or twitch of the controls, and a plane filled with up to 150 tons of fuel could crash into a plane filled with nuclear ordnance.

The aircraft were pointed toward Moscow, but the real goal was to change the war in Vietnam. During his campaign for the presidency the year before, Richard Nixon had vowed to end that conflict. But more than 4,500 Americans had died there in the first six months of 1969, including 84 soldiers at the debacle of Hamburger Hill.

Meanwhile, the peace negotiations in Paris, which many people hoped would end the conflict, had broken down. The Vietnamese had declared that they would just sit there, conceding nothing, "until the chairs rot."

[Why should they concede anything since the soviets have told them that Nixon would give up on Vietnam?]

Frustrated, Nixon decided to try something new: threaten the Soviet Union with a massive nuclear strike and make its leaders think he was crazy enough to go through with it. His hope was that the Soviets would be so frightened of events spinning out of control that they would strong-arm Hanoi, telling the North Vietnamese to start making concessions at the negotiating table or risk losing Soviet military support.

Codenamed Giant Lance, Nixon's plan was the culmination of a strategy of premeditated madness he had developed with national security adviser Henry Kissinger. The details of this episode remained secret for 35 years and have never been fully told. Now, thanks to documents released through the Freedom of Information Act, it's clear that Giant Lance was the leading example of what historians came to call the "madman theory": Nixon's notion that faked, finger-on-the-button rage could bring the Soviets to heel.

Nixon and Kissinger put the plan in motion on October 10, sending the US military's Strategic Air Command an urgent order to prepare for a possible confrontation: They wanted the most powerful thermonuclear weapons in the US arsenal readied for immediate use against the Soviet Union. The mission was so secretive that even senior military officers following the orders — including the SAC commander himself — were not informed of its true purpose.

Two weeks later, the plans were set and teams of workers at Air Force bases in Washington state and Southern California began to prepare for battle — loading the heavy and cumbersome weapons in a frenetic fashion. The workers were pushed beyond their training, and there could have been an accidental explosion. There had been near-disasters before. Just a year earlier, a Stratofortress had crashed in Greenland and released radioactive material.

After their launch, the B-52s pressed against Soviet airspace for three days. They skirted enemy territory, challenging defenses and taunting Soviet aircraft. The pilots remained on alert, prepared to drop their bombs if ordered. The Soviets likely knew about the threat as it was unfolding: Their radar picked up the planes early in their flight paths, and their spies monitored American bases. They knew the bombers were armed with nuclear weapons, because they could determine their weight from takeoff patterns and fuel use.

In past years, the US had kept nuclear-armed planes in the air as a possible deterrent (if the Soviets blew up all of our air bases in a surprise attack, we'd still be able to respond). But in 1968, the Pentagon publicly banned that practice — so the Soviets wouldn't have thought the 18 planes were part of a patrol. Secretary of defense Melvin Laird, who opposed the operation, worried that the Soviets would either interpret Giant Lance as an attack, causing catastrophe, or as a bluff, making Washington look weak.

The US had come perilously close to nuclear war before: During the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, the nation's nuclear forces were poised for imminent use in response to Soviet actions. And on several occasions, aircraft carrying nuclear weapons had crashed; other times, radar operators had misinterpreted flocks of migrating birds as a Soviet first strike. October 1969, however, was different. This was the only moment we know of when a president decided that it made strategic sense to pretend to launch World War III.

Nixon's madman pose and Giant Lance were based on game theory, a branch of mathematics that uses simple calculations and rigorous logic to help understand how people make choices — like whether to surge ahead in traffic or whether to respond to a military provocation with a strike of one's own. The most famous example in the field is the Prisoner's Dilemma: If two criminal suspects are held in separate cells, should they keep mum or rat each other out? (Answer: They should keep quiet, but as self-interested actors, what they will do is betray each other and both go to jail.) In the Cold War, the "games" were much more complicated simulations of war and bargaining: Would the Soviets be more likely to attack Western Europe if we kept missiles there or if we didn't?

Kissinger had studied game theory as a young academic and strategic theorist at Harvard. In the early '60s, he was part of a group of World War II veterans who became the oracles or "whiz kids" of the nuclear age. Working at newly formed institutes and think tanks, like the RAND Corporation, they preached that the proper way to deal with the existence of nuclear weapons wasn't to act as if the situation was so grave that one couldn't even discuss using them; it was to figure out how to use them most effectively. This was the attitude mocked by Stanley Kubrik in Dr. Strangelove, in which RAND appears thinly disguised as the Bland Corporation
Nixon's Nuclear Ploy: The Vietnam Negotiations and the Joint Chiefs of Staff Readiness Test, October 1969

An online companion piece to an article appearing in the January/February 2003 issue of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 81

Edited by
William Burr, National Security Archive  and
Jeffrey Kimball, Professor of History, Miami University

December 23, 2002

Today, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists published an article, "Nixon's Nuclear Ploy,'' by National Security Archive senior analyst William Burr and Miami University historian Jeffrey Kimball,(1) that discloses for the first time one of the Nixon administration's most secret military operations. During October 1969, President Richard Nixon ordered the Pentagon to undertake secretly a series of military measures designed to put U.S. nuclear forces on a higher state of readiness. For nearly three weeks, U.S. nuclear bombers were on higher alert, while U.S. air defense forces, tactical aircraft, and nuclear missile submarines in the Pacific took measures to raise their combat readiness.

Moreover, U.S. destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers were engaged in a variety of maneuvers in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Aden, and the Sea of Japan. These measures were officially known as the "Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Readiness Test." A

Although they were executed secretly so that the public in the United States and allies would not notice them, they were supposed to be detectable, but not alarming, to the leadership of the Soviet Union and its intelligence services.
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New Evidence Confirms Pentagon Stole and Leaked Top Secret Documents from Nixon White House

Consequence of Pentagon's Isolation from Decision-Making in Vietnam, China, Detente
According to Secret Confession, Documents were Stolen with Help of White House Insider

Washington, D.C. is a city that runs on leaks. Information equals power, and power equals influence. The highest levels of the American government are outraged when leaked information appears in the press, yet many authorized leaks come from the same government figures. Leaks both cripple and enable the policymaking process.

A December 14, 1971 column by Jack Anderson, entitled "U.S. Tilts to Pakistan", drew particular outrage from the Nixon administration. The column detailed the Nixon administration's secret preference for Pakistan in the then ongoing war between Pakistan and India which ultimately created the new nation of Bangladesh. Anderson won the Pulitzer Prize in 1972 as a result of his coverage of the war. However, it was the fact that Anderson's columns were based on leaked highly sensitive classified documents stolen with the help of a White House insider that came as the real blow to President Nixon.

Following publication of Anderson's column, top White House aides sought to determine the source of the leak. John Ehrlichman led the internal investigation, which scrutinized the flow of information between the Pentagon, the National Security Council, and the White House. Polygraphs were ordered for those suspected of stealing documents or providing them to Anderson. That process convinced Ehrlichman that the source of the leaks was the Joints Chiefs of Staff liaison office to the National Security Council. The JCS liaison position was created during the Eisenhower administration and had an office in the Executive Office Building. Its function was to act as a special high-level communications channel between the Joints Chiefs of Staff and the NSC. During the Nixon administration, it was staffed primarily by Admiral Robert O. Welander and his assistant, Yeoman Charles Radford.

Yeoman Radford stole from Henry Kissinger's briefcase on secret trip to China

I didn't know he screened through the thing, but I knew he did carry 'em to me and I just returned from San Clemente and I had been told every damn thing that was in there...I gave the things back to [Alexander] Haig.
Thomas H. Moorer, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff .

 John Ehrlichman's investigation discovered that Anderson's column quoted directly from the typed verbatim minutes taken at two NSC Washington Special Action Group (WSAG) meetings, held December 4 and 6, 1971. According to Ehrlichman aide David R. Young, in a memorandum sent to President Nixon declassified on June 23, 2009, "the only person that has access to these sources, in addition to Admiral Welander, is his aide, Charles Radford." While this memorandum became available only in 2009, the most sensitive records from Ehrlichman's investigation remain closed indefinitely. However, acquired a portion of these records, and they are presented here for the first time.

The confession transcript is one of the most sensitive documents created during the Nixon administration. It details the entire process of how the documents were stolen from Kissinger's briefcase and burn bags, including to whom they were circulated and how long the theft had been going on. In addition, without directly accusing Haig of facilitating the theft, the document certainly raises additional questions about his role. Welander states Haig "cut us in", which obviously does not vindicate Haig in any way.

Between the transcript of the Welander confession, above, this interview, to the left, and the Oval Office conversation, above, the following conclusions can be drawn, according to the documents:
1) the theft had been going on for over a year,
2) apart from those directly involved (Moorer, Robinson, Welander, Radford, Zumwalt), only one other person had close knowledge of it,
3) Al Haig "cut us in", or facilitated, the theft, according to Welander,
4) Henry Kissinger was wary of acting upon knowledge of the theft because of his uneasy relationship with Al Haig, and
5) Nixon knew about the theft but chose not to prosecute because he did not want to worsen White House-Pentagon relations that were already tense.

While the contours of this theft have been detailed by a few journalists and books, most recently Len Colodny and Tom Shachtman's The Forty Years War, with the help of these documents this story can now be told in greater detail than ever before. When, or if, the remaining relevant records from the papers of David R. Young, Jr. are declassified and released by the Nixon Presidential Library, historians will know that this theft was indeed a "federal offense of the highest order."

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Post by: TahoeBlue on February 02, 2010, 04:13:26 pm
Vietnam Conflict - The CIA / Heroin connection ----
The Aristocrat Drug Traffickers  by Golem

Drug Trafficking - This is not a conspiracy; this is just the way it is. This is business as usual.

Many wealthy families in the United States made their money trafficking in drugs. Yale's "secretive Order of the Skull and Bones" was involved in the Opium trade and founding family were the Russells.

Samuel Russell established "Russell and Company" in 1823 and acquired opium in Turkey, smuggled it into China and in 1830 established the Perkins Opium syndicate of Boston and Connecticut. Warren Delano Jr, grandfather of Franklin Roosevelt was involved as were Coolidge, Perkins, Sturgis, Forbes and other well known families.

The Order became prominent in the US and membership in the Order included wealthy American families: Whitney, Taft, Bundy, Harriman, Weyerhauser, Pinchot, Rockefeller, Goodyear, Lord, Whitney, Sloane, Simpon, Phelps, Pillsbury, Perkins, Kellogg, Vanderbilt, Bush, and Lovett and the Order has had a very close association with the U.S. Intelligence Community.

The Bush family was a member and George Bush was the Director of the CIA before he became President. And, that same relationship exists with his son, the current president Bush.

The Bayer Company also was a big player in opium and "Heroin" was a trade name of the Bayer Company [1898].

U.S. Intelligence can be traced back to Yale where the "Culper Ring" was established secretly by George Washington to gather intelligence on the British during the U.S. War of Independence.

Yale also established schools and hospitals in China and Mao Zedong was on staff in 1903. US intelligence used this connection in China. The League of Nations banned Heroin and Cocaine in the 20s and use increased but during the war years "addiction" was practically eradicated.

Then things started to heat up in Indochina. The French controlled Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand and after the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu the U.S. moved in. The French when there financed their covert intelligence with you guessed it, opium. Maurice Belleux, who was the head of the French CIA, called the SDECE confirmed this. He stated that French paratroopers would collect raw opium and move it by French military aircraft to Saigon where it was distributed by the Sino-Vietnamese Mafia. The Corsican crime syndicate also shipped opium to Marseilles and refined it into Heroin from where it was distributed to Europe and the U.S, to-wit: "The French Connection." Not the first nor the last time the mafia and underworld has been in bed with the French government - as it has with the U.S. government.

The secret wars in the region of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand continued after the Vietnam War into the 80s.

It was "off the books" and the CIAs secret hot war using American soldiers, the air force and local tribesmen. Winning militarily was never a U.S. objective, but the securing of the area's opium trade and production was. What followed was an increase in heroin addiction in the U.S. and Western Europe, not least of which were the heroin addicts among U.S. troops who served in Vietnam. It is estimated also that one third of all our combat troops were hooked on "China White," all of which is to the discredit of the CIA.

In Laos, General Vang Pao, leader of the Meo tribesman fought the CIA's secret war. He would collect raw opium in Northern Laos and transport it via CIA's "Air America" to a U.S. complex at Long Thien - known as "Spook Heaven" and "Alternate 20," where it was processed into white heroin.

Vang Pao had his own airline courtesy of the CIA known as "Air Opium," which transported the heroin to Saigon [Ton Sohn Nut Air Base]. There part of the opium was sold to hooked US servicemen and the Corsican syndicate shipped the bulk to Marseilles and then to Cuba and Mafia boss Santos Trafficante and from there on to the United States. Some heroin were sealed in body bags of returning dead American soldiers.

After the invasion of Cambodia, a U.S. backed operation in 1970, another pipeline was established. The Vietnamese navy operated the pipeline along bases at Phnom Penh and the Mekong River. Up until U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, General Quang of South Vietnam, who was considered the biggest player in this operation, fled and was relocated in Montreal, Canada by way of Fort Chaffee in Arkansas courtesy of the CIA.

And, in 1973, President Nixon declared the "war on drugs." Nixon closed the Turkish connection which had the effect of increasing demand from the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia [and especially Burma].

In Burma the opium production business was controlled by the CIA backed warlord there, which by 1992, was 300,000 tons.

The so-called "war on drugs" is a charade of the U.S. government and it is about money and influence.
Title: Re: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam
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ignoring the Kemp/Reagan political stumping...

Nixon/Kissinger - Mission complete!
Jeffrey Bell: Kemp Brought America Back from 1970s
Sunday, 03 May 2009 10:46 AM
Even today’s financial meltdown, painful and scary as it is, pales in comparison to the demoralizing decade of the 1970s. It’s hard to convey how bad the 1970s were to anyone born after 1950.

Kent State. Arab oil embargo. Stagflation. Watergate. Impeachment. Fall of Saigon. Interminable lines at gas stations. Explosion of the welfare rolls. Explosion of the rate of violent crime. Explosion of divorce, abortion, and births out of wedlock. Eurocommunism. Armed Communist takeovers of Nicaragua, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Granada, Laos and Cambodia, as well as South Vietnam. The Red Army invasion of Afghanistan. The fall of the Shah of Iran and the subsequent imprisonment of more than 100 American foreign service officers to be publicly humiliated, every day, in Tehran for nearly 15 months.

Have I left anything out? Yes. For four years we had a president, Jimmy Carter, who presided over flop after flop, fiasco after fiasco, never showing the slightest awareness of personal accountability or the slightest alteration in a demeanor of smug, superior self-congratulation.

Because of the collapse of the Nixon administration, Republicans blamed themselves for all this. So did the vast majority of voters. Following the 1974 elections, the Republican Party had 144 representatives, 38 senators, and 12 governors. Here is the list of states that Republicans still ran in 1975, in the sense of possessing the governorship and both houses of the legislature: Kansas.

Two years later, Carter completed the dismantling of the GOP by ousting Gerald Ford from the White House, while the colossal post-1974 Democratic dominance in Congress and the states stayed roughly the same.

Title: Re: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam
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The Forty years war in terms of LSD and "the drug war"...
Remember, Nixon came to office over the dead body of RFK....

Grateful Dead Timeline (
GD Timeline 2 (

1947-48  Tim Leary meets Cord Meyer at the American Veterans Committee (AVC) conventions - possible CIA hookup

1952 - Dr Humphrey Osmond and Dr Abram Hoffer begin LSD experiments at Regina General Hospital Saskatchewan with Sandoz Montreal LSD product  (
1953 - Sandoz patents on LSD formula expire allowing for Eli Lilly Production (
1953 - Humphrey Osmond meets Al Hubbard thru mutual friend Aldous Huxley
12/00 1953 - L. Ron Hubbard characterized Scientology as a religion incorporates three churches  (
04/13 1953 - CIA launches Operation MK/ULTRA, a major drug and mind-control program

1954 - Willis Harman had attends study group led by Harry Rathbun begins attending Sequoia Seminars
10/26 1954 - Large-Scale Availability of LSD through Newly-Discovered Synthesis by Eli Lilly

1955 - Order of the Trapezoid begun by Anton LaVey (
1956 - Dr. Ewen Cameron tests LSD in conjunction with "depatterning" experiments designed to reprogram personalities
1956 - Sequoia Seminars Emilia and Betty Eisner - LSD Therapy sessions begin - Willis Harman - Al Hubbard

1957 - Hollywood Hospital in New Westminster (Vancouver) Dr Ross MacLean. The suave hospital administrator gets  $1,000/dose fees from Hollywood's elite patients, who included members of the Canadian Parliament and the American film community
prior to this for years was the elites alcoholics's detox center - thousands of patients who were treated there with LSD between 1957 and 1975 (among them Robert Kennedy's wife Ethel Kennedy)
1957 - Al Hubbard meets Ross MacLean, medical superintendent of the Hollywood Hospital in New Westminster (Vancouver) -
Ross gives Hubbard an entire wing of the hospital to the study of psychedelic therapy for chronic alcoholics
1957 - Al Hubbard quits, after dispute with Ross MacLean, Frank Ogden takes his place

1958 - Palo Alto Mental Research Institute begins conducting LSD Research studies
1959 - Sequoia Seminars LSD Therapy sessions  end
1959 - Willis Harman - Stolaroff - Al Hubbard LSD Therapy sessions begin

1960 - FDA approves Birth Control Pill - Syntex Enovid for use in the United States History of "The Pill"
11/03 1960 - Kennedy elected President over Nixon
03/00 1961 - International Foundation for Advanced Study LSD Therapy - Stolaroff - Willis Harman - Al Hubbard officially begins
10/00 1961 - Mary Meyer begins visiting John F. Kennedy in the White House

1962 - Esalen - Del Carlson is co-leader of the first formal seminar ever held when it was still called Slate's Hot Springs
1962 - Mary Meyer makes contact with Timothy Leary. Leary supplies LSD to Mary who used it with Kennedy

1963 - Sandoz patents for LSD production expire (there seems to be various patent dates)
03/01 1963 - Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert are fired from Harvard
11/02 1963 - president of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem arrested and killed in CIA backed coup  (
11/22 1963 - John F. Kennedy Assassinated

1964 - Project MKULTRA becomes Project MKSEARCH- a program to develop a capability to manipulate human behavior through the use of mind-altering drugs (
02/09 1964 - The Beatles appear on "The Ed Sullivan Show"
02/26 1964 - Cassius Clay becomes Muhammad Ali - converts to Islam - resists draft in June 1964
03/07 1964 - Sheraton-Palace Hotel San Francisco demonstration organized by the Ad Hoc Committee to End Discrimination (
07/02 1964 - Civil Rights Act of 1964 (
08/02 1964 -  Gulf of Tonkin (FalseFlag) Incident  - Jim Morrison's (Doors) father in command - Johnson escalates Vietnam Conflict. (
10/12 1964 - Mary Minturn Pinchot Meyer was shot dead - murder never solved
11/03 1964 - Johnson elected President over Goldwater

1965 - The Process Church of the Final Judgment splinter group from Scientology appears (
1965 -  Queen's Birthday  MBE awarded to The Beatles
02/01 1965 - Owsley "Bear" Stanley first succeeded in synthesizing crystalline LSD. Distribution began March 1965 (
07/25 1965 - Bob Dylan goes Electric at Newport Folk Festival - Maggies Farm (
10/03 1965 - Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (
11/21 1965 - Vietnam Day march - 10,000 march through the streets of Oakland, California (
12/01 1965 - The Beatles "Rubber Soul" album released - John: Rubber Soul was the pot album, and Revolver the acid. (
12/01 1965 - Acid Tests organizer Ken Kesey enlists Warlocks as house band
12/04 1965 - San Jose Acid Test first Grateful Dead show

1966 - Owlsey builds Pt. Richmond, CA  LSD Lab
01/21 1966 - 8th Acid Test at the Trips Festival in Longshoremen's Hall - Kesey splits to Mexico  (
05/01 1966 - Anton LaVey begins the Church of Satan (
07/29 1966 - Bob Dylan crashed his 500cc Triumph Tiger 100 motorcycle
08/05 1966 - The Beatles "Revolver" album released - John Lennon: Rubber Soul was the pot album, and Revolver the acid. (
10/06 1966 - Love Pageant Rally protests illegalization of LSD in California
10/24 1966 - Possession of LSD is banned federally in the U.S.
10/-- 1966 - Owsley leaves soundman position with Grateful Dead  

01/01 1967 -CIA Operation Chaos begins
1967 - Owlsey and Scully build Denver LSD Lab
1967 - George Jung ("Blow") begins smuggling Pot into Calfornia and later the east coast (
03/21 1967 - Charles Manson released from prison - goes to S.F. - Free Clinic -  Dr. David  Smith (NORML) - Roger Smith - the parole officer of the cultist mass murderer Charles Manson
04/00 1967 - Brian Wilson of Beach Boys begins mental breakdown (
05/00 1967 - Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd has mental breakdown (
06/08 1967 - USS Liberty attacked by Israeli jet fighter planes (
06/18 1967 - Monterey Pop Festival
09/01 1967 - Timothy Leary - "Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out"
10/00 1967 - Stop the Draft Week - Oakland, CA
10/02 1967 Band members jailed for 6 hours after 710 Haight Street drug raid

1968 - Tim Scully builds Denver LSD lab
04/04 1968 - Martin Luther King, Jr assassinated
06/05 1968 - Robert Kennedy assassinated

07/-- 1968 - Owsley takes over sound again for Grateful Dead
08/26 1968 - Democratic Convention Chicago riots
10/00 1968 - Al Hubbard officially employed as a security officer for SRI
11/06 1968 - Nixon elected president over Humphrey

1969 - Tim Scully Builds Windsor, CA LSD lab - produces "Orange Sunshine",  ALD-52 ?, Nick Sand learns the process
1969 - John Lennon returns his MBE to the Queen - "Your Majesty, I am returning my MBE as a protest against Britain's involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam and against 'Cold Turkey' slipping down the charts. With Love, John Lennon."

1969 - Nixon ends BioWarfare development with Geneva Accord
1969 - Unification Church establishes recruitment headquarters on the south side of the UC Berkeley campus two-story stucco house at 2955 Ashby CARP (Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles), a church-linked nonprofit with outposts in college towns nationwide.  (

05/15 1969 - Berkeley Peoples Park Riot (
06/00 1969 - Orange sunshine acid first appears (
07/03 1969 - Brian Jones - Rolling Stones of Dies - Murder?
07/19 1969 - Ted Kennedy  Chappaquiddick car "accident" death of Mary Jo Kopechne - Bobby Baker scandal - JFK assassination connection (
07/21 1969 - Apollo 11 lands two men on the moon - The Eagle has landed (
08/09 1969 -  Charles Manson  - Tate Murders (
08/15-18 1969 - Woodstock Festival (08/16 Grateful Dead)
10/09 1969 - Weather Underground - "Days of Rage"  (
12/06 1969 - Altamont Music Festival  Grateful Dead - Rolling Stones - Hells Angels - Orange Sunshine
01/-- 1970 - Bill Graham books Grateful Dead throughout the country

01/01 1970 - Weather Underground Organization issued a "Declaration of a State of War" against the United States government
1/31 1970 - Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir "busted down on Bourbon St." New Orleans  - Band members and Owsley Stanley arrested - the band did no long term jail time in New Orleans La. .... so were they protected?

02/-- 1970 - Owsley leaves soundman position after New Orleans bust
02/-- 1970 - Leary is convicted of marijuana possession 10 years - jailed at Lompoc, California
04/04 1970 - Kent state guardsmen fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others

09/12 1970 - Leary escaped from the State Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo  (  
09/-- 1970 - Leary flies to Algeria - joins Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver, later flees to Switzerland
09/18 1970 - Jimmi Hendrix dies - Murder?
10/04 1970 - Janis Joplin dies - Murder?

1971 - Nixon begins "War on Cancer"
1971 - Rev Moon moves to the United States, establishes Unification Church  (
06/00 1971 -  Nixon officially declares a "war on drugs," identifying drug abuse as "public enemy No. 1." (
07/03 1971 - Jim Morrison Dies - Murder?
08/15 1971 - President Richard Nixon unilaterally devalued the United States dollar (
10/29 1971 - Duane Allman killed in a motorcycle accident (
10/00 1971 - Army's Fort Detrick, Maryland, biological warfare facility was converted to a cancer research center

1972: The first issue of Ms. magazine hits the stands.
1972: Eisenstadt v. Baird legalizes contraception for unmarried people (
1972 - ERA passed the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives  (
02/21-28, 1972 - U.S. President Richard Nixon travels to Beijing, meets Chairman Mao - makes secret deals (
05/15 1972 - The Attempted Assassination of George Wallace (,0914.htm)
06/28 1972 - first official San Francisco Gay Freedom Day on Polk Street (a street known for violence and drugs) becomes yearly event (not on Polk street) (
08/22 1972 - Jane Fonda makes radio address from Hanoi Vietnam (

11/03 1972 - Nixon re-elected President over George McGovern (,_1972)

1973 - CIA Director Richard Helms orders all MK-ULTRA files destroyed  - (a few survived) (
1973 - Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court - abortion bans were unconstitutional in every state, legalizing abortion throughout the United States. (
1973 - Rev. Moon purchased second Berkeley property — this time just across from the north side of campus - 2717 Hearst Avenue - New Education Development Systems (
1973 - Rev. Moon establishes the "Creative Community Project" -a communelike piece of property in Boonville in Mendocino County that served as the church's indoctrination facility . (

01/-- 1973 - Leary was kidnapped at gun point in Afghanistan by American agents returned to California (Dates and place not clear Switzerland?)  (
01/14 1973 - Phil Lesh busted on drugs in California (  
03/05 1973 - Michael Jeffery (Hendrix Manager) dies in Mid-Air collision - (possible Hendix killer)
03/08 1973 - Ron "Pigpen" McKernan dies stomach hemorrhage
03/27 1973 - Garcia busted outside Philadelphia for drugs during interstate traffic stop - stopped for speeding and LSD possession (
03/29 1973 - Last U.S. troops leave South Vietnam when Hanoi freed the remaining American prisoners of war (
07/00 1973 - Nixon creates the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to coordinate the efforts of all other agencies (
09/00 1973 -  First article about disco was written by Vince Aletti for Rolling Stone Magazine (
10/00 1973 - Jim Jones authorizes establishment of a branch church and agricultural mission in Guyana. (
10/00 1973 -  03/00 1974 - Oil Embargo and gas rationing begins 73-74 stock market crash (

1974 - Eric Clapton kicks Heroin
1974 - George Jung arrested in Chicago for smuggling 660 pounds of marijuana - prison 26 months (
02/04 1974  19-year-old Patty Hearst was kidnapped from the Berkeley, California by SLA (
08/09 1974 - Nixon Resigns
09/16 1974 - Ford signs Condition Amnesty to Vietnam Draft Evaders (

04/30 1975 - At 8:35 a.m., the last Americans, ten Marines from the embassy, depart Saigon

1976 - Freebase cocaine first developed (probably in California).
01/30 1976 - George Bush  becomes Director of Central Intelligence til  January 20, 1977 (Carter begins as President) (
04/21 1976 - Tim Leary released from prison by Governor Jerry Brown (in return for FBI work as a government informant (
11/03 1976 - Jimmy Carter elected President over Ford

1977 - George Jung ("Blow") begins smuggling Cocaine for the Medellín cartel
04/26 1977 - Disco - Studio 54 opens owners Steve Rubell & Ian Schrager - Drugs were common

1978 - Gay Hepatitis-B  Vaccine experiments begin (1978-1981) - manufactured by Merck (
11/18 1978 - JonesTown mass suicide/murder (
11/27 1978 - Harvey Milk and George Moscone are shot and killed by Dan White (

02/04 1980 - Disco - Studio 54 closes - Steve Rubell & Ian Schrager head to prison
07/02 1980 - Bob Weir & Mickey Hart jailed obstructing drug bust, San Diego
07/21 1980 - Keith Godchaux injured in car wreck (dies 7/23)
12/08 1980 - John Lennon is shot and murdered by unknown assailant  (
11/03 1980 - Reagan elected President over Carter - Vice President George Bush

1981 -  The Medellin cartel rises to power - Cocaine use sky rockets
1981 - Barry Seal works for the Ochoa family and the Medellin Cartel transporting cocaine shipments into Mena Arkansas (
1981 - CDC reports AIDS (
03/30 1981 - President Reagan and three others were shot and wounded by John Hinckley, Jr..  (
05/00 1981 - Volker's Fed Funds rate peaks at 20 percent  - recession begins July 1981 and ends in November 1982 (
09/12 1981 - Studio 54 reopens  (
1982 - the ERA was reintroduced
1982 - Willis Harman publishes SRI's "Changing Images of Man" (

1983 - Cocaine use rose steadily (from 1965) to its 1983 peak (1.5 million new users).  (

1984 - Nancy Reagan launches her "Just Say No" anti-drug campaign
1984 - Roger Clinton pleads guilty to cocaine distribution and served one year of a two-year sentence  (,_Jr.)
1984–1989 - "Miami Vice"  by Michael Mann TV show runs on NBC - primarily about Cocaine Smugglers and dealers - starred Don Johnson  who was once a "hustler" in L.A.  (

Mid 1980's - Freebase cocaine becomes popular
01/18 1985 - Jerry Garcia busted in Golden Gate Park for drugs

02/19 1986 - Barry Seal cocaine smuggler was shot to death in Baton Rouge (
03/00 1986 - Studio 54 finally closes (
07/10 1986 Jerry Garcia hospitalized 3 weeks after going into Diabetic coma, hospitalized 3 weeks.
1986 - Phil Lesh - Diagnosed with  Hepatitis non A Non B (HEP C) (

10/25 1991 - Bill Graham's helicopter hit a power line returning from a Huey Lewis and the News concert on a windy Friday evening at the northern end of San Francisco Bay. With him were Melissa Gold and Steve Kahn, the pilot (

08/09 1995 - Jerry Garcia died of a heart attack  (
05/31 1996 - Timothy Leary dies (prostate cancer)  (
12/18/98 - Phil Lesh underwent successful liver transplant surgery
Title: Re: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam
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We have established that Nixon :

Distrusted and did not confide with the CIA
Distrusted and did not confide with the Joint Chiefs
Distrusted and did not confide with the The State Dept.
Distrusted and did not confide with the Congress

So who did he confide and trust? Kissinger and Rockefeller.... might as a just say Rockefeller and his stooge  Kissinger...
excerpts from the book
The Rockefeller File
by Gary Allen
'76 Press, 1976

John D. Rockefeller was a Machiavellian who boasted that he hated competition. Whenever he could, Rockefeller used the government to promote his own interests and to hinder his competitors. Monopoly capitalism is impossible unless you have a government with the power to strangle would-be competitors.

The easiest way to control or eliminate competitors is not to best them in the marketplace, but to use the power of government to exclude them from the marketplace. If you wish to control commerce, banking, transportation, and natural resources on a national level, you must control the federal government. If you and your clique wish to establish worldwide monopolies, you must control World Government..

At the center of Insider power, influence, and planning in the United States is the pervasive Council on Foreign Relations ... The CFR was created by the Rockefellers and their allies to be the focus of their drive for a "New World Order".

[The] group of individuals and organizations ... known as the Eastern Liberal Establishment... The keystone of the entire Establishment arch is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The leadership of the CFR is the equivalent to the brain of the octopus. David Rockefeller is chairman of the board of the CFR. It is impossible to comprehend fully the interlock of Rockefeller power without being aware of the all-pervasive influence of the Council...

The Council on Foreign Relations, headquartered in New York City, is composed of an elite of approximately 1600 of the nation's Establishment Insiders in the fields of high finance, academics, politics, commerce, the foundations, and the mass media...

Although the membership of the CFR is a veritable "Who's Who" in big business and the media, probably only one person in a thousand is familiar with the organization itself and even fewer are aware of its real purposes.
During its first fifty years of existence, the CFR was almost never mentioned by any of the moguls of the mass media. And when you realize that the membership of the CFR includes top executives from the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Knight newspaper chain, NBC, CBS, Time, Life, Fortune, Business Week, U.S. News & Wand Report, and many others, you can be sure that such anonymity is not accidental; it is deliberate.

The CFR has served as a virtual employment agency for the federal government, under both Democrat and Republican administrations. In his New York Times magazine article, Anthony Lukas observed: "... everyone knows how fraternity brothers can help other brothers climb the ladder of life. If you want to make foreign policy, there's no better fraternity to belong to than the Council..." This "fraternity" of Insiders has been so successful that its members have virtually dominated every administration in Washington since the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. CFR members occupied the major policy-making positions, especially in the field of foreign relations, under Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon; and they are just as powerful today, under the Administration of Gerald Ford.

As Joseph Kraft phrased it "the Council plays a special part in helping to bridge the gap between the two parties, affording unofficially a measure of continuity when the guard changes in Washington."

Perhaps the most important and certainly the most prominent of all these [CFR Establishment] Insiders is Henry Kissinger. No man alive could more effectively represent the Council on Foreign Relations than Herr Kissinger, who for all practical purposes has emerged as the Assistant President of the United States. Kissinger was a Rockefeller man, serving on the staff of the CFR, when he received his appointment to the Nixon Administration.

... In 1956, Kissinger was an obscure German immigrant who was a mere professor at Harvard University. In less than twenty years, he has become so powerful that he survives the dismissal of his ostensible boss, and apparently tells presidents, prime ministers, and other potentates what to say and do. What is the source of his remarkable authority?

Professor Kissinger's public commitments were in nearly every case the opposite of those expressed by Richard Nixon in his successful bid for the Presidency. But, after the rah-rah of the campaign was over, the CFR boys were brought in to run the show - and Henry Kissinger was Numero Uno.

Admiral Chester Ward, U.S. Nay (Ret.)
The objective of the influential majority of members of CFR has not changed since its founding in 1922,... In the 50th anniversary issue of Foreign Affairs the official quarterly publication of the CFR], the first and leading article was written by CFR member Kingman Brewster, Jr., entitled "Reflections on Our National Purpose."

He did not back away from defining it: our national purpose should be to abolish our nationality. Indeed, he pulled out all the emotional stops in a hard-shell for global government. He described our' Vietnam-seared generation" as being "far from America Firsters:' - an expression meant as a patronizing sop to our young people. In the entire CFR lexicon, there is no term of revulsion carrying a meaning so deep as "America First."

The "New World Order" the Rockefellers are planning will be a world dictatorship. Conservatives will call it Socialism or Communism, Liberals will call it Fascism. The label makes little difference; it will be the Gulag Archipelago on a worldwide basis.

Of course, proponents of such a World Government disguise their intentions behind all kinds of double talk. For example, Senator Alan Cranston of California (for many years the president of the Rockefeller-interlocked United World Federalists), defended his proposal for a world super-state with these words:

(World Government) Proposition 64 does not propose that we give up a shred of sovereignty. Plainly it proposes a means by which we can gain the ability to exercise our presently impotent sovereignty hi the vital area of war prevention. It proposes that we create a limited world government and deposit our sovereignty there ....
Let us repeat that. Senator Cranston says we won't "give up a shred of sovereignty" if we "create a limited world government and deposit our sovereignty there."

Lewis Carroll couldn't have said it better. George Orwell didn't even try; he called it "newspeak."
But while Senator Cranston and many of his colleagues play the string section in the orchestration for World Government, other CFR members trumpet other parts in this carefully rehearsed symphony. Nelson Rockefeller, for example, as an "altruistic millionaire," sounds the melody line for international taxation. In his book The Future of Federalism, first published in 1962 and then reprinted when he was nominated for the Vice Presidency, Nelson stated: ". . . I think the answer is some free-world super-national political being with the power to tax ....

Alice Widener, columnist for Barron's
It is a fact that most editors and newsmen on the staffs of Life, Look, Time, Newsweek, etc., and most editors, reporters, and commentators at NBC, CBS, and ABC take their news and editorial cues from the New York Times. Technically, it is a great newspaper; but it reports much of the news in conformity with its editorial policies.

Frederick C. Howe in his book Confessions of a Monopolist
These are the rules of big business. They have superseded the teachings of our parents and are reducible to a simple maxim: Get a monopoly; let Society work for you; and remember that the best of all business is politics, for a legislative grant, franchise, subsidy or tax exemption is worth more than a Kimberly or Comstock lode, since it does not require any labor, either mental or physical, for its exploitation.

Anthony Sutton, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution for War and Peace at Stanford University ,in his book Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution

... one barrier to mature understanding of recent history is the notion that all capitalists are the bitter and unswerving enemies of all Marxists and Socialists. This erroneous idea originated with Karl Marx and was undoubtedly useful to his purposes. In fact, the idea is nonsense. There has been a continuing, albeit concealed, alliance between international political capitalists and international revolutionary socialists-to their mutual benefit.

For fifty years the Federal Reserve-CFR-Rockefeller-Insider crowd has advocated and carried out policies aimed at increasing the power of their satellite, the Soviet Union...
What has been true in the past is even more valid today, Heading the parade to transfer technology and increase aid and trade with the Communists are the Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relations.
The bandmaster for the entire enterprise is David Rockefeller.

The Viet Cong and North Vietnamese received 85 percent of their war materials from Russia and the Soviet bloc nations. Since their economies are incapable of supporting a war, the Communist arm of the conspiracy needed help from the Finance Capitalist arm. The United States financed and equipped both sides of the terrible Vietnamese war, killing nearly 55,000 of our own soldiers by proxy. Again, the mass media kept the American public from learning this shocking truth.

Not surprisingly, the Rockefellers have been leaders in championing this bloody trade. On January 16, 1967, one of the most incredible articles ever to appear in a newspaper graced the front page of the Establishment's daily, the New York Times. Under the headline, ''Eaton Joins Rockefellers To Spur Trade With Reds," the article stated: An alliance of family fortunes linking Wall Street and the Midwest is going to try to build economic bridges between the free world and Communist Europe.

The International Basic- Economy Corporation, controlled by the Rockefeller brothers, and Tower International, Inc., headed by Cyrus S. Eaton, Jr., Cleveland financier, plan to cooperate in promoting trade between the Iron Curtain countries, including the Soviet Union...

Professor Anthony Sutton ... has shown that Communism is a stagnant system incapable of innovation or high productivity. Its survival,, even at a subsistence level for its captives, has required regular transfusions of capital and technology. Without aid from the West, the Soviet Union would have long since collapsed. But without the Soviet Union, the Rockefellers and other super-rich would not have had an "enemy" to justify their schemes for monopoly World Government.

The Soviet Union was first saved by Herbert Hoover with food. Next, came Lenin's New Economic Plan which let the super-capitalists back into Russia. This was followed by FDR's diplomatic recognition of Russia (long advocated by the Rockefellers), which allowed the Soviets to obtain desperately needed credits. World War II turned on the $11 billion Lend-Lease spigot. Following the war, Russia was allowed to denude much of Germany of factories and scientists.

During the Kennedy Administration we started providing wheat for hungry Soviet factory workers. During the Vietnam War, America shipped vital supplies to the East European bloc, which was providing North Vietnam with the war equipment to kill our own soldiers. Now we are supplying the world's largest truck factory, extremely sophisticated computers and a cornucopia of other manufacturing technology.

To cap the climax, the Wall Street Journal of April 25, 1975, headlines "U.S. Quietly Allows Uranium Shipments to Soviet on For Processing Into Fuel." Is that unbelievable? Where was the public outrage that the mediacracy is capable of creating?*

former Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal
"Consistency never has been a mark of stupidity. If the diplomats who have mishandled our relations with Russia were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor." In short, what is happening is not just the looting of our economy, but treason."

The Rockefellers learned nearly a century ago that there are two standard ways for one of their companies to absorb another corporation. If the firm to be acquired is much smaller, a "takeover" is the simplest procedure: buy 'em out. But if the competitor is more your equal, a "merger" must be arranged.

The same principles hold true among nations. No matter how much this country sends abroad as foreign aid, technical assistance, loans that are never repaid, or other largesse, there is simply no way another country-or even a bloc of countries-can be made powerful enough to take us over.

Recognizing this political fact of life the master planners devised the strategy of a merger - a Great Merger-among nations.

But before such a merger can be consummated, and the United States becomes just another province in a New World Order, there must at least be the semblance of parity among the senior partners in the deal. How does one make the nations of the world more nearly equal? The Insiders determined that a two-prong approach was needed; use American money and know-how to build up your competitors, while at the same time use every devious strategy you can devise to weaken and impoverish this country. The goal is not to bankrupt the United States, we must emphasize. Rather, it is to reduce our productive might, and therefore our standard of living, to the meager subsistence level of the socialized nations of the world.

Only a fascist-socialist dictatorship would have the power to accomplish such a "redistribution." Notice that the plan is not to bring the standard of living in less developed countries up to our level, but to bring ours down to meet theirs coming up.

You may be assured, however, that the Rockefellers and their allies are not talking about reducing their own quality of life. It is your standard of living which must be sacrificed on the altar of the New World Order.

The Rockefeller game plan is to use population, energy, food, and financial controls as a method of people control which will lead, steadily and deliberately, into the Great Merger. Much of the spade work for setting up this ploy is being done by Henry Kissinger, who was a personal employee of Nelson Rockefeller for a decade before Rocky placed him in the Nixon Administration. On numerous occasions Herr Kissinger has declared that his goal is to create a "New World Order." Syndicated Washington columnist Paul Scott reveals:

It is Kissinger's belief, according to his aides, that by controlling food, one can control people, and by controlling energy, especially oil, one can control nations and their financial systems. By placing food and oil under international control along with the worlds monetary system, Kissinger is convinced a loosely knit world government operating under the frame-work of the United Nations can become a reality before 1980.

Common sense tells us that a Rockefeller hireling such as Kissinger would not be setting up an "international control" system which takes assets from the Rockefellers and gives them to someone else. Obviously, the game plan is to take other people's assets and put them under the umbrella of a Rockefeller-controlled World Government.

This new strategy may be termed the crisis route to World Order. It runs parallel to and eventually will converge with the Atlantic Union treaty and regional government approach to the Universal State. Washington columnist Paul Scott calls this "the new strategy change from the direct to the indirect approach to bring about world government." The plan, as publicly stated by the CFR's Richard Gardner, part-time State Department functionary and Columbia University Professor of Law and International Organization, amounts to this: Instead of trying to make the UN a complete world dictatorship immediately, the Establishment will identify different problems in different countries.

Then they will propose a "solution," which can only be achieved by some kind of international agency, so that each country concerned will be forced to surrender another segment of its national independence. Gardner considers this piecemeal approach the practical road to the end of nationhood:

We are likely to do better by building our "house of world order" from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great "booming, buzzing confusion," to use William James' facetious description of reality; but, end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, is likely to get us to world order faster than the old-fashioned frontal assault.

So this is what the Rockefeller gang, working through agents like Kissinger and Gardner, have in mind-an "end run around national sovereignty." Gardner continues, with obvious glee:

The hopeful aspect of the present situation is that even as nations resist appeals for "world government" and "the surrender of sovereignty," technological, economic and political interests are forcing them to establish more and more far-ranging institutions to manage their mutual interdependence.

To the Rockefellers, socialism is not a system for redistributing wealth - especially not for redistributing their wealth - but a system to control people and competitors. Socialism puts power in the hands of the government. And since the Rockefellers control the governments, government control means Rockefeller control.

It makes no difference which party is in power; whether a Democrat or Republican Administration,
the Rockefeller people hold the key positions, especially in the fields of foreign policy and finance. The House of Rockefeller is the eternal power.

The Federal Reserve controls our money supply and interest rates, and thereby manipulates the entire economy - creating inflation or deflation, recession or boom, and sending the stock market up or down at will. The Federal Reserve is so powerful that Congressman Wright Patman, Chairman of the House Banking Committee, maintains:
In the United States today we have in effect two governments ... We have the duly constituted Government ... Then we have an independent, uncontrolled and uncoordinated government in the Federal Reserve System, operating the money powers which are reserved to Congress by the Constitution.

America is being set up today for another 1929 style debacle.

To think that the Crash of 1929 was an accident or the result of stupidity defies all logic. The international bankers who promoted the inflationary policies and pushed the propaganda which pumped up the stock market represented too many generations of accumulated expertise to have blundered into the Great Depression. As Congressman Louis McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee commented

It [the Depression] was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence ... The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as rulers of us all.

It was the game of boom and bust, using economic crisis to consolidate political power at the top where it can be most easily controlled.

The major cause of the economic collapse was the deliberately created credit inflation by the Federal Reserve. In six years it had inflated the money supply by sixty-two percent, inducing market speculations and unwise investments by middle Americans who were being set up for a shearing. When the shearing came, the sheep took a realistic look at their economy and panicked. Optimism was replaced by economic despair; despair produced a willingness to accept a major expansion of government controls over the economy.

[Henry] Kissinger's loyalty was not with his President [Richard Nixon], it was with the Rockefellers! Kissinger had been through three losing campaigns with Nelson Rockefeller and openly spoke of despising Nixon. Biographer David Hanna quotes Kissinger as stating, after Nixon's nomination in 1968: "That man is unfit to be President. I would never work for that man. He is a disaster." Yet Kissinger was the first appointment made by Nixon.

Nixon did not know Kissinger well; in fact, he had only met the man once before in his life-at a cocktail party. And Kissinger was on record as standing 180 degrees to the left of Nixon's campaign utterances.

Clearly, Kissinger was put in the Nixon Administration by Rockefeller (who sent his protégé off to Washington with a tidy little gift of $50,000). In his Vice Presidential hearings, Nelson Rockefeller even acknowledged that Kissinger took the job because Rocky asked him to do so.
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Post by: TahoeBlue on April 26, 2011, 11:10:59 am
They never tell people that we were fighting the RUSSIANS! Where did the ZERO GDP North Vietnam get all the ordinance for years? TANKS and SAM sites? millions of AK's?  

"We were restrained to carrying out a campaign which seemed designed NOT to win" because RUSSIAN technicians might be killed.

VF-32 Outlaw's Bandits  (Est 1 Jun 1943, Dis 13 Nov 1945) (F6F-3/5)

WWII Ace ( - Navy Cross  ( - Cinqpaq Rear Admiral Ed Cobb Outlaw  ( - tells the truth about Vietnam:

Carriers in combat the air war at sea - Vietnam (

Rolling Thunder - Cambodian supply depots off limits - SOVIET SA-2 SAM sites shot down 115 american planes

"We were restrained to carrying out a campaign which seemed designed NOT to win" because RUSSIAN technicians might be killed.

McNamara did not allow pilots to attack any installation where MIG's were based.

Outlaw, Edward C., Cdr., VF-32, USS Langley (CVL-27), CO USS Intrepid (CVA-11) - 6
Born 1914 in Greenville, NC; Public Schools, Goldboro, NC.; USNA '35, Retired, Durham, NC '69.

Flight Training, Pensacola '37-'38. USS Enterprise, Scouting Squadron 6.  '42 deployed to Pacific as XO (VC-11) flying F4F (Wildcats).  
Led flight of 54 from Fiji to Guadalcanal to re-enforce Marine Corps.  He served there as leader of the Navy Fighter Group.  
'43 formed VF-32 as CO.  Deployed on USS Langley .  
April 29, '44, he led a flight of 8 Hellcats on a pre-dawn fighter sweep over Truk atoll; at dawn sighted a flight of aout 36 Japanese Zeroes flying at 10,000 ft in column of V's; first pass his flight flamed 8; then, exercising perfect discipline "Holly" Hills (4 kills) led his division to "high cover" where they accounted for seven of the enemy.  
Cdr. Outlaw shot down 5 and 1 probable, fellow Ace, Dick May got 3 and Outlaw's wingman 4.  
Total for this brief action was 22 victories and 6 probables.  

The action took place in less than ten minutes and was declared by COMNAVAIRPAC to be "a perfect example of air combat and air discipline."

Subsequently, he served three times in Pentagon; as CO of USS Duxbury Bay and USS Intrepid; as CO Air Group Six (Coral Sea);
CO Heavy Attack Squadron five (NucWpns).
Selected to rank of Rear Admiral and served as Commander Naval Aviation Safety Center;
Commander Carrier Division One and Task Force 77 of Vietnam '64-'65 where he directed first sustained attacks;
Commander CARDIVS 16 and 20 and Commander Hunter-Killer Force, Atlantic Fleet.

His last assignment was as Commander Fleet Aircraft Mediterranean/CTF-67/ and Maritime Air Mediterranean (a NATO orgnization of which he was the first commander).  
Decorations: Navy Cross, Legion of Merit (3), DFC (3)

JFK 1954: The Truth About Indochina = 2011: The Truth About Libya/Iraq/Etc.  (
The Pentagon Papers ...
A 1996 article in the New York Times said that the Pentagon Papers "demonstrated, among other things, that the Johnson Administration had systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress, about a subject of transcendent national interest and significance
In February 1971 Ellsberg discussed the study with New York Times reporter Neil Sheehan, and gave 43 of the volumes to him in March. The Times began publishing excerpts on June 13, 1971; the first article in the series was titled "Vietnam Archive: Pentagon Study Traces Three Decades of Growing US Involvement". The name "Pentagon Papers" for the study arose during the resulting media publicity.[3][4] Street protests, political controversy and lawsuits followed.
The Papers revealed that the U.S. had deliberately expanded its war with bombing of Cambodia and Laos, coastal raids on North Vietnam, and Marine Corps attacks, none of which had been reported by media in the US.[7]

The most damaging revelations in the papers revealed that four administrations, from Truman to Johnson, had misled the public regarding their intentions. For example, the John F. Kennedy administration had planned to overthrow South Vietnamese leader Ngo Dinh Diem before his death in a November 1963 coup. President Johnson had decided to expand the war while promising "we seek no wider war" during his 1964 presidential campaign,[3] including plans to bomb North Vietnam well before the 1964 Election. President Johnson had been outspoken against doing so during the election and claimed that his opponent Barry Goldwater was the one that wanted to bomb North Vietnam.[8]

for reference:
Mao was a Yale Man - Yali and the Skull and Bones (
China Spying - Technology Transfers  (
Former US diplomat exposes how US actually helped communist China instead of KMT   (
THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam (

Genocide against the Serbs  (

Title: Re: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam
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related: JFK 1954: The Truth About Indochina = 2011: The Truth About Libya/Iraq/Etc. (

The reason these talks were kept secret for the last fourty years!!!....
Document 22: “A Reasonable Interval”: Dobrynin's record of meeting with Kissinger and Nixon, 14 May 1969, pp. 59-62

While Nixon and Kissinger would not accept North Vietnam’s proposal for a coalition government, during the conversation before the meeting with Nixon, Kissinger showed considerable flexibility about the ultimate outcome of the war. He told Dobrynin that he was “prepared to accept any political system in South Vietnam, ‘provided there is a fairly reasonable interval between conclusion of an agreement and [the establishment of] such a system.” Implicitly, even if South Vietnam became a Communist regime, that would be acceptable as long as there was a “reasonable interval” after the U.S. military withdrawal. [/b]

Without the telling the Joint Chiefs. Without telling Congress. Without telling the American people.  
Without telling the men risking their lives in theater.

Since the Soviets were THE arms supplier of weapons to N Vietnam , wouldn't you think he'd tell Uncle Ho and his pals?
and what stratagies of destruction they could think up? Don't you think the Viet Cong might want some Payback?
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Kissinger continues to lie in his new book "On China"


Read the love fest of reviews:
An Insider Views China, Past and Future
Published: May 9, 2011
Mr. Kissinger’s fascinating, shrewd and sometimes perverse new book, “On China,” not only addresses the central role he played in Nixon’s opening to China but also tries to show how the history of China, both ancient and more recent, has shaped its foreign policy and attitudes toward the West. While this volume is indebted to the pioneering scholarship of historians like Jonathan D. Spence, its portrait of China is informed by Mr. Kissinger’s intimate firsthand knowledge of several generations of Chinese leaders.
"Nobody living can claim greater credit than Mr. Kissinger for America's 1971 opening to Beijing, after more than two decades of estrangement, and for China's subsequent opening to the world. So it's fitting that Mr. Kissinger has now written On China, a fluent, that is part history, part memoir and above all an examination of the premises, methods and aims of Chinese foreign policy."
-The Wall Street Journal

Watch the lies as his lips move:

BookTV: After Words: Henry Kissinger, "On China," hosted by Monica Crowley
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Title: Re: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam
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China and the United States: a new cold war history
 By Xiaobing Li, Hongshan Li (

The Total number of Chinese troops in North Vietnam between 1965 and March 1973 amounted to over 320,000. 1967 was the peak year when 170,000 Chinese soldiers were present.

Vietnam The Necessary War: A Reinterpretation of America's Most Disastrous Military Conflict
The Vietnam War was a proxy war between the United States, the Soviet Union — then growing rapidly in military power, confidence, and prestige — and communist China. Despite their rivalry for leadership of the communist bloc of nations, the Soviets and the Chinese collaborated to support North Vietnam's effort to destroy South Vietnam, to promote communist revolutions in Indochina and, if possible, Thailand, and to humiliate the United States.

.... In the 1960s, North Vietnam was protected from an American invasion, and equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and air defenses, by the Soviet Union and China, the latter of which sent hundreds of thousands of troops to support Ho Chi Minh's war effort between 1965 and 1968.

By the late 1970s, the Vietnamese communists, after annexing South Vietnam, occupying Cambodia, and breaking with and defeating China in a border war, possessed the third largest army in the world and ruled the most important satellite region of the Soviet empire outside Eastern Europe.

See: JFK 1954: The Truth About Indochina (
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Bump for Memorial  Day

he was just nineteen
SP4 Charles Reuben Outlaw, Jr, West Palm Beach, FL

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
West Palm Beach, Florida
June 24, 1949 to March 04, 1969

  Start Tour: 08/13/1968
  Incident Date: 03/04/1969
  Casualty Date: 03/04/1969
 Age at Loss: 19
  Location: Hau Nghia Province, South Vietnam
  Remains: Body recovered
  Casualty Type: Hostile, died outright
  Casualty Reason: Ground casualty
  Casualty Detail: Gun or small arms fire

the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

is honored on Panel 30W, Row 38 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Date of Birth: 6/24/1949
Date of Casualty: 3/4/1969
Date of Death: 3/4/1969
Home of Record: WEST PALM BEACH
County of Record: PALM BEACH COUNTY
State: FL
Branch of Service: ARMY
Rank: SP4
Casualty Country: SOUTH VIETNAM
Casualty Province: HUA NGHIA

Summary - March 1969

The company began the month still located in Area of Operation Navajo Warhorse (where it had been since February 25th) and saw numerous contacts until moving back to the jungle areas on March 28th.  This area near the Angel's Wing was very near the Cambodian border in southern Tay Ninh Province and northern Hau Nghia Province and was mostly rice paddies.  Our mission was to intercept small units of enemy troops infiltrating into South Vietnam.  The end of March saw the company return to War Zone C and heavy contact as LZ Jess was built.

March 8

The 2/5th Cav, along with the 1/8th Cav worked out of LZ Terry in an area known as "The Angel's Wing."  The area was extremely close to the Cambodian border, and known to be home to the 9th Viet Cong Division.  (The name was a misnomer because the division was manned by North Vietnamese troops.)   There area was mostly rice paddies, with the usual occasional tree lines along canals.
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Bump for Memorial  Day

he was just nineteen
SP4 Charles Reuben Outlaw, Jr, West Palm Beach, FL
his area near the Angel's Wing was very near the Cambodian border in southern Tay Ninh Province and northern Hau Nghia Province and was mostly rice paddies.

I haven't seen this area mentioned in a long time.

 My base camp was in the fishook region of Tay Ninh not far from the black virgin mountain and up close to Cambodian border. The GI slang for Tay Ninh was rocket city, the VC used it for target practice with 122's and mortar's daily, basically  bunkers were home.. This province was Ho's home town,   
This was Charley's turf.
SP4 Charles Reuben Outlaw gave his life as did many good men, remembering the losses truly suks for American sons as well as the innocent civilians.
I didn't understand  immediately what the muck was going on, the whys and wherfors, but the questioning was in surface mode. It didn't take long to get a grip on the reality and ride down the rabbit hole.
 Now the troops are in /Iraq/Afghanistan/etc  but the collateral damage domestically continues as well.
The elites realized the draft was a danger to their plans, the stark reality of the truth hitting home and the wake up of the citizens
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Here's another one from March 1969 , he was just 21 , lost his life to save his buds.

They lied about Vietnam for years and then kept the lies classified for years. Do people really think these jokers are telling the truth today?
I mean you've got Mc'Lame talking to the Syrian rebels today on memorial day!


Place and Date:
Hau Nghia Province,
 Republic of Vietnam
 25 March 1969


 For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. 1LT Doane was serving as a platoon leader when his company, engaged in a tactical operation, abruptly contacted an enemy force concealed in protected bunkers and trenches. Three of the leading soldiers were pinned down by enemy crossfire. One was seriously wounded. After efforts of one platoon to rescue these men had failed, it became obvious that only a small group could successfully move close enough to destroy the enemy position and rescue or relieve the trapped soldiers. 1LT Doane, although fully aware of the danger of such an action, crawled to the nearest enemy bunker and silenced it. He was wounded but continued to advance to a second enemy bunker. As he prepared to throw a grenade, he was again wounded. Undaunted, he deliberately pulled the pin on the grenade and lunged with it into the enemy bunker, destroying this final obstacle. 1LT Doane's supreme act enabled his company to rescue the trapped men without further casualties. The extraordinary courage and selflessness displayed by this officer were an inspiration to his men and are in the highest traditions of the U.S. Army.
Stephen Holden Doane (October 13, 1947 – March 25, 1969) was a United States Army officer and a recipient of the United States military's highest decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions in the Vietnam War.

Doane joined the Army from Albany, New York in 1967, and went through Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning.[1] By March 25, 1969 was serving as a first lieutenant in Company B, 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division. During a firefight on that day, in Hau Nghia Province, Republic of Vietnam,

Doane destroyed an enemy bunker by carrying an activated hand grenade into it, sacrificing himself to take out the hostile position.[2]

Doane, aged 21 at his death, was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington County, Virginia
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I knew two guys who got the medal.
 One was a marine sgt., he saved his squad, going back and forth to a medivac chopper under fire. He ended up on smack as far as I know he spent time in prison and ended up O.D'd.
 The other guy was a army grunt, same deal for the medal -saving others, PROBLEM he ended up with severe pyschiatric problems , he would keep swatting at flys that weren't there, he had apparently been close to body's covered in flys, it must have been the final straw. he broke... I tried to get him in a  VA facility, he prefered the street, homeless, shelters..
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Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump doubled down Sunday on comments he made about Arizona Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
 earlier this weekend, in which he said McCain was a war hero simply because “he was captured.”

“I’m very disappointed in Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) because the vets are horribly treated in this country,” Trump told ABC This Week‘s Marta Raddatz on Sunday. “I’m fighting for the vets, I’ve done a lot for the vets.”
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Obviously, you very well know American history but you're wrong, "Nixon gave up on Vietnam."
Richard Nixon and Advisor for National Security Dr. Henry Kissinger are pulling the US out of a senseless war saved millions of American and Vietnamese lives.

sorry to tell you ,,,, no.  the actors in chief were there to orchestrate the move, this was planned way before

Have you really read this thread? I must have failed.

to reiterate :
Lying About Vietnam
By Daniel Ellsberg 
Published: June 29, 2001
The Pentagon Papers, published 30 years ago this month, proved that the government had long lied to the country. Indeed, the papers revealed a policy of concealment and quite deliberate deception from the Truman administration onward.
Throughout the campaign of 1964, President Johnson indicated to the voters -- contrary to his opponent Barry Goldwater -- that no escalation was needed in South Vietnam. He sometimes added, almost inaudibly, ''at this time.''
From 1964 through 1968, the Joint Chiefs continuously urged a litany of secret recommendations, including mining Haiphong; hitting the dikes; bombing near the Chinese border; closing all transportation routes from China; sending ground troops to Laos, Cambodia and the southern part of North Vietnam; possibly full-scale invasion of North Vietnam.
Finally, I learned that Richard Nixon also refused to lose. In the fall of 1969, Morton Halperin, who had just given up his job as deputy to Henry Kissinger, informed me that Nixon really had a secret plan. It was widely thought he had no plan, that his campaign claim was just a bluff. Not true. His plan included secret threats of escalation unless there was a mutual withdrawal of North Vietnamese as well as United States forces
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Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump doubled down Sunday on comments he made about Arizona Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
 earlier this weekend, in which he said McCain was a war hero simply because “he was captured.”

“I’m very disappointed in Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) because the vets are horribly treated in this country,” Trump told ABC This Week‘s Marta Raddatz on Sunday. “I’m fighting for the vets, I’ve done a lot for the vets.”

  There are over 21 million veterans in this country.  Most are good people and most will tell you that we need help.  Secretary McDonald of the VA has been doing a great job BUT MUCH MORE HAS TO BE DONE.  Because of federal rules, it is difficult to fire THE DEAD WEIGHT EMPLOYEES. 

  Trying to get the vets vote is a great move because most will vote---especially the 50 and older crowd. 

  As for McCain, we have had many articles here that have been posted that said he was an honored guest at the HANOI HILTON.
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for reference please see:

JFK 1954: The Truth About Indochina = 2011: The Truth About Libya/Iraq/Etc. « on: March 30, 2011, 09:35:03 am » (
The best enemy Money can Buy - Antony Sutton
Americans killed by US made weapons in the Korea and the Vietnam war

In Korea we have direct killing of Americans with Soviet weapons. The American casualty roll in the Korean War was 33,730 killed and 103,284 wounded… The 130,000-man North Korean Army, which crossed the South Korean border in June 1950, was trained, supported, and equipped by the Soviet Union, and included a brigade of Soviet T-34 medium tanks (with U.S. Christie suspensions). The artillery tractors were direct metric copies of Caterpillar tractors. The trucks came from the Henry Ford-Gorki plant or the ZIL plant. The North Korean Air Force has 180 Yak planes built in plants with U.S. Lend-Lease equipment. These Yaks were later replaced by MiG-15s powered by Russian copies of Rolls-Royce jet engines sold to the Soviet Union in 1947.”
Who were the government officials responsible for this transfer of known military technology? The concept originally came from National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, who reportedly sold President Nixon on the idea that giving military techno­logy to the Soviets  would temper their global territorial ambitions. How Henry arrived at this gigantic non sequitur is not known. Sufficient to state that he aroused considerable concern over his motivations. Not least that Henry [Ford] had been a paid family employee of the Rockefellers since 1958 and has served as International Advisory Committee Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, a Rockefeller concern.”

“Some years ago research strongly suggested that the Soviets had no indigenous military transport technology: neither motor vehicles nor marine diesel engines. Yet about 80 percent of the weapons and supplies for the North Vietnamese were transported by some means from the Soviet Union. The greater part of these Soviet weapons went to Vietnam by Soviet freighter and then along the Ho Chi Minh trail on Soviet-built trucks…
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John Mccain Traitor- By Vietnam Vets And Pow's
Vietnam imprisoned John McCain as a war criminal and maybe made him insane
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Post by: chris jones on July 20, 2015, 06:03:58 pm
 Rumors among the boots in the late 60's eary seventy's, there was a canary in Hanoi Hilton.

  Nam was a no winner from the get go, it was a money maker for the MIC.........Blood money.

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[ In the sixties VietCong got their arms and food for free from the Soviet Union, fifty thousand dead americans later ,  now what? So what MIC USA company is going to sell to the Vietnamese? Who ? Will they advertise the fact?  Inquiring minds would like to know who wants to sell to the Cong?  ]
Tortured with razor-sharp bamboo and fed alive to ants: The story ...

Deatrick radioed headquarters, who told him that no Americans had been shot down in the area, and instructed him to carry on. But the man continued waving, mouthing over and over again: "Please don't leave."
Lieutenant Dieter Dengler, the only American ever to break out of a prisoner of war camp in the Laotian jungle and live to tell the tale.
Obama lifts U.S. arms ban on Vietnam
By Tiffany Ap, Jennifer Rizzo and Kevin Liptak, CNN
Updated 10:29 AM ET, Mon May 23, 2016

Hanoi, Vietnam (CNN) — President Barack Obama announced Monday that the United States is fully lifting a decades-long ban on the sale of military equipment to Vietnam.

Human rights concerns

Obama defended the decision to lift the arms ban despite Vietnam's dismal record on human rights -- involving the jailing of dissidents and stalled political reforms -- saying sales would be evaluated on a "case-by-case" basis.

Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch's Asia division, said that Washington had squandered a key tool to pressure Vietnam to improve its human rights record.

"In one fell swoop, President Obama has jettisoned what remained of U.S. leverage to improve human rights in Vietnam -- and basically gotten nothing for it," he said.

"President Obama just gave Vietnam a reward that they don't deserve."

In 2014, the United States eased restrictions of an arms ban that originally instated during the Vietnam War.

| - - -

Up to now, Vietnam has relied on Russia to supply most of its defence equipment, a legacy of the Cold War, when they were allies. The government would certainly like to diversify its sources, and is looking at a number of potential alternative suppliers. But it won't be rushing into the arms of US manufacturers just yet.

| - - -
List of equipment of the Vietnam People's Ground Forces
During the Vietnam War (1965–1975) and the Cambodian–Vietnamese War (1977–1989), Vietnam People's Ground Forces relied almost entirely on the weapons and equipment systems derived from the Soviet Union. Since the Soviet collapse in 1991, the period of low cost military equipment for Vietnam ended and Vietnam began the use of hard currency and barter to buy weapons and equipment.

Vietnam prioritises economic development and growth while maintaining defence spending in a trickle. Vietnam does not conduct the procurement phase or major upgrade of weapons. From the end of the 1990s the Government of Vietnam has announced the acquisition of a number of strategic systems equipped with modern weapons. Accordingly, Vietnam has been slow to develop naval and air forces to control shallow waters and exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Currently most defence procurement programs are primarily made to remedy this priority. For example, Vietnam has purchased a number of combat aircraft and warships that have the ability to combat in high seas. Vietnam also plans to develop the defence industry, with priority for the Navy, combined with its former communist allies and India.[1][2]

Since 2015, Vietnam has start to exploring American and European weapons although facing numerous political, historical and financial barriers, as they cannot continue to relied with Soviet and Chinese weapons especially due to continuous China's aggression in the South China Sea dispute.[3]
The U.S. has provided almost $46 million since 2014 to Vietnam’s efforts to strengthen its maritime security capabilities, according to the White House. New sales are likely to be modest, at least initially, to help Vietnam modernize its coastal defenses. Bilateral trade tripled in less than 10 years to almost $46 billion in 2015, which is still less than half the value of Chinese-Vietnamese trade.
The U.S. is already providing Vietnam with six patrol boats, part of an $18 million military aid package. Most likely topping Vietnam’s weapons wish list would be advanced surveillance systems to replace Soviet-era equipment considered obsolete, said Collin Koh, a research fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore.

Vietnam is likely to seek aircraft such as Lockheed Martin Corp.’s P-3 Orion surveillance plane and vessels to patrol coastal waters as well as radar systems, according to an analysis by IHS Jane’s. Sales may be supported by U.S. assistance with financing, the analysis said. Jane’s estimated Vietnam’s total budget to buy military equipment at about $1.6 billion.
More than 100 dissidents remain locked up in Vietnamese jails, according to Human Rights Watch.


In conjunction with Obama’s visit to Vietnam, Boeing Co. signed an order for 100 jets from VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Co. valued at $11.3 billion. Delivery of the Boeing 737 Max 200 planes will run for four years beginning in 2019 and will help the carrier expand its fleet to 200 by the end of 2023, the company said in a statement. Separately, General Electric announced an agreement to build 1,000 megawatts of wind-power plants in the country by 2025.
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Anti-China Riots in Vietnam over OIL - Chinese airlifted out

Vietnamese blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh (L), also known as "Mother Mushroom", stands trial at a courthouse in the central city of Nha Trang on June 29 (AFP Photo/STR)

A prominent Vietnamese blogger known as 'Mother Mushroom' was jailed for 10 years on Thursday, her lawyer said, during a brief trial rights groups decried as "outrageous".

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, whose pen name derives from her daughter's nickname "mushroom", was arrested in October 2016 and later charged with anti-state propaganda over critical Facebook posts about politics and the environment.

Vietnam's one-party state
keeps a tight clamp on dissent and routinely jails activists, bloggers and lawyers who speak out against the communist regime.

The 37-year-old blogger faced a maximum of 12 years in prison, and her lawyer said the heavy sentence she received at the closed-door trial was "harsh".

"I am not happy with the result of the trial today," Nguyen Kha Thanh told AFP, adding that Quynh would likely appeal.
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Hundreds Attend Funeral Honoring ‘Abandoned’ Vietnam Veteran
by Katherine Rodriguez
17 Dec 2017

Hundreds of strangers gathered at a church in Indianapolis, Indiana, Saturday to honor a Vietnam veteran with no known living relatives.

Glenn Shelton, 68, who had a storied career with the Marines during the Vietnam War and earned a Purple Heart while serving with them, died November 26, according to his obituary.


“We don’t know anything about him, so it’s just rewarding that they can still find time to come out and pay their respects,” Sara Thompson, Indiana Funeral Care General Manager, told WXIN. “Glenn might have been abandoned in life, but he will not be abandoned in death."