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Title: Terrorist calls for 'destruction of Australia'
Post by: mr anderson on September 29, 2009, 08:57:08 am
Terrorist calls for 'destruction of Australia'

By Adam Gartrell | September 29, 2009,25197,26143481-12335,00.html

A TERRORIST who helped plan July's attacks on two Jakarta hotels calls for the destruction of Australia in a video that shows the suicide bombers enjoying a picnic outside one of their targets.

The video, recorded less than three weeks before the attacks that killed seven, including three Australians, was recovered from a laptop seized in the police raid that killed terrorist mastermind Noordin Mohammed Top earlier this month.

The video, believed to be shot by Noordin henchman Saifuddin Jaelani, shows suicide bombers Nana Ikhwan Maulana and Dani Dwi Permana picnicking in a park across the road from the the Ritz-Carlton.

"This is our target," Nana tells the camera.

"Destroy America, destroy Australia, destroy Indonesia," Jaelani says.

Dani, just 18 years old, says: "This is not suicide. This is what our enemies fear.

"It is an obligation for all. Those who do not execute this obligation are sinners."

Police believe Jaelani, who is still on the run, recruited Nana and Dani for the attacks.

There is speculation he may replace Noordin as head of Noordin's hardline Jemaah Islamiah splinter group.

Other videos taken from the laptop show the Nana and Dani exercising in the park and surveying their target.

Police also seized a letter, allegedly written by Jaelani to his family in July, in which he accuses America and Australia of "slaughtering our brothers".

Jaelani also claims in the letter that Noordin's group is extremely well organised.

"There are those who manage the funds, there are those who recruit, there are ulema who are giving fatwas (holy decree) and directions.

"There are those who guard the mujahid (holy warrior) families, there are those who source cars, source explosives, source weapons.

There are also political minds, filmmakers and couriers, he wrote.

"And there are those who become volunteers for matrydom."

Indonesian police detective Tito Karnavian said the laptop also contained evidence that Noordin's group had re-established links with Middle East terrorist groups like al-Qaeda.

It also revealed how Noordin's group wanted to target the Indonesian government because of its efforts to promote democracy, Karnavian said.